How to spin the spool onto the trimmer

The structure of the spinning coils Undoubtedly, in order to repair a coil, you need to imagine its structure and principle of operation. Without exception, all non-inertia gears are assembled at the factory from the same type of units, which differ in size depending on the size of the mechanism. The main components of the device are the following parts […]

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How to wind the line onto the metal spool of the trimmer

engine’s type Two types of motors are installed on the gasoline trimmer: two- and four-stroke. The first are cheap, powerful, but for refueling it is necessary to prepare a mixture of oil and A92 gasoline. The second type is more expensive, but less “capricious”, they are installed on professional instruments. They are 1.5 times more economical than two-stroke analogs, they […]

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