Take Care of the Mower Correctly, And It Will Serve You More Than One Year!

Lawn mowers, like any machinery, are not eternal. There are times when some parts wear out and require the attention of the user. In such cases, it is important not to ignore the features of the device and carry out all operations for quality service.

Of course, you can contact the service specialists, but many operations can be easily carried out by the owners themselves, the main thing is to know how to implement the repair and strictly follow the instructions.

How to tidy up a lawn mower knife?

A person can immediately purchase interchangeable blades immediately after purchasing the device, or he can sharpen an existing knife. In any case, after dulling the part, it must be removed.

Take Care of the Mower Correctly, And It Will Serve You Than One Year!

First you need to disconnect the electrical device from power and put it on its side. As for the gasoline unit, here everything is somewhat more complicated.

  • Remove the grass collection tank;
  • Carefully drain the oil and gasoline into different containers;
  • Turn off spark plugs;
  • Place the mower sideways.
  • It is necessary to fix the blade with a log or board, so as not to cut yourself in the process;
  • Often the blades are mounted on two bolts or one, but large, located in the center. The socket or cap wrench will be a great helper;
  • Loosen the bolts counterclockwise, as the right-hand thread is standard;
  • If the factory puff is stuck and holds very tightly, you can use the special liquid key WD-40.

There are times when knife adapters need to be replaced, which connect the cutting element to the engine. It is important to understand that each manufacturer supplements the products with certain features, therefore, for example, the specified part from the Alco mower cannot be used for MTD.

Using the tips indicated in the video below, each owner of the "garden assistant" can learn the methods that allow you to create an adapter with your own hands using basic parts and tools.

Knife sharpening

After removal, the blades are often either replaced with new ones or sharpen existing ones. High-quality products lend themselves to “renewal” several times and must be replaced only with thinning of the plate itself or rounding of the corners of the knife.

For the process itself, you can use a grinding bench and do not forget about the protection mask and gloves. When operating the grinder, it is necessary to hold the blade itself in a vice. A file is also considered an option, but working with it requires a lot of effort and time.

Upon completion of sharpening

After the above procedures, do not rush to install the blade, because you should check its balance. To do this, place a nail in the hole of the blade and make sure that the work done is correct.

Video: Take Care of the Mower Correctly, And It Will Serve You Than One Year!

If there is no necessary effect, the installation of such a cutting part may lead to vibration and damage to the device itself. Therefore, you should correct the situation with a file or a machine. Then you need to install the blade in place and tighten the bolts.

The next step in mower maintenance: cleaning

High-quality maintenance of the lawn mower is impossible without elementary cleaning of the deck and the engine from grass.

Removing the deck from vegetation

Grass itself has an incredible corrosive effect on the unit, so deco must be cleaned periodically. It is important to understand that a wet lawn should not be mowed in any case, because then the negative impact will increase by 2 times.

Dry vegetation itself will fall away from the object, and it will be possible to clean it with maximum quality using an air compressor or blower. Some models are equipped with a special flushing fitting, eliminating the user from additional hassle.

Ridding the motor of vegetation

Since the mower engines are supplemented by air cooling, the entire system will work efficiently only if the ribs are not contaminated. Otherwise, one should expect overheating of the device and its quick failure.

Replacing Lawn Mower Oil

The oil should be changed according to the information specified in the operating instructions for the device. The procedure itself involves pouring the old composition into a separate container and pouring fresh.

An important point: the new oil must have the appropriate API class and the required level of viscosity. The discharge process itself should be carried out with a warm engine, because then the tank is emptied as much as possible. Do not allow dirt to enter the container.

Features of oils for 2-stroke engines and 4-stroke engines

Each manufacturer has its own recommendations regarding this question, so the answer to it should be sought in the operating instructions. You should not choose oil, based on its cost, because the adaptability of the ingredients of the substance is affected by the class of technology and the degree of grinding of the mating units.

The content of the combustible mixture for 2-stroke engines is based on the method of obtaining the basis of the antifriction composition. Due to the characteristics of the mixture, this oil:

  • protects against corrosion of metal objects;
  • guarantees thermal stability;
  • prevents oxidation;
  • stabilizes viscosity.

As for the oil for a 4-stroke engine, it differs in other additives and viscosity. With its help, the elements are washed, and this despite the fact that the oil does not mix with fuel. It must be replaced after every 50 hours of operation.

What oil to pour in a lawn mower?

Among the proposed options for two-stroke engines, the most common are:

  • Semi-synthetic oil Premium Inforce;
  • HP Oil, Husqvarna 5878085-12;
  • API TC CARVER oil;
  • Mineral oil POWER ACTIVE 2T dispenser;
  • Semi-synthetic oil DDE SS-2T.

For the operation of four-stroke models, it is better to give preference to oil:

  • Husqvarna Universal SAE 30;
  • Champion Snowthrower 5W30;
  • MaxCut 4THDSAE 30;
  • ELITECH 4TDUltraSAE 5W30;
  • Anchor SAE 10W40.

In any case, you should rely on the recommendations in the manual for the unit when choosing.

Other lawn mower maintenance tips

  • Lubrication of elements occurs through a special grease;
  • It is advisable to clean the air filter periodically, but at the end of the working season it is worth buying a new one;
  • A burnt or rusted spark plug must be replaced;
  • At the end of the season, gasoline should be drained from the mower to avoid unpleasant consequences in the form of a raid in the tank.

In principle, if you figure it out, caring for the mower is not so difficult, the main thing is to adhere to the basic rules and use only high-quality elements, oils and fuel substances.