Stihl Ts 420 Gas Cutter Fuel Consumption

With the Stihl TS 420 gas cutter, you can easily cut asphalt, stone building materials, metal, concrete, artificial composite slabs and any kind of natural hard stone. Due to the high speed of rotation of the disk, the gas cutter is capable of processing various solid products of large thickness for a short time.

In the semi-professional equipment class TM "Stihl" this model is considered the most convenient in operation. It has a compact body, low weight (can be carried and operated with one hand) and a reduced exhaust ratio (by 70%). The model is also distinguished by a cutting abrasive disc. wear resistance and reliability. And the impressive power of the device maximizes its scope.

Stihl Ts 420 Gas Cutter Fuel Consumption

The equipment is recommended for use in harsh operating conditions: increased loads, long continuous operation, cutting of solid materials. It has standard equipment: a water connection unit and a container for pressure fluid, a set of mounted tools and cutting discs.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of the Stihl TS 420, identified by consumers:

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  • Ergonomic and balanced design. The correct location of the adjustment buttons, knobs, gas tank covers provide maximum comfort and safety of use of equipment.
  • Excellent tool handling. Due to the balanced design, the unit is easy to control, which ensures accurate and accurate cuts.
  • ElastoStart device. It is a trigger synchronized with a decompression valve and compensator. Working in tandem of these three nodes allows you to prevent a supersaturation of the fuel mixture, which inevitably occurs with significant contamination of the filter.
  • Anti-vibration mode. Provides continuous operation of the operator with the device. hands do not get tired, the development of occupational diseases is prevented.
  • Belt tensioning system. A unique semi-automatic mechanism. unscrewing the firming clamping screws ensures automatic belt tensioning through a special spring assembly.

Identified by users Disadvantages of Stihl TS 420:

  • Difficulty replacing the filter. Many users note that the innovative filtering system does not provide for an independent replacement of elements.
  • Uncomfortable work with the unit on the trolley.
  • Housing made of low quality materials.

User reviews

Video review of the Stihl TS 420 gas cutter:

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