Than Sawing Plexiglas At Home

Than Sawing Plexiglas At Home

The need to cut plexiglass does not arise very often when it comes to home use, but sometimes you still have to think about what tools might be required in such a situation.

If you decide to make something from plexiglass yourself, then you will need to master the skills of working with this material. The most common acrylic is 8 mm thick. It is worth noting that it is not at all difficult to cut or cut organic glass, because this material lends itself perfectly to all processing methods. Below we will consider how you can saw plexiglass at home using the available tools.

Plexiglass cutting methods

If you decide to engage in the manufacture of some products from acrylic or it may be necessary for you to repair the existing product, then you may very well need to drink it to remove the deformed element. The following methods are available at home:

  • Use a hacksaw for metal. Plexiglas with a thickness of 8 mm can easily be cut with this tool, but be prepared for the fact that the cut will turn out to be inaccurate, you will need additional grinding with a file or file.
  • You can use a cutter. The method is as follows: on a plexiglass element that needs to be cut, a ruler of metal is pressed, then a couple of times with a cutter. The thickness is cut in half and it is gently broken.
  • A circular saw is also suitable, it can easily cope with organic glass 8 mm or thicker. Some craftsmen use milling cutters for metal, the thickness of which is from 0.5-1 mm. In the process of working with cutters, they are relatively quickly triggered, this leads to smoke emission, while the surface becomes rough, and due to the high temperature it can foam. To avoid this result, the saw must be cooled during operation. To do this, you can install a container of water on one side of the cutter and from there feed it through a plastic hose. By organizing such cooling, a neat and transparent cut can be achieved.
  • If necessary, cut 8 mm or another sheet of plexiglass not in a straight line, you can use nichrome thread.
    To do this, you need to build a small cutting tool. A nichrome thread will need to be warmed up properly, for this it is connected to a 24V or less transformer. When the thread is heated, it can cut acrylic along a predetermined path.
  • Another method to cut plexiglass with a thickness of 8 mm or with other parameters is use a slotted screwdriver. Having put its end to the place of the cut, the blade is heated with a 25W soldering iron. When the temperature reaches the melting of the material, a sharp movement is necessary to draw a straight line along the guide line. After which it remains just to break off the part, this will be done very simply.

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As can be seen from the above information, cutting plexiglass at home is a very simple task. Home craftsmen use the methods listed above, as well as adapt and come up with more convenient and affordable methods. So you can use a jigsaw, and if the thickness of the material is less than 2 mm, even a regular clerical knife can handle cutting.

Regardless of the chosen method of cutting or cutting plexiglass, it is recommended to grind it, and then polish it to obtain a neat cut place.