Tagaz Road Partner Fuel Consumption

Part 5. Report 36000.

So. Passed 36 thousand kilometers. On roads and directions to average off-road 60 to 40 percent.

In this report I will reflect:

  1. Engine.
  2. Chassis.
  3. Fuel consumption.
  4. Comfort.
  5. Patency.
  6. Costs of equipment and spare parts.
  7. Breakdowns and malfunctions.

During operation, there were no complaints about the engine. 150 l / s provide a reasonable throttle response at traffic lights if you want to twist the engine. up to 3.5 thousand revolutions, as well as 100%, satisfy the demand for traction when driving on average off-road. When driving on the highway rarely twist the engine more than 3 thousand. At this speed of about 110 kilometers per hour. , without emergency, I try not to go, because greeting cards from the traffic police have lost the desire to pay. While the offset.

I fill castrol 5v-30.

It is quite mild, can be compared with a crossover. Keeps the road like all frame units on wheels. When cornering, you have to drop speed to 80-90 kilometers per hour, otherwise it rolls unpleasantly, especially with the upper trunk. The main observation. I changed a couple of struts of the stabilizer of lateral stability (bones). The remark on the grunting checkpoint, which took place at the beginning, was eliminated by filling in normal oil and in the prescribed amount in the checkpoint. Now the order. Almost 600 grams, or even up to a liter, are not added to the factory. The gearshift lever stroke is too big. I will shorten the lever. The distribution is adequate, the electrical coupling copes with its tasks when driving on dry asphalt 4na4 (several times I forgot to chop off the front end and rode a couple of hundred kilometers), there were no complaints. Also changed the oil. Connecting the front axle with vacuum hubs has not yet failed, even at minus 24-28 degrees. Everything is functioning. The brakes are adequate. Abs got used to work for the first 10 thousand. At first it seemed that they worked too early. But there is a slight delay, which allows you to slow down a series of light efforts, and this is not superfluous, especially when riding on ice.

In the checkpoint and razdatku flooded Mobile ATF (plus EP. Bought on advertising and decided to try).

3. Fuel consumption.

Average winter 4 to 4 increase. 11, 4-12.2 (distance of about 100 km: city. 14, highway. 75, a dozen km. Directions).

Video: Tagaz Road Partner Fuel Consumption

Track in the summer of ZP with an upper trunk and a full load at a speed of up to 105 km per hour. 8.4-8.8 depending on the fuel (92 or 95), but at a speed of 115, the flow rate increases sharply to 14.7-15.2.

When riding in the mountains on a lowering and without it. for 25. Summer. Slow, very slow and hot.

I measure the flow on a trip computer.

Compared to the Lexus is bad. To this machine, I had Lanos and 2 paj. It is more convenient to settle in the cabin, the controls are within reach. The only thing that can be put in minus is the relatively low located rearview mirror on the windshield. A couple of times it closed the car, driving to the right from the mountain. Now I turn my head so as not to miss.

The dimensions of the cabin are impressive. It is convenient both in front and behind. The rear seats are laid out in a bed, while this remains in the trunk. If necessary, you can fold the rear seats forward, then a refrigerator or three 40 liter air cylinders, a compressor, diving equipment for three people, plus travel gadgets such as tents, backpacks, fuel and the like can fit in the trunk. In general, the barn is big. Noise isolation suits me. At the patrol level. and not necessary. The engine is audible, but does not interfere with communication. Louder than he hears the sound of air from the vent. gratings.

On the cross I would like to note that, contrary to my pessimistic expectations, rowing quite confidently. The machine is not equipped with any off-road bells and whistles. Often you have to work in tandem with the paj. sport and l-200. Mostly in the snow or on the rocks. Comparable. Dirt did not knead, I do not know. Rear differential increased friction self-locking is pretty tolerable. On the lower one he climbed up steep slopes at heights of up to 1600 m. The crankcase and gearbox protection was installed. Climbing without it is far scary.

  • The signaling with the installation. 10 rub
  • Bottom protection. 5 rub
  • Radio (full-time. sucks). 5 rub
  • Route comp. 3 rub (set himself).
  • Floor mats, including in the trunk. 1.2 rub
  • Seat Covers. 4 rub
  • Stabilizer bar. 2500 rubles (at the service).
  • The boiler is in the engine, plus a power outlet in the cabin and DEFA interior electric heating. 14.5 rub (convenient and nice. started up and drove off).
  • THEN after 10 thousand on average 6.5 rubles.
  • Gasoline 36 thousand 11 liters per 100 km. At a cost.
Tagaz Road Partner Fuel Consumption

  • Pricked front bumper. Taped myself. Easy and doable. 1,5 hours of work.
  • Replacing the stabilizer struts. 15 minutes to replace one with a smoke break.
  • In winter, at 28, a check came on. Dropped a hundred. They said that the water in the fuel and a single misfire or something like that.

I did not change or repair anything else, thank God.

That’s all for now. Next will be seen.

Have a good trip to all. Regards, Alexey.