Instructions for running and operating a 4-stroke engine

What you need to know about the running-in and operation of four-stroke air-cooled gasoline engines installed on garden, construction and road motor vehicles. Gasoline four-stroke air-cooled engines are widely used in landscape gardening equipment. motoblocks, motor cultivators, lawn mowers, snow blowers, motor pumps, mini-tractors, on construction and road-building equipment. gas generators, vibrating plates, rammers. Before starting engine operation LEARN INSTRUCTIONS […]

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Honda Gx 390 Engine – Specifications, Operating Instructions

Honda GX 390 engine. Technical specifications, manual For over 40 years, Honda has been supplying universal combustion engines to end-equipment manufacturers around the world. Gx. series professional gasoline engines for general use are designed specifically for long and uninterrupted operation in especially difficult conditions. Gxv. (engines with a vertical shaft are used for lawn mowers, motor cultivators with a worm […]

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Instructions And Rules For Safe Working With A Brushcutter – Trimmer

Table of contents: The owners of summer cottages and country houses are familiar with the problem of maintaining a private territory in an aesthetic form. A lot of effort is spent on mowing the grass and mowing the lawn. Automate such processes with electric and petrol trimmers. Let’s take a closer look at one of these devices. Gas spit device […]

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