That it is better to drink an electric or battery saw. How to choose a saber’s saw for a home

Battery saw or gasoline, which is more profitable?

When people see the cost of a battery tool, the first impression is expensive, especially if you still summarize the three necessary components: tool, battery and charger for it. Let’s try to dispel doubts and present evidence that the use of a battery tool is no more expensive than a gasoline.

Battery saw or gasoline, which is more profitable?

For rude calculation, take two saws for example. the battery stihl MSA 200 and the gasoline Stihl MS 250. Despite the fact that the calculations are approximate in general, they reflect the level of costs of the purchase and use of these tools.

Quite often, many use the Stihl MS 250 chainsaw in suburban construction, working with it for 5-6 months a year a couple of hours of clean working hours every day. For an even account, simplify the conditions. The initial data is as follows: 2 hours a day and 5 working days a week give us 10 hours of work per week, there are about twenty such weeks for a 5-month season, totaling about 200 hours in our example will work in our example for the season. If we take into account that the battery saw in our example is not as powerful as gasoline, then the same work is likely to take more time. We assume that the battery saw will have to work more on 20%.

STIHL develops its saws so that on one tank or one battery charge they work for 30-35 minutes. The volume of the tank is MS 250-250-470 ml (for simplicity of calculation by rounded up to 0.5 l). Therefore, in 200 hours of operation, a gasoline saw will consume about 200 liters of gasoline mixture. One liter of 92nd gasoline on average now costs about 34 for the mixture will also need engine oil. STIHL HP branded liter liter bottle (on average costs about 550) is enough for 50 liters of a mixture. Total for 51 liters will require gasoline 50 l x 34 = 1700 and oil 1 l x 550 = 550, total 2250, that is, about 2200 per 50 liters. We multiply by 4, we get the cost of the fuel mixture for the season of work at 200 hours 8800

Now consider the situation with the battery saw. The battery, of course, also costs money, and not so small. The Stihl AP 180 battery now costs about 12,790 with proper handling and storage (according to the instructions) the battery can effectively serve more than 1,500 charging cycles/discharge. For calculation, take 1000 cycles. One battery charging in our example is enough for about half an hour of a saw, t.e. The battery will work for about 500 hours. Divide 12,790 by 500 and get 25.6 for one charging AP 180 battery consumes about 200 W electricity, we will also take it into account. 1 kWh costs on average 3.6 we get that for 1 hour of work you need to add another 0.4 kW x 3.6 = 1.44 The total cost of one hour of operation of the battery saw is 27.04 Thus, per season, in our case, the saw consumes energy on (20020%) hours x 27.04 = 6490, rounded to 6.5 thousand.

As a result, only on fuel for 1 season the battery saw will save about 2300 while the battery still has not even spent its resource, it will be enough to save the same amount next season. We add to save another important point. the wear of the rubbing parts of the chainsaws is incomparably larger than that of the battery saw. All that has to be replaced during the service is a cutting headset and the battery itself. The induction motor does not have coal brushes, so it is almost not subject to any wear. The gasoline engine at some point reaches its limit. We also add here such consumables as fuel and air filters, a candle of ignition, and we get additional operating costs.

The Stihl MSA 200 battery saw is now on average about 40.4 thousand If you count together with the charger and the battery. STIHL MS 250 gasoline saw costs about 24.6 thousand. The battery in our example is comparable to 500 liters of the fuel mixture, which will cost about 22,000

It turns out that only on the basis of this calculation even in our country, where gasoline is relatively inexpensive, the battery saw is cheaper if only fuel and long.term seasonal work are taken into account. Additional savings will be achieved due to the almost complete absence of engine wear and a smaller number of consumables.

In addition to this, using the Stihl MSA 200 C-BQ battery saw, we get the following advantages:

  • Less consumption of chain oil.
  • Significantly cleaner cut.
  • Less recovery, easier to start is a more comfortable and safe roof work.
  • No exhaust gases, you can take the battery saw with you to the house and safely work inside.
  • Quiet work that allows not only not to wear headphones, but also not to interfere with neighbors. Convenience of quick start.
  • Less risks to spoil the saw with poor fuel or untimely maintenance.

However, you can always opt for a proven Stihl MS 250 chainsaw, gaining the following advantages:

  • Independence from minus temperatures. Independence from the availability of electricity.
  • Great power.
  • Readiness for work at any time (for example, having a battery saw, for work without pauses it is worth purchasing 2 batteries, for which at the time of purchase you need more money).
  • Gasoline costs are set aside in time, and if it is not necessary, then the money does not have to spend money.

In general, with prolonged operation it turns out that the battery tool is not as expensive as it might seem at first glance, because if you consider not only the purchase cost, but also the real cost of use, then this type of tools can be more profitable for many types works.

Pluses of battery chain saw

Battering saws are called the saw of the future for a number of significant advantages. They work from the battery, it is a powerful and mobile tool, safe and convenient to operate.

One of the main advantages of the battery saw is that the capabilities of the tool are not limited by the length of the network wire. Such saws have small weight compared to gasoline analogues, which allows you to work at a height where a heavy tool is definitely not needed.

The battery saws have a simpler design, they are convenient to use and environmentally friendly. The absence of harmful gas emissions allows us to operate the tool not only on the street, but also in the workshop, in any closed room.

There are no strong noise and vibration from such models compared to benzo tools. Adjustment of the removal and tension of the circuit is carried out without additional tools, manually. The battleship saws have a smooth launch.

Wireless chain saws are also better than gasoline that immediately after turning on they reach maximum performance. DIS models require some time to accelerate and set revolutions.

The main thing is to take care of the battery and the presence of oil to lubricate the tire and chain before starting working with a battery saw.

Types of battery chain saws

Amateur and professional battery saws have similar characteristics. There are models designed for work with one and two hands.

Small saws are more compact, easily placed even in a small trunk of ATV. Such a tool will be a good addition to the necessary inventory of a modern tourist.

Amateur saws are used on the farm, cope with simple tasks: a file of branches, non.weed trees and logs, a harvesting of firewood or work with building materials.

Professional models have more capacious batteries and are designed for a wide range of opportunities, can maintain high performance of work for a long time. There are saws on which two batteries of 18 volts are simultaneously installed. This allows you to achieve greater power and performance in the equipment.

Battery saws are suitable for daily use, including inaccessible places. Some models are equipped with a special restrictive hook for engagement of knots, which allows you to go from below branches, and is used in high.rise work. This is a convenient and safe tool. It must be taken into account that the unwilling chain pulling in such models allows you to quickly configure the equipment and continue to work. Electric saws are also used in the creation of wood sculptures.

The heart of a battery is a battery. Starter and fuel tank in electric saws are absent. The battery of such equipment is located in the same place where the ICE at the chainsaw.

Modern saws use lithium-ion batteries. The possibilities of modern lithium-ion batteries allow wireless electricians to compete with analogues equipped with ICE. Batteries are designed for a maximum of 2 hours of continuous work.

The difference in batteries

When choosing any battery tool, the most important criterion is the type of nutritional elements. It is impossible to give an advantage to any particular class of batteries, it all depends on the type of tool and the specifics of working with it.

In general, two types of batteries can be distinguished. nickel and lithium. The former, in turn, are divided into two separate classes: cadmium and metal hydride. Nickel batteries are gradually replaced from the market, although they remain quite popular due to the low cost. The lithium-ion batteries have more impressive characteristics, but the high price and short service life make their purchase unprofitable in a number of situations.

In the context of a saw tool, batteries can be considered according to several criteria:

  • Operating temperature range. At minus temperatures, the battery power is significantly reduced. The most sensitive to frost are ni-mh elements, lithium batteries in this regard are somewhat better. Li-Ion power sources when heating to room temperature are restored to the degree of charge, which cannot be said about metal hydride. Badgear than nicd batteries like more vigorous: there is a tangible drop in their power at temperatures below.30 ° C.
  • The mode of operation of the tool determines the degree of influence of all other factors. For example, if you need to use a saw for 30–40 minutes in the cold and then return the tool to the workshop. there will be no noticeable power drop in power. Of particular importance is the phenomenon of self.discharge, characteristic of all batteries with the exception of lithium. If the tool is used from time to time-only Li-Ion batteries can immediately join in the work. Nickel batteries for a month lose on average from 20% of the container, while they need to be “developed” completely before staging on a charger.
  • The power of the tool. The batteries differ not only in capacity, but also with the voltage and limit current of the discharge. Again, better than the rest in this regard, Li-Ion batteries are demonstrated, Nicd confidently compete with them. You need to understand that for a jigsaw and a saber saw, high consumption currents are not characteristic, but chain saws are a rather powerful tool class, which requires a full return battery. In general, for a saw instrument, the most suitable batteries with a voltage of 18 and 24 V are considered to be for jigsaws, circulars and saber, for chain, this bar is slightly higher. 36 V.
  • Ease of use and maintenance. Since the main plus from battery is expressed in high ergonomics, this “bonus” should be as noticeable as possible. All batteries, with the exception of lithium, require periodic maintenance. In turn, nickel elements are not sensitive to redesigning and can be charged from the simplest stations. At the same time, lithium batteries require, in addition to controlling the charging current, also accurate balancing, otherwise their service life can be reduced by 2-3 times.

Advantages of branded tools

Choosing a network power tool, we evaluate it according to such parameters as reliability, accuracy and purity of processing, accessibility of components and consumables. When choosing a battery tool, you should pay attention to some other aspects.

The first of them is how competently the power scheme is arranged. Most Chinese.made tools have a direct connection of the engine to the battery through a button with a speed regulator. This scheme captivates with its simplicity and reliability, but at the same time there is a great risk of taking the batteries into a deep category. The difference between a brand tool is the presence of an indicator of the discharge circuit and the exact compliance of the battery with the working parameters of the engine used.

Another important feature concerns the charger. In addition to the fact that the OB tools of the upper price category supports the modes of the forced charge, they also have devices for adjusting the charger “on the fly”, which increases the service life of the power elements. Naturally, the quality and durability of expensive tools and batteries will be found at the same level. And another important feature concerns the service life: the battery almost always refuses the battery in the battery. If the tool is produced by one of the well.known brands. the battery block is usually calculated on use in several models and the likelihood that it will be removed from production, slightly lower.

Volume and complexity of work.

Go to your site and evaluate what trees you will saw in the next year. two. What a height they are, what diameter. How many of them. Will you saw firewood for a bath and/or at home, take a hunt for hunting or fishing, use it in construction.

Let’s calculate the volume of work in the m3 of wood. Suppose your trees with an average diameter of 25cm. You will saw them with a chain on churbaki 40 cm long. Then in order to drink 1m3 of the wood that lies on the ground, you will make 20 transverse cuts and the total length of the cut tree will be 8m. If you cut the trees you need much more time, You will need to work on top, and this is less convenient than on Earth, takes more time and is not very safe for you. In time you will spend approximately 1. 1.5 hours and use 1-2 liters of gasoline, 50. 100 ml of motor oil and 0.3. 0.6 l of chain oil when using a chainsaw. When using an electric saw or a battery saw, there will be no gasoline costs. So calculate what amount of work you have to.

The larger the diameter of the tree, the more powerful you need a chain saw, and, accordingly, the tire is longer. Of course, you can do the work and a small chainsaw power, with a bus 35-40 cm. At the same time, the costs of your time will be greater, and the cost of the tool and supplies below.

If you work with a ladder or stairs, which we do not recommend you, the saw should be easier in weight and it was convenient to keep and work.

For the construction of a house, the use of a saw can be considered from several points of view. You work more on the street or inside the house, saw you round or boards and bars. Depending on this, the type of saw is made: gasoline, electric or battery, power and weight of the saw.

Work intensity and frequency of use.

You arrived at the cottage and in 1-2 days you need to drink KAMAZ firewood, about 6 m3 of wood. For what time you will be able to do this? As described above, for a person without special skills, cut 1 m3 of firewood will take 1-1.5 hours. And you will rest to do this and work 6. 9 hours without a break. Or you usually do not hurry anywhere with a feeling, with a proper, with an arrangement, enjoy the work process without tired.

We did not find any data on the intensity of use, so we decided to evaluate the intensity of use and the volume of work, see. table, give your recommendations for choosing a chainsaw or chain saw of an electric.

Rating of the best inexpensive saber saws for metal

Any models of saber units are designed to work with wood and plastic. But tools that can saw metal, the spectrum of their use are of a broader interest.

Bort BRS-900

A saw with a powerful electric motor is suitable for a saw not only wood, but also soft metals. The speed of the cutting canvas of the tool is up to 2800 revolutions per minute, and the mode can be adjusted in accordance with its tasks. The handle is rubberized, additional equipment is attached to the kit. In steel, cutting canvases are capable of 3 mm, and in soft materials. by 1.5 cm.

Interskol NP-120/1010E

Domestic saber device with a frequency of 3,000 moves per minute drinks metal to a depth of 1.2 cm. Supports a non.clock replacement of nozzles, optimally suitable for professional use by carpenters and carpenters. The disadvantages include significant weight. almost 4 kg, holding the unit in the hand is not too comfortable.

MAKITA Circular Saw Corded vs Cordless Review

Caliber ESP-800

Another production tool is suitable for cutting wood, metal, wood-bruise and plastic. The model is very light, only 2.5 kg, but is capable of producing 2800 moves per minute and cut metal to a depth of 1 cm. 2 with hacksaws are equipped, you do not need to use the keys to replace the cutting canvas. The device is equipped with a fixation of the start button.

TOP-10 best saber saws for home and cottage

The review of the best saber saws includes models combining good quality with an acceptable cost. Most of the tools are universal, with their help you can cut both wood and thin metal sheets, soft plastic or wood-based plate.


A powerful 400 W tool makes 3,500 movements per minute and is suitable for materials of any density. Supports the replacement of hacksaws without the use of keys, equipped with diode backlight and a speed regulator. The rubberized handle of the device easily lies in the palm. The size of the move is 1.3 cm. The disadvantages of the model include strong vibration during operation and the lack of blocking from random launch.

Elitech ps 500

Inexpensive saber.made saber.production has compact dimensions and weighing 1.7 kg. It can process plastic, wood and sheet metal up to 6 mm, supports 8 provisions of adjustment of the canvas. In this case, it should be noted the low power of the tool. only 0.5 kW. In addition, the saw vibrates greatly when working.

Worx WG894E.9

German curtain.type battery type is ideal for garden work. Can cut a tree up to 6 cm and metal up to 3 mm, hacksaws change quickly and without keys. A tool is supplied without a battery, it must be purchased separately.

Important! The manufacturer claims that the saw works with batteries from any Worx Max devices, so there should be no problems with the purchase of the power element.

Einhell TE-UP 18 Li Solo

Universal battery saw with a frequency indicator of 2600 revolutions per minute is well suited for household purposes, garden work and small construction. It has an ergonomic design and a comfortable handle, supports the adjustment of the sole and a quick replacement of hacksaws without the use of keys. Differs in long life, copes with both wood and metal, if it is not thicker than 6 mm. Sets in a set with replaceable hacksaws.

Ryobi RRS1801M

Reliable, compact and light saber saw weighs only 1.9 kg. Works for the battery, suitable for processing wood at home or in the country. It can also be used for metal, provided that the thickness of the steel sheet does not exceed 6 mm. Replacement of paintings is carried out quickly, without additional tools.

better, drink, electric, battery, choose

The saber saw supports the speed of up to 3100 per minute, provides for the possibility of adjusting the speed. Does not overheat, muffles its own vibration during operation, is equipped with an emergency brake of the engine.

Makita DJR187Z

Pretty expensive saw from the category of professional works from the battery and copes with wood and metal. up to 255 and 13 mm, respectively. The length of the tool is 32 mm, speed modes can be switched up to 3000 movements per minute. The battery capacity of the model is 5 AH, in the saber’s saw there is a restrictive panel for safety and convenient backlighting.

Zads ZPS-1400 e

Sable saw with a capacity of 1400 watts easily cuts wood and dense metal. The frequency during operation reaches 2800 revolutions per minute, you can perform a cut on a tree to a depth of 255 mm. According to users, the tool is very reliable and hardy. The disadvantage can be considered the weight of the device of 4.4 kg, but for a powerful model it is quite justified.

Metabo Ssep 1 400 MVT

German dramatic saw is considered one of the best. It is equipped with a and diode backlight, the tool provides for the possibility of turning the canvas by 180 °. The productivity of the device is 1,400 watts, the nozzles change quickly and without the use of the key. The mass of the saw is 4.6 kg, but the great weight pays off the professional capabilities of the electric unit.

Hammer LZK 800 b

Inexpensive Chinese.made saw is suitable for cutting wood up to 11.5 cm thick and metal up to 2 cm. Differs in high.quality assembly, supports a non.clock replacement of nozzles. Start and brake in the model are smooth, due to which the motor in the tool wears more slowly.

Bosch GSA 1 300 PCE Professional

A reliable Bosch tool with a network from a network and a capacity of 1300 watts allows you to perform cuts up to 22 cm deep. Has a mobile pen, supports electronic stabilization, vibration protection and pendulum course. Diode backlight allows you to work even with insufficient lighting, and a long 4 m cord ensures that you will not have to use extension cords at home.

Husqvarna 120i

Lighted model 120i from the Swedish brand. great for the garden work of medium intensity (trimming large branches, cutting down small trees).

The tool has speed adjustment and makes it possible to simply switch from the greatest power to less intense mode and long.term operation. Control occurs on an intuitive device panel. The brake of the chain with an inertial drive avoids accidents.

Voltage. 40 in. Weighs 4.9 kg. Tire. 30 cm. Cutting speed. 12 m/s.

  • simple switching of operating modes;
  • battery compatibility;
  • safe;
  • small weight in its category;
  • Little noise when using.

Bosch Universalchain 18

  • Fast recharging up to 80 % charging in 40 minutes.
  • Weight 3.0 kg.
  • Charging time 95 min.
  • Warranty 24 months.
  • Tire length 20 cm.
  • Battery capacity 2.5Ach.
  • Replacing a chain without a tool yes.
  • Number of sections on one battery charge 40 sawdrons of 75 mm at one battery charging.
  • Oil tank 135 ml.
  • Battery voltage 18 in.
  • Circuit rotation 4.2 m/s.
  • Type of battery lithium-ion battery.
  • Test tool chain saw.
  • Chain step 3/8 ″.

This tool with a tire length of only 20 cm boasts such an attribute of “adult” tools as a 3/8 stars step. This allows you to find a replacement in any store where chains are bumped out of bays. the main thing is to choose a quality. The 18-volt battery is characterized by a traditional quality for Bosch, but not all modifications are equipped with it. The engine power is enough to carry out a cross.cut firewood with a thickness of 10. 15 cm.

pros Minuses
Reliable assembly The price is high
A chain with a standard full.size step Scanty set
A non.clue tension regulator

GreenWorks G24CS25

  • Tire length, mm 250.
  • The location of the engine in the file is transverse (lateral).
  • Weight, kg 2.7.
  • The speed of rotation of the chain, m/sec 4.2.
  • Battery voltage 24 V.
  • Lubrication tank volume 0.05 l.
  • Chain step 3/8 “.
  • Dimensions 580 x 180 x 280 mm.
  • Country-manufacturer of goods China.
  • US brand registration country.
  • Warranty 24 months.

If there are companies in gasoline saws that do not need, the presentation is Stihl, Husqvarna, Oleo-Mac, then the battery electric tool has its leaders. One of them is GreenWorks. Dawed with a 25 cm bus. the best choice for simple work with small wood. The original form makes the center of gravity high, and the saw is as short as possible. Thanks to two comfortable handles, even a woman can work with a saw.

pros Minuses
Original design No battery in the kit
Small weight The price is high
The battery is interchangeable with another manufacturer technique

Saw, battery or gasoline?

A small overview of the criteria when choosing a tool on the road.

I think it’s hard to imagine any tourist event without a fire, food and other nuances, where we would need a saw. You can certainly take the quantity, when there are a lot of people, then prescribe Kostrovoy, and let it be tormented as they want, but dry firewood for the kitchen, bonfire and bath be kind)) or buy firewood in the store) it is clear that when the grass was greener, the trees are higher and the old people are younger, then used with axes, beam saws, chain, manual etc. But now laziness and individualism are ruled by the ball) that is, gasoline and electricity.I had a lot of saw in my use, Husky, Echi, Oleo. Some of them could not withstand my gouging, roads and operation, some were given. Of the entire assortment, probably 2 saws who survived to old age can be distinguished, Husqvarna 272 and Stihl 440. But time does not stand still and they say that somewhere there are cars on batteries and for 4 years ago I bought myself a huskvarn 536, with 200m battery and charging, and all this crap was bought separately, first drank a tire with a chain, then a battery and a battery and a battery finally charging, then drank a 12tr, a 8tr battery, charging 9 seems to be And so the pluses of the device, size, quiet work, the absence of the smell of gasoline and the loss of time for the mixture and the factory, the charge of 200 accumulates is enough for 3/4 of the tank of gasoline. Now about the disadvantages- at- 5/10 of the saw turns into a pumpkin, they stop working and a normal source of 220V needs a normal source.Now about bonuses, at any time you can replenish the NZ firewood, if the trip is planned to spend the night in the field or desert, the camp is not arranged in the camp as a chainsaw and you do not inform all the rangers within a radius of 10 km, which is thumping and fading at the bicome Forest, it can work for it for a very long time, without even having a habit, the lack of vibration and small weight is undoubtedly a large plus, there are no troubles with service, I sharpen the chain and drank As a result of this revolution, cooking somewhere by 50 percent passes again on firewood

Of course, with difficult work, where the relics are needed, then there is no need to talk about the batteries, there is gasoline and only it)

Now about competitors, it is difficult to say something except Dewalt and Makita, Makita looked when I chose, I did not like it at that time it was pure bitch, not saw. Dewalt is definitely better on batteries, it works up to. 20, it does not drink so cheerfully and the algorithm of work is slightly different.

The design of the battery saw

The battery chain saw includes the following main elements: housing, electric motor, battery, saw tire, chain and handle to hold the tool by the user.

The electric motor is the main technical element of the saw, works on the battery or several batteries. To maintain the effective performance of the saw, lithium-ion batteries are used, which do not have a memory effect and one charge is enough for a long period of time.

Wireless saws can be equipped with brush and brilliant engines. Mostly on the market are saws with browned engines, which is associated with a number of advantages of this technology. A saw with a bronnial engine on one charge of the battery will work almost twice as long as a saw with a brush engine. Tools with browned engines are more expensive, they are much more effective and more productive in operation than brush models.

Battery saws have a longitudinal or transverse location. A tool with a transverse location of the engine is more convenient when working with vertical surfaces. A saw with a longitudinal location of the motor has the best balancing, is considered more functional and convenient when performing work operations at any angles.

The voltage of lithium-ion batteries varies from 10.8 to 82 V, the battery capacity of the saws of different power can be 1.8 Ah up to 5.8 ah. The higher the voltage of the tool, the more powerful the drank. The capacity is responsible for the duration of work on one charge. Working time of battery saws can reach 1.5 hours. It is better to have two batteries and a double charger in the kit to quickly prepare batteries for work.

Lithium-ion batteries allow batteries for performance to compete with gasoline analogues and work effectively at high loads.

The length of the bus in battery saws varies from 4 to 18 inches or from 10 to 45 cm. The longer the tire, the thicker the log or the blank of the saw will be able to cut.

The brake mechanism on the saws allows you to protect the user in case of non.compliance with safety precautions. For example, with the correct stretching of the tire in case of pinching in the process of cutting a large log. If the squeezed bus is thrown into the user, the brake mechanism will instantly stop the circuit and avoid random injuries.

Launch lock is designed to protect against unintentional turning on the tool. There is such a function in all wireless power models.

The function of automatic lubrication of the saw chain allows you to always maintain the chain in the condition necessary for work.

The weight of the electric saw without a battery depending on the model of the tool varies from 3 to 5 kilograms. The battery weighs from 0.5 to 2 kg. The total weight of a wireless saw on average can be from 3.5. 7 kilograms.

Types of battery saws

The battery saw line is divided into models for domestic use and professional operation. There are saws for working with one hand and powerful two.handed saws.

Battery saws are easily cleaned in the trunk of ATV. It is convenient to always have such a tool at hand in a tourist campaign. One.handed mini saws will cope with the trim of non.weed young trees, branches, bushes, building material. Two.handed amateur saws will help to quickly prepare firewood for home and baths and quickly perform other business tasks.

Professional class saws with more capacious batteries are able to maintain high working performance for a long time.

It is convenient to work with battery saws in places. Some models are equipped with special limiting hooks to hook knots and branches, make cuts from below the planned cutting line.

the best chain electric saws according to the owners’ reviews

When selecting a “reliable assistant” for a summer residence and at home, buyers are usually guided by intuition, instead of based on common sense. This is understandable, since not all people at least once used any saw, except for the most ordinary-manual.

In order to facilitate the task for potential users, the article will consider 9 best models of chain electric saws according to the owners, their main characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, as well as are necessarily indicated.

Carver RSE-2400M

Inexpensive electric saw with sufficient high power (2400 W) and high reliability level. Has a longitudinal engine location. Can be used to harvest firewood, sawing trees of various thicknesses.

better, drink, electric, battery, choose

There is a protection against overload. The system of smooth inclusion makes it possible to easily start the motor. The start lock is worth, which provides protection against random launch of the device. The presence of a good brake allows you to quickly stop using it. In this regard, work with a saw becomes almost safe.

  • Does not heat up during operation.
  • Quick stopping chain.
  • Automatic lubrication of the chain.
  • Low cost.
  • Unknown circuit tension system.


A fairly heavy electrical saw (weight. 7.4 kg) with a powerful engine (2000 W) for working with trees in a forest belt, construction, repair, firewood harvesting. Tire length. 40 cm. There is an indicator showing the oil level. The tension of the circuit is adjusted by the screw on the right side of the case. Convenience and safety in work are achieved due to the instant stopping of the circuit and its automatic brake.

Due to the lack of harmful toxic exhausts, this tool can be used even indoors.

  • Low noise level with high engine power.
  • Possibility of work in the room.
  • Light, smooth start.
  • Reliable gearbox.
  • The presence of a safety cover in the kit.
  • It is difficult to discern the level of oil.

Champion 420n-16

A popular electric saw with considerable power (2000 W) will serve for work related to the improvement of the house, construction, in the garden. On the saw tire there is a toothed emphasis of metal for accuracy and ease of actions.

Ease of use is achieved thanks to two handles that are located on the back and side of the engine, and the location of the engine. In this model, it is longitudinal.

The front shield provides a good overview when cutting. Equipped with a locking button automatic unregulated pump for lubricating the saw oil. The tank has a transparent window to adjust the level.

  • Properly compiled instructions.
  • It turns off automatically when the lubrication of the tire ends.
  • The circuit stops immediately after turning off the device.
  • Weak vibration.
  • Plastic gear in the gearbox quickly fails.

GreenWorks G40CS30 0

Light battery chain saw (4.4 kg), with autonomous work time up to one hour. It has compact dimensions. Perfectly cope with cutting knots on trees, sawing small logs, Tire length is only 30 cm. Cutting canvas and tire made of stainless steel.

The absence of wires makes the device very mobile and simplifies the work on the household. The plastic of the case is durable. There is a shield that provides protection against chips flying in different directions. The handles are rubberized. Without much effort, the chain is changing and pulled. The engine is protected from overload.

  • One battery is suitable for all devices of this company.
  • Lack of wires.
  • Small weight, compactness.
  • It is quickly charged.
  • There is a battery level indicator.
  • There is no charger and battery in the kit.

Bosch Ake 35 S

Good electric chain saw of a well.known company with high performance. Designed for harvesting firewood, cutting knots on trees, various construction work.

Simplicity in use is achieved at the expense of:

  • a special system for replacing a chain;
  • automatic lubrication of elements;
  • ergonomics of the handles;
  • engine brakes, chains;
  • protection against unintentional inclusion;
  • small weight and size.

Tire length 35 cm allows you to saw wood carefully and quickly. The model is not very noisy. The maximum recorded noise level is 87 dB. Compactness and small weight (4 kg) provide the possibility of long.term work without fatigue.

  • Simple chain pulling up.
  • Copes with the work of any complexity.
  • Easily assembled/disassembled.
  • Reliable manufacturer.
  • Capacious tank with oil level control.
  • High oil consumption.

Makita UC4041A

Electric chain saw with a high torque. Perfectly cope with the sawing of building materials, harvesting logs for the winter, cutting bushes, trees, circumcision of branches. Functions from the network. Makes it possible to make a large amount of work in the shortest possible time. At the same time, he consumes electricity economically.

Metal body with plastic inserts, which makes the model resistant from damage. Pleasant appearance. A well.insulated cable does not ripe during friction with a tool. Two ergonomic handles allow you to completely control the tool and facilitate the work. A protective shield is available for the safety of a person working with a saw.

For many types of work, battery electric saws are more suitable. They feed from an independent source and do not require a connection to the outlet. Below, consider the 10 best models with positive user reviews and standing out from the standpoint of reliability and quality.

Ryobi OCS1830 18 V

Brightless electric saw with a convenient chain replacement and light tension without using a special tool. It is released by the presence of automatic lubrication, slight weight and stylish design.

The device is equipped with a powerful engine, mechanical braking of the chain and comfortable rubberized handles.

  • voltage, B. 18;
  • Capacity of the battery, Ach. 5;
  • Tire length, cm. 30;
  • options. circuit brake, tension / replacement without a key, motor protection, engine without brushes;
  • chain step. 3/8;
  • weight, kg. 3.2;
  • cutting speed, m/s. 10;
  • manufacturer-China (brand-Japan).

The kit includes a chain, a protective cover and a tire. The battery and charger are not delivered.

  • Small weight in comparison with gasoline models.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • High quality of material and assembly.
  • Small noise level.
  • Turns on the button with a light press.
  • Not equipped with batteries, it is necessary to purchase separately, their quick discharge.
  • Small power.
  • Cases of stuck in a dense tree are known even with a small clamp.
  • Difficulties with sawing raw wood are possible.

Ryobi OCS1830 18 V. comfortable in operation, quiet and inexpensive electric saw. When buying it, you need to be prepared to separately buy batteries and a charger.

The Brushless One Chainsaw from Ryobi. OCS1830

Makita DUC302Z 18 in

A compact electric saw with a transverse placement of a brilliant motor and an inertial brake that provides reliable operation. Intended for frequent use, which allows us to attribute conditionally to professional devices.

Lubrication is carried out automatically, and its feed is carried out with a special capacity.

  • voltage, B. 18;
  • Capacity of the battery, Ach. from 1.5 to 4;
  • Tire length, cm. 30;
  • options. circuit brake, tension / replacement without a key, smooth start, engine without brushes;
  • chain step. 3/8;
  • weight, kg. 4.1;
  • cutting speed, m/s. 8;
  • manufacturer-China (brand-Japan).

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The configuration with the device includes a chain, tire and operating manual.

Charger and battery for work will have to be bought separately.

  • Easily copes even with wet wood.
  • You can work with one hand.
  • Slight noise.
  • Japanese quality of materials and assembly, hot and made in China.
  • Ease of preparation and settings.
  • Adequate cost of equipment.
  • Tire fixation mechanism.
  • No battery, charger and box.
  • The backstage of the protective brake is noticeable.
  • Unknown location of the button.
  • In a certain position, oil follows.
  • The backlash of the brake handle.
  • Low speed of work.

Makita DUC302Z 18 V. an electric, characterized by a high moment of rotation, reliability and compactness. Does not require complicated maintenance and has a low noise level.

Elitech PCA 36BA 18 V/4 A h

Light battery saw with automatic starting engine, slight weight and ease of use. The model is distinguished by the presence of visual control of the amount of lubrication, a capacious battery and a comparative low noise level.

The device operates on the BL motor with a high resource, and the chain and tire are made by the famous Oregon manufacturer.

The device provides a controller that determines the fact of overload and supplies a command to turn off.

  • voltage, B. 18;
  • Capacity of the battery, Ach. 4;
  • Tire length, cm. 35;
  • options. circuit brake, tension / replacement without a key, motor protection, engine without brushes, smooth start;
  • chain step. 3/8;
  • weight, kg. 5;
  • cutting speed, m/s. 15;
  • manufacturer-China (brand-the supply kit is a tire, chain, cover and leadership. Batteries and charger are not included.