Stihl Fs 38 Trimmer Doesn't Pick Up

Mowing grass vegetation, dead wood and small shrubs in household plots and cottages is a difficult and time-consuming process. To facilitate physical labor and increase efficiency, manufacturers of motorized equipment have developed lawn mowers and lawn mowers. Powerful, reliable and economical are the Stihl trimmers, created by the German company Stihl.

Stihl Fs 38 Trimmer Doesn't Pick Up

Due to their high qualities and technical and operational characteristics, they are also used in construction, forestry, agriculture and utilities. lawn mowers and brush cutters easily process difficult and overgrown places where lawn mowers cannot cope. They trim the edges of lawns, cut medium-sized shrubs and thin out young forest plantations.

The product range is represented by electric, gasoline and cordless braids with different power and purpose, which depend on the built-in power unit and cutting tool.

Gas trimmers

Gasoline trimmers are the most common type, which is characterized by high power provided by a 2- or 4-stroke engine, maneuverability and mobility. Among the disadvantages are heavy weight and low environmental friendliness.

By power, they are divided into 2 types:

  • household, light;
  • professional, heavy.

Household models are technically similar to cordless and electric braids. They include a minimum set of cuts. Thanks to the low power engine, they are lightweight and economical.

Professional models have advanced mowing functions, mow grass and shrubs with a stem thickness of up to 2 cm.

The tool kit includes special cutting tools.

Petrol trimmers are operated on sites of any size and are not tied to a power source.

The FS-55 petrol trimmer is a versatile tool equipped with a double handle for convenient process control.

The cutting mechanism is a trimmer head, grass blades 230 mm, with 2 petals.

Features of the spit FS-55:

  • straight barbell;
  • angular durable gear;
  • manual fuel pump;
  • compact knife protection;
  • individually adjustable handle;
  • sealed electronic ignition system;
  • hole for attaching a shoulder 2-knapsack belt;
  • automatic adjustment of the length of the mowing string;
  • safety glasses with side protrusions.

Technical parameters of the trimmer:

  • power unit. gasoline, 2-stroke;
  • power. 1 l. with.;
  • cylinder working capacity. 27.2 cm³;
  • rotation speed. 8300 rpm;
  • cutting diameter. 420 mm;
  • total tool length. 1.7 m;
  • fuel tank capacity. 0.33 l;
  • weight. 4.9 kg.

The FS-38 is the lightest grass trimmer around the house, flower beds, trees, along walkways. Ergonomic, equipped with a convenient, round, adjustable handle and handle with all the controls of the power plant. The bar is curved.

The design of the tool includes a 2- or 4-string trimmer head AutoCut-C-5-2 with automatic adjustment of the length of cuts. To replace the fishing line, there is no need to disassemble and remove it. To improve work efficiency when cleaning a site from hard grass, reeds and prickly hedges, you can install a head with polymer knives or DuroCut with cutting strings cut to the required size.

For quick and easy starting, manual pumping of fuel and the ErgoStart mechanism are provided. Safety glasses and a belt are included as standard for easy operation.

Technical characteristics of lawn-mowers FS-38:

  • engine. 2-stroke;
  • power. 0.9 l. with.;
  • volume. 27.2 cm³;
  • length. 1.47 m;
  • tank capacity. 0.33 l;
  • weight. 4.1 kg;
  • mowing diameter. 380 mm.


The Stihl FS-130 gas trimmer is a powerful heavy class lawn mower with an eco-friendly 4-MIX 1.9-liter engine. sec., with a volume of 36.3 cm³ and a shaft speed of 8500 rpm. The engine is a combination of 2- and 4-stroke systems with a minimum amount of exhaust gas, good traction and high torque. It is characterized by a quiet sound of work, the volume level with a plastic or metal knife reaches no more than 108 dB (A).

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The model is equipped with an anti-vibration system. The transfer of harmful vibrations is reduced by the presence of rubber buffers.

The engine is started by an electronic ignition system. High generated voltage provides sparking and burning duration.

The weight of the model is 5.9 kg.

Mowing headset. cutting steel blade web with 2 sharp edges.

When operating the tool, a universal protective shield must be used.


For mowing large areas with high thickets and weeds, a high-power brush cutter FS-250 with a direct bar is chosen. It is used in forestry and horticulture.

Thanks to the innovative ElastoStart system, the unit starts evenly and without jerks.

The compensator installed in the carburetor responds to a supersaturation of the fuel mixture during the period of contamination of the air purification filter.

The model is equipped with a 2.2-liter 2-stroke gasoline power unit. with. with a working volume of 40.2 cm³. The volume of the tank is 0.64 liters.

Mowing system. cutting blade for grass and 4 blades. Removable nozzles increase tool functionality.

Other gasoline models

Among semi-professional gas trimmers, FS-100 and 131 are distinguished.

The FS-100 straight boom spit has a 4-MIX engine with less harmful gas emissions than a 2-stroke engine. over, its capacity is 1.4 liters. pp., which is enough for mowing large areas with high-yielding vegetation. Of mowing tools, the kit includes a disk blade with 4 cuts.

The Stihl FS-131 is equipped with a 4-MIX petrol engine with 1.9 liters. with., but only the rotary grass knife GSB 230-2 acts as cuts.


trimmers are supplied with electric motors and work from a constant source of energy through an electric cable. They have low power and, due to network connection, low mobility, therefore they mow vegetation in relatively small areas.

The advantages of electric mowers include:

  • light weight;
  • lack of harm to the environment;
  • silent operation.


Electric Stihl FSE-60 is used to mow low and young grass around trees and along paths in small garden areas.

It has a light weight of 3.9 kg and a high power of 540 watts. The bar is curved. The total length is 1.53 m. The mowing width is 35 cm, which distinguishes it from other small-sized models.

The package includes:

  • cable length limiter to prevent accidental disconnection from the network;
  • protective visor for safety;
  • AutoCut-C-5-2 trimmer head.


Model FSE-71 has the same characteristics as the previous electric braids. A distinctive feature is the presence of a thermal relay to protect the motor from overload.


The high-performance Spit Stihl FSE-81 has a cut AutoCut-C-5-2, an electric motor with a power of 1000 W, a vibration-damping soft handle and electronic adjustment of the number of revolutions.

The protective wheel-stop limits the length of the mowing string and protects the bark of trees from damage. The cable lock protects against accidental disconnection of the plug from the braid.

A 15 m extension cable with a rubber sheath H07 RN-F is included.

Other electrical models

The lightest trimmer is the FSE-31 for leveling grass and mowing low and fine vegetation. Weight. only 2.2 kg. Electric motor power. 245 kW. AutoCut mowing head rotates in steps. The process is controlled by the pedal. The total length of the tool is 110 cm.


The FSA-45 model is used for domestic purposes, such as performing simple lawn mowing near the house. The 2.3 kg mower is equipped with a brushless power plant powered by a Li-Ion battery mounted in the handle.

The telescopic boom is individually adjustable for 8 positions. The length can reach 170 cm. The working angle of the trimmer block is adjustable in 4 positions and tilts up to 68 °, the head rotates up to 90 °, which ensures high-quality edge trimming. The cutting mechanism allows the replacement and rearrangement of PolyCut strings and knives without removing the head.

The charge indication is indicated by 4 red or green LEDs. Battery recharge time is 145 minutes. up to 80%, 210 min. up to 100%. On 1 charge, mowing with plastic knives is performed in 20 minutes, with a string. in 12 minutes.

Operation, maintenance and repair

The use and maintenance of any Stihl trimmers must be carried out in accordance with the operating instructions that are issued when purchasing the equipment. Before starting work, the spit is brought into working condition:

  • if it is new, run-in;
  • if used previously, lubricate parts, change cutting elements, pour fuel mixture into the tank.

During the inspection, you can find some malfunctions, such as a stalled motor, a scythe does not start, or does not gain momentum. In this case, they find the cause of the problems and fix them. Repair trimmers do it yourself or use the services of service centers, workshops.

Reviews and how much

The cost of trimmers depends on the type, power and purpose of the tool.

lawn mowing is the most expensive. The price is 10-13 thousand rubles.

New electric mowers, such as FSE-71 and 81, are purchased for 5-7 thousand rubles.

The FSA-45 cordless trimmer costs 9 thousand rubles.

Some owners of personal plots rent units. The rental price is 400-600 rubles. per day depending on the region.

Maxim, 23 years old, Pskov region

Dmitry, 39 years old, Vologda

The first model acquired 2 years ago. Cheap, light, electric. 31st. It is good because hands do not hurt during operation. Minus. it is impossible to work outside the house if the cable does not allow. The path in the country had to be mowed manually. I got a gas mowing lawn and immediately ran it in. It is operated simply, especially since there is already experience. There are many positive qualities. For a year of use, I did not repair it, I prepare the fuel mixture according to the instructions.