Texas Cultivator Gearbox Oil Change

We offer a closer look at the products of the famous Danish manufacturer Texas, which has been specializing in garden tools and motorcycles for almost 60 years.

Texas multifunctional cultivators, lawn mowers, wood splitters, sweepers, trimmers, and other highly specialized units have replaced primitive tools like shovels and hoes.

Texas Cultivator Gearbox Oil Change

One of these machines is the TEXAS Muldvarp ES 300 electric mini-cultivator weighing only 4.6 kg, with which you can quickly span rows without any strain on your back and arms.

The lineup

Texas brand cultivators are highly reliable, recognizable by their original design. Owners emphasize the extraordinary ergonomics of the models, the comfort of use. Texas motocultivators are distinguished by a number of design and technological features:

  • The cultivator control options are placed on the steering wheel of an ergonomic shape.
  • Due to the reduction in the weight of the rear console, the weight distribution was significantly improved, and the weight of the machine was reduced.
  • Due to the placement of the engine above the cutters, the Texas cultivator has received exceptional stability.
  • Due to the specific design of the frame, the center of gravity is lowered and maneuverability is improved.
  • A protective front bumper protects the engine from damage.
  • A useful feature is the processing at low revolutions of the rotation of the cutters, which reduces the damage to the humus layer of the soil.

Some models were discontinued (the Texas 530 TG MY 13 PRC cultivator) as technically obsolete, replaced by more functional versions. The modern range of Texas cultivators is represented by various series that vary in technical characteristics and purpose.

El-Tex Series

Texas cultivators of this series are equipped with electric motors, which saves on fuel, however, due to the low power (1.0-2.7 hp), these models should not be used on untreated soil.

A comparative analysis of the technical characteristics of Texas El-Tex cultivators is presented in the table:

Motor-cultivator Texas El-Tex 750 at work:

Hobby series

Compact small-sized modifications of cultivators are designed for operation in confined spaces, greenhouses, other enclosed spaces, for processing row spacings.

In this series, the most popular models of gasoline cultivators Texas 500BR, Texas 500B, Texas 500 TGR, which are almost identical, differ slightly from each other. with power ranging from 2.3-2.6 kW (up to 3.5 hp) and engine brand. The weight of the machines is 41-45 kg, the tillage parameters are: width 50 cm, depth 33 cm.

On a Texas Hobby 600BR cultivator mounted by a Briggs engine & Stratton 650E Series, 3.55 hp, 45 kg cultivator.

Instructions for use. download.

In the video you can see how the Texas Hobby 500 TG cultivator successfully works even on difficult ground:

Fusion Series

Texas petrol cultivators, more powerful 5 hp, weighing over 90 kg. differ in solid processing parameters: width 90 cm, depth 38 cm. The series is very ergonomic, the machines have an adjustable handle that can be adjusted to the height of the operator. Presented by the cultivators Texas Fusion 10BVario, Fusion 10TGVario.

The features of the 10TGVario model are described in the video:

TX Series

The Texas TX602 motor cultivator, unlike the TX601 version, has some technological improvements and costs more.

Letter marking in various samples of Texas cultivators (B) and (TG) means equipping machines with engines of different brands. respectively Briggs&Stratton and Powerline.

Technical characteristics of a cultivator Texas TX601B:

Lilli Series

The Texas Lilli 532 TG 500/620 model is distinguished by the 5-horsepower Powerline engine brand.

User manual for cultivator Texas Lilli 532/534/535. download.

Video: Texas Cultivator Gearbox Oil Change


Texas cultivators carry out various gardening, household and household work with a wide selection of attachments: plow-hills, adapters, rakes, harrows, spade blade, wheels with pneumatic tires, metal wheels with lugs, brushes for cleaning garbage, transportation platform trolleys, various options of mills, aerators, mowers, couplings, weighting materials.

  • Mills (saber and crow’s feet) are used to cultivate all types of soils. They are made of heavy-duty steel that has been hardened. The number of knives on the soil milling cutter can vary from 3 to 4.
  • The main purpose of the trailed trolley is the transportation of bulk or piece goods with a lifting capacity of up to 500 kg. The trolley is attached to the tiller with a hitch.
  • the tiller, coupled with the adapter, turns into a mini-tractor, the unit owner does all the work while sitting.
  • Using the hitch to the unit, you can attach any attachments.
  • Weighting agents allow you to increase the existing weight of the tiller, so that the depth of cultivation will increase. Weights are put on the tiller shaft and, directly, on the wheels.

Using attachments (a potato planter, a potato digger and a hiller), a Texas cultivator can plant and harvest, weed, and earthen potatoes:

Operation and maintenance

Running in

To extend the life of Texas cultivators, reduce breakdowns and unproductive downtime, first of all, run the machine. At the beginning of the break-in procedure, the engine should idle, then gradually begin to work in a gentle mode. up to 50% of the load for 10-13 hours, it is allowed to carry out various types of tillage.

At the break-in stage, the main components and mechanisms of the machine are run-in, so you should pay attention to their functioning: the clarity of the gear changes, the condition of the moving parts of the structure, chassis, wheels, and noise. At the end of the break-in, the oil is changed, and the cultivator is inspected again.

Fuel oil

Texas petrol cultivators consume AI-92 unleaded gasoline, fuel consumption is quite economical. 1 l / h, with an increase in load, gas mileage may increase. Recommended grade of oil is SAE 30.

User’s manual

Recommendations for the use of Texas cultivators are similar to the rules of operation of other similar units, are detailed in the instructions for each instance of the cultivator, we outline the main requirements:

  • You should thoroughly study the instructions and specific features of the model, its technical characteristics, in particular, methods of emergency stopping the machine.
  • It excludes the use of a cultivator in works that are not provided for by the instruction, exceeding the maximum loads.
  • It is forbidden to control the cultivator for persons under 16 years of age, persons who are not familiar with the instructions, who are in a painful condition, alcohol intoxication.
  • When working, it is necessary to maintain a safe distance of 20 m from nearby people, animals, property.
  • Before each operation, a thorough inspection of the equipment should be carried out.
  • Perform preventive maintenance as scheduled.

Major malfunctions

The most common damage to the cultivator engine and problems with the gearbox. Problems with the engine (will not start) can occur due to clogging of the air filter, muffler, contamination of the carburetor, and combustion of the spark plug.

Noise in the gearbox occurs due to a lack of oil, leakage of oil. in this case, the gland must be replaced.

Significant vibration of the cultivator can be caused by improper installation of mounted units. If the cutters stopped rotating, the clutch cable may not be adjusted or the fasteners loose.

The key to the durability of any equipment is its proper operation. To extend the life of your assistant, to avoid breakdowns, you should follow certain rules:

  • You must make sure that the cultivated area is not littered with stones, metal objects, pieces of brick.
  • With care, work should be done near the trees to prevent tangling of cutters in the roots. You can not loosen the earth after cutting, the knives will certainly break on the roots.
  • A proven method of prevention is the constant presence of a small amount of gasoline in the fuel tank, this will help to avoid the appearance of rust and the formation of condensate.
  • In case of malfunctions of the cultivator automation, it is highly recommended not to fix the problems yourself; it is more reasonable to use the services of specialized centers.



“I have been using the Texas TX 602B cultivator for two years now. No complaints, very satisfied. I did not expect that everything could work so clearly. Changed the filter in a timely manner, and the machine is back in service. Briggs Engine&Stratton is reliable. "


“Our Texas 534 cultivator was digging in, we saw in the video that the cargo was catching. We also tried, so another thing, the work went as it should. And another time we tried to put three milling cutters on each side, and it got better. Satisfied with the machine, powerful and reliable. In the spring we carry out all plowing. We transport cargo in the fall at harvest, 300 kg calmly pulls. "


“In our area, more tilleri are more common. But, if the plot is small 30-40 acres, then it is quite possible to do with a cultivator. For two years now, Texas 601 has been working with the American Briggs engine. 5.5 horses. enough power to calmly do everything on the site, without much overwork. I wanted this unit for a long time, and now I do not regret it. There were minor breakdowns, but spare parts are inexpensive, I changed it myself, everything is fine. ”