How can you cut granite tiles.

How to cut porcelain tiles for the floor. How to cut porcelain tiles Measure part of the tiles that must be cut. Set a fishing line for a trimmer cut with a marker on the front side of the porcelain tile. Install a tile cut on a flat surface, place the tile in it with the front side up. Press […]

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How to saw porcelain tumors with a jigsaw. How to saw ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles with an electrician

Cutting porcelain tumors with a jigsaw If there are no standard tools for cutting tiles at hand, then you can cut the tiles with an electrician or even a regular jigsaw. And how. Let’s figure it out! Electricter, of course, is not the version of the tool that every home craftsman has. However, if it is available, you can not […]

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How to cut ceramic tiles with a grinder.

Cutting ceramic tiles with a grinder and how to perform correctly Ceramic tiles are one of the most popular materials that are used to lay the floor, walls, as well as various designs in private houses and apartments. This material is so popular that every home master resorts to laying it on its own. In the process of laying ceramic […]

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