How to mow a trimmer without fishing line. Preparation of a trimmer for work

Homemade fishing line for trimmer Many users of mowers, both electric and gasoline engines, some time after using the purchased trimmer line are asked: and how to replace it? If you exclude dangerous options (chain from a chainsaw, canvas from a hacksaw, wire, cable, string, etc.D.), which can cause severe injuries to the user and others, then a home.Made fishing […]

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What can be used instead of a fishing line for a grass trimmer?

What is a fishing line made of Nylon (polypropylene or polyamide) is the raw material for grass trimmer line production. strong, lightweight, wear-resistant and inexpensive material. To reduce production costs some producers add polyethylene: such line wears out quicker and is less resistant to overheating. This is one of the key differences between cheap and expensive line of the same […]

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