Than Cut Laminate If There Is No Jigsaw

Laminate. flooring, which is increasingly found in every home. Its installation always requires adjustment in length and width, because the lamellas should be laid in compliance with the brickwork rule. Accordingly, the question arises from here: "How to cut a laminate at home?". In this article, you will learn about different tools and how to fit using them.

Than Cut Laminate If There Is No Jigsaw

About tool selection

Laminate cutting must be performed with high quality so that the cut line is straight and even, and the edge remains intact. All these points are quite easy to perform, choosing the right tool for cutting laminate. An example of the right choice is the fact that not every person can cope with a professional tool, so he should use simpler tools with which he will do this job more accurately.

The simplest tool that absolutely everyone has, but it is not the best solution. A knife for a laminate is suitable only if you want to make a small cutout for a ledge in the wall. If it is still possible to cut the lamella across, it is almost impossible to do it along, because you will spend a lot of time and effort, and the cut will turn out to be of poor quality and curved.

If you decide to use a knife, then check its sharpness, because with a blunt foot you will do much more work shortcomings than sharp.


Hacksaw is very convenient to perform small trimming due to the fact that:

  • Laminate is easy to cut;
  • The fine tooth of the hacksaw ensures no chips;
  • If you still damage the edge, then you can easily close the flaws with a skirting board.

Sawing should be carried out according to the following instructions:

  1. First, make a clear marking on the lamella, remembering that it should be bright, because when sawing it will be covered with a thin layer of dust.
  2. To get a good edge, cut the sheet by turning it face up.
  3. Do not apply excessive force to the tool so as not to damage the edge being dipped.

Видео: Than Cut Laminate If There Is No Jigsaw


This is a more expensive tool, but its choice is the best answer to the question of what is better to saw the laminate. A jigsaw is worth buying only if the amount of work is too large to cut everything manually or if you don’t have money to purchase it.

How to cut a laminate with a jigsaw:

  1. Install the blade with the reverse fine tooth into the jigsaw. If the canvas comes complete with an expensive and high-quality tool, then you can use it, otherwise purchase it separately.
  2. Draw a lamella.
  3. In this case, the lamellas need to be sawed, laid face down and fixed on a hard surface.

Another advantage of the jigsaw is that it can be sawed not only in a straight line.

A circular saw

A circular machine is not something you can cut a laminate at any time, however, if you are a happy owner of such equipment, then feel free to start sawing:

  1. Slide the small tooth disc onto the shaft.
  2. Draw a cut line on the slats.
  3. If the cut is carried out along the bar, then set the width on the machine.
  4. Saw the lamella, pushing in front of you.

The main advantage of a circular saw is the speed of its operation, which allows you to cut the lamella along in a matter of seconds, however, due to the size that you can notice in the photo, it is rarely used, in addition, you can not cut certain pieces of laminate on it, for example, under a column or ledge in the wall.

What does a professional use?

In any business, an amateur can be easily distinguished from a professional, not only looking at the speed and quality of work, but also the tool used. This happens with the laying of the laminate. Professionals use a cutter for a laminate, with the help of which they cut in a very short period of time.

As seen in the photo, this cutter. it is a manual machine equipped with a sharp blade that is fixed to the base. The blade is easily adjustable for different types of cuts. Using the machine, you can cut the lamellas along, across and at different angles, without spending much effort and electricity.

The principle of work with the machine:

  1. The lamella is placed on a machine support in a horizontal position.
  2. The torch adjusts to the marking.
  3. The builder applies force to the handle and the blade gradually cuts the lamella.

A professional machine is what it is very easy to saw a laminate without chipping, so everyone who works with laying a laminate tries to purchase it.

You can use any of the presented tools, however, remember that the most important thing in sawing a laminate is the quality of the edge. Remember the tip: to make as few chips and bumps as possible, do not apply much effort to the sawing tool, because this will make the tool pull out fragments from the body of the material, and not cut them out.

Now you know all the ways of sawing, so you can decide on your own the question of how to saw through the laminate.