Chainsaw gasoline dilution ratio

Let’s start with the engine Engine care includes blowing out the cylinder cooling fins, checking the spark plug, oil, fuel and air filters. The air filter and cylinder cover must be removed to clean the cylinder fins. When refitting the cylinder cover, check that the wires of the switch and the sealing ring are in the correct position. To clean […]

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Patriot Trimmer Oil Dilution

Household and professional chainsaws are powered by two-stroke ICEs operating on a dosed mixture of gasoline and engine oil adapted to the difficult operating conditions. The correct proportions of oil and gasoline for a chainsaw is one of the important conditions for stable traction characteristics of the engine and low-cost development of its assigned resource. The need to obtain a […]

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Chainsaw Oil Dilution Proportion

A chainsaw is used when cutting trees, in repair work. The popularity of this tool is growing every year. Each owner buys it at home. However, to use it for a long time, you must properly care for the tool. Only with quality care, the saw will last a lifetime and will not harm your health. This is especially true […]

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