Stihl saw attachment for cutting


Angle grinder attachment for chainsaws Carver 38
It is used for processing and cutting metal and wood products.
Allows to work with abrasive and saw blades.
Supplied in one of 4 modifications, for a circle of 150, 180, 230 or 300 mm.
Angle grinder attachment for Carver 38 chainsaws


Price depending on the diameter of the circle:

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LLC “Nylginsky Mechanical Plant”


Chainsaw debarker attachment for woodworking in combination with commercially available chainsaws.

Cutting tool dimensions:

Milling cutter Knives
Diameter, mm 98 20

Used for chainsaws HUSQVARNA 36, 41, 136, 137, 141, 142, 235/235 (E), 236, 249/240 (E)

Production. Russia (NMZ)




ATTACHMENT angle grinder ON HUSQVARNA 137-240

V-belt profile Z (0) 800

V-belt profile Z 800 is designed to drive to attachments for chainsaws, machine tools, industrial plants and agricultural machinery, machines and other mechanisms



Debarker attachment for STIHL MS 341, 361, 362, 440, 441, 460 chainsaws. designed for wood processing in combination with commercially available chainsaws.

stihl, attachment, cutting

Cutting tool dimensions:

Milling cutter Knives
Diameter, mm 98 20

For chainsaws STIHL MS 341, 361, 362, 440, 441, 460


Chainsaw attachments

Hand-made production of an angle grinder for a chainsaw

For economical management of the economy, a person comes up with various ways of rational use of scrap materials. I would like to have such a multifunctional device in the house that can be used for various jobs. And so that such devices make life easier and reduce cash costs.

After all, not all owners can purchase a variety of expensive tools. over, you need to additionally purchase accessories for tools, which are also expensive. Therefore, it is worth inventing and making with your own hands a useful device that performs many functions. As a basis, you can take, for example, a chainsaw.

How to make an angle grinder yourself?

Let’s take a closer look at how to make an angle grinder using a saw. The angle grinder is used in most households, of course, not often, but it is a very necessary and useful tool. There are situations when such a tool is not at hand, but there is a chainsaw. Then you can make an angle grinder in the form of a chainsaw attachment to use for grinding and cutting.


The saw-based angle grinder is the easiest tool to manufacture. Saw-based angle grinders are very popular. The main parts of such an angle grinder are a bearing unit with a shaft.

Advantages of the chainsaw angle grinder:

  • The independence of the device from the presence or absence of an electrical network. Such a tool can be used at any site.
  • The performance of an angle grinder from a chainsaw is much higher than the production of electric similar tools.
  • The cost of a manufactured device is much less than buying a new device of appropriate power.
  • The manufacturing process of such equipment is very simple.

At the moment, there are numerous models of additional special attachments for the chainsaw on the market, which turn it into an angle grinder. over, they are designed for different types of chainsaws. Thus, you can purchase an attachment for the corresponding brand of device.

Global manufacturers of gasoline saws urge not to use various adapters and attachments for such devices. This is due to the fact that grinding discs are designed to operate at a speed of 7000 revolutions. And the saw has the ability to produce 13000-14000 revolutions. Overspeeding can result in disc breakage, leading to tool breakage. You can also get physical injuries.

To reduce disk corruption, the following solutions are recommended:

  • Application of the protective cover.
  • Reducing the speed of the chainsaw.

To reduce the number of revolutions of the engine, it is recommended to use a speed reducer.

Also, to reduce the speed of rotation, you can install a driven pulley with the largest circumference. The pulley is installed on one end of the shaft. It rotates using a belt drive from the engine. This method helps to avoid unexpected situations when the disc is jammed. The belt will begin to slip on the pulley when the disc stops. This does not break the tool.

At the other end of the saw shaft is a mandrel, which is designed for sharpening wheels.

Disadvantages of a homemade angle grinder:

  • The ingress of solid particles from the operation of the angle grinder into the engine air filter can cause overheating and breakage of the saw. Although the air filter is adapted to contamination with sawdust when using a chainsaw, metal dust is more negative.
  • The possibility of physical and material damage when working with an angle grinder based on a chainsaw.
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chainsaw angle grinder attachment, installation and operation.

How to choose a tool?

There are numerous types of saw attachments available on the market. These include. a gas cutter, a sawmill, a pump, a drill, etc. Despite such a wide range of nozzles sold, you can make your own additional mechanism for a chainsaw.

The availability of materials at hand allows anyone who understands the technical device of tools to make a special device out of a chainsaw that will be useful on the farm.

To choose a saw that will serve as the basis for a new additional attachment, you need to consider the following qualities:

  • Saw power. An engine running within 2-3 kW will be sufficient for a variety of attachments.
  • When choosing a chainsaw, it is best to focus on inexpensive models, since the engine may not withstand the new load. When buying an expensive model, you can lose a lot of money. It is recommended to use outdated types of saws, so that in case of breakdown you do not regret wasted investments.
  • Easy to disassemble the saw so that you can easily assemble and disassemble the device, as well as select cheap parts.

Chainsaw models such as Ural, Stihl or Druzhba are suitable for the use of alterations.

Additional attachments made can be divided into the following categories:

  • Simple mechanisms (angle grinder, pump, winch, drill, tiller, boat motor).
  • Complex mechanisms (sawmill, snow removal device, power plant, snowmobile).

Feedback on the angle grinder attachment for the chainsaw. Tool Community. Sharing Experience “on DRIVE2

Hello dear audience. I would like to share my experience of using the angle grinder attachment for the Stihl 180 chainsaw.

My friend and I bought nozzles, I used my Stihl, he bought his Khutskvarna 142. The cutting disc is placed up to 180 mm. Photo is from the Internet, mine looks different, but it looks like.

The installation principle is, in principle, general, but the design of the attachments themselves for different saws is different and has its own nuances. For calm, the following steps should be taken: 1. disconnect the bus. If there was a system of light chain tension, then you need to purchase 2 studs from the tire, 2 tire nuts. 2. turn off the chain oil pump by disconnecting its drive. If you don’t turn it off, the oil will fall on the belt, it will slip and even fail. To disengage, unscrew the clutch disc, and then remove the pump drive. Or suck out all the oil from the tank, then let it run so that excess oil comes out of the pump. 3. put on the pulley, 4. if the ergosystem of chain tensioning, then unscrew the studs from the crankcase with a studdriver and screw in the purchased studs. 5. install the attachment and adjust the belt tension.

install cutting disc

The nozzle works well, we managed to saw off good such channels. But the calm does not have enough power for complete happiness, but with skill you can work. When the angle grinder is working, sparks fly, you need to be careful with gasoline, because the gasoline tool is all the same, and also when you bite the disc, the disc turns into dust and everything scatters. So it is necessary to take all measures to protect yourself and those around you with protective measures and means. When sawing, due to biting, I broke a couple of discs, hit me in the face once, but due to the fact that at low speed, nothing happened.

A short video of a gasoline angle grinder, I cut a channel

If Stihl is with normal chain tension, then you don’t need to buy anything, everything is included, washers, wrench, etc. With ergonomic tightening like mine, as I wrote above, you will have to buy studs and nuts from the standard system. I also bought a plastic case, not in the photo. It also needs to be processed so that the pulley does not touch, then you get protection on the belt so as not to be injured by the rotating pulley.


The nozzle itself is Chinese, so there are processing inaccuracies. The pulleys are aluminum, the service life of them and the belt is unknown, I hope in the future if the belt is damaged it will be possible to find an analog.

Chainsaw attachment angle grinder Stihl

Chainsaw attachment angle grinder

The angle grinder attachment is used with series-produced chainsaws and is designed for cutting metal, stone, brick, concrete, cleaning weld seams, etc., turning a standard chainsaw, in fact, into a gas cutter. Diamond or reinforced cut-off wheels are used with this attachment, as well as a circular saw for longitudinal trimming of boards or a grinding wheel. The torque from the engine of the chainsaw to the cut-off wheel of the angle grinder is transmitted using a V-belt drive with a gear ratio of 1: 1. The drive pulley of the nozzle rotates on 2 deep groove ball bearings. The cut-off wheel is attached to the flange of the driven pulley using a faceplate and a left-hand thread nut. The weight of the nozzle is 2 kg. Country of origin. Russia.

To install the attachment on the chainsaw, you need to drain the oil from the saw’s oil tank, remove the tire and clutch drum, install the attachment drum (under the belt) and install the attachment itself, as shown in the video.

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Useful Tips

When making a mechanism such as an angle grinder from a chainsaw with your own hands, you should use extremely good materials. A used protective casing gives a kind of guarantee of cover and safety.

As for the grinding wheels, it is better to give preference to the diameter of 115 mm. Such discs are capable of withstanding high rotational speeds, in contrast to discs with a diameter of 230 mm. Large ones increase the chance of equipment failure.

an angle grinder made from a saw, made by yourself, can be used for woodworking, operations with metal products, working with stone, brick and other construction work.

Alteration of various tools and the use of attachments based on the saw motor is considered a very useful and interesting occupation. Such an occupation develops engineering logic, expands human capabilities.

As a result of such an occupation, a person gains valuable experience, as well as multifunctional productive equipment that can be widely used in the household. An assistant such as an angle grinder from a chainsaw makes life much easier and saves a person’s financial resources.

Combi attachments

Universalny, yak іkh vicoristann. Developed by STIHL engineers, combi-nozzles expand your flexibility in combining the floor, but you can’t do anything more universal. If you lose one combo-dvigun, you can preserve yourself with a whole park of tools, formed according to your needs. From the lawn mower to the visor, from the raised knives to the normal roller. for the help of the combi-attachments, you miraculously fit in from all the robots at a glance behind the add-on dilyanka. The shvidkoroz”єmna clutch allows for a few seconds, without needing a tool, replace the nozzle or split it into two parts for transporting any.

  • Metabo
  • Makita
  • Sparky
  • Bosch
  • DeWalt
  • Skil
  • Fiolent
  • Stihl
  • Viking
  • DiStar
  • Rebir
  • CST / Berger (Bosch)
  • Einhell
  • Subaru robin
  • Pferd

Recently, a large number of dubious products have appeared in Ukraine.

A few words not as a representative of a trade organization, but a buyer, which I often am myself.

The first start of a two-stroke engine (after purchase or after a long period of inactivity) is always.

In the life of each of us there comes a moment when you want to spend money on something special.

Preparing the working machine Before starting and using the chainsaw.

Palyvna sumish Dvigun of your tool is responsible for the sum of money for gasoline and motor.

0 800 308 777
free of charge from any landline or mobile phone throughout Ukraine

Chainsaw attachments

Video about the outboard motor attachment for the Husqvarna chainsaw.

Chainsaw attachment. “Boat motor”

As soon as you don’t use a chainsaw. And this attachment allows you to use it also as a boat motor. Of course, a full-fledged outboard motor cannot be replaced with this device for a chainsaw, but it is quite possible to move along a lake or a calm river in an inflatable boat at a speed of up to 20 kilometers per hour. A two or three-blade propeller is used as a propeller, the force to which is transmitted through a gearbox and an extension from a pulley installed instead of a drive sprocket.

Video about “angle grinder”. chainsaw attachment

Video about the “Coroder” attachment for the chainsaw

Video from Pavel Omelin on how to install the Coroder attachment on a chainsaw

Nozzle “Coroder” in operation. video.

Chainsaw attachment. “Coroder”

Another popular attachment for gasoline saws is the Coroder attachment. As the name implies, this device is intended for removing bark from trees. In addition, it removes the remains of branches, irregularities on the tree trunk quite well. This attachment will be useful for wood construction, procurement of materials and any work where it is necessary to remove the bark from the tree. It is especially effective in winter. There are nozzles with different grip widths. 80 millimeters and 100 millimeters. If the coroder knives become dull, then they can always be sharpened or purchased new from the manufacturer.

It is also installed on a chainsaw like the above-described attachment, that is, a drive from a pulley, which is installed in the place of the drive sprocket, and the device itself is attached to studs of greater length than the standard ones. Hairpins are included. For more information about installing a coroder on a saw, see one of the videos.

Technical characteristics of attachments for chainsaws. “Winch”:

Tractive effort 1000-2000 kg
Cable length 30 m
Overall dimensions, mm 300 × 200 × 200

The scope of application of such a nozzle is very wide:

  • Removing a stuck car or other equipment
  • Lifting the car onto the transporter
  • Lifting heavy loads to heights
  • Lifting a boat onto a car trailer
  • For plowing the soil with a plow
  • Skidding of felled trees
  • Moving loads


By design, debarkers are divided into drum and disc. The first ones are used mainly for removing bark from logs (lining), mounting grooves, cups, grooves, etc. are cut out with discs.

The working part of the devices consists of a drum or cutter fixed in a bearing unit. Like most chainsaw attachments, the debarkers are driven by a V-belt drive. On their axis there is a driven pulley for this. By selecting the diameters of the pulleys and changing the engine speed with the help of the accelerator, it is possible to obtain the optimal rotation speed of the working tool, providing the necessary processing parameters.

The figure below shows debarkers with different shapes of the working tool: groove cutter (a), flat planer (b) and spherical (d), curly cutter (c).

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Chainsaw attachments and accessories

Several factors contribute to this wide range of work performed by chainsaws. First of all, it is the presence of a powerful (in relation to its weight), compact, reliable and unpretentious gasoline engine capable of operating in the most difficult conditions. A diaphragm carburetor and a sealed fuel supply system allow the saw to work in different positions, except perhaps for a complete overturn. The successful design of the centrifugal clutch reliably protects the systems and units of the chainsaw from overloads and breakdowns. The simplicity of power take-off is also important; it is easy to connect any device to the output shaft of the tool. And, finally, the advantages of the chainsaw include autonomy, which allows you to use it anywhere.

Keep in mind, however, that hobbyist chainsaws are not designed to be used all day long.


The principle of operation of this nozzle for a chainsaw is similar to the principle of operation of all centrifugal pumps. A hose is connected to the central fitting (1), which is lowered into the water. A pressure hose is connected to the fitting (3). Before starting work, water is poured into the plug (2), which is necessary for the pump to start pumping. When the turbine of the pump is driven into rotation, a reduced pressure is created in the suction pipe, sucking in water, which is then discharged through the pressure hose.

The rotation speed of the auger during drilling should be relatively low, therefore a gearbox is used to reduce the number of revolutions. It can be made in the form of a V-belt or worm gear (preferable).


Its tractive effort depends on the power of the chainsaw and can reach 1500-2000 kg, and with an additional block. and even more. To perform its functions, the winch must be equipped with additional accessories: a diverter block to increase tractive effort and change the trajectory of movement, hooks, anchors, sling straps for securing to a tree trunk, rock, ground or car.

stihl, attachment, cutting

Gas cutter attachment

Its main unit is a bearing unit with a shaft, at one end of which a driven pulley is installed, driven by a V-belt, at the other. mandrel for fixing cut-off wheels. Depending on the brand of the latter, the gas cutter can cut metal, stone, brick or tile. The end part of the nozzle is made with a groove for attaching it to the saw.

Boat motor

Rip saws on logs
(mini sawmills)

Device for vertical cutting of logs. The simplest is the device for vertical sawing of logs, shown below.

stihl, attachment, cutting

It consists of an adapter (1), which is attached to the bus at its base, and a guide (2), which sets the straightness of the adapter movement. The guide is installed on the board (3), which in turn is attached to the log to be sawn.

The main purpose of this chainsaw attachment is to keep the tire moving in a straight line. With its help, you can not only dissolve a log into two or four parts (quarters) or cut a bar out of it, but also saw it into boards or beams. However, in the latter case, you will have to rearrange the board with the guide every time, and you will not be able to achieve great accuracy when cutting. The unsecured end of the tire can move to the side, as a result of which the constancy of parameters and full parallelism of the sides of the beams or planks is unlikely to be achieved.

Horizontal cutting device. With the help of the device shown in the photo below, logs are cut in a horizontal plane. In comparison with the device for vertical sawing, it has increased functionality and accuracy, allowing you to cut boards or beams of the same thickness.

A device that attaches to the bus in two places. beginning and end. has a frame structure that ensures the rigidity of the device. The attachment point (1) can be displaced along the tire. This allows you to set the required kerf width (according to the diameter of the log). within the bus length. The guides (2) can be installed at any distance from the bar, thus providing the required thickness of the cut beams or boards. The first horizontal cut is carried out using a guide frame (3) mounted on the log and serving as a base surface for the guides (2). Subsequent cuts use the flat surface (4) from the previous cut as the reference surface. In the process of work, in order to avoid clamping the saw, wedges are inserted into the cut, preventing the narrowing of the cut.

If it is necessary to cut logs, the diameter of which exceeds the length of the standard bar, use a more complex device, which uses a long bar. In this case, the saw’s native lubrication system does not provide high-quality lubrication of the entire chain, therefore, it becomes necessary to install an additional system consisting of a tank and a hose supplying lubricant to the end of the bar. To ensure the supply of oil by gravity, the tank is placed on a rack above the tire.