How to make a tile cut out of a grinder. What is required for the manufacture of tile cutter

DIY tiles from a grinder This procedure is performed without any problems, just follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Outline the cutting line. This can be done with a felt.Tip pen or pencil, marker. Depending on the surface of the product. For models with a laser pointer, this item can be skipped; The tile is fixed on the platform so that the […]

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How to know the date of manufacture Bosch

The date of manufacture of the Bosch battery Bosch is one of the leaders in the production of car batteries. Their shelf life is approximately 3 years (for comparison, other manufacturers have this figure ranges from 1 to 2.5). Therefore, when buying a Bosch battery, the date of manufacture is important, which can be determined by paying attention to the […]

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