Stihl Fs 450 Fuel Consumption

Benzokosa Stihl FS450

Benzokosa STIHL FS450. a very powerful brush cutter, designed to clear areas from wild growth, thinning bushes, young trees. The basic equipment is equipped with a saw blade with chisel-shaped teeth (KSB MZ 225-24). Thanks to an engine with an increased power of 2.9 hp, it is possible to efficiently process large areas in a short period of time.

A modification of the brush cutter with a shortened stem, the Stihl FS450 K brushcutter, has been developed, which has similar structural and technological characteristics.


Stihl FS450 Model Description

Like the entire line of powerful brush cutters, the Stihl FS450 brushcutter is characterized by a rational design, high ergonomics, and reliable operation.

  • The innovative ElastoStart launcher ensures a smooth start, without jerking.
  • A component of the lightweight start system is a decompression valve. Its peculiarity lies in the dropping part of the compression force in the cylinder, as a result of which the traction force decreases on the starting cable.

Stihl Fs 450 Fuel Consumption

  • Thanks to the comfortable backpack-type shoulder straps with soft linings, the STIHL petrol brush is securely held during operation, and the load on the shoulder girdle and arms of the worker is significantly reduced.
  • The handle adjustment system allows you to individually adjust the height of a particular operator.
  • Thanks to the four-point vibration damping system, minimal vibration is created on the handles of the Stihl FS
  • On the multifunctional handle all necessary controls of the brush cutter are comfortably made.
  • The ergonomic handle (bicycle type) makes it easy to control the STIHL and its maneuvers when moving.
  • The manual fuel pump allows you to pump the fuel mixture into the carburetor with a simple keystroke.

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Operational Features

Fulfilling the requirements of the operating instructions, timely replacement of consumables, observing safety precautions, installing only the appropriate cutting devices. the fulfillment of these simple requirements ensures long-term trouble-free operation of the Stihl brush cutter.

Benzokosa STIHL FS450 is easy to operate and affordable maintenance.

All STIHL gas mowers are factory-run, suitable for operation, the only condition for the first start-up is the limitation of engine power, including the full third refueling of the fuel tank. After a period of operation of 5-15 full tanks, the brushcutter reaches its full capacity.

Consumed fuel. a mixture of AI-92 gasoline and engine oil for two-stroke engines STIHL (50: 1). The best fuel is the original MotoMix mixture, stored for 2 years, but it is not available in all markets.

Stihl FS450 brushcutter user manual

Advantages and disadvantages of the FS450 model

Benzokosa STIHL FS450 is characterized by high ergonomics, the ability to operate in intensive mode for a long time.

Stable operation without interruptions is created thanks to the special STIHL compensator, which controls the level of saturation of the mixture when the air filter is dirty. As a result of this process, engine power remains constant for a long time, and the air filter can be cleaned after 80% of its surface contamination.

As cons, the owners of brush cutters sometimes note a high fuel consumption, noise during operation.

The price of STIHL FS450 benzokosa within 40 thousand rubles.

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Owner reviews


“Power and strength, I caught fire when I saw a Stihl fs 450 gas scythe in operation. I bought it and have no regrets. It justifies itself completely. The price at first seemed overpriced, but the unit is reliable in operation, so it’s not a pity to pay for quality. Maintenance is minimal, only consumables should be changed. I work the second season, I recommend. "