The Best Of The Model Series Of Lawn Mowers And Trimmers Of The Elitech Brand (Elitech)

The Best Of The Model Series Of Lawn Mowers And Trimmers Of The Elitech Brand (Elitech)

"Elitech" is a Chinese brand that has adequately established itself in the global market of hand tools and professional equipment. Thanks to the introduction of innovative technologies and multi-stage quality control of products, the company has successfully outperformed its competitors and entered the list of some of the most sought-after brands.

Among the variety of the manufacturer’s assortment, the Elitech trimmers are incredibly popular, which this article will be devoted to.

Brand Description Elitech

The most famous types of equipment are cultivators, trimmers, lawn mowers, chainsaws, electric saws, generators, blowers, compressors, voltage stabilizers. The company produces such equipment as machine tools for metal processing and equipment for working with concrete.

Elitech strives to conduct its business according to the following principles:

The Elitech trademark can be characterized by the following characteristics:

  • European quality plus affordable cost. each model in the range undergoes multi-stage quality control;
  • attractive design and excellent ergonomic indicators. work with such an aggregate bring only satisfaction, not fatigue;
  • many functions. each model range has the number of functions that can satisfy the most demanding customer.

You should also not lose sight of the reliability and high performance of Elitech products.

Range of trimmers and lawn mowers Elitech

In the lineup of Elitech lawn mowers, you can find two types of equipment: gasoline and electric mowers. Trimmers are also divided into categories such as electric and gasoline.

Elitech Trimmers


  • T 35 / 4T;
  • T 26, T33, T 43 Standard, T 52;
  • BT 43, BT 26, BT 33 Premium, BT 52 Premium;
  • T 1150RK, T 700RK, T 750RK;
  • T 25 BE;
  • T 12V, T 20V, T 25V;
  • T 12V, T 20VN;
  • T 25VNR, T 30VNR;
  • T 20V2, T 12V2, T 25V2;
  • T 12BH2, T 20BH2;
  • T 12PK2;
  • T 26P, T 33P, T 43P, T 52P, T 12P.

The power of trimmers in this category is from 1 to 3 horsepower. The series is equipped with a two-stroke single-cylinder engine.

The price range is from 4 to 10 thousand rubles per position, depending on power, characteristics and configuration.


  • ET 1000, ET 1200, ET 1200R, ET 800;
  • ET 1000K, ET 1000, ET 1000 N, ET 1000 KN.

Digital notation. equivalent power in watts. Depending on the model, the diameter of the fishing line can range from 2 to 2.5 mm, the cable length is 25 meters. Lawn Mower work from a network with a voltage of 220-230 V.

Lawn Mowers Elitech

  • K 5000 B;
  • K 4000 B;
  • To 3500V;
  • K 4500L;
  • K 5500L;
  • K 6500 (engine B&S).

Power gasoline lawnmowers: from 3500 to 6500 watts. Their cost is in the range from 10 to 25 thousand rubles.


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  • EC 2000H;
  • EK 1600N;
  • EK 1000N;
  • EK 1000K;
  • EK 1000;
  • EC 1500;
  • EC 1600.

The power of lawn mowers is from 1000 to 2000 watts. Coverage from 32 to 40 cm. The body of the product is made of plastic. The work item is a knife.

Top Elitech Models

One of the top models of electric lawn mowers is the EK 2000N. This model works with a working width of 42 cm, the cutting part is a knife, of the advantages the model has: a folding handle, a capacious grass catcher of 45 liters, enlarged rear wheels for greater convenience and maneuverability, the weight of the device is relatively small and amounts to 14 kg.

A popular model of an electric trimmer is a 1200p Lawn Mower. This is a compact and lightweight trimmer for quick mowing, cutting of branches, capable of becoming an assistant even in the most modest farming or gardening. The advantage of the electric braid is its environmental friendliness, low noise, semi-automatic bobbin. The length of the wire is 25 meters. Thus, the device is ideal for a small area or for work close to residential buildings with a power source.

Among the brushcutter, the favorite is the T 26p trimmer. This technique also applies to small-sized and lightweight, it is perfectly controlled and easy to assemble according to the instructions that come with the kit. The width of the bevel of the fishing line of such a scythe is 44 cm, the engine displacement is 26 cc. The power of such a trimmer is only 1 hp, but this does not prevent it from being popular among gardeners and farmers.

The gasoline lawn mower that has entered the top-selling models is the Elitech 5000c. It became popular due to its power and ability to work for a long time without refueling. This mower has the most powerful engine in the line and the maximum power among the representatives of the series is 6 horsepower.


  • "3D" adjustment of the control handle. allows you to configure the handle in 3 planes;
  • Rubberized control handle. provides increased comfort and reduces fatigue;
  • The increased thickness of the handle (22mm);
  • Vibration damping system;
  • Enhanced protection of the fuel tank (in models: BT 26, BT 33);
  • Metal protection of the fuel tank (in models: BT 43, BT 52). reliably protects the tank from mechanical damage;
  • Work with fishing line, knife, (and disk in models: BT 43, BT 52);
  • Vibration damping clutch;
  • Forged shaft;
  • Centrifugal clutch;
  • Folding handle with quick clamping. easy to transport and store the tool;
  • Reusable air filter;
  • Quick access to the air filter.

Elitech trimmer T26 model

A gas-powered trimmer is able to ennoble and remove weeds from lawns and flower beds, not only in private garden plots, but also in the vast city. This Elitech mower can be used to remove grass, vines and shrubs.

Technical indicators:

  • 1 liter two-stroke engine with;
  • fishing line or knife may act as a cutting element;
  • high-quality anti-vibration system.

The trimmer is equipped with a protective cover that prevents injury to the operator.

Benzokosa "Elitech" T 26


  • internal combustion engine, consuming up to 1 liter of fuel per hour;
  • reliable cooling system that prevents overheating of internal parts and the case itself;
  • straight bar adapted for operation in hard-to-reach places;
  • vibration and noise damping system;
  • easy start functionality;
  • electronic ignition for trouble-free engine start-up in any weather;
  • bivariate cutting headset. cord spool and 3-blade metal disc;
  • Adjustable bicycle handle
  • implemented safety and comfort elements. a protective casing and a shoulder strap, which reduces fatigue during work.


  • Gas tank. 650 ml;
  • Cylinder capacity. 26 cm3;
  • Fishing line thickness. 2.4 mm;
  • Weight. 7.5 kg.


  • Set of tools;
  • Knapsack suspension;
  • Knife;
  • Spool;
  • Disk (in models BT 43, BT 52);
  • Glasses;
  • Canister

3 Bort BBT-230

The best ratio of weight. power. price
Country: China
Average price: 5 186 rub.
Rating (2018): 4.9

Elitech Lawn Mower Video

Dmitry, Rostov Region:

“For four years I have been the owner of a 3000V mower, gasoline. I will not trade for anything. Yes, it is possible that electric models are more environmentally friendly and make less noise, but I work mainly in the field, where the noise from the mower does not bother people.

Advantages: perfectly cuts off any vegetation, the knife is sharpened perfectly under the cut. For all the time of use, I did not change the knife! Convenient handle, you can put the mower anywhere, takes up little space and light, as for the power output.