That the saber saw saws. Bosch GFZ 16-35 AC

What is a saber’s saw for: choice, rating and video reviews

The saber saw is intended not only for professional masters, but also for those who are far from this sphere. Thanks to this tool, you can quickly, and most importantly, efficiently carry out almost any work related to sharp material. In this topic, we will touch on the features of saber saws and talk in detail about the specifics of choosing this device.

Sable saw is a multifunctional equipment that resembles a drill in appearance. It has an elongated case with a handle and a workshop located at the level of the index finger. To ensure protection when using the tool, it has fuses that protect against random click on the button. The device is also equipped with a special cutting blade moving straightforwardly, capable of performing pendulum.Shaped actions (on some models). According to the principle of action and on the assigned tasks, as discussed a little lower, the saber can be compared with a hacksaw familiar to an ordinary user.

The mass of the saber saw varies within 2. 5 kg. In a sense, weight determines the power and area of ​​equipment use. Manufacturers produce a large number of files, the length of which varies from 8 to 35 cm. This assortment allows you to work with materials of different thicknesses.

Features and safety requirements

The main feature in the work with which you will have to come to terms is high vibration. For saber saws. This is the norm. There are models with anti.Vibration systems on the market, but they do not provide complete protection.

The workpiece must be fixed tightly. Best in a vice. Even if we are talking about a heavy brush. If there is no reliable fixation, when sawing, the part will “shake”, and the hands will feel the strongest vibration.

Important: the workpiece must be fixed tightly.

The second basic requirement follows from here: in order for the tool to saw the workpiece, and does not fight about it, the supporting shoe must fit tightly to the sawing part. In general, only the canvas should walk.

Here are a few more recommendations to beginners:

One. Keep the tool only with two hands. And of course not to try to saw with one hand, but to hold the workpiece the second.

The saw should be brought to the workpiece in the included state. Accordingly, remove the canvas only after the engine stops.

The canvases should be straight. Comfort and quality of work with deformed equipment will not be on top.

Do not allow the canvas to hit the ground and objects lying on the ground.

Before sharp large and heavy details, first think about the work course. To avoid trouble, you need to know in advance where

Dämmstoffschneider BOSCH GFZ 16-35 Holzwolle LAYER-Grosshandel

Important: a supporting shoe must fit tightly to the sawing part. Slove the sawn part. If the situation causes difficulties and you feel that you will have to take an uncomfortable pose, it makes sense to install the canvas upwards up (many saws have such an opportunity).

For productive cutting, it is better to turn on the pendulum course, you will feel the difference. If you see that the canvas suddenly became reluctant to move on, it makes sense to cut further, swaying the tool up and down, maintaining tight contact of the sole and blanks. What is not necessary to do is to press even more: when the tool is already overloaded, from additional efforts it will not work faster.

TOP-10 rating according to KP

One. Makita JR3050T (from 8549 rubles)

This saber saw is a universal tool for cutting a wide range of various materials, different hardness and composition. Special flat cutting canvases are used as the working body in the power tool, which can be compared with the usual beam saw. In the process of carrying out work under the influence of an electric drive, this canvas carries out progressive-reflective movements with an amplitude necessary for cutting, thereby simulating the movements of a conventional hacksaw.

AEG US 1300 XE KOSALOVKA is a powerful tool that is suitable for sawing wood, metal, plastic, aerated concrete and other materials. The hacksaw is characterized by a stroke length equal to 30 mm. The maximum cut of the tree carried out by a saw is 250 mm. It can cut steel to a depth of 20 mm. A feature of the tool is the system of quick fixation of the paintings and the ability to rotate the saw canvas by 180 °. The saw has a power consumed 1.3 kW: This indicator guarantees you the possibility of effective work with materials of increased hardness.

From the description of the manufacturer, it follows that the Bosch GSA 1100 e saber saw is a professional level tool. The reliability of the model allows you to use it in intensive mode. In the best way, the tool is suitable for working with wood, but, when installing the appropriate canvases, you can use the saw when sawing other materials. The maximum movement of the file of the file is 2700 moves per minute. Sawed the tree can reach impressive 230 mm, and drink metal. 20 mm (for the plate). An important feature is the presence of the function adjustment function. Bosch GSA 1100 E is equipped with an 1100-watt electric motor. The tool receives power from the network, to which it is connected using an inexperienced cable. Ergonomic rubberized handle guarantees a reliable grip.

According to the manufacturer, this is a universal tool for sawing almost any materials. Wood, plastic, metal, foam concrete and gasbet, gypsolite, brick, is widely used for dismantling and installation work. The saw is almost indispensable for carpenters, roofers, finishes, locksmiths, installers of frame structures, as well as salvation workers. Separately, garden work can be noted. The duration of the action provides a high.Power engine. The metal case is responsible for reliability. Rearranged emphasis will allow you to choose the depth of sawing. Rubber overlays on the case facilitate the maintenance of the tool and protect the tool from damage.

This powerful universal saber saw is designed for sawing wood, plywood, fiberboard, chipboard, metal, plastic and compositional building materials. Replacement of saws without tools. Preliminary installation of sawing speed by adjustment. The model is characterized by good equipment, a little cost and smooth work. It is quite light, which also contributes to the convenience of labor.

Dawed Saber Zads ZPS-850 E is indispensable where you need a quick and high-quality cut of a metal profile, plastic, wood preparations, as well as solid building materials. At least so assures the manufacturer. This is a universal tool for solving not only household, but also professional problems. Among the features are quick access to brushes and their replacement, a rotary handle, the ability to carry out figure sawing of materials. A non.Clock cartridge facilitates the process of replacing the canvas. To adjust the depths of the saw, there is a rearranged emphasis.

Dawed electric saber BRS. 900. Ideal when performing work with wood, soft metal, plastic and other similar materials. As the manufacturer says, it is indispensable when performing set tasks in hard.To.Reach places. With the help of this saw, it is ideal to cut the openings in wooden walls, work with rafters, beams and a beam. High power of the saber saw allows you to do the most time.Consuming work without much effort. Turning ergonomic rear handle, fast replacement of nozzles, convenient speed adjustment. In this model everything is done so that its functionality and ease of use can be felt. An additional set of brushes and a file will become a pleasant bonus for the owner.

Inexpensive, compact and light saber saw is suitable for use in a private house, apartment or in the country. You can saw wood, metal and other materials. Elitech PS 500 has the ability to cut wood and steel to a depth of 60 and 6 mm, respectively. The maximum speed of the file is 2350 moves per minute. The manufacturer provides for the supporting fastening of the file. The knife handle has an anti.Slip coating: it is convenient in any conditions. The advantage of the model is the presence of the switch lock button. The low mass of the tool will not cause you trouble when performing work of any complexity and duration.

PSA1200-C saber saw is used for cutting wood, plastic and metal. The quality of the cut of various materials is guaranteed by electronic revolutions. The brushes of the device are easy to replace yourself, without contacting the service. As the manufacturer assures, a fast.Packed cartridge allows you to change the saw canvas in seconds. Features of saw: 1. Pendulum for high speed 2. The start key is blocked. For long.Term work 3. Double isolation protects the saw from damage 4. The accuracy of the cut due to the supporting shoe 5. The depth of the cut (wood/metal). 150/10 mm.

Rating of the best battery saber saws 2020

Worx WX508

Good battery saber saw for relatively little money. It is able to saw a wooden beam up to 177 mm thick and steel up to 12 mm thick. At the same time, the saw is equipped with the function of the pendulum passage, which increases the amplitude of sawing (the canvas rises slightly and then lowers), thereby accelerating the cut. This allows you to accelerate the process of cutting wood when you need to really saw a lot. We also note that there is a function of smooth launch: when turning on, the saw slowly gains momentum without jerking, so it will not tear it out of hand.

The unit from the battery with a voltage of 20 V works and a capacity of 2 Ah. It is enough for about an hour of continuous work. A pleasant moment is the presence of a backlight that simplifies the work when you need to cut something in an inaccessible dark place, for example, a pipe behind a toilet. The battery is included with the device, two wood and metal canvases and a bag for transporting a saw.

Metabo SSE 18 LTX Compact

This drank is the most compact, light and comfortable in our selection. Its weight is only 1.7 kg, so you can work even with one hand. But despite her modest dimensions, she is able to quite deeply drink wooden material. Up to 180 mm. Such a model is very convenient for work in the garden. For example, for trimming branches and rolling small trees (it is better to take a chainsaw for thick trunks).

For the operation of the device, the manufacturer provided the battery with a voltage of 18 V and a capacity of 2 Ah. It is enough for about 40 minutes of work. True, it is charged as much, and two batteries are included in the kit, so you can work with practically without downtime. The device is equipped with LED backlight for work in hard.To.Reach places. Saw, two batteries and two canvases are conveniently placed in a plastic case, which is included. The device is generally expensive, but comfortable and reliable in work.

Dewalt DCS 388N

A powerful unit for serious work on cutting wood and cutting metal structures. The power of the bronnote engine is 1550 watts, which allows it to work with large canvases that saw wooden blanks up to 300 mm thick. The engine is equipped with electronic protection, which turns it off with an increase in the load to a critical indicator (for example, when jaming the canvas). The canvas can be replaced in a matter of seconds thanks to a fast.Packed cartridge.

The unit from the battery with a voltage of 54 V works and a capacity of 2 Ah. It is not included, so you have to buy separately. By the way, batteries of the DCB546, DCB547 and DCB548 type can operate with the device, which are suitable for other DeWALT power tools. The saw is equipped with a good LED backlight. The device is heavy and expensive. It is worth buying if you are seriously engaged in construction and you often need to cut dense thick material at the facility. For home use it is better to look at the cheaper model.

Instrument service recommendations

Regardless of the rating of the battery or network saber saw, you need to use the tool correctly. So, it is necessary to exclude overheating and overload of the engine, water getting into the body. At the end of the work, it is recommended to conduct cleaning, and before launch it is necessary to check the equipment for serviceability, and the cord regarding the integrity of the insulation.

The design of the saber saw

Sable saw in appearance resembles an ordinary hacksaw equipped with an engine. The engine drives a crooked-shaped mechanism that moves the saw canad. Most devices have a lever to unlock the canvas (shown in the figure), which allows you to remove the nozzle in seconds and replace it with a new one (similar to a fast.Packed cartridge in perforators).

Pay attention to the supporting plate: it is in all such devices, but it may differ in an inclined design, bending angle and sizes. Additionally, the device can be equipped with a button of turning on on, which facilitates the operation during prolonged sawing of the material.

Rating of saber saws. A brief overview of popular models and reviews of owners

Sable saw. A tool that has been used in the field of construction, carpentry, both in household and professional use for many years. Among the owners of saber saws, the second name of the instrument is often found: electric weight, electric saw, a file with a narrow blade.

The main purpose of the saber saw:

  • Sawing plastic, wood, metal pipes, metal products;
  • Drywall cutting;
  • Trimming trees in a summer cottage;
  • Cut wooden beams;
  • A saw can work even with materials such as porous brick, stainless steel and aluminum;
  • Other minor repair work in the house, in which you need to cut or cut anything.

Modern models of saber saws can produce a cut not only in a straight line, but also change the saw trajectory without overheating and deformation of the canvas. Modern farmers use saber saws in dachas, for the construction of wooden structures, small work with wood, which requires greater accuracy,


Sable saws can be divided into such categories:

These two categories, in turn, are divided by the types of models drank:

There are no gasoline saber saws in the lineup of manufacturers.

Professional saber saws

Professional saber saws. Differ in high power, can be used for a long time (up to 4 hours of continuous work per day).

Such saws have a higher cost and are designed for use in industries or in carpentry workshops, workshops, repair centers. The same parameters are possessed by semi.Professional models.

Household saber saws

Household saber saws are tools for home use. Files of this category can be used in total up to 2 hours a day.

Often equipped with spare saw canvases due to the Rapid wear of the “native” canvas. Suitable for non.Professional masters and can be used in the household only a few times a year.

Battery and electric saber saws

Network (electric) saber saws operate directly from a network with a voltage of 220-230 volts. Battery Saber saws work on lithium batteries.

The average duration of the household tool is 30-40 minutes, professional is 60-70 minutes, and then recharging is required. Almost all world saber.Saw manufacturers produce both types of tools. Both network and battery.


Let us consider in more detail what characteristics a good saber saw should have, regardless of the method of connection and work.

Engine and power

It is logical to think that the greater the power of the motor saw engine, the more productive it is. This opinion is really among the owners, but keep in mind that the greater power the saw will possess, the harder it will be its weight.

For use at home, there is enough power up to 600 watts. For professional tasks, a saw with a capacity of 900 to 1700 watts is well suited. The voltage parameter is also important to understand how many resources will consume your saber saw.

Speed ​​or speed

The next parameter that determines the quality of the saber saw is the speed of the move.

The speed of the course is the speed with which the tool can saw.

On average, in a good professional saw, it fluctuates in the range from 2500-3000 move/minute. Household instruments can have a speed of 500 move/minute.


The pendulum course is the ability of the saw canvas to move not only along the “forward and backward” trajectory, but also to rise during the reverse.

Such an option for the work of the file removes the canvas from the heated area, which has just been cut, therefore, increases the useful life of the tool, preventing the saw from overheating.

Cracking protection

The function of protection against overloads implies automatic shutdown of the saber‘s saw if it overheat.

Protection from jamming

From jamming, a special coupling can save the saber saw. This option is present only in expensive models, they cannot boast cheaply.

Dicky replacement mechanism

The perfect saw, according to the owners, is that saw in which tools do not need tools to replace the canvas and you can replace it quickly, manually. Often to replace the canvas you need a rotation of a special latch or moving from the place of a locking ring.

On some models, the blade is additionally fixed by the casing. When choosing a saber saw, be sure to pay attention to the method of fixing the blade.

The braking of the saw canvas

The process of inhibition of the saber saw is carried out using an electrodynamic brake. When releasing the start button, the canvas stops moving. This function is the key to safe operation of the device.

The purpose of the saber saw

A multifunctional tool will not be superfluous in a home workshop. With it, you can cut any materials quite easily and simply. Electronics amenable to:

  • Wood;
  • Plastic;
  • Tiles;
  • Metal;
  • Brick and aerated concrete;
  • Drywall;
  • Chipboard and MDF;
  • Plywood;
  • Compositional materials and t.D.

Sable saw will come in handy in the repair and in work on the personal plot. It will help to perform a straight and curved cut. Its capabilities are more extended to manual hacksaw, and work is carried out much faster and better.

The power tool allows you to vary by inspiring the masters to experiments. With its help, simple blanks and details of a complex shape are performed.

In order to prevent any inaccuracies and make the cut clearly along the line, you need to have a hard hand and have a good eye.

A beginner may encounter certain difficulties, therefore it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the tool in advance, having completed, for a start, insignificant work. It is necessary to feel the maneuverability of the electrical.Burning, and get a little experience in sawing. After that, certainly confidence will appear.

Saber is pilaf to universal tools.

  • Circular saw;
  • Electrician;
  • Bitch;
  • File;
  • Metal brush to remove rust and remove the remains of the old paint.

Bosch Sabre Saw. GSA 1300 PCE Professional

In some cases, the tool is used as a chain electric saw or grinder. The option of application depends on the nature of the work, as well as on the type of installed nozzle.

It is interesting that when cutting metal, the sparks do not fly in different directions with a saber saw, since they simply do not.

Branches from trees are removed even in the most inaccessible places completely safe, because bending in uncomfortable poses, while not required.

But there is a couple of acquittals. Firstly, buy a bunch of power tools for home use in order to occasionally get them from the mezzanine, hardly anyone will call a reasonable decision.

And secondly, the electric heater can completely replace a large-large specialized analogue in difficult areas.

Principle of operation

The hacksaw canvas of a saber saw makes not only straightforward, but also pendulum movements. It moves back and forth, rising when moving to its original position.

This means that the cutting element, having done it, the second time for the same place does not pass. The canvas is assigned in automatic mode. In this case, friction of the hacksaw on the cut surface is reduced, which, in turn, facilitates and speeds up the work.

The working bodies of the power tool, in addition to the hacksaw, are hidden in the ergonomic case. Outside is a conveniently located button in the shape of a lever adjusted for the index finger. The saber saw has a number of options, the main of which are:

To adhere to the correctness of the lines and angles during the cut, avoiding irreparable errors, guides help. They are not included in the tool, so they are purchased separately. In fact, the guides are able to ensure the accuracy of the electricity and increase the efficiency of its use.

Sable saws are presented in the market in three groups. Household, professional and semi.Professional.

Models differ in several parameters:

  • Power;
  • Performance;
  • The frequency of passages of a hacksaw canvas for a certain period of time;
  • Manufacturing materials;
  • Margin of strength;
  • Working resource;
  • Dimensions;
  • Wear resistance;
  • Value.

Professional equipment is intended for specialists. For home masters, household power tools are quite suitable. The semi.Professional electric vehicles will be needed by craftsmen, from time to time engaged in carpentry.

The cutting element for a saber saw is chosen taking into account the material with which you will have to work. At the same time, they pay attention to the size and step of the teeth, as well as their shape and degree of sharpening.

From this we can conclude that canvases with large teeth should be used for rough, but Rapid processing of products, when quality is put in the background, and the speed remains a priority component of the process.

In specialized stores there are short and long canvases (within 100-400mm), with and without spraying. Removable elements are unified in shape and size, so they are suitable for almost any model of electroplays produced by different manufacturers. Optimal is the length of the file 120-170mm. It is these canvases that give the most accurate cuts.

How to choose a saber’s saw

First of all, the question arises: choose a household or professional apparatus. The significant difference is that professional equipment can work for a long, literally for a long time without stopping. Household appliance requires rest every 15 minutes to cool the gearbox.

Воsh gfz 16- 35 ac

Depending on the model, a saber saw can eat from the network or from the built.In battery. The battery saber saw is very convenient when working in the garden, when cutting trees. The only drawback is the increased weight and the need to charge batteries.

Network saber saws are applicable where there is close access to electricity, do not require time for charging, are not weighted by the battery, which over time will require replacement.

When choosing, the power of the saber’s saw is also important. It is very convenient to work with a powerful saw, but with power, not only performance increases, but also weight and dimensions.

The most important parameters are the following indicators of the number of moves per minute (2500-3000 vibrations per minute), the length of the canvas (19-32 mm), the cut depth (on wood 30 cm, on solid materials 13 cm).

The presence of a pendulum course increases productivity: with a return movement, the canvas lifts. In this case, the canvas is better cooled, sawdust is easier to remove from the cut, the speed of processing of materials increases. This option is not implemented in all models and sometimes it must be turned off: for example, with indirect saws.

The tool can be with various mechanisms of replacement of the canvas: the most convenient to replace the canvas that does not require the use of any tools. The canvas should easily be removed and rigidly fixed.

Protection against overloads will increase the service life of the apparatus: with prolonged operation, the device has such protection automatically disconnected for cooling.

Speed ​​adjustment: the degree of pressing on the starting key determines the speed of the apparatus. In some models, you can set a limit of maximum speed, which is very convenient.

In addition, when choosing a specific model, attention should be paid to the following important options:

  • The safety coupling when jaming the canvas will avoid a blow that can cause injury or break the device.
  • Smooth start will allow the canvas smoothly without a jerk. He will protect the device and a network from high starting currents.
  • The electrodynamic brake will immediately after turning off change the canvas or put the saw on the surface without wasting time waiting for a stop.
  • Blocking from random starting makes the device safer, and fixing the trigger allows you to work with a relaxed hand.
  • Vibrogasitors consisting of rubber gaskets or dynamic counterweights seriously reduce noise and vibration.
  • The system of automatic maintenance of speed under load will not be turned to decrease the number of movements when the load is increased.

Bosch GFZ 16 35 AC Multipurpose Universal Saw. Demonstration video. Shopmancini.Com

A saber’s saw can work with any materials, only the correct selection of the cutting canvas is required. Carbon steel canvases are suitable for soft materials, the weapons of instrumental steel are suitable for working with a saber saw on metal. Bimetallic canvases have a long service life.

What is a saber’s saw: the main characteristics and scope of application

Experienced craftsmen working with wood and metal know well what a saber’s saw is. But those who first encounter this kind of tool do not always understand that this is an ordinary hacksaw. It is equipped with a cutting canvas and electric drive. Is a universal device for cutting various materials. The saber’s saw has light weight, and that it is the most convenient among all saws (such as circular, jigsaw, grinder, chain saw), and there is nothing to say. This is really the most comfortable, maneuverable and safe sawing tool.

In fact, an electric heater is a practical and multifunctional type of tool that can be cut everything that is conceived. Thanks to a special design, an electric saber’s saw can make a hole and cut in the most inaccessible place.

Such a file is easy to cut wood and wood slabs, metal, plastic products. She has proven herself perfectly with brick, concrete and much more, so it can also be used to dismantle structures. You can even cut trees (not thick trunks), branches, saw logs on firewood.

About where it is convenient to use a saber’s saw than it was better than other species, I will tell in this article.

Multifunctionality of the tool

The saw is multifunctional in relation to working with various materials. You can use this tool in working with different building materials.

When working with aerated concrete blocks, porous brick, the saw shows good results. Can even cut metal sheets, steel.

But do not forget to change the file in the tool when changing the material. As you know, different files are designed for carved types of building materials.

In this case, the saw will be able to reveal its capabilities to many more.

saber, saws, bosch

No need to compare the usual handmade saw with a saber’s saw. The results that this saw shows is much better, and much more convenient.

Buy narrow hacksaw canvases, they are on sale. This will make it possible to make curved cuts.

Working in a carpentry workshop or simply engaged in any such work, this version of the saw will give you great advantages.

A person who has a permanent business with this kind of tools will quickly figure out and can easily cope.

Of course, an unprepared person will be more difficult, it is possible to cut the part exactly right away. Here you need skill and training.

Remember the power of the tool, it should not go out of control. Perhaps an additional pen will be needed. Also, when choosing a saw, pay attention to convenience and can you easily press the start button.

Devices are offered to the saw, thanks to which you can use it in the form of another tool, for example, rashpil or metal brushes. Of course this is a big plus in the possibilities of this tool.

The principle of work of saber saws

The main structural feature of the saw is the pendulum trajectory of the cutting canvas. If in short, this mechanism involves raising the cutting edge during returning movement, due to which friction and heating of the canvas are significantly reduced. Thanks to this approach, the designers of the device have achieved an increase in the service life of interchangeable saws, as well as the growth of its performance compared to analogues, since the pendulum mechanism contributes to the automatic removal of the sawdust accumulated during operation. Thus, there is no need to use excessive efforts during operation, it becomes less tiring.

Devices are supplied with a special table, according to which you can change the speed of the cutting canvas depending on the characteristics of the processed material. A set of replaceable saws imprisoned for certain properties of wood also helps to expand the scope of the use of tools. It is safe to say that the saber saw exceeds manual analogues in performance, accuracy and ease of use.

Wood saber saws. Description and application

Slack saws are used abroad today with unprecedented popularity. For several years now they have not been leaving the top three of the best.Selling tools. And in some countries they are even in the first place. Why in Russia this tool is not so popular? In this article we will talk about what a saber’s saw is, what this thing is needed for, as well as the rules of working with it.

What is it

The saber’s saw is simple and understandable to anyone who has encountered at least a little to work with any electric tool. It consists of:

Not even an experienced master will quickly understand how to work with this tool. In fact, a saber saw is a worthy analogue of a regular manual hacksaw. Many call it that. “Electro.Burning”. It works like a jigsaw. It is interesting that the saber saw was invented several decades earlier than the jigsaw, back in 1927. We can say that it is the progenitor of an electrician.

The working file makes reciprocating movements and with the help of teeth selects the material-the cut is carried out. Many years ago, a revolutionary opening occurred. The development of a pendulum passage, which has significantly increased the performance of the saw.

One such saw can replace seven tools:

  • Bitch
  • Hand hacksaw on wood
  • Circular saw
  • Electric jigsaw, especially with a size of drank over 100mm
  • Chain electric saw (in some cases, it all depends on the volume and nature of the work)
  • Hand hacksaw for metal
  • Ushm or “Bulgarian” (also in some cases).


Skeptics claim that saber saws on wood can easily be replaced by some other cutting tool, for example, a grinder, a jigsaw or a set of various saws. However, such a statement is somewhat superficial.

Sable saw. This is a universal unit, which is needed by the carpenter, plumbing, and the roofer, and the finisher. For both homework and professional. She can easily cope with the cut of wood, wood along with metal elements, steel, non.Ferrous metals, stone, plastic, foam blocks, composites, ceramics, glass. You just need to buy a suitable canvas.

This device has a fairly successful longitudinal layout. A narrow long gearbox and a significant length of the canvas make it possible to get into a narrow space. For example, when you need to saw off a pipe or beam flush with a wall. Only a saber saw will save in such a situation.

Sable saw. A great tool for working on weight. Over, you can work with blanks of any shape. Corners, boards, bars, pipes, specialized rental. Very often it is used for work in garden architecture.

Such a saw can create an excellent curly cut. It will help create curved parts from sheet materials, twist the workpieces, make complex structures.

Dismantling work is not conceivable without a saber saw. She will quickly cope with the cut of the old window frame, cut out the openings, analyze metal heating. The unique ability of a saber saw is to cut a wooden beam along with nails clogged into it or self.Tapping screws.

It is also worth noting that this tool is much safer than Bulgarians, disk and chain saws. During work with such a device, sparks, scale are not formed, it does not overheat.

Buying a tool

When choosing a saber saw, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Power or battery capacity. Although various characteristics, both are very important. The operating time and functionality depends on the power. For example, if the capacity is 800 watts, then such a tool can be used to trim the garden, it cannot be called a universal construction. The time of continuous operation depends on the battery capacity, without a break for recharging. The higher the capacity of the saw and the larger battery capacity, the more wide opportunities the saw provides. However, for domestic work, this is not always necessary
  • The frequency of rotational and progressive movements in one minute. With an increase in this indicator, the hardness of the material that can cut the saw increases. The time that is spent on work depends on the same indicator. The ideal option is the possibility of manual or electronic adjustment of the frequency of moves
  • Pendulum. This function has a direct impact on the speed of work and on the safety of the canvas. It is worth noting that if such a system is absent, then the use of this saw will be tantamount to the effort of a manual hacksaw
  • Convenience of work. Everything is important here, from the presence of a good anti.Vibration system to the battery charge indicator. The absence of an anti.Vibration system reduces comfort to a minimum. Neatly and accurate cut will not be able to get. It is also necessary that is the function of the non.Inspection replacement of the canvas, which guarantees not only convenient work. But also the speed of the work being implemented.

Linen for saber saw

We have already talked about the universality of this device. It is directly related to the variety of paintings, which are designed for different types of material.

  • For solid varieties of timber
  • For wood with metal objects
  • For chipboard
  • For fiberboard
  • For plastic
  • For sandwich panels
  • For fiberglass
  • For metal
  • For non.Ferrous metal
  • For brick.

Fastening, that is, the tail of the files, most often, is unified and applicable in most models of various manufacturing companies.

The saw canvas can be from 100 to 400 mm long. This is enough for the most common work. The most optimal is the lengths of 120. 160 mm.

  • HCS from high.Carbon steel. Such canvases are used to work with wood, wood slabs, plastic
  • HSS from high.Speed steel. Used to work with soft steel and non.Ferrous metals BIM. HCS and HSS bimetallic alloy. Such canvases are designed for professional processing of wood and metal objects. The main advantage is high wear resistance
  • NM from an alloy of carbides and vanadia. Can work with fiberglass, ceramic tiles, aerated concrete
  • CV from chrome-vanadium steel. CV file processes wood and plastic. Unlike HCS, it has a higher level of wear resistance.

The main characteristics of the saber’s saw and selection criteria

When choosing, the following characteristics should be taken into account:

Power choice is a rather controversial issue. On the one hand, the device with high power has high performance and much faster, copes with the task more efficiently. On the other hand, a model with high power has a large weight, so it is not very convenient to use such a saw in work. When choosing a saber’s saw, you need to consider for which work it is intended: for household work, a saw with a capacity of up to 1000 watts is quite enough. Such saws can be used to cut dry branches in the garden, cutting thin surfaces. The optimal capacity for professional work is 1-2 kW, for example, a model with a capacity of 1.2 is considered a professional device, but for homework it will also be suitable.

The value (length) of the course depends on the processed material. For example, for wood processing, you need more move than to work with metal products. Some devices have an adjustment of this value, which allows you to choose a move for different types of work.

To select the canvases depending on the type of cut. For direct cut, a sufficiently standard saw with conventional factory parameters. So that you can perform curved cuts, you need to additionally purchase special narrow canvases. For the processing of solid wood, wooden surfaces with nails, work with wood-bearing plates (chipboard, fiberboard), as well as with plastic, panels, fiberglass, black and non-ferrous metals, hotel canvases are needed. It is also worth paying attention to the simplicity of changing the canvas, which does not require additional devices.

Additional functions include speed adjustment, although this function has almost every saber saw model. Only this function can look different: in some models, the speed is regulated by pressing the start button, in other models, a special button is provided for this purpose. The best option for saws. Devices that make from 2500 to 3000 revolutions per minute.

Another additional function is to protect against vibrations, which helps to reduce the load. Thus, the operator’s hands do not get tired.

Which model to choose

The strength, the long service life of any tool depends not only on the technical characteristics and additional functions, but also on the reliability of the manufacturer.

The most reliable, in demand are manufacturers such as AEG, interca. Skil. Sable saws from these popular brands morally become users that they are convenient and easy to use. Electro.Fires have a reliable and thoughtful capture, rubber linings. Among the additional functions with which the tool is equipped, there is a vibrational protection, a pendulum course, a protective clutch against jamming. Often such saws are used to care for the garden.

It is also worth mentioning two more well.Known brands of saber saws, characterized by quality and high power. This is a German devalt and, of course, the incomparable Japanese Makita. Among the advantages of these two brands, you should choose the universality of the clamps with which they are equipped, the simplicity and ease of changing nozzles without the use of additional tools and devices. Such branded saber saws are more expensive, but these two manufacturers have excellent dust protection on the hacksaws, the indicated system reliably protects the case from the entry of litter, dust, small abrasive, and therefore such electric weights serve without breakdowns for a very long time.

What is a saber’s saw. Where this power tool is used

What would we do without power tools? Yes, they did the same thing, but with large time costs. Today is the time of the most expensive resource, so it needs to be protected. It is easier to carry out construction and final work with specialized tools. They cope with their tasks much better than universal.

Today’s heroine of our article is a saber’s saw. I will tell you what this tool is and where and how it is used.

Sable saw is a power tool that looks like something between a drill and an electrician. This tool, although it has a large sphere of application, I attribute to specialized. You can do without it, but with it to do some work is quite easy and simple.

In some cases, a “circular” can be replaced in some cases. But, nevertheless, this tool mainly selects work from an electrician. In addition, a saber’s saw is easy to use on weight (for example, cut branches in the garden). The ergonomic case of this tool and a conveniently located start button allow you to carry out work with great comfort.

The work of the saber saw is carried out at the expense of the pendulum movement of the cutting canvas. When the cutting canvas moves, it rises and drops when moving from the tool. Due to this, sawdust is removed and the efficiency of work is improved (the canvas is less heats up, which means that its resource is not consumed very quickly). True, I must say that not all saber saws have a pendulum course. If you decide to work with such a power tool, choose the one where the pendulum move is available.

Not only saber saws have such a move. See the catalog of pendulum saw for metal http: // extratool.Ru/collection/Mayatnikovye-Pily/Product/Mayatnikovaya-Pila-Po-Metallu-DRC-355 Extra Tool online store.

A constructive feature of saber saws is a supporting shoe. With it, you can rest the “saber” on the workpiece and stabilize the tool during cutting. With the help of the support shoe, the cut occurs more carefully, and at the same time it is spent less strength than without the use of such a design. With the help of supporting shoe, you can adjust the leaving of the canvas and the angle of cutting.

Advantages of a saber saw over other tools for saw and cutting materialsYou can replace the saber’s saw and many do it by saving their funds. But, this tool has several advantages over analogues of a different design:one. The longitudinal layout of the saber saw allows you to use it where other tools cannot be used. With a saber saw, you can cut off the material next to the wall or in a narrow space. Where an electrician and circular saw will not crawl.2. Curly cutting with a saber saw is a fairly simple task.3. This tool can find its purpose in the work of the carpentry, plumbing, finisor, roofer and representatives of other professions. The “saber” will cope with wood, sheet steel, non.Ferrous metal products, plastic, stone, various construction blocks and bricks.4. Small saber saws are easy to work on weight5. Dismantling old frames, doorbells and others, heating systems, etc.P. With this tool, you can make it very quickly and without large physical costs6. Sable saws are much safer than circular and grinder. In addition, when working with this tool, you can not be afraid of sparks and hot dots.

Where the saber’s saw is usedIn everyday life, “saber” can be used in the construction and decoration of the house, as well as in garden-landscape affairs. In the first case, this tool will help to cut such materials as wood, plastic, drywall, various composites, sheet metal, fittings, pipes, etc.P.

As for working with a saber’s saw in the garden, thanks to its design and low weight using this tool, you can conduct a sanitary or formative pruning of the garden.

You can replace the saber’s saw with other tools, but if you use it at least once, you subsequently many work will perform only this tool.

What can a saber’s saw?

Over, for all this, it is not at all necessary to attach material on the workbench. The saber saw is perfectly adapted for work “on weight” and the material can be sawed right in the place in almost any position. A rare professional tool will allow.

At the same time, it is quite difficult to call the professional area in which the saber saw will be a really necessary tool. Perhaps only in dismantling it will be difficult to replace with something else. But in everyday life, it may be so valuable as an assistant that shortly after its acquisition you will be surprised, as you did before without it. Even professionals with their workshop, filled with all kinds of tools, should not pass by a saber’s saw: in the end, everyday problems arise among professionals. And, using in such cases a safe and comfortable saber saw, you can save time and effort well.

Characteristics of saber saws

Power. The main parameter that determines the performance of the tool. The more powerful it is, the faster it will saw and the longer and “toothy” the canvas in it can be installed. True, along with power, weight increases noticeably, and for the tool that is all the time on hand, this is a serious argument against unnecessary power. Together with power, the price increases noticeably, and this is a serious argument for any tool. In addition, models with high power and a long heavy sheet during operation are noticeably vibrate, and for such saws there is an appropriate installation of anti.Vibration systems, which further increases the increasing cost of the tool. Therefore, before choosing the most powerful model, you should decide what thickness of the materials you plan to saw. The maximum depth of drank was directly tied to the power of the saw, so often the choice begins with the depths of the cut of wood and steel.

The depth drank. This is actually the same power, only expressed in more understandable values. Means how long the canvas can be placed on this saw, without fear of its stuck in the material and overheating of the tool. Actually, you can put a long canvas on a low-power tool, and even saw it, but the performance will be small, and the risk of damage to the tool will be quite high.

The maximum frequency of the file of the file. High speed of the canvas is necessary for cutting solid materials: metals, stone, ceramics. If when cutting a soft tree, performance is associated only with power, then during cutting steel, the cutting speed also depends highly on the maximum frequency of the file of the file. If the saw is supposed to be used for cutting materials of different hardness, a speed is also required.

Pendulum. If you carefully examine the canvas close, it is clear that only the front is sharpened in the teeth. Cutting. Edge. The back of the teeth is not sharpened and, when the canvas is reverse, creates resistance, increasing the load on the engine and practically without increasing the depth of the cut. The pendulum course reduces this resistance by the fact that with the reverse course the saw is slightly lifted. As a result, the performance of the saw increases markedly. Obviously, this function will only work with straight cuts. When there is a free space above the back of the canvas. When cutting curly lines, it is better to turn off this function.

Type of power supply. To get rid of a long constant confusing “tail” is the dream of any gardener working with garden electrical engineering. If the saber saw is supposed to be used not at home, but “on the street”, the choice of a battery tool can quickly justify itself. There are only two minuses for batteries, but both are significant. Low power and high price.

Quicklylair fastening of the file. The ability to quickly change the canvas without using additional keys or screwdrivers, of course, much increases the versatility and convenience of the tool. Unfortunately, it increases the price. In the simplest and cheapest models of this function there is no.

The weight. An important parameter for the tool, which is designed to work “by weight”. If the saw is supposed to be used in “uncomfortable” conditions when it is not always possible to provide confident grip with both hands (for example, when pruning garden trees) it is better to choose the model easier.

Some models are equipped with a smooth start function. Without affecting the performance of work, this parameter, however, significantly increases the safety of the tool and the duration of its operation. The first. Due to the lack of sharp, can tear out the tool from hands, jerks at the beginning of work. The second is by eliminating the loads that occur with such jerks that are dangerous for engines.

Having chosen the model, you can look at it again more closely. Whether she has a supporting shoe? Often the ability to rest the tool in the erased material helps a lot. In addition, a supporting shoe is almost necessary if the saw is planned to be used to cut figures from sheet material. Sometimes the shoe is not fixed strictly at 90 degrees, but can deviate, allowing you to drive at a given angle to the surface. This expands the capabilities of the instrument, bringing it to the electrician.

Choice options

To solve domestic problems arising in an apartment or a small personal plot, the capabilities of basic models are quite enough.