Stihl Fs 38 Trimmer


The Stihl FS38 lawn mower belongs to the light group and is the optimal complement to a powerful lawn mower for decorating hard-to-reach areas along paths, under trees and bushes. Using the STIHL mobile lawn mowers, you can quickly cut soft, overgrown grass on lawns and lawns, always keep a small area in a neat condition.

Stihl Fs 38 Trimmer

Technical specifications Stihl FS38

  • Model. FS 38 Autocut.
  • Weight. 4.1 kg (without cutting equipment).
  • Lawn mowing length. 147 cm (without cutting equipment).
  • Engine type. two stroke.
  • The volume of the cylinder is 27.2 cubic meters. cm.
  • Power. 0.9 HP
  • Type of fuel. gasoline.
  • Gasoline consumption. 0.32l / hour.
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 0.33 liters.
  • Handle. a circular handle.
  • Cutting diameter. 380 mm.
  • The largest number of revolutions of the working head is 9500 rpm.
  • Anti-vibration system. installed.
  • Easy start system. installed.
  • Cutting tools. AutoCut C 5-2 head (included).

Model description

The Stihl FS38 is the lightest mobile version with 0.9 horsepower and is designed for domestic use.

  • Thanks to a modern electronic ignition system, reliable starting and uninterrupted engine operation is ensured.
  • Using a fuel pump, the operator can, if necessary, pump fuel into the carburetor.
  • Optimum maneuverability is ensured thanks to the D-shaped handle, with which it is convenient to control the Stihl lawn mowing when working in difficult areas.
  • All control levers are located on a special multi-function handle (R), which ensures the safety and reliability of the gas trimmer.
  • Thanks to the AutoCut C5-2 mowing headset, the mowing diameter is 380 mm.
  • The ergonomic shoulder strap allows you to hold the Stihl Lawnmower on the shoulder, rationally coordinate movement during operation.
  • Light weight (4.1 kg.), Small dimensions, rational basic equipment. thanks to these characteristics, STIHL 38 lawn mowers are extremely comfortable to use.

Video: Stihl Fs 38 Trimmer

Operational Features

Each Stihl lawn mower is designed strictly for the intended work, taking into account engine power. The manufacturer categorically does not recommend retrofitting or improving the braid device on its own. Therefore, before buying a STIHL lawn mower, it is necessary to clearly determine the upcoming work front.

It is completely inadvisable to acquire a powerful trimmer for periodically mowing grass on the lawn; for this, light gasoline or electric models of mowers are quite enough.

During operation it is important:

  • Observe the mode: work / rest at intervals of 20 minutes.
  • Use high-quality gasoline not lower than AI-92.
  • To prepare the fuel mixture, use original STIHL engine oil (50: 1).
  • When the engine is run-in to 2-3 full fuel tank refueling, do not allow operation at maximum load.
  • When preserving the braids for the winter period or the expected interruption in operation, to avoid engine breakdowns, it is imperative to drain the remaining gasoline from the fuel tank.
  • To ensure stable operation, systematically check the condition of the fuel filter. clean or replace with a new one.
  • To prevent serious malfunctions, clogging of the air filter must be avoided.
  • Fulfill safety requirements when operating STIHL lawn mowers.

Strict adherence to the requirements of the operating instructions is the key to the long-term and trouble-free operation of the Stihl lawn mowers.

Instructions for use lawn mowers STIHL FS38

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

For mechanization of mowing grass in a small area of ​​the lawn mower, the Stihl FS38 is perfectly suited. The cleanliness and accuracy of the cut, mobility, lightness and high performance are huge advantages compared to a manual scythe.

Of the malfunctions, owners often note that immediately after starting the STIHL, the STIHL can simply stall. In this case, check the fuel channel for clogging. Another reason may lie in the incorrect adjustment of the carburetor, which is easily eliminated in accordance with the recommendations for service.

The price of Stihl FS38 lawn mowers is about 9 thousand rubles. Of course, on the market you can buy cheaper, often short-lived counterparts.

A well-known brand guarantees the reliability of certified products, as noted by the owners of the equipment.

Video review of work

Maintenance and repair of the Stihl FS38 lawn mower

lawn mowing (Trimmer) Stihl FS38

lawn mower Stihl FS38 common "sore"

Owner reviews


“I bought the Stihl FS38 lawn mower for permanent mowing of grass in the territory of about 10 acres. Over 7 years of work, I felt how much easier it is to maintain the site with such equipment. The engine is quite economical, of course, its capacity is not enough to clear the bushes. Comfortable shoulder strap, work comfortably. ”