How to Lubricate Lawn Mower Reducer. Gear Lubricant.

Buying any kind of equipment is a kind of lottery, but a lot also depends on the gardener. In caring hands, and Chinese samples serve for a long time and do not fail their masters at the wrong time. And if you forget on time grease gear Lawn Mower, do not clean filters, use cheap low-quality gasoline, then garden equipment from the most famous brands will become a headache.

Gear Lubrication Lawn Mower one of the most important elements of maintenance of a gas trimmer, which should be carried out directly by the user.

Time and procedure for the prevention of the gearbox.

I recommend that you necessarily carry out the prophylaxis of a new gas trimmer immediately after purchase, with the addition of lubricant to the gearbox. Despite the high cost of gardening equipment, some manufacturers save and put grease only at a minimum, at the time of break-in.

How often to lubricate the brushcutter gearbox.

Often, a routine inspection of the transmission with the addition of liquid grease is carried out once a year at the beginning or end of the season. If the gas trimmer is not used by you in professional volumes, this is enough.

For large mowing volumes, it is necessary to lubricate the brushcutter gearbox every 20-50 hours of operation. If the operating conditions of the garden equipment are difficult, for example, a large field is mowed at a time, and at the same time the brushcutter does not have time to cool down, or cheap lubricants are used, then the lubricant must be checked and added every 20 hours of operation.

Indirect evidence that it is necessary to lubricate the gearbox may be overheating or increased unit noise. In these cases, if during inspection it is found that there is enough lubricant in the assembly by volume, then I recommend that it be replaced as a whole, while it is advisable to choose a different manufacturer of auto chemical goods. Also, a complete replacement of the lubricant, with disassembly and washing of the unit, I recommend when buying a used gasoline trimmer.

Grease for gas trimmer gearbox.

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Assortment of lubricants for garden equipment

According to the instructions, a special transmission fluid grease should be used to lubricate the bevel gear. As a rule, gardening equipment manufacturers produce and recommend the chemistry of their brand as the most adapted to their devices.

At the same time, in order to reduce the cost of operating garden equipment and increase the attractiveness of the auto chemical brand, grease for garden equipment is usually produced multifunctional. It is intended not only for the lubrication of gearboxes of gasoline trimmers, but also for the processing of hoses, gears and gearboxes of any garden equipment and mechanical devices operating under high loads.

Even if the specialized lubricant for the gearbox was almost completely developed during operation, the additives still create an effective lubricating protective film on the surface of the gears.

It should be noted that many owners of motokos in the former CIS expanses use ordinary Litol-24 or lithium based grease for lubricating the gearbox. It is convenient to refuel the gearbox with a 5-cc medical syringe. Many motorists, instead of the side screw, pick up the threads and screw the grease fitting from the cars that have served their crosspieces. This refinement allows the addition of Litol without disassembling the assembly using a grease gun.

An undoubted advantage of using Litol and lithium-based lubricants for refueling the brushcutter transmission is the reduction in cost of operation. But there are nuances due to which spears break on forums of gardeners of Internet space. My thoughts on what can be lubricated with lithium-based lubricants and what is not, read the article “ Litol as a lubricant for a Lawn Mower gear reducer ".

How to lubricate the gearbox of a brushcutter, gas trimmer.

17 side bolt on gas trimmer gearbox

For safety reasons, in order to avoid accidental start-up, all maintenance work on the scythe must be carried out with the electric cap / plug removed from the spark plug. Do not turn the trimmer over to avoid gas leaking.

We unscrew the side screw on the Lawn Mower gear. Depending on the manufacturer of the garden tool, a turn-key bolt may be used instead of a hexagon screw, usually by 17. The thread is normal, turn off counterclockwise. Do not lose the sealing washer.

Add specialized grease

If no grease is visible on the inside of the screw, add 3-4 grams. Turn the gear by hand, changing the direction of rotation so that the grease is distributed over the gears. Repeat the operation several times. On average, about 5 to 10 g is included in the gearbox. The assembly must be completely filled with grease, taking into account the installation of the screw. Then reinstall the screw by tightening it firmly.

As you can see, it will not take a lot of time or special skills to lubricate the gearbox on the brushcutter. Usually, we’re going to take longer than we do the entire amount of preventive work. Reliable to you garden equipment. Share your experience with petrol trimmers in the comments.

Trimmers And Lawn Mower Brand Techprom. Model Range Review

The company "TECHPROM" is a Russian manufacturer of construction equipment, in addition to equipment for the construction of Tehprom produces spare parts for tractors, automotive tractors, equipment for road works and garden equipment. The gardening equipment segment is relatively small, the model range of such equipment is very modest, but despite this fact, Tehprom lawn mowers and trimmers are quite popular not only, but also in neighboring countries, in Ukraine and Belarus.

Tekhprom LLC acts as the dealer partner of Uraltyazhmash, a company manufacturing industrial equipment for construction, asphalt-laying works, and repair of roads and buildings. Large enterprises are located in the city of Chelyabinsk, for example, bulldozers, tractors, asphalt rollers, pipe layers, as well as spare parts for these machines are produced there.

Techprom is also an official dealer of the Italian company TCM-Srl.

This company produces truck cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 200 tons. It is noteworthy that Techprom also produces small electric and gasoline equipment, for example, chainsaws, electric saws, motor saws, trimmers, lawn mowers.

Model range of garden equipment

The range of gardening equipment Techprom includes such products:

  • chainsaws;
  • Lawn Mower (trimmers) gasoline;
  • lawn mowers (gasoline);
  • welding inverters.
  • reliability;
  • simple assembly;
  • high quality of all fasteners;
  • the constant release of new models (old ones are discontinued and the consumer can purchase new items immediately after their release by the factory);
  • an official warranty from the manufacturer for a period of 6-12 months, depending on the specific model of trimmer or lawn mower;
  • a large number of spare parts for equipment;
  • interchangeability of spare parts;
  • high power of work;
  • sharp knives for cutting grass.

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Trimmers and Lawn Mower tehprom

The model range of motokos (trimmers) Techprom is represented by gasoline models. The company does not produce battery and electric scythes.

Techprom petrol trimmers are represented by such models of equipment:

  1. BT 520 (power 2300 W, 3 hp, 2T engine);
  2. BT 430m (power 1800 W, 2.3 hp, 2T motor);
  3. BT 560m (power 2700 W, two-stroke, 3.7 hp);
  4. BT 56 (power 4000 W, two-stroke engine);
  5. BT 52 (power 3000 W, two-stroke engine);
  6. TBT 5950 (power 5950 W, 5 hp, engine displacement 58 cc, two-stroke engine);
  7. TBT 6200 (power 6200 W, 8.4 hp, engine size 62 cc, two-stroke engine);
  8. TBT 6300 (power 6300 W, available for 1 and 5 disks, respectively, for 1 ty 5 babin).

Top models of motokos brand Techprom

The most popular and popular are such models of motokos:

  • gasoline mower BT 430m;
  • BT 560m gasoline trimmer;
  • BT 520 trimmer;
  • BT 56 and BT 52 models (similar in functionality, have a power of 4000 W and 3000 W, respectively).
  • greater power in comparison with other Russian brands;
  • assembly level. high quality of spare parts and assembly directly;
  • reasonable price;
  • easy way to manage;
  • the presence of really sharp cutting parts (Lawn Mower work with discs and blade knives);
  • a large volume of the fuel tank;
  • the availability of consumables (wood, oil, gear lubricants).

The disadvantages of tehprom trimmers include the following qualities:

  • Larger weight than trimmers of other brands;
  • lack of battery and electric models.

Instructions for use, maintenance of tehprom trimmers

At Tekhprom production, motor-scythes are not filled with oil, because the owner must fill in all the fuels and lubricants and fuel themselves in the technical device.

How to choose oil and fuel for Tehprom gas trimmers?

The manufacturer recommends the use of 2T type oil for all gasoline motor-scooters Techprom (for two-stroke engines with an air cooling method). The oil can be of any manufacturer, both domestic and foreign. A universal gear lubricant is also used, for example, Oleo, Sadko, Stihl and others.

AI-95, AI-92 gasoline with obligatory mixing with 2T engine oil is recommended as fuel. This mixing is only for two-stroke engines. The approximate ratio of oil to gasoline is 1:50 or 1:40.

Fuel Consumption Lawn Mower Stihl Fs131 Per Hour

The 130th model was replaced by the semi-professional STIHL FS-131 brushcutter advanced modification with an increased fuel tank, a power of 1.9 hp Lawn Mower is able to process large areas in parks, squares, gardens, gently mow grass on lawns, and is successfully used in public utilities. If necessary, the Shtil petrol trimmer perfectly mows the tangled dry grass, weeds, and reeds.

A modification of the Shtil FS-131-R brushcutter with a circular handle and a clamp was developed, the technical characteristics of both versions are identical.

Thanks to a number of improvements in the previous model, the STIHL FS-131 brushcutter in the group of semi-professional trimmers has become a sales leader, it is considered to be the most powerful and reliable.

  • Due to the special design of the 4-MIX engine, which rationally combines the features of a two-stroke and four-stroke engine, the engine produces high traction, it works stably, oil change is not required.
  • Starting the engine is greatly facilitated by an automatic decompression system.
  • To increase the reliability of the construction, the transmission shaft is made rigid.
  • The special design of the double shoulder strap with soft linings contributes to comfortable long work.
  • Thanks to the anti-vibration system, the level of harmful vibrations is significantly reduced on the control handles.
  • The Brushcutter controls the Calm are optimally integrated on the multi-function handle for comfortable and safe operation.
  • Using the two-handed handle (bicycle type), it is very convenient to control the trimmer; the ergonomic steering wheel is adjusted to the operator’s height with a simple T-screw.
  • The presence of a manual fuel pump allows you to pump fuel into the carburetor at any time without any difficulties. with a simple keystroke.

The main cutting tool of the STIHL FS-131 brushcutter is a 230 mm metal blade. Additionally, the petrol trimmer can be equipped with another mowing set. mowing heads with STIHL PolyCut polymer knives, mowing strings. When installing saw blades with chisel-shaped teeth of the brushcutter, Calm FS-131 can cut thin trees with a trunk thickness of up to 4 cm.

The fuel for the 131 models, as well as for other Shtil gas trimmers, is a fuel mixture of AI-92 gasoline and STIHL HP Ultra engine oil for two-stroke engines at a concentration of 50: 1. In the case of using non-original oil, the ratio of components in the fuel mixture is different. 25: 1. The STIHL MotoMix branded mix is ​​considered the best fuel, but it is not available in all markets. Gear lubricant should be checked after 25 hours of operation.

Running the STIHL FS-131 brushcutter is easy. just follow the manufacturer’s recommendation and do not load the unit up to the third full tank refueling. After 5-15 full refueling, the engine reaches full power.

With the strict implementation of the recommendations of the operating instructions, the owners usually do not have difficulties with the operation and maintenance of the Shtil brushcutter. Timely replacement of consumables, the use of the right fuel and appropriate cutting devices, safety precautions. these are clear and fully feasible tips to ensure long-term operation of the trimmer.

Benzokosa STIHL FS-131 has many beneficial advantages:

  • A special air filter is able to function for a long time without replacement.
  • Due to its small dimensions (length 180 cm) and low weight (5.8 kg), the brushcutter is extremely convenient to use, especially in large areas.
  • Thanks to a special shutdown button on the handle, it is not necessary to monitor its position in the event of a restart.
  • The price of STIHL FS-131 brushcutters varies within 27 thousand rubles. It is considered quite affordable with excellent technical characteristics.

Benzokosa Calm FS-131 has no systemic shortcomings, individual malfunctions are possible due to violation of the operating manual, irresponsible use of ordinary wire instead of the mowing string, engine overloads, work in areas littered with foreign objects (stones, pieces of bricks, remains of stumps and snags).

Benzokosa STIHL FS-131 in operation


“I have been Lawn Mower Calm fs 131 for almost 2 years. It works reliably, without problems. After a year and a half, I approximately changed the air filter and sharpened the knife a couple of times. And that’s all. I recommend that I have a 35 hectare plot, half occupies a garden, and I still plant part of the clover. Everything mows what is needed. ”

How to choose a trimmer for gasoline?

As the development of suburban construction grows, trimmers become more and more popular: compact lawn mowers needed for weed control, grass mowing, and gardening. This convenient thing allows you to take care of the site, destroying any amount of excess vegetation. Several degrees of safety can guarantee the protection of the user from damage and injury.

Petrol trimmer This is a compact lawn mower that works with a gasoline engine located at the bottom of the device. Cutting with herbs is carried out due to the working part, presented in the form of a knife blade, line or other device. In addition to gasoline, this trimmer needs refueling with engine oil. Its most important advantages. lightness, compactness, ease of use.

  • Power and type of engine. The wider the trimmer’s capabilities, the stronger the engine and the higher the fuel consumption. The engine can be light (1 hp and below), simple (within 1-3 hp) and reinforced (more than 3 hp). A two-stroke engine costs a lot less than a four-stroke engine, but it is harder to maintain, since you need to mix engine oil and gasoline to start. Their service life is relatively less. Accordingly, a four-stroke engine will be more complicated, its repair will be more expensive, but it has fuel and oil compartments, and the noise and emission level is much lower.
  • Working (cutting) part. For mowing grass, blades are used (suitable for removing any weeds, shrubs), as well as a nylon winch. The second option is more affordable and safe, but its service life is also significantly lower. This part of the device needs periodic replacement and is a consumable.
  • Handles of the device and stabilization system. Professional devices are equipped with a control system that resembles a bicycle handlebar, which provides device control and ease of use. The buttons are at hand, and this makes the job easier. Household trimmers are equipped with a ring handle, which is less convenient. But the buttons are on the panel, so accessing them is somewhat more complicated. The stabilization (anti-vibration) system is designed to reduce the load on the hands, as the blood vessels burst from constant vibration.
  • Cutting width. The higher this parameter, the higher labor productivity. However, for fine work, trimmers with a small cutting width are required.
  • The volume of the gas tank. A capacious tank allows you to work longer without refueling, but it weighs heavier.
  • Additional options. The devices are equipped with convenient devices for starting the engine (for example, a decompression valve or a spring starter). Replaceable nozzles will help to change tactics in the fight against unwanted thickets, achieving greater success in maintaining your site. Compression and convenient devices for starting the engine (for example, uki, as from constant fluctuation vessels.

1. Home trimmers. The most common mowing device for ordinary grass, which grows in all areas. They are low power (about 1 hp) and are characterized by low weight. Such devices are compact and most often have a flexible shaft. This, in turn, provides a high level of maneuverability, but a short service life. The buttons are located on the shaft, so to turn on and off you must remove your hand from the handle. This is a good solution for domestic needs, but for more serious tasks this is completely inappropriate. As a rule, there are additional items in the package (gloves, mask), and this is a very pleasant change. It can be used without stopping for more than 20-30 minutes, after which you should take a short break (10-15 minutes) to cool the engine.

Measurement Attempt expense fuel at trimmer HUTER-GTT2500s.

Consumption fuel chainsaws here Consumption VAZ car fuel here

pros. Flexible shaft (maneuverability, lightness), light weight, reasonable price, compactness, the ability to replace consumables.

disadvantages. Inconvenient arrangement of control buttons, high noise, short life, weak working part, thin metal case, many models are not understood, they lack an anti-vibration system, limited amount of use (only grass can be mowed).start operation at short intervals (20.30 minutes), pouring gasoline with oil (in a certain proportion, as a rule. 1:40).

2. Professional trimmers. Such devices have a shoulder strap, additional protection from the working part, a reinforced engine. Its power is more than 3 hp, respectively, the level of fuel and oil consumption is much higher. Instead of nylon fishing line, a screw knife is used, which cuts not only grass, but also small bushes, dense weeds. Anti-vibration system allows you to reduce the load on the hands, protecting them from overvoltage and, accordingly, from unpleasant physical sensations. There are also disadvantages, the most important of which is the high price of the solution. It is necessary to monitor the engine very carefully to avoid emergency operation, as the engine may fail during overload. After use, it is advisable to clean the device by removing any remaining grass.

Professional trimmer at work

pros. Straight shaft (provides a long service life and ease of use), anti-vibration system (eliminates the problem of rearrangement of limbs during operation), convenient location of control buttons, shoulder strap, low noise (for four-stroke engines), various compartments for oil and gasoline, possibility installation of a milling knife (for cutting thin trees or thick bushes).

disadvantages. The need for thorough maintenance of the tool, expensive maintenance and repair, increased consumption of gasoline and engine oil.

3. Universal trimmers. Such devices are an intermediate solution between household and professional models. Engine power is 1-3 hp, and this is enough not only to combat unwanted grass, but also to cut thin bushes, young weeds. The working part can be made both in the form of a three-blade knife, and in the form of a nylon line. As a rule, such a device is focused on a large area, but its own, and not for professional work. You need to take breaks at almost the same frequency as when using the home solution. But the cost of maintenance is comparable to professional models. The consumption of fuel and oil is at an acceptable level, but it must also be mixed upon delivery.

pros. The device is notable for its average price, long service life, and versatility.

disadvantages. The device requires careful maintenance, oil is filled with gasoline, the noise level is very high, and the anti-vibration system is usually not available.

4. Motor braids. Professional models, adapted for the most serious tasks, strongly resemble ordinary trimmers. But, unlike them, devices are able to cope with a very difficult job: cutting thick bushes and young trees. This is achieved thanks to a powerful engine (more than 3 hp) and a series of nozzles, including a metal knife and a coil with polyamide thread. The rest of the device is completely duplicated by a professional trimmer: there is also a shoulder strap and a handle control and anti-vibration system. But with this set of advantages, there are certain disadvantages: a very high price, the need for periodic maintenance and extremely expensive repairs. This solution is suitable for processing huge areas and daily work, including many hours of continuous work.

Petrol trimmer-lawn mower (motocost) MATRIX BMS 1150

pros. The presence of several applications, a wide range of use, low noise, high power, the possibility of continuous continuous operation, full versatility, shoulder strap, convenient direct control with a handle, straight shaft (high strength and reliability).

disadvantages. Very high cost, constant after-sales service, high oil and gasoline consumption, high weight.

Fuel consumption rates for gas mowers, brush cutters and delimbers according to the decree of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus No. 27 dated May 7, 2012

Husqvarna 327P5 Cutter

Lawnmower Alpina 52LSK;

Lawnmower Alpina Pro 50ASHK;

Lawnmower BCS 615S max;

Lawn Mower Castelgarden CA 484;

Lawn Mower Collector 46S;

Lawn Mower Efco AR-53PBX;

Lawn Mower Efco AR-53TBX;

Lawnmower Honda HRG 536C5 SDEA;

Lawnmower Honda HRS 536 SDEA;

Lawnmower Husqvarna CTH 150 Twin;

Lawnmower Husqvarna R53;

Lawn Mower Meccanica Benassi F213;

Lawn Mower Partner P350KD;

Lawn Mower Partner P53-550CM;

Lawnmower Partner P53-625DE;

Lawn Mower Viking MT 5097.0G;

Lawn Mower Viking MT 6127ZL;

Self-propelled lawn mower MF-70;

KRD-1,5 mower (MTZ-82.1 chassis);

Husqvarna Brush Cutter 123HD65

Lawn Mower Husqvarna 143R-II;

Lawn Mower Shindaiwa S230ECI;

Fuel consumption rates for gas mowers, brush cutters and loppers according to the decree of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus No. 467-Ts of September 10, 2012

Husqvarna 325P5x Cutter

Lawnmower Al-ko 48BS; mowing grass

Lawnmower Alpel 46LM; mowing grass

Lawnmower Alpina FL46LS; mowing grass

Lawnmower Alpina PRO 48 LSK; mowing grass

Lawnmower Alpina Pro53LVHK; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Cal 534TR; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Castel Garden ES-464; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Castelgarden XJ145HD; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Castelgarden XS 50 MH; mowing grass

Lawnmower Classic XC 35; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Collector 46S; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Efco 124J; mowing grass

Lawnmower Efco AR48TBX; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Efco LR48 PB; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Efco LR-48TBX; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Efco LR-53TBX; mowing grass

Lawn Mower G1 51 SP; mowing grass

Lawn Mower G1 51 SP; mowing grass

Lawnmower Honda HF 2620; mowing grass

Lawnmower HondaHRG 465 C2 SDE; mowing grass

Lawnmower Honda HRG 536C 3SDE; mowing grass

Lawnmower Honda HRS 536C; mowing grass

Lawnmower Honda HRX 476C; mowing grass

Lawnmower Honda HRX537CTDE; mowing grass

Lawnmower Honda XS 50 MH; mowing grass

Lawnmower Honda XS 55 MHS; mowing grass

Lawnmower Huski JET-49E; mowing grass

Lawnmower Husqvarna 153R; mowing grass

Lawnmower Husqvarna 235R

Lawnmower Husqvarna 245R; mowing grass

Lawnmower Husqvarna CT151; mowing grass

Lawnmower Husqvarna CTH200 TWIN; mowing grass

Lawnmower Husqvarna CTH 150XP; mowing grass

Lawnmower Husqvarna CTH 180XP; mowing grass

Lawnmower Husqvarna CTH 210XP; mowing grass

Lawnmower Husqvarna Huski JET49H; mowing grass

Lawnmower Husqvarna JET 55SQ; mowing grass

Lawnmower Husqvarna LTH-151; mowing grass

Lawnmower Husqvarna Master Garden; mowing grass

Lawnmower Husqvarna R147; mowing grass

Lawnmower Husqvarna R152SV; mowing grass

Lawnmower Husqvarna R53SV; mowing grass

Lawnmower HusqvarnaRoyal 46S Quattro 40 mowing grass from 0.2 to 0.5 m high

Lawnmower Jonsered LM 2155MD; mowing grass

Lawnmower LandlordSimplicity Hydro 18; mowing grass

Lawnmower LM 2150; mowing grass

Lawnmower Makita PLM-4101; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Master Garden S; mowing grass

Lawn Mower MTD 46 SPO; mowing grass

Lawn Mower MTD 51BC; mowing grass

Lawn Mower MTD 53 SPB; mowing grass

Lawnmower MTD 790 AST 20-40; mowing grass

Lawn Mower MTD G46M; mowing grass

Lawn Mower MTD YM6021CK; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Murray 22; mowing grass

Lawn Mower NC 51; mowing grass

Lawnmower NT / LM 240S-22BC; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Partner 350RT

Lawn Mower Partner P4053CM; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Partner PP5553CM; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Pubert RM 65H; mowing grass

Lawn Mower RM65R; mowing grass

Lawnmower Ryobi GL46SP; mowing grass

Lawn MowerStiga Combi 53S; mowing grass

XLC 60 Briggs & Stratton (4.5)

Lawn Mower Stiga Turbo 53 4S Combi B; mowing grass

Lawn MowerStiga Turbo 53 S; mowing grass

Briggs & Stratton LS 50 CARB (3.7)

Lawnmower Stiga XG 48GS4.0; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Viking MB 448; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Viking MB 545 T; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Viking MB 545.0 T; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Viking MB 650VM; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Viking MB 655VM; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Viking MB443X; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Viking MB655V; mowing grass

Lawnmower GK-1; mowing grass

Lawnmower GK-1; mowing grass

Lawnmower GK-2; mowing grass

Self-propelled lawn mower Honda HF 2216S; mowing grass

Self-propelled lawn mower Husqvarna Rider 1200-14

Self-propelled lawn mower Husqvarna Rider 1200-18

KRD-1,5 mower (MTZ-82 chassis)

KRN-2.1 mower (MTZ-82 chassis)

Mower NO-82 (MTZ-82P chassis)

Mower of slopes of K-78 channels (chassisMTZ-82);

Rotary mower KRS-2.5 (chassisMTZ-82.1);

Mower rotor road AS-1 (MTZ-80 chassis);

Mower rotor road AS-1 (MTZ-82 chassis)

Mower rotor road KDN-210 (MTZ-82.6 chassis);

Mower rotor road KRD-1,5 (MTZ-80 chassis)

Mower rotor road KRD-1,5 (MTZ-82 chassis)

Mower rotor road KRN-2,1 (MTZ-80 chassis)

Mower rotor road KRN-2,1 (MTZ-82 chassis)

Husqvarna 240 RBD Brush Cutter

Husqvarna 325HD75 brush cutter

Brush cutter Shindaiwa C350EMC1

Lawn Mower AL-KO FRS 4125; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Alpina 31D; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Alpina 36; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Alpina Star 28D mowing grass

Lawn Mower Alpina Star 55DP; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Alpina VIP-25; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Castor Power 31; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Efco 8400; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Efco 8460; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Efco 8550 BOSS; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Efco Stark 25.25TR; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Efco Stark 26; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Efco Stark 42; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Garden XC 35; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Honda UMK-431; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Honda XB38HD; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Husqvarna 125L; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Husqvarna 125R; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Husqvarna 143R; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Husqvarna 235R; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Husqvarna 240R; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Husqvarna 252RX; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Husqvarna 323L; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Husqvarna 323R; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Husqvarna 343F; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Husqvarna 343K; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Husqvarna 343R mowing grass

Lawn Mower Husqvarna MONDO; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Makita BCM2610; mowing grass

Lawn Mower MTD 710 REV; mowing grass

Lawn Mower RY0BI3HCPS; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Ryobi 3043YE; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Shindaiwa B450; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Shindaiwa B530; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Shindaiwa C220; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Shindaiwa C230ECI; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Shindaiwa T230S; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Solo Aleinmotoren; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Sparta 25; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Sparta 37; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Sparta 42; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Stark 25; mowing grass

pruning of branches and small bushes

Lawn Mower Stihl FS100 mowing grass

Lawn Mower Stihl FS130; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Stihl FS300; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Stihl FS38; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Stihl FS40; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Stihl FS450K; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Stihl FS80; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Stihl FS85; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Stihl FS90; mowing grass

Lawn Mower Red Star SG230; mowing grass

Rider Stiga Park Comfort; mowing grass

Briggs & StrattonI / C OHV AVS

Chipper Jenz HEM-561D; chopping tree trunks up to 56 cm

Self-propelled lawn mower H 47 MZB

3. LHG. liquefied petroleum gas.

4. LNG. compressed natural gas.

5. m sn. curb weight of the car.

7. AWD, 4Motion, 4Matic, 4WD, Quattro, Syncro, 4 × 4. all-wheel drive.

9. i g.p. gear ratio of the main transmission.

10. Automatic transmission. automatic gearbox.

11. For two-stroke engines, a mixture of gasoline and oil in the proportion recommended by the manufacturer is used as fuel.

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Powerful Lawn Mower FS 131 Designed for work in large areas with tall, hard grass and shrubs. Powertrain petrol spit FS-131 is a reliable 2-stroke STIHL engine with 4-MIX technology, which power is 1.9 hp. 4-MIX STIHL technology combines the advantages of 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines: less exhaust fumes, no oil change required, quiet operation sound, excellent traction and high torque. Due to the presence of a decompression system and a manual fuel pump (primer), the engine is started with a significantly reduced effort on the cable, even after a long break in operation. The paper air filter is easily accessible and provides long-term operation without replacement.

Brush cutter cutting tool STIHL FS-131 is a metal disk with a diameter of 230 mm. The cutting disc is used for mowing thick and coarse shoots, mowing width is 23 cm in one pass. Lawn Mower FS-131 equipped with anti-vibration, rubber buffers which reduce the transfer of harmful vibrations generated by the engine and a rotating cutting tool. Therefore, the handles have an extremely low vibration level. This makes the work convenient and tireless.

Features and advantages of FS 131:

  • For large areas with hard grass
  • Engine 4-MIX STIHL
  • Accuracy and reliability
  • Simplicity and ease of use

For your safety, safety glasses are standard. They are well blown and have wide lateral protection (see illustration).

Thanks to an easily accessible paper air filter with a long service life, the intervals between replacements increase. (See illustration)

The decompression system increases the valve opening time during engine start-up. It automatically significantly reduces the stress on the cable.

Combines the benefits of 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. Less exhaust, no oil change required, quiet operation sound. Excellent traction and high torque.

Two-handed handle. ergonomic steering wheel braids. It provides a natural braid movement and is easily adjustable with a T-screw. In brush cutters and brush cutters, a two-handed grip is essential for frequent mowing of grass over large areas.

An excellent double shoulder strap is standard. The presence of soft linings facilitates the work, especially long.

The anti-vibration system is used in tools for the care of green spaces. Rubber buffers reduce the transmission of harmful vibrations generated by the engine and the rotary cutting tool. Therefore, the handles have an extremely low vibration level. This makes the work convenient and tireless (see illustration: brush cutter).

Video: Fuel Consumption Lawn Mower Stihl Fs131 Per Hour

Using a manual fuel pump, you can manually pump fuel into the carburetor by pressing a finger. This reduces the number of starting jerks after a long interruption in operation.

All engine controls are integrated into one handle. Management becomes simpler and safer (see illustration).

Ergonomic braid steering wheel is easily adjustable with a T-screw without additional tools.

Now you do not need to monitor the position of the power button when restarting. The engine is always ready to start.

3 liter gas can. a capacious container made of durable plastic, suitable for storage and transportation of non-aggressive liquids. Thanks to the convenient handle, the canister is easy to rearrange and carry, and a reliable lid completely eliminates leakage. The lid is equipped with a topping-up hose, which can be conveniently threaded into a specially designed hole on the handle. It is available in four versions from 3 to 20 liters. With UN certificate, for petrol tools.

Features and Benefits:

  • Spaciousness
  • Comfortable grip
  • Additional hose
  • Light weight

5 liter gas can. a capacious container made of durable plastic, suitable for storage and transportation of non-aggressive liquids. Thanks to the convenient handle, the canister is easy to rearrange and carry, and the reliable lid completely eliminates leakage. The lid is equipped with a topping-up hose, which can be conveniently threaded into a specially designed hole on the handle. It is available in four versions from 3 to 20 liters. With UN certificate, for petrol tools.

Features and Benefits:

  • Spaciousness
  • Comfortable grip
  • Additional hose
  • Light weight

Canister for gasoline 5 l Stihl with a convenient filling tube designed to store gasoline. Supplied in four versions from 3 to 20 liters. The tube is fastened with a cover, which protects against loss and allows you to use the tank in a timely manner. The lid of the canister prevents leakage of liquid. The canister is made of high-strength plastic. With UN certificate, for petrol tools.

Features and Benefits:

  • Spaciousness
  • Comfortable grip
  • Additional hose
  • Light weight

Canister for the mixture 1 liter Stihl. Convenient canister with a lid for mixing. allows you to prepare a gas oil mixture in the proportions of 1/25 and 1/50 in volumes up to 1 liter. It has scales on the lid (for oil) and the canister (for gasoline). A narrow neck minimizes the possibility of leakage. bottle tightly closes.

Features and Benefits:

  • Measuring scale
  • Leakage reduction
  • Light weight

AutoCut mowing head 25-2 Designed for mowing grass near obstacles and clearing the area. Automatic adjustment of the length of the cutting strings from the push of the mowing head to the ground. It is allowed to use a cutting string of pentagonal, round and square cross-section. Use only with a protective guard. It is equipped with a coil for a cutting string and the string is fed while the tool is running. To do this, touch the surface of the mowing head to the ground. This loosens the string retainer and, under the action of centrifugal force, they extend.

Features and Benefits of AutoCut 25-2:

  • Automatic string length adjustment
  • Long service life
  • Wear resistance
  • High cutting speed
  • Safety

PolyCut 20-3 mowing head It is a reliable universal cutting tool designed for cleaning and processing large areas. It is equipped with three movable plastic knives or a cutting string. This mowing head is suitable for the following models: FS 55, FS 80/87, FS 90, FS 100, FS 130, FS 250, FR 350, FR 130 T, FR 450/480. Application: soft weed grass, hard weed grass. PolyCut 20-3 mowing head it is used only with a special protective shield for mowing or a universal protective shield.

Features and advantages of PolyCut 20-3:

  • Reliability
  • 3 cutting knives
  • High strength plastic
  • Safety

Stihl Polycut 27-3 mowing head. a very functional and durable mowing head, it is possible to install three polymer knives for mowing hard grass in large areas, or you can fill the head with fishing line for trimmers of various shapes and diameters, for mowing grass in places of limited space, near various obstacles in the form of stones, fences. Suitable for petrol motokos FS 55 / FS 70 / FS 120 C-E / FS 250 / FS 94 / FS111 / FS 131 / FR 131 T, cordless motokos FSA 90 / FSA 130.

Features and Benefits of PolyCut 27-3:

  • It is applied with a protective casing
  • Replaceable polymer knives
  • Reliability
  • High strength plastic
  • Safety

SuperCut 20-2 mowing head Suitable for motokos Stihl FS 55/250. It is designed for mowing and clearing areas with sparse vegetation, as well as for cutting grass near obstacles and processing large areas. The two-string head provides automatic adjustment of the mowing strings to the optimum cutting length. The mowing head is used only with a special protective guard for mowing or with a universal protective guard. A circular cutting string is allowed.

Features and advantages of SuperCut 20-2:

  • Large area processing
  • Wear resistance
  • Two-string head
  • Suitable for hard grass

Synthetic HP Ultra 2-stroke engine oil. fully synthetic oil with excellent lubricating properties. Absolutely oil-free combustion of oil thanks to ashless additives. Designed for continuous operation at maximum engine loads. Engine power class: JASO-FB. The ratio of the mixture is 1:50. Low sulfur content and biodegradability. over 80% in 21 days. Environmentally friendly product providing unrivaled engine cleanliness.

Features and benefits of HP oil:

  • Synthetic oil
  • For two stroke engines
  • Power Class: JASO-FB

Synthetic HP Ultra 2-stroke engine oil. fully synthetic oil with excellent lubricating properties. Absolutely oil-free combustion of oil thanks to ashless additives. Designed for continuous operation at maximum engine loads. Engine power class: JASO-FB. The ratio of the mixture is 1:50. Low sulfur content and biodegradability. over 80% in 21 days. Environmentally friendly product providing unrivaled engine cleanliness.

Features and benefits of HP oil:

  • Synthetic oil
  • For two stroke engines
  • Power Class: JASO-FB

Stihl HP Oil mineral-based has excellent lubricating properties, and also prevents contamination of the plug, injection mechanism and exhaust pipe. The oil is specially formulated for Stihl two-stroke high-performance engines operating at high speeds with air cooling. Engine power class: JASO-FB. Mix ratio 1:50

Features and benefits of HP oil:

  • Mineral based
  • For two stroke engines
  • Power Class: JASO-FB

Stihl HP Oil mineral-based has excellent lubricating properties, and also prevents contamination of the plug, injection mechanism and exhaust pipe. The oil is specially formulated for Stihl two-stroke high-performance engines operating at high speeds with air cooling. Engine power class: JASO-FB. Mix ratio 1:50

Features and benefits of HP oil:

  • Mineral based
  • For two stroke engines
  • Power Class: JASO-FB

Headphones Concept 23. effective protection against noise up to 103 dB while working with any garden and construction equipment. Dynamic design. the headphones are adjustable for any physical characteristics of the owner, the swivel cups with dense ear cushions do not tire even during hours of work. The headband is made of well-ventilated rubber. the model is suitable even for people suffering from diseases of the cervical spine. Adjustable ear cushions with soft cushions. Meets the requirements of SNR 23, EN 352. Weight 173.9 g.

Features and benefits of Concept 23:

  • Protecting the face and organs of a servant
  • Adjustable
  • Ventilation

Headphones Concept 24. comfortable headphones on the arc. Adjustable, breathable, stable metal arc and soft pads. Meets the requirements of SNR 24, EN 352. Weight 207.5 g.

Features and benefits of Concept 24:

  • Protecting the face and organs of a servant
  • Adjustable
  • Ventilation

Headphones Concept 24 F, folding. these are practical earphones on an arch for universal application. Folded. An arch with a soft lining. Soft pillows. Meet the requirements of SNR 24, EN 352. Weight 199.8 g.

Features and benefits of the Concept 24 F:

  • Protecting the face and organs of a servant
  • Adjustable
  • Ventilation

Headphones Concept 28. stable and comfortable earphones on an arch for universal application. With stable metal arms, breathing. Soft pillows. Weight 241.1 g. Meet the requirements of EN 352, SNR 28.

Features and benefits of Concept 28:

  • Protecting the face and organs of a servant
  • Adjustable
  • Ventilation

Stihl Profi G500 Headphones. a kit made of high quality raw materials to protect the face and organs of the servant. It is used by professionals in performing various works. The durable mesh on the shield resists deformation well. Headband adjustment is provided for secure attachment to the head. Professional combination. The optimal balance. Holding tapes with many adjustment possibilities, with the possibility of fitting to the head volume with the help of a special handle. Removable capsules for use in the summer. Forehead protection with ventilation slots.

Features and advantages of Profi G500:

  • Protecting the face and organs of a servant
  • Adjustable
  • Ventilation

Face shield with nylon mesh. This is a reliable way to protect the face, and most importantly the eyes, from damage while working with garden equipment. It is especially needed when it comes to working with a trimmer. A durable fine mesh protects the eyes from shredded grass and large particles of soil flying around in all directions, falling onto rotating open parts. At the same time, you see everything and can breathe freely. Two adjustable arches, the kit includes a box with ear plugs. Flexible nylon mesh. less risk of destruction and longer life. Average light transmission. Meets the requirements of SNR 33, EN 352 and EN 1731. Weight approx. 156 g.

Features and Benefits:

  • Face protection
  • Adjustable arcs
  • Nylon mesh
  • High service life

Face protection kit with a transparent plastic shield and 100% UV protection. Two adjustable arches, the kit includes a box with ear plugs. Meets the requirements of SNR 33, EN 352 and EN 166. Weight approx. 209 g.

Features and Benefits:

  • Face protection
  • Adjustable arcs
  • Plastic visor
  • High service life

Chisel saw blade Designed for medium and high power motokos. It is made of special steel. This disk is used for sawing and uprooting of thin trunks of trees and knotty shrubs. Only permitted with emphasis and for FS with a two-handed handle.

Features and Benefits:

  • Chisel teeth
  • Special steel
  • Wear resistance
  • Convenience and comfort
  • Safety

Comfortable CARVER work gloves made of black artificial leather, orange Spandex® material and neoprene, they are dense enough to withstand severe cuts or punctures. Protect hands from any damage while working with tools. Side vents on fingers. Elastic rubber Velcro cuff. Suitable for almost any hand, as it fastens with a rubber velcro closure.

Features and advantages of CARVER:

  • Cut protection
  • Ventilation
  • Elastic cuff

Comfortable CARVER work gloves made of black artificial leather, orange Spandex® material and neoprene, they are dense enough to withstand severe cuts or punctures. Protect hands from any damage while working with tools. Side vents on fingers. Elastic rubber Velcro cuff. Suitable for almost any hand, as it fastens with a rubber velcro closure.

Features and advantages of CARVER:

  • Cut protection
  • Ventilation
  • Elastic cuff

Rearranged eight-tooth grass blade made of durable steel. The disc is designed for mowing hard, dry grass, weeds and bulrushes. Application: dense vegetation, hard weed grass, reeds, reeds, and shrubs. The device withstands high continuous loads, therefore, it guarantees reliability and durability. It is applied only with a universal protective guard.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ability to work in extreme mode for a long time
  • Reliability
  • Long service life
  • Safety

Grass blade with two cutting edges It is applied in models: FS55.FS250. The disk is designed for mowing and removing hard fallen grass, as well as dense vegetation, hard grass over large areas. The device is a revolving steel knife with two cutting edges. Grass blade with two cutting edges made of durable steel.

Features and Benefits:

  • Made of durable steel
  • For models FS55.FS250
  • Wide range of applications

Turning STIHL trimmer disc with four cutting edges made of steel. It can be rearranged. The disc is designed for mowing hard grass over large areas. Use only with a protective guard.

Main application four cutting edge trimmer disc. mowing thick, dry grass, thick weeds. The disk is also used for reeds and thin shrubs. The device withstands high continuous loads, therefore, it guarantees reliability and durability.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ability to work for a long time in extreme mode
  • Reliability
  • Long service life

Forestry belt ADVANCE Designed with maximum comfort for use with the FS 100-550 trimmers. Convenient position of the fastener and tool bag, good load distribution on the musculoskeletal system reduce the load on the operator, which increases maneuvering in the control unit. Of the positive effects, a decrease in fatigue is clearly manifested. Allows to move freely thanks to the bag which is freely suspended near a leg. Ergonomic and comfortable to use in the forest with saw blades. Very light. It can be supplemented with a tool bag.

Features and advantages of the ADVANCE belt:

  • For trimmers FS 100-550
  • Reduce operator workload
  • Ergonomic and comfortable
  • Light weight

Round trimmer string 2.4 mm x 14.6 m. cutting accessories for mowing heads Stihl. Cope with juicy and dry grass. Ideal for accurate work near objects. A round cross-section string is a classic version of this equipment, suitable for most types of trimmers. The fishing line has good wear resistance characteristics, so it will last a long and high quality.

Features and Benefits:

  • Versatility
  • Round section
  • Wear resistance

Round trimmer string 2.4 mm x 43 m. cutting element in the coil for mowing heads of Stihl trimmers. The equipment allows you to carefully cut grass without fear of damaging nearby objects, such as trees. The versatility of the fishing line shape facilitates the free flow of the string from the mower head. In addition, the circular cross section of the fishing line improves the aerodynamic properties of mowing, while reducing noise and vibration. Made of high quality polymer.

Features and Benefits:

  • Versatility
  • Round section
  • Wear resistance

Universal belt ADVANCE Designed for use with FS 50-550 trimmers. On the side is a tool bag. For less time-consuming grass mowing and chopping. Adjustable girth and tool bag. Increases controllability by trimmer by facilitating maneuvering of the implement. An important advantage is the distribution of load on the musculoskeletal system of the operator, which significantly reduces fatigue and allows you to work longer without rest. Fasteners are located at the chest, in the presence of a tool bag.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ergonomic
  • Convenient and easy
  • Load reduction
  • Light weight

Case for motokos Stihl. excellent protection of the engine housing during the transportation of brush cutters and brush cutters. For FS 38. FS 450. The cover for the engine of the brushcutter and brush cutters from the German manufacturer Stihl is made of a moisture-resistant material that does not leak oil. Reliably protects the tool body from possible ingress of dust, moisture, dirt during long-term transportation. Protects the engine from overheating, tightly grasps it without moving out. It takes up little space, fits well in the trunk of the car, which makes its transportation more convenient.

Features and Benefits:

  • Heat resistance and oil resistance
  • Motor housing protection
  • Moisture resistant material
  • Compactness
  • Fuel Consumption Standards For Lawn Mowers Motocosa Video MEHANIKABIZ.RU
    • What Oil For Lawn Mowers
    • Lawn Mower Engine Viking Video
    • Lawn Mowers Gasoline Self Propelled Speed ​​Control
  • Mowing cutters
  • Gas mowers
    • Lawnmowers gasoline non-self-propelled Honda
    • Lawn mowers petrol non-self-propelled Husgvama
    • Lawn-mowers petrol not self-propelled Makita
    • Lawn-mowers petrol not self-propelled Oleo-Mac
    • Non-self-propelled lawn mowers Motor Sich
    • Fuel consumption rates for chainsaws, chainsaws
    • Hand-held gas mowers Stihl: model range, specifications, photos
      • Gasoline Lawnmowers Calm (Stihl)
      • Features of the device and operation
      • The lineup
        • Lungs
        • Powerful
        • The range of hand-held petrol scythes Calm

          Lawn Mower Shtil are presented by several categories of production: accumulator and electric trimmers, light and powerful benzokosa, brush cutters. Depending on the engine power, STIHL motocosa can mow soft and hard grass, cut wild thickets and thin trees, ennoble park and garden areas, apply equipment for landscape design, in communal and forestry.

          STIHL cordless scythes

          Thanks to the Stihl cordless brushcutters, you can mow grass in the required area at any time. Depending on the needs, in the group you can choose a compact unit for very light work and more solid. The youngest model in the family. the STIHL FSA 45 scythe. is able to work with the string for 12 minutes, 20 minutes with a plastic knife.

          The novelty, the powerful cordless brushcutter Calm FSA 130, which has already become popular, provides continuous operation for at least 420 minutes when working with an AR 3000 battery and a mowing blade for hard grass 260/2. The weight of the model is only 4.5 kg.

          The most popular model is the FSA 56 SET with a battery and charger, the STIHL FSA 90 brushcutter. The biggest advantage of cordless braids is their environmental friendliness, mobility, and virtually silent operation. Thanks to a powerful brushless motor with an electronic control system and a 36 V battery, effective mowing is provided, especially near social facilities where excessive noise and exhaust gases are not desirable.

          Electric trimmers Calm

          Electric braids are designed for mowing grass on small lawns, near flower beds, in hard-to-reach places, cutting low soft grass. The FSE 52, FSE 60 trimmer models are perfect for finishing work where there are noise restrictions.

          Light household brushcutters Calm

          Household scythes are the most common segment on the market. Consumers can choose any option they like with power from 0.9 HP up to 1.2 hp This group of STIHL brush cutters is intended for summer cottages, putting in order tennis courts, lawns, mowing grass in small areas. It is an ideal complement to a powerful lawn mower when working on larger areas.

          As a mowing headset, AutoCut C5-2, AutoCut 25-2 mowing heads with fishing line, two-leaf polymer canvases for mowing grass 230 mm are used. Among the most sought-after models are the Shtil FS 56, FS 38, FS 70 SE-style gas mowers. Available with straight or curved barbell. Petrol trimmer Calm FS 55-R is designed with a round handle, for convenient movement of the operator between shrubs and trees.

          Powerful STIHL gas mowers for universal use

          Stencil benders of this group have a power of 1.2 hp up to 2.2 hp Very productive aggregates, capable of effectively mowing large areas of tall grass, overgrown weeds, small shrubs, dry fallen grass, reeds, nettles.

          The presence of a hard drive shaft on these Shtil Lawn Mower allows you to use any nozzles as mowing blades: three-blade knives for thickets, special knives for grass 230/2, saw blades for cutting bushes and young trees.

          The advantage of the STIHL range of powerful brushcutters is independence from power supply or charging, the ability to work for a long time at an intense pace. The popular FS 130 model is equipped with a 4-MIX engine, which develops high traction, quickly deals with thickets and dead wood, easily cuts wild growth, thin trees.

          Very powerful units with innovative 2.2 hp engines. 3.8 h.p. are used for professional clearing of forests, thinning of forest stands, in communal and park management, landscape design. Brush cutters can work effectively in intensive mode for a long time without compromising the quality of work performed.

          Many cutting devices are used as mowing devices on STIHL brush cutters: knives for young animals and knives for thickets, disks with chisel-shaped teeth. With steel saw blades, Calm gas trimmers can cut trees with a trunk thickness of up to 7 cm.

          Some versions (marking FR) are equipped with backpack engines in which the transmission of torque is carried out by means of a special shaft. Calm benders with engine on the boom are marked FS.

          The powerful STIHL FS 490 C-EM, FS 510 C-EM and FS 560 C-EM brush cutters are equipped with the M-Tronic electronic engine management system, which automatically adjusts the flow of fuel and the ignition timing. The use of STIHL 2-MIX technology in engines makes them more economical and environmentally friendly.

          Which is better. STIHL or Husqvarna

          The shield of the Husqvarna motor-scythe is larger in size, the engine is completely covered with plastic, the unit starts up more smoothly, gently picks up the necessary speed. All components are optimally easily and quickly repaired.

          Calm winds worse, it sounds sharper, the color of the plastic gets dirty. At the same time, maintenance-free gearboxes that do not require additional lubrication are used on the Shtil gas mowers. Huskvarnovsky must be lubricated, then only a long service life is guaranteed. The Calm piston group maintains not very high-quality fuel mixture, at the same time, without failing.

          The big plus of STIHL trimmers are ergonomic vibration damping pads that can be used for a long time without unpleasant sensations. The fuel consumption of STIHL gas mowers is 20% lower, and the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere is 70% less. It is noted that the constantly on ignition on the Husqvarna is, in fact, a serious minus, based on safety precautions.

          The price of the Shtil petrol scythe is much lower than the Huskvarna counterparts. Nevertheless, the models of both brands are in great demand, which means they have a right to exist. And what choice the consumer will make will depend more on personal preferences than on specific technical characteristics.

          Benchmark comparison Stihl FS 55 VS Husqvarna 128R

          Features of operation, maintenance

          For each model of the Calm trimmer, the factory operating instructions provide detailed information about the device, the principles and features of the unit. Strict adherence to the manufacturer’s recommendations significantly extends the life of manual mowers.

          • Lawn Mower Shtil consume a fuel mixture of AI-92 branded gasoline and STIHL engine oil for two-stroke engines in a ratio of 50: 1.
          • There are several brands of branded oil, the best is considered STIHL HP Ultra. In the case of using non-original engine oil, the fuel mixture is prepared in a ratio of 25: 1.
          • The prepared mixture should not be stored for a long time (no more than 1 month), unlike the original STIHL MotoMix fuel mixture, which preserves its properties for up to 2 years.
          • STIHL grease is used to lubricate the gears; control is performed every 100 hours of operation. The air filter is usually replaced annually.
          • Sharpening a metal cutting tool is performed as necessary, usually a few filing movements are sufficient.

          When using electric mowers there are no problems with fuel, however, it is necessary to observe specific precautions when working with a power tool. A special cable lock prevents the STIHL from being disconnected from the mains unexpectedly.

          The Shtil cordless brushcutters, depending on the model’s equipment, provide a different mode of operation without recharging. from 12 minutes (model FSA 45) to 420 minutes (model FSA 130). Mowers are available in different configurations: with a 36 V battery and a charger and without the specified equipment.

          Charging time depends on the battery size and type of charger. The special quick-charging device AL 300 charges the AP 160 battery in just 25 minutes, which ensures uninterrupted operation of the FSA 65 Calm FSA 65 battery-powered brushcutter for about 1 hour.

          Possible malfunctions, their elimination, repair

          A great advantage of the STIHL motocos is their simple design, reliability, and durability. The effective operation of the trimmer is largely dependent on the owner. The manufacturer warns of the need to comply with the rules for safe, competent operation of the units:

          • Installation of special protective devices on cutting nozzles.
          • The use of all cutting devices. mowing heads, metal and polymer cutting blades, strictly for its intended purpose.
          • Increased risk of kickback when working with a saw blade in the black sector.
          • Precautions when working with brush cutters. a safe distance from the cut trees.
          • Saw blades should seem to soar above the ground at a distance of about 20 cm from the surface.
          • Compliance with the operating mode: for electric and domestic gasoline models, work / rest for 20 minutes, for professional ones. work 50 minutes / rest 10 minutes.
          • Before prolonged downtime or storage of STIHL brushcutters, to avoid breakage, the fuel from the tank must be completely drained.

          After prolonged use of the Shtil petrol brush, it is recommended to leave the engine idling for several minutes at full load. Such a measure will help to avoid stagnation of heat in the carburetor and the ignition system, reduce the load on the drive parts, since excess heat will be removed by the air stream.

          The most common problems at work owners can fix on their own:

          • The motor stops at idle. carry out the standard setting of the idle adjustment screw.
          • The cutting tool moves at idle. turn the idle screw counterclockwise until the tool stops, then make another 1 / 2-1 revolution in the same direction.
          • Often the engine stalls. check and clean the fuel channel from contamination.
          • When operating the Shtil brush cutters in the cold season, do not forget to transfer them to winter mode. installation of a kit for preheating the air.
          • If the engine does not work satisfactorily with the correct carburetor adjustment and a cleaned air filter, the muffler should be sent to check for coking.

          Specifications Calm FS38

          • Model. FS 38 Autocut.
          • Weight. 4.1 kg (without cutting equipment).
          • The length of the brushcutter is 147 cm (without cutting equipment).
          • Engine type. two stroke.
          • The volume of the cylinder is 27.2 cubic meters. cm.
          • Power. 0.9 HP
          • Type of fuel. gasoline.
          • Gasoline consumption. 0.32l / hour.
          • The volume of the fuel tank is 0.33 liters.
          • Handle. a circular handle.
          • Cutting diameter. 380 mm.
          • The largest number of revolutions of the working head is 9500 rpm.
          • Anti-vibration system. installed.
          • Easy start system. installed.
          • Cutting tools. AutoCut C 5-2 head (included).

          Benzokosa Stihl FS38. the lightest mobile version with a capacity of 0.9 hp, it is designed for domestic use.

          • Thanks to a modern electronic ignition system, a reliable start and uninterrupted operation of the engine is ensured.
          • Using a fuel pump, the operator can, if necessary, pump fuel into the carburetor.
          • Optimum maneuverability is ensured thanks to the D-shaped handle, with the help of which it is convenient to control the Shtil Lawn Mower when working in difficult areas.
          • All control levers are located on a special multi-function handle (R), which ensures the safety and reliability of the gas trimmer.
          • Thanks to the AutoCut C5-2 mowing headset, the mowing diameter is 380 mm.
          • The ergonomic shoulder strap allows you to keep the Shtil Lawn Mower on your shoulder, rationally coordinate movements during operation.
          • Light weight (4.1 kg.), Small dimensions, rational basic equipment. thanks to these characteristics, the STIHL 38 gas brush is extremely comfortable to use.

          Each Lawn Mower Calm is strictly designed to perform the intended work, taking into account engine power. The manufacturer categorically does not recommend retrofitting or improving the braid device on its own. Therefore, before buying a STIHL benzokosa, you must clearly determine the upcoming front of work.

          It is completely inadvisable to acquire a powerful trimmer for periodically mowing grass on the lawn; for this, light gasoline or electric models of mowers are quite enough.

          • Observe the mode: work / rest at intervals of 20 minutes.
          • Use high-quality gasoline not lower than AI-92.
          • To prepare the fuel mixture, use original STIHL engine oil (50: 1).
          • When the engine is run-in to 2-3 full refueling of the fuel tank, do not allow operation at maximum load.
          • When preserving the braids for the winter period or the expected interruption in operation, in order to avoid engine damage, it is imperative to drain the remaining gasoline from the fuel tank.
          • To ensure stable operation, systematically check the condition of the fuel filter. clean or replace with a new one.
          • To prevent serious malfunctions, clogging of the air filter must be avoided.
          • Fulfill safety requirements during the operation of STIHL chainsaw.

          Strict adherence to the requirements of the operating instructions is the key to the long-term and trouble-free operation of the Shtil Lawn Mower.

          Download STIHL FS38 user manual

          Fuel Consumption Standards For Lawn Mowers Motocosa Video MEHANIKABIZ.RU

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          Lawn mower engine. Dismantling assembly. See also Husqvarna 325 Rxt Lawnmower Video. Debroussailleuse Husqvarna 325 RX: remplacement commande de starter / presentationUne petit video de ma dernier donation cette 325 rx donc la presentation obliger Facebook: Overview of the HUSQVARNA 128R trimmer Huskvarna trimmer. Electric Chain Saw Oil Video. Proper lubrication of electric saws, chainsaws [.]

          Lawn Mowers Gasoline Self Propelled Speed ​​Control

          Gasoline self-propelled lawnmowers. ranking of the best models Self-propelled lawnmowers on an internal combustion engine. excellent help in lawn care. Electronic options lose this both in power and in the comfort of operation. Gasoline units are independent of mains voltage and do not need cable layout and battery charging. One of the main advantages of self-propelled mowers is [.]

          How to Choose Lawn Mower For Home And Cottage

          Lawn Mower is a loyal assistant who will help the summer resident to cope with weeds and young shoots of bushes or to tidy up the lawn, giving it a well-groomed appearance. The tool must be selected taking into account the work where it will be used. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed varieties of gas trimmer will help in choosing.

          The best manufacturers of motokos. which company to choose

          Only a tool in which the optimal combination of important parameters is precisely calculated, where the best components are used in combination with high build quality, can turn routine work into a pleasant task.

          This tool includes motor-scythes of the following brands:

          Principle of operation and arrangement of Lawn Mower

          Lawn Mower, regardless of the variety to which they belong, have a similar design.

          The main elements are:

          1. Gasoline engine;

          2. A rod with a handle, an arm-limiter and a device for stopping the engine;

          3. Throttle control lever;

          4. Cutting working head in a protective casing.

          The engine is located in the upper part of the rod, opposite the working head. The principle of operation of the gas trimmer is simple: the engine rotates the shaft, and with the shaft the working head, equipped with a cutting element, rotates and cuts off the grass.

          Types of motokos

          Two stroke engines

          Lawn Mower is not a car, she is not required to be very playful, a two-stroke engine perfectly copes with the load imposed on him. Most manufacturers equip gas trimmers with a two-stroke engine, which is why the price of a tool is 1.5-2 times lower than a trimmer with a four-stroke engine.


          • Lower price;
          • Less (15-20%) weight;
          • They have a more uniform course and respond better to the gas button;
          • It is easier to maintain and repair, since there is no camshaft and a complex valve system;
          • Fewer parts in the engine design increase its reliability;


          • The need to prepare a fuel mixture of oil and gasoline;
          • Greater toxicity of exhaust gases, the exhaust includes an unburned fuel mixture and has an unpleasant smell of burnt oil;
          • Produce more noise, smoke and vibrations;
          • They have greater fuel consumption: gasoline needs 20% more, oil will need twice as much as for a four-stroke engine;
          • Less durable, running hours to overhaul 25% less.

          Four-stroke Lawn Mower

          Four-stroke trimmers have recently become increasingly popular due to their superiority in some parameters of traditional models.

          Comparative analysis of the weight of the proposed tool with a power of 1 hp:

          1. gas trimmer with a two-stroke engine: average weight. 5.85 kg, maximum weight. 8 kg; minimum weight. 4.5 kg;

          2. gas trimmer in a four-stroke engine: average weight. 6.4 kg, maximum weight. 7 kg; minimum weight. 6 kg.

          That is, the average difference in weight for a tool with a power of 1 hp about 0.5 kg, which is almost imperceptible.


          • Separate oil filling into the crankcase of the device provides better lubrication of all nodes, due to which the working life of the engine of the brushcutter increases (approximately by 25%);
          • Profitability due to less fuel and oil consumption (the benefits are noticeable when performing large volumes of work);
          • Provide more comfortable working conditions: insignificant noise level, less exhaust gases.


          • Higher price;
          • Heavier than gas trimmers with a two-stroke engine by 10-15%;
          • Harder to maintain;
          • Engine repairs will be more expensive.

          Lawn Mower with a hard drive

          In this type of tool, rotation from the engine to the working head is transmitted through the gearbox and the rigid shaft in the form of a rod, which is located inside the rod. The bearings for it are roller bearings. A rigid shaft transfers significant forces to the working head.

          The gear in most models is located at the bottom of the trimmer. It transmits torque from the engine to the cutting nozzles at an angle of 30 °, supporting the operation of the knife or blade in a horizontal plane. In this case, the gearbox reduces the angular velocity and increases the torque of the shaft, which increases the efficiency.

          Video: How to Choose Lawn Mower For Home And Cottage

          Mostly hard drives are equipped with models with increased power, capable of withstanding significant loads. Rigid scythes with a hard drive are always straight.


          • Advanced functionality. cutting bushes, weeds. Tooling with a hard drive includes steel knives or saw blades, and not just fishing line with which you can cut grass;
          • Many models have a collapsible design, which simplifies the transportation of the tool to the summer cottage or to the place of mowing;
          • The ability to withstand prolonged torque loads, which increases the life of the tool as a whole;
          • The presence of a gearbox reduces the load on the engine, which increases the service life of the brushcutter.


          • Higher price;
          • A rigid shaft located inside the rod causes more pronounced vibration;
          • The presence of a gearbox, which is part of a rigid shaft design, increases the weight of the tool;
          • The need for a systematic replacement of gear lubricant (once every 10-15 hours).

          Flexible Lawn Mower

          If the tool bar is bent, it definitely has a flexible drive. Through it, a torque is transmitted from the engine to the working head. The design of the flexible shaft includes a core and several layers of wire with an alternating direction of winding.


          • Less weight;
          • Less tool vibration during operation;
          • The tool is more convenient, the trimmer head is easier to hold in the correct position. parallel to the ground;
          • Good maneuverability. the braid is convenient when processing areas with complex terrain, as well as areas where obstacles or areas that do not need processing are located.


          • Less reliable;
          • Limited functionality. a weaker drive can only service a head with a fishing line or with a plastic knife.

          Lawn Mower selection options


          With an increase in engine power, tool indicators such as:

          4. Fuel consumption;

          The acquisition of an overly powerful gas trimmer unnecessarily results in unnecessary expenses and increased physical activity necessary for processing the territory. For a plot of 5-10 acres, 1 kW (1.36 hp) will be enough.

          An important parameter, given that it is necessary not only to hold the braid, but also to actively move with the tool in hand. The belt, of course, reduces the load, but it’s much more comfortable to work with a scythe, which weighs 5.5 kg, than 8 kg. An average power tool weighs 6.5-7 kg.

          Working width

          The parameter affects the performance. the wider the strip, the faster the plot will be processed. The processed strip width is important for the selection of the tool that will be used to mow a large area. If the plot is small, the parameter indicator does not have much significance.

          Shaft rotation speed

          The cut quality depends on the number of revolutions of the cutting system per minute. A high rotational speed guarantees the growth of healthy grass, as it does not damage the stems of plants.

          Type of cutting element

          Depending on the tool drive, the cutting elements can be:

          1. Fishing line (cord) is designed for mowing grass. The thicker the cord, the more coarse grass can be cut. The thickness of the cord that can be used depends on engine power and ranges from 1.2 to 2.4 mm. Direct relationship: a more powerful engine. thicker fishing line. coarser grass.

          2. Knives are used to cut thick grass with thicker and coarser stems. A knife can have several blades (usually from two to four), the larger their number, the more efficient the work. A knife with eight teeth is used when processing areas with interwoven grass.

          3. The saw blade will help cut young growth of shrubs. He represents a knife with many teeth. As a rule, he is equipped with a professional tool.

          Bar shape

          The shape of the rod depends on the type of shaft that is placed inside.

          The shape of the bar may be as follows:

          1. A curved rod, inside of which a flexible shaft, is well absorbed in case of accidental impact of a knife against a stone.

          2. A tool with a straight bar, inside of which a rigid shaft is designed for more significant loads, is able to deal with dense growth.

          Collapsible bar

          The scythe with a folding bar is convenient for transportation. If you do not intend to take the tool out for haymaking, and it is kept all the time in the country, it is better to opt for a non-separable model.

          This design completely eliminates the ingress of particles of dirt, grains of sand, which ultimately affects the service life.

          Handle shape

          Manufacturers offer a tool with three handle options:

          1. D-shaped. compact, convenient for a small amount of work, as well as when mowing grass on a site with shrubs;

          2. J-shaped. convenient when working with a metal knife, more compact than a U-shaped, but less "sweeping";

          3. U-shaped. the most successful option, which is equipped with a tool with great power. But this kind of inconvenient when mowing grass under the bushes, as the branches cling to the handle.

          Tank capacity

          The tank volume varies from 0.4 to 1.5 liters. The amount of fuel capacity determines the time of non-stop operation. Do not forget that the expansion of the capacity entails an increase in the weight and dimensions of the engine.

          In addition, manufacturers recommend using the Lawn Mower non-stop for a period of 30-40 minutes, after which it is necessary to give the engine “rest” so that it does not overheat.


          It is included in the mandatory equipment models with a U-shaped handle. Other models may not be equipped with a belt, so you need to pay attention to its presence or the possibility of its use.

          Which motocosa to choose

          1. For professional operation, processing a large summer cottage (more than 10 acres) or, if necessary, harvesting hay, you must give preference to a model with a power of more than 1.5 kW, a rigid shaft and a U-shaped handle;

          2. Maintain a small lawn in order, using a gas trimmer with an engine power of 0.5-1 kW with a flexible shaft. A curved bar with a D-shaped handle will simplify the job;

          3. For the site where you have to deal with the overgrowth of hard grass, you can purchase a tool with a power of 1-1.5 kW, which includes not only fishing line but also a knife.

          How much is Lawn Mower

          1. Low-power (up to 1 kW). from 3.8 thousand rubles. up to 32 thousand rubles;

          2. Average power (from 1 to 1.5 kW). from 3.8 thousand rubles. up to 33 thousand rubles;

          3. High power (from 1.5 kW and more). from 4 thousand rubles. up to 54 thousand rubles

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          Lawn Mower Stihl Fs 55, Dual Shoulder Strap, Mowing Head Autocut 25-2

          We have received your message and will call you back

          Lawn Mower with a two-handed handle FS 55, GSB 230-2, AutoCut 25-2. This is an entry-level brushcutter with a two-stroke engine (volume 27.2 cm3) and a bicycle handle designed for easy mowing. The tool is equipped with a direct drive shaft. The device is suitable for working in large open spaces, such as a meadow or field, but can also be used in a forested area. In combination with the appropriate cutting tool, the unit is effectively used for mowing fallen grass, reeds and nettles.

          Features and advantages of FS 55:

          • 2 stroke engine
          • Bicycle handle
          • Direct drive shaft
          • Convenience


          For your safety, safety glasses are standard. They are well blown and have wide lateral protection (see illustration).

          Padded shoulder strap makes long-lasting work easier, more comfortable and safer.

          Video: Lawn Mower Stihl Fs 55, Dual Shoulder Strap, Mowing Head Autocut 25-2

          Ergonomic, comfortable and lightweight. For less time-consuming grass mowing and chopping. Adjustable girth and tool bag. With a convenient hook for fast fastening and removal of the tool.

          Two-handed grip. ergonomic steering wheel braids. It provides a natural braid movement and is easily adjustable with a T-screw. In brush cutters and brush cutters, a two-handed grip is essential for frequent mowing of grass over large areas.

          A fully sealed electronic ignition system ensures reliable engine start-up and trouble-free operation. High ignition voltage provides reliable sparking and long burning time of the spark. This improves fuel combustion and reduces harmful emissions (see illustration).

          Using a manual fuel pump, you can manually pump fuel into the carburetor by pressing a finger. This reduces the number of starting jerks after a long interruption in operation.

          Convenient and easy engine start thanks to an additional coil spring installed between the coil with the cable of the starting device and the crankshaft. To start the engine, it is enough to pull the starter cable with even effort. On all models labeled C-E is included.

          As a result of compression pressure, when starting two-stroke engines, jerky forces arise, which load the muscles and joints. The ElastoStart launcher noticeably reduces these harmful effects. A special damping element in the handle of the starting device alternately takes over, then gives off energy according to the compression process. Thus, the launch occurs evenly, without jolts. (see illustration)

          All engine controls are integrated into one handle. Management becomes simpler and safer (see illustration).

          How to Choose Lawn Mower

          Lawn Mower or a gas trimmer is a convenient, mobile, practical and therefore very popular tool with which you can mow grass, numbed shoots, overgrown with a small shrub in your summer cottage, near the house, in the garden before harvesting potatoes. Recent times Lawn Mower became very popular in agriculture for harvesting hay. However, a large selection of models with various technical indicators and a wide range of prices raise a natural question for the consumer: which one choose a Lawn Mower in the ratio of price and quality, and so that its technical characteristics as much as possible meet the tasks that will be performed. In this article we will try to tell you what are Lawn Mower, for what types of work they are suitable, as well as the basic rules for operating a gas trimmer.

          Types of motokos

          Depending on the technical characteristics, as well as on the operating mode, all Lawn Mower can be divided into:

          Professional Lawn Mower It is designed for industrial use, performing a large volume of work for a long time, and is perfect for operation by public utilities or in agriculture. Natural for this Lawn Mower must have not only high technical performance, but also the appropriate build quality. As a rule, professional models have engine power from 1.8 hp. and higher, they are equipped with both a trimmer head with fishing line and a steel knife. over, the thickness of the fishing line is more than usual (from 2.4 mm), and the knife can be 3, 4 and 8 scaffolds (the latter is used for mowing tall, weaving grass and for haying). There are also knives for a large number of teeth, they visually resemble saw blades and are used for mowing shrubs. In addition, a distinctive feature of professional Lawn Mower is a non-demountable rod in the middle of which a shaft moves. On the one hand, this is not very convenient especially when transporting and storing the instrument, since the device is quite large, and on the other hand, this design prevents sand, dirt, dust from entering the middle, which significantly extends its life. over, the connecting mechanism of the two parts of the shaft can become loose over time, which causes a backlash. Separately, it is necessary to stop on the shaft, which is located in the middle of the rod and transmits engine torque to the cutting headset. It can be of two types: flexible and rigid. The flexible shaft has the appearance of a cable and prevents damage to the gearbox when the knife hits a stone or tree trunk. He simply amortizes this blow. At the same time, a rigid shaft (metal pin) cannot be deformed under load. Such Lawn Mower used for mowing thickets and shrubs.

          Video: How to Choose Lawn Mower

          Household Lawn Mower designed to work near the house, in the garden, in the garden. Their power rarely exceeds 2 hp, they can also be equipped with a trimmer head with fishing line and a steel knife. Structurally, they are similar to professional models, but there are some features:

          • a number of household models are equipped with a curved bar, which is convenient when working in hard-to-reach places (under benches in the garden, near flower beds, between trees), since such Lawn Mower less overall than its analog with a direct barbell;
          • type of handle, which can be a bicycle type (like professional models), and can be D-shaped. In the second case, on the bar Lawn Mower the handle is fastened, which the user holds with one hand, and the second hand holds the tool by the rod near the engine. The opinions of users are divided: which design is more convenient. It’s a matter of habit, as it will be converted from a bicycle handle to a D-shaped one or vice versa, as practice shows, not everyone can
          • household models are more likely to come with a collapsible bar, which is very convenient for storage and transportation, since disassembled Lawn Mower two times less, and to assemble it back is not difficult and takes a minimum of time.

          Another feature that significantly distinguishes a household model from a professional one is its cost. The latter will be much more expensive. Therefore before choose a Lawn Mower it is necessary to determine exactly what tasks you will perform with its help. If you have a plot of up to 15-20 acres, it is completely optional to overpay and buy a professional tool, since in this case household Lawn Mower perfectly cope with this amount of work.

          We work Lawn Mower: basic rules

          The main requirements that are put forward to work with a motocosa directly depend on the operating rules of a gasoline 2-stroke engine. Such a motor runs on a fuel mixture of gasoline and 2-stroke oil, which is prepared in a proportion of 1:50, that is, 1 gram of oil is added to 50 grams of gasoline. It should be said that when starting work with a new tool, it is recommended to add a little more oil. Let be Lawn Mower on one tank, such a mixture will work at 50% of its capacity, then safely fill in the usual mixture. When preparing the fuel mixture for your Lawn Mower it must be remembered that it is suitable for use for no more than two weeks, after which its properties change, which negatively affects the operation of the tool as a whole. Therefore, do not rush to cook it in large quantities, and also drain fuel from the tool during long breaks between mowing. There are also models with 4-stroke engines in which oil is poured separately with gasoline, they are more economical and have a greater motor resource. But such Lawn Mower have more weight and are more expensive.

          Before starting work, we recommend that you carefully inspect the site and remove stones, branches, and other debris from it that you may not notice in the grass during operation, which can lead to breakage or premature wear of the cutting tool. When working with a gas trimmer, you must remember that this is not only a practical and convenient tool, but also quite dangerous. Since the trimmer head with fishing line or steel knife wraps around at high speed, the following safety rules must be followed when working:

          • do not use the tool without the protective shield that comes with each Lawn Mower
          • wear glasses when working to prevent particles of grass from getting into your eyes
          • the engine heats up during operation, so when you remove the tool in between mowing, it is better to hold it by the rod or by the handle.

          Carburetor repair of a Lawn Mower step by step

          Very often, complaints from owners of gas trimmers are associated with all kinds of carburetor malfunctions. Of course, it is best in this case to seek the help of specialists in this field, for whom the repair of carburetors of gas trimmers is an integral part of the profession. However, if you are still familiar with the basic principles of the trimmer carburetor, you can try to figure out the problem yourself so as not to overpay for money in the service, as sometimes a breakdown can be really not serious.

          This article is intended to help you deal with the problem.

          Next, the most common breakdowns and the causes of their occurrence will be analyzed.

          The first step is to generally inspect the carburetor and find out if there is a fuel leak.

          If it turns out that there are no problems with fuel, it is necessary to remove the carburetor from the engine and check the condition of the gasket located next to the carburetor.

          If there are no malfunctions here, you can try to check the carburetor for the degree of tightness.

          To do this, you can purchase a special device, which is part of the repair tool kit for repairing the carburetor of the brushcutter and is a special pressure gauge that, in fact, checks for leaks.

          If you do not want to spend money on its purchase, you can use the usual medical tonometer, on which you just need to change the pressure gauge.

          When using this unit, pay attention to the indication.

          If the pressure does not drop and remains the same for a long time, you can be calm, as this indicates the tightness of the carburetor.

          If the pressure begins to decrease after a certain time, then there are still problems.

          They may be due to damage to any carburetor parts.

          Step-by-step instruction for repairing a carburetor of a Lawn Mower

          Carburetor Dismantling

          A visual inspection of the carburetor will help to identify fuel leakage and air suction, but the main causes of device failure lie inside. Therefore, to determine and most importantly to fix a breakdown, the carburetor needs to be disassembled.

          To disassemble the carburetor Lawn Mower a lot of effort is not necessary.

          It is enough to unscrew the four screws on one side

          and two on the other. This can be done using an ordinary Phillips screwdriver. Gently unscrew the screws and fold to the side. They may be needed during assembly. It is advisable to lay the table with a white cloth before disassembling, so that everything, even the smallest details that can fall out when disassembling, can be seen.

          Step # 1

          We begin dismantling from the side of the fuel supply system.

          We remove the primer. the swap bubble, which is noteworthy, it is simply impossible to install the carburetor parts incorrectly during assembly. Products have characteristic ebbs and holes.

          Step number 2

          Remove the pump cover.

          Step number 3

          Now remove the membrane. It is she who performs the function of pumping fuel into the carburetor.

          During vibration, the membrane on the other side exerts pressure on the beam of the mechanism and the needle rises, which, in turn, opens the hole and fuel is supplied.

          Step 4

          Remove the carburetor cover with the injection mechanism.

          Step number 5

          Next, another membrane is installed. We carefully remove it.

          Step 6

          Under the membrane is another gasket. We also carefully clean it, in no case without damaging it.

          Step number 7

          Next, go to the dismantling of parts on the back of the carburetor. As mentioned earlier, unscrew the two bolts. This is an air supply system.

          Video: Carburetor repair of a Lawn Mower step by step

          A valve is located here, which, when “gas” is added, opens and increases the flow of air into the engine.

          After removing it, the bare body remains in the hands. Carburetor disassembled.

          Identification of faults and their elimination

          Now it is worth paying attention to the problems that occur during the operation of the carburetor and how to solve them.

          Problem 1: Clogged holes, channels and nozzles with dirt

          The first thing that happens is that the holes and nozzles in the fuel supply system become clogged with dirt. Filters installed in the tank and directly in the carburetor do not help. They nevertheless pass small particles, which become the cause of failure of the brushcutter.

          Step number 8

          Now we need to get the needle.

          To do this, unscrew the bolt on the mechanism, holding it with your finger. The fact is, there is a spring there and careless action will lead to the fact that it will be lost.

          We take out the needle, see photo and spring.

          Step 9

          How to purge. The most effective way is the use of an ultrasonic bath.

          It is filled with either special liquid or gasoline, a carburetor is placed there and, under the influence of ultrasound, the so-called cavitation effect, the channels are cleaned of contaminants.

          The second option is cleaning compressed air.

          You can use the compressor available on the farm and clean the carburetor channels. However, this method is effective if the pollution is not very large.

          Step number 10

          Now we need to blow through the channels in the body and the carburetor cover. See photo.

          Step 11

          Another piece of dirt can get stuck under the needle. See photo. This will also lead to a failure of the scythe.

          Important! When cleaning the carburetor, never use needles, pins or wires. Even the slightest scratch will damage the carburetor. It will have to be changed entirely.

          Problem 2: clogged fine filter

          It is located on the carburetor cover and is a small metal mesh. Its pollution occurs very often. This is due to the deposition of oil, additives, and dirt on it.

          Step number 12

          Sometimes, when disassembling into grids, a certain film is detected. For this carburetor, there is not enough fuel and Lawn Mower either does not start, or it works intermittently. The cleaning methods are identical to the first reason: an ultrasonic bath, a compressor or a spray can with a special solution. In addition, if the mesh is thoroughly clogged, you need to take a soft brush for watercolor paints, dip it in gasoline and rinse it gently without damaging it.

          Problem 3: membrane failure

          Step 13

          They have the ability to wear during operation. From prolonged use, they are deformed, stretched, lose their elasticity, poor-quality fuel corrodes them, and can no longer perform their functions well. This also applies to the needle itself. The fact is that it is covered with a thin layer of rubber, which wears out during operation and can no longer fit tightly into the hole. Lawn Mower starts to work intermittently. To eliminate such a breakdown, all worn parts must be replaced. Where to get them?

          It includes two membranes, a gasket, a needle valve and a spring.

          All carburetor wearing parts can be replaced. Therefore, you should not rush and buy a new one, and you don’t need to run to the workshop either, repair is possible for any user of a motorcycle brush. Professionals claim that the quality of components in the repair kit even exceeds the characteristics of the carburetor’s native parts. Therefore, a well-repaired unit will work better than a new one.

          Problem 4: wear of the bubble button for manual fueling

          Step # 14

          In addition, a bubble button for manual pumping of fuel may fail. The impact of gasoline on it leads to the fact that during prolonged use, the rubber corrodes and it begins to stick together or under the influence of low temperatures, for example, during storage, bursts. The button should also be replaced if necessary. In addition, her cost is small and will not affect the size of the repair budget.

          Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that there are only three main malfunctions of the carburetor: clogging of channels, pollution of the fine filter and failure of components. In the first two cases, cleaning is enough, and in the third, a repair kit will help.

          Carburetor assembly

          It’s not difficult to assemble a motor-scythe carburetor. You must complete all the steps in the reverse order:

          Step number 15

          Install a spring and a needle valve in the carburetor cover. Holding the spring with your finger, tighten the mounting bolt.

          Step number 16

          Screw the valve of the air supply system to the body of the product with two screws.

          Step number 17

          Turn the carburetor over and proceed to the assembly of the fuel system. First you need to put the gasket.

          Step number 18

          Step number 19

          Fit the carburetor cover.

          Step number 20

          Install the primary membrane.

          Step number 21

          Fit pump cover.

          Step number 22

          Install the plate with the manual fuel pump button and tighten the four screws.

          The carburetor is assembled and ready for further use.

          For the first time, repairing a scythe carburetor may seem like a complicated process, but if you have to disassemble it a second time, this procedure will not cause any particular difficulties.

          If you did not find any of these problems in your carburetor, it is recommended to seek help from a specialized service.

          Lawn Mower And Trimmers Brand Zubr. Model Range Review

          The Zubr brand is Russian, the Zubr OVK company develops and produces tools and various equipment for construction, gardening, and repair work. Also, the manufacturer is engaged in the production of spare parts for manufactured devices and maintenance of its own products.

          For more than ten years, the Zubr brand has been known among farmers for its high-quality mowers, walk-behind tractors, trimmers and other garden equipment.

          Advantages of the Zubr brand over other companies, both domestic and foreign:

          • the presence of a series of professional and household appliances (Master and Professional);
          • adequate price;
          • a set of technical characteristics of the equipment (more functions for a low cost);
          • An extensive network of service centers throughout Russia and in neighboring countries;
          • long warranty period (3 years), the possibility of obtaining an extended warranty on electric and gasoline powered tools;
          • availability of spare parts;
          • interchangeability of some parts;
          • convenient design;
          • ergonomics.

          The Zubr brand is known not only, but also in the nearest countries. Ukraine, Poland, Belarus. Reviews of farmers about this technique are mostly positive. Among other things, the manufacturer provides detailed information on fuels and lubricants, work and operational safety in the instructions for the manufactured equipment.

          All manufactured equipment carries out verification directly at the production site. in a special testing workshop. Testing is done by engineers and mechanics, specialists in their field, which is why the buyer gets a decent, well-functioning product that is pleasant to use at the exit.

          Manufacturer lineup

          Technique "Bison" is divided into several large categories. The manufacturer produces the following types of equipment, machinery and tools:

          Bison Trimmers

          This category includes electric trimmers and scythes, as well as gas trimmers of various capacities. For all Zubr equipment in this model range, an extended 5-year warranty is provided.

          The difference in the guarantee for different series of products is as follows: the “Master” series is provided with a basic guarantee for 3 years on condition of domestic use.

          Video: Lawn Mower And Trimmers Brand Zubr. Model Range Review

          It is very simple to recognize the master series. all products of this series have a gray-red case. The Professional series is painted blue and also receives a 3-year warranty for its intended use. An extended warranty, according to the information in the instruction manual, can be obtained by registering on the manufacturer’s website for 4 weeks from the date of purchase and proper use of the Master and Professional series devices.

          For a detailed clarification of the conditions of the guarantee, you should contact the supplier directly or the Zubr manufacturer through the contact form on the website.


          Petrol trimmers and motor-scythes "Bison":

          • KRB-250 (0.6 kW / 0.82 hp);
          • KRB-350 (0.8 kW / 1.1 hp);
          • KRB-430 (1.25 kW / 1.58 hp);
          • KRB-490 (1.35 kW / 1.84 hp);
          • ZKRB-250 (0.75 kW / 1 hp);
          • ZKRB-350 (1.15 kW / 1.45 hp);
          • ZKRB-430 (1.25 kW / 1.58 hp);
          • TB-250 (0.6 kW / 0.82 hp);
          • ZTB-250 (0.75 kW / 1 hp).


          Electric scythes and trimmers "Bison":

          Top Models of Bison Trimmers

          The most popular models of trimmers and motokos:

          • master krb 430 (gasoline Lawn Mower, power 1250 W);
          • ztb 250 (gas trimmer, power 750 W);
          • electric braid bison 1500;
          • electric braid bison 1200;
          • benzokosa zkbr 350 (1150 W).

          Instruction manual, garden trimmer maintenance

          Rules for maintenance and operation of the Zubr garden trimmer:

          • while mowing, hold the trimmer bar so that the cutting part of the device is at an angle of 60 degrees to the surface of the earth;
          • to avoid damage to the body and face, use protective equipment. a mask or glasses, a cap, long trousers and outerwear with a sleeve, put on special gloves on your hands to make it easier to hold a motocosa;
          • with prolonged use, the use of headphones is recommended, since the brushcutters make a loud sound;
          • the electric braid is quieter, but the use of headphones is also desirable;
          • shoes should be closed and tight;
          • do not mow immediately after rain or early in the morning, wait until the grass dries, this recommendation is also relevant for lawn mowers;
          • do not allow the line to come into contact with solid objects, for example, stones, tree trunks, buildings. this will lead to quick wear and increase vibration of the trimmer;
          • after work, clean the scythe shroud of grass residues and any debris;
          • when working with electrical devices, monitor the integrity of the cable;
          • Do not operate the brushcutter without a protective cover!

          Oil and fuel for trimmers Bison

          Since Zubr petrol trimmers are equipped with two-stroke engines, the principle of engine operation differs from the engines of large equipment, for example, lawn mowers. Unlike the mower, the trimmer’s motor does not run on clean gasoline, but on a mixture of fuel and oil.

          Use type 2T oil, either from the Bison manufacturer or from another manufacturer.

          • ZKRB-350 TORCH L7RTC;
          • ZKRB-430 TORCH L8RTC.

          The best mixing ratio: 1:50 (20 g of motor oil is required per liter of gasoline).
          Type of gasoline for refueling: AI 92, it is possible to replace it with AI 95. One refueling of a gasoline scythe ensures operation for about 40 minutes.

          Carburetor Adjustment Lawn Mower

          Adjusting the carburetor of the brushcutter is a process that must be mastered for the trimmer to work properly. The trimmer is a completely simple device that can break down only in a few places and require mechanical repair or replacement of the part. Adjusting the carburetor device for a float-type Lawn Mower may require knowledge of certain subtleties. The nuances caused by the model and the specifics of its functioning will ensure a clear mode of mixing and supplying the fuel mixture.

          What is the problem of trimmer malfunction

          Carburetor lawn mowers Champion how to adjust? This is just a float type trimmer. a common option, designed to mix air and fuel in the prescribed proportions. The main problems that arise when the engine is running are approximately similar to the problems that overtake the carburetor in the car:

          • the motor may stall immediately after it has been started. The reason is that gasoline is not supplied enough. This is called “poor” fuel;
          • excessively supplied gasoline leads to incomplete combustion, excessive mixture density and uneconomical consumption.

          Important! It is necessary to adjust the carburetor under different circumstances: changes in temperature, octane number of fuel or type of oil, after winter or at the end of the break-in period, load or spontaneous rotation of the screws from strong vibration of the case. Some owners prefer to configure the module before each use to make sure that it works correctly.

          Trimmer device

          The float carburetor consists of an aluminum body with a hole (diffuser). Air is pumped through its passage opening, and gasoline is drawn in through the fuel channels along with the air stream. This is the basis of the device. the fuel chamber. Mounted on top of the nozzles, pump and adjustment system of the mixture provide not only its saturation, but also a uniform flow.

          Video: Carburetor Adjustment Lawn Mower

          Note! A float carburetor has been used for decades, and the main problems are similar for all types. The principle of operation of the device depends on the quality of the mixture, and the adjustment is aimed at ensuring it.

          Principle of operation

          The air flow entering the tube with a throttle is amplified or weakened depending on its position. From the fuel chamber, gas enters a special pipe through the nozzle. Float. a device that regulates the supply of fuel, its level determines the volume. Gasoline supplied through the nozzle is mixed with air under the influence of a pressure difference. This produces an air-fuel mixture for engine operation.

          Note! Improper fuel composition is due to a lack of gasoline or air. This means that you need to adjust the throttle or the position of the float. The motor may also stall due to the jet, but this is already a more serious failure.

          Carburetor adjustment

          How to adjust the trimmer on a Lawn Mower

          Most modules have adjustment screws, and the scheme usually helps to understand their functionality:

          • L. for fuel supply of a low-speed mode;
          • H. fuel supply at high speeds and its consumption;
          • T. idle debugging.
          Carburetor Adjustment Lawn Mower

          Adjusting the brushcutter, whose production is Chinese, can cause difficulties due to the presence of only one screw, which is responsible for idling.

          Important! The answer to the question of how to adjust the champion lawnmower carburetor is better to look at the video where the professional does it.

          Adjusting the carburetor on a Patriot trimmer

          Adjusting the Patriot trimmer carburetor is done by screws by ear. Not a single verbal explanation will give a complete picture of how this is done, so it’s better to watch the video tutorial.

          After proper adjustment, the engine must increase speed, and when idling, the cutting tool will not turn. Everything is easy and simple!

          Which Cutting System For Lawn Mower Is Better: Fishing Line Knife Or Disc

          Mowing juicy green grass with fishing line is easy and pleasant. Even fun. But it is worth stumbling on dry hard stems, and the fun will decrease. Such a task is unbearable for fishing line. It just glides, and the weeds remain intact. Need to replace it with a knife. That is why high-quality and powerful motokos always come with a replaceable cutting headset: fishing line, knife and disk, for example, on the site you can conveniently and quickly choose a braid with any cutting system, make sure yourself, but do not leave the topic and read on.

          The better mowing grass

          Before you install the cutting tool, figure out what exactly you will be mowing. If fresh grass, then the answer is unequivocal. choose a fishing line.

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          Fishing line is a thin nylon thread. It is also called cord, string or wire. The mowing head inside has a spool (bobbin) on which this wire is wound. The spool is mounted on the shaft, engine speeds are transmitted to it through the gearbox. The ends of the fishing line are exposed. When the spool rotates, they also rotate with great speed and force. This is how grass is mowed.

          Mowing widths range from 40 cm to half a meter. The wider the mowing of the wire, the faster you mow the lawn.

          The line cuts grass of any height well. even the tallest, which the lawn mower cannot handle. In general, there are many places where the lawn mower will not go through. bottlenecks, the edges of lawns, near curbs, flower beds, under benches. All these are places for Lawn Mower with a string tucked into it.

          The wire is especially effective when mowing grass in the garden, since it only glides along the trunks of trees easily and does not harm them.

          It is convenient to mow grass and hay, but if the vegetation is hard and dense. install a knife.

          Types of Steel Knives

          Not all scythes are designed to mount discs or knives on them. In order for the engine to “extend” the knife, it must be powerful, at least 1-1.2 hp. In addition, a hard forged shaft must be installed inside the rod. If you have a gas scythe or an electric trimmer with a curved bar, then inside it is not a metal shaft, but a cable. He can’t stand the knife. it will burst right there.

          But, if everything is okay with the scythe, and the manufacturer provides the knife in the kit, then safely use it.

          The knife is indispensable in the case of:

          • mixed vegetation;
          • the presence of thick and hard growth;
          • abundance of hard weeds;
          • cut stalks of corn, sunflower;
          • sprouting of fresh shoots of a bush.

          The principle of cutting is the rotation of the knife on the shaft. The mowing width, as a rule, is standard for all motokos. a quarter of a meter, but there are knives and more in diameter.

          By design, the knife for Lawn Mower. blade. The blades are sharp blades sharpened on both sides. The blades can be two, three, or four.

          • The double beam resembles a plate. Lightweight and suitable even for household trimmers;
          • Three-lobed. the most popular when cutting weeds. It has a small base and three long blades;
          • Four-beam differs in that its base is larger, and the blades are shorter. With this design, grass is cut less, which is important when mowing hay, since finely cut hay is difficult to harvest later.

          The larger the blades, the higher the mowing productivity. After all, it is the blades that perform the effective cut of hard vegetation.

          Often, victorious soldering is applied to the blades to increase the strength of the knife. Such a knife element is much stronger and more durable. But it is heavier in weight. Therefore, do not rush to install a multi-blade knife if you mow, for example, a soft clover. Better save it for gardens where you need to cut thick and hard corn stalks.

          When mowing with a knife, carefully inspect the area. if there is any insidious stone or hard bumps. Stumble. break or skew the knife, and the engine will put unnecessary stress.

          What to mow with a gear disc

          If a knife has eight or more blades, then it is already called a disk. The number of teeth is from eight to forty. The multi-tooth disc is made of strong steel. Sharpened on both sides. Its base is large, and the teeth are small and sharp. It works on the principle of a saw. rotates and saws. The disk must be installed very carefully. it must be fixed evenly and well.

          Video: Which Cutting System For Lawn Mower Is Better: Fishing Line Knife Or Disc

          A saw blade is needed for cutting thin tree trunks. Even a well-formed trunk can be cut, gently filed it from different sides.

          But the disk is intended not only for cutting young growth of trees. You may well mow them with grass and hay. Especially dry and hard. The main thing is to choose the right disc. lightweight and with a perforated base. Then the grass doesn’t cut too much. This is important when mowing low grass for hay.

          If you are going to saw trunks, you can install a disk from the circular. He cuts perfectly, especially if the teeth are slightly apart. But when installing a circular disk, you are very at risk. There is a risk of ditching your tool, since the load on the gearbox increases tenfold. A powerful engine (2-3 hp) will easily pull such a disk, but the gearbox is unclear how it will behave. Therefore, such a substitution can only be done if you are sure that the gearbox is hardy and professional.

          Which diameter of fishing line is better?

          For different grass freshness and softness, a different diameter of the fishing line (cord) is needed. But just say. carefully read the technical passport of your device. If the manufacturer indicated that the permissible fishing line is not more than 1.2 mm, then do not try to wind a two-millimeter line. Do not mow for a long time. The engine will overheat from the load.

          The diameter of cords for Lawn Mower sold in Ukraine is in the range from 1.2 mm to 4 mm.

          • 1.2 mm. 1.6 mm. thin. It is used for lawn care, constant and frequent mowing. Most often recommended for electric trimmers with a power of 0.5-0.7 kW.
          • 2 mm. 2.4 mm. the most popular version of the cord. Suitable for medium power units. the most common among summer residents. Cuts both young and old grass, hard and grown.
          • 3 mm. 3.2 mm is suitable for powerful professional gasoline braids. Thick strings easily cope even with rough weeds and dead wood.
          • 4 mm is the thickest. A little aluminum is added to the nylon for strength. It is rarely used, since engine power, as a rule, puts restrictions on this diameter. But, if the motor allows it. fill and cut weeds.

          Often manufacturers paint a fishing line of different diameters in different colors. green, blue, orange, so that it is easier for users to understand. The footage of the bay is from 10 meters to 100.

          Section. what the shape of the line affects

          The shape of the thread also affects the result of mowing. Like diameter, it directly depends on what exactly you will mow. The cutting edge is in cross section:

          1. Round. Most common. Mows well both dry grass and fresh grass. One of its advantages is low noise, but users say that this feature is not important, as the growling gasoline engine drowns out all other sounds.
          2. Polygonal. The cross section can be triangular, square and even hexagonal. Polygon pluses. sharp cutting edges. They better interrupt coarse stems, even young shoots of shrubs. Hence the highest performance. Minus. spend too quickly.
          3. Figured. The section is intricate, ribbed. It looks like an asterisk or a twisted square with recesses, in general. a complex geometric figure. This is a specialized cord. Each is accompanied by instructions on what it cuts. For example, an asterisk. ideally mows lawn grass. Although it costs a little more, it cuts neatly, the tips of the grass cover look attractive and do not dry out after the cut.

          How to easily wind a fishing line onto a trimmer head

          3 to 10 meters of wire can be wound around the spool. During mowing, the nylon thread is erased, you need to set new tips. There are several ways to accomplish a similar task:

            • Manual. To do this, you need to stop work, remove the spool cover and set the desired length. The process is simple, but it does not add any speed to mowing.
            • Semi-automatic feed. With this method, the new tips are set independently. To feed them, you only need to slightly hit the head on the ground. The anchor mechanism is triggered and can be mowed again. This option is a win-win. You do not need to stop the engine, stop mowing, and the feed is strictly regulated, therefore. economical.
            • Full automatic. A very convenient way. you just slow down, and the ends of the cord are replaced with new ones. The system takes care of this on its own. The speed of work is greatly increased. But there is a small minus. a large consumption of fishing line. You cannot control it.

            When the thread ends, you need to rewind a new one. Refueling methods also vary. There are two types. manual and quick charge.

            The most common is manual. Stepwise actions:

            1. Unscrew the mowing head. Open the lid. To do this, there are latches on the sides.
            2. The coil is removed, on it, as a rule, the information is applied, what diameter, into which hole you need to shove it. An arrow is also drawn indicating which direction you want to wind.
            3. Inside the coil, in the middle there is a side. On it is a groove for threading the loop.
            4. We measure the length of the wire. Users on the network are advised to cut 3-4 meters, not more. Since winding too tight is inefficient. Remember also that the thicker the fishing line, the less it needs to be wound.
            5. The cut cord is folded in half. Pass the loop, fix the bracket. The coil is held by a spring from itself. Wound manually counterclockwise. You need to do it tightly and evenly. One thread lies at the bottom of the spool, the other at the top. The turns should not intersect.
            6. The tips are inserted into the holes and exposed. Spin the coil. And the head in place. Fit the ends by knocking on the ground.

            Sometimes a reel involves winding two separate pieces. This is visible when the reel is open. In the middle it has a high ledge, and two holes for fixing. two. The method, in principle, is the same, but the thread is divided into two parts, we fix the brackets in the spool and wrap it.

            The fast-charging method is better; it differs in both speed and comfort. It is not necessary to disassemble the coil. It is enough to put the loop in a special hole and turn the mechanism. He wraps the fishing line on a bobbin. It remains only to adjust the tips.

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