July 8, 2019

Superior House Insulated Dog Kennels

Equipping the area around the country house, you have to solve various problems, including the place of residence for the dog and its comfort. Just build a booth will be small. In order to make the animal comfortable in winter, its house must be insulated. What should be considered when choosing a home for your pet?

Choosing a booth

Of great importance is the size of the booth. The house should be large enough for the dog to feel comfortable, to be able to sleep and hide from the scorching sun and rain.

Superior House Insulated Dog Kennels

Therefore, the height of the house should be equal to the height of the dog, and to determine the width, you need to measure the distance from the nose to the tail.

What to insulate the booth

Insulation booths – is one of the most important events. What is the best option for insulation?

It is best to insulate a doghouse fit natural and environmentally friendly materials, such as wood or felt. If the dog wants to bite its own booth, there will be no harmful substances in its stomach.

Here are some more materials that can be used:

Sawdust or wood chips

Excellent material for insulation. Before insulating a booth, you can treat it with a drug that kills parasites.

It is difficult to fix this heater on the walls and ceiling, but it will fit for the litter.

Artificial felt

The raw material for its manufacture is polypropylene, it retains heat well and is easy to install.

Superior House Insulated Dog Kennels

In the process of insulation, you just need to beat the internal surfaces of the booth with this material.

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Polyfoam – a heater number one. It is very light, cheap, just mounted, well isolates the room from the cold and other sounds, does not rot and is not damaged by mice. It can be glued, can be screwed to the surface with screws.

Superior House Insulated Dog Kennels

It is said that it is harmful and contains toxic substances, but manufacturers deny this. But if there is a danger of a fire, then it is better to give it up, since the foam will burn easily.


Refers to a new generation of thermal insulation materials. It has low thermal conductivity, does not rot and, like foam, is produced in the form of plates.

Mineral wool

The material consists of the smallest fibers, it is obtained from molten rocks. Mineral wool perfectly isolates the premises from heat loss, does not rot, can last for a long period.

Superior House Insulated Dog Kennels

But if the insulation gets wet, it will be unsuitable, so the cotton wool should be insulated with a film.

Heating appliances

In addition to traditional insulation materials, you can use heaters. For example, film-based heaters.

Thermal films are based on infrared radiation and can heat up to 60 degrees.

They are fixed on the inside of the building.

Panel Heaters

The panels are powered by the mains. They are assembled in a metal case with a thickness of 2 cm and operate in the infrared range. Can warm up to 50 degrees.

Superior House Insulated Dog Kennels

Install the heating panel inside the booth, attaching it with screws. It will also be necessary to drill a small hole to bring out the electrical wire.

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Insulation technology

It is necessary to warm all structures: walls, floor and roof. The booth is quite small, so you should avoid gaps and gaps between the insulating materials. Even a small draft can ruin all the work.

The heater chosen by you should be fixed with your own hands on the inner surface of the walls and ceiling of the booth. How to fix? Felt can be nailed. Foam glue or screwed. But the insulation design must be sewn up. To do this, it is better to use thin plywood, wall paneling, OSB plate. Hardboard and chipboard is better not to apply, because after wetting, they are deformed and fall apart.

It happens that over time, plywood begins to stratify. In order to fix it better, it is possible to nail a semicircular bead around the corners and around the perimeter of the booth.

So that the heat does not leave the house through the open entrance, the opening can be closed with a curtain of felt or tarpaulin. It is important that the curtain covers the entrance with a margin. It is better to fasten it on top of the entrance with a wooden plank.

Superior House Insulated Dog Kennels

The floor of the house should be filled with dry straw or hay. These materials will keep warm if left dry. This insulating mat sometimes needs to be changed and shaken up every few days.

But if you insulate the house with your own hands, even a well-insulated booth may not be a salvation for the dog during hard frosts. At this time, it is best to take her home.

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