The screwdriver does not grip the bit reason

Dignity there is overload protection; fixing the tool on the belt; illumination of the working area; convenient setting of the twisting force. BEST WAYS TO LOOSEN A STUCK SMALL SCREW disadvantages high price; no impact function. Dignity spotlight lamp; the power button is locked; the handle is rubberized on all sides; belt clip. Hitachi WM18DBL 33 Nm We considered the […]

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How to Fix a Grip

Clutch repair. Repair discs and master cylinder The main malfunction in the clutch. violation of reliable transmission of torque from the engine to the transmission as a result of wear of friction linings and friction surfaces, weakening of pressure springs, wear and breakage of individual parts. Before removing the clutch from the engine, it is necessary to make marks on […]

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How to Adjust Grip on a Chainsaw

How to change the clutch on a chainsaw? Chainsaw owners must have wondered more than once. how to change the clutch on a chainsaw? On most chainsaw models, disassembling and replacing the clutch can easily be done manually by the owner himself; on a small number of models, unscrewing the drum can be done only in the workshop (such chainsaws […]

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