The Better To Cut Ceramic Tiles

We cut the tiles ourselves: selection of tools Cutting of ceramic tiles with a grinder, manual and electric tile cutters, glass cutters and other tools. Compare and choose the best!

Cutting tiles with pliers (tongs)

Very easy to use and probably easier to use than any other tile cutter. Most often, nippers are chosen precisely when it is necessary to obtain indirect cuts, for example, if the tile lies near a pipe, faucet, sink, toilet bowl, etc.

A very cheap tool that works with any tile and gives you the ability to cut any mowing line.


  • The edges of the tiles will be uneven, which requires additional sanding work.

Hole saw

The carbide tip of this equipment allows you to cut even small diameters in both tiles and many other materials. The hole saw is indispensable for tiling areas near plumbing: taps, pipes, sinks, toilets, meters, etc.

This is definitely ideal for getting the right holes. Suitable for processing tiles of various degrees of hardness, including porcelain stoneware.


  • The hole saw can only be used at low speed, especially for glazed tiles.
  • The material undergoes thermal shock.

Cutting tiles with a glass cutter

Take the tool with one hand and place it on the tile. The line of the cut depends solely on your movements. The glass cutter helps out if there are no special tile cutters at hand, there are few tiles, and the time for cutting tiles is limited.
Thus, the glass cutter allows even the novice tiler to cut quickly and cost-effectively.


  • The tool will not work if there are a lot of tiles: when working with a glass cutter, you need to be super careful all the time, and the slightest deviation of the hand from a given path can ruin the material.
  • Also, a glass cutter does a poor job of cutting porcelain stoneware: one cut is not enough, while two already lead to an uneven cut.

– How to cut tiles using curly lines. Tile cutting with an electric tile cutter

This is a professional equipment equipped with a diamond blade. Thanks to it, flawless cuts are obtained, the edges of which are smooth and even slightly rounded. Regular tile cutters, unfortunately, leave edges too sharp.

So, this is the best tool that allows you to cut tiles with high quality, including, if necessary, a curly cut. The electric cutter can cut tiles into the smallest elements, without limitation in width. He is also subject to ceramic granite, no matter how hard it is. This equipment does not leave dust and debris behind, since all the debris falls into a special water tank.

The Better To Cut Ceramic Tiles


  • Electric tile cutter. An expensive car that requires not only professionalism from the tiler, but also frequent water changes.
  • The layman runs the risk of injuring himself and dulling the blade.

We cut the tiles ourselves: selection of tools

Modern technology involves many devices that help cut tiles beautifully. Which ones to choose?

Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Electric cutter (or tile cutter, or water saw);
  • Hole saw powered by a drill;
  • A hand-held tile cutter equipped with a diamond disc (popularly a Bulgarian);
  • Manual tile cutter (or tile cutter);
  • Special nippers (tongs) for tiles;
  • Glass cutter;
  • Hacksaw for cutting metal

Cutting ceramic tiles at home

Today, tile occupies a solid first place among convenient and practical materials. It is used for finishing the floor, walls and facades of the building. It is used in the kitchen or bathroom, as well as in the hallway. You can do the installation of ceramics with your own hands, however, this process is not complete without cutting the material, for example, quite often it is required to cut the tiles when laying diagonally.

In addition, the question arises, how to cut ceramic tiles at home? For cladding work, the modern market offers a wide variety of options. The final decision, as a rule, depends on many direct and circumstances. After all, in order in order to correctly cut the tiles, special skills are not required, but it is necessary to have information about certain subtleties in working with cutting tools.

How to choose the right one?

In order to start trimming ceramics at home, it is best to start by choosing the right tool.. In each case, a different set of fixtures will be required, since the tiles differ in size, texture and performance. For example, for glazed tiles that are porous and soft, it is better to use a glass or tile cutter. It will be easy to cut the material with it. To cope with a harder surface, like ceramics, he will no longer be able to.

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For porcelain stoneware, a more thorough hike will be required in the form of specialized electrical devices. The greater the strength of the raw material, the more thorough the approach should be. Thus, it is possible to cut the tiles on the front side. Glass cutting tools, as well as other devices that work on a similar principle, will not help here. But the electric devices will be just right! The main thing is to pay special attention to the edges of the products, since working with the relief structure is considered difficult due to the formation of chips or pattern violations, even with a slight deviation.

Manual aggregates

There are certainly several advantages to using hand-held household cutting tools. Their main advantage is their affordable price. The purchase of hand tools will not create problems for the family budget. In addition, they take up very little space, which allows them to be stored at home. In addition, using the same tile cutter is very convenient. However, in terms of functionality and practical application, they are significantly inferior to electrical devices.

Electrical appliances work much more efficiently. They carry out all the tasks assigned to them, even the most difficult ones. But there is no point in acquiring them if one-time or very rare use is meant. Therefore, handheld devices are suitable in this situation, by the way!

Ways to use glass cutter:

  1. Mark the line for the cut.
  2. Place the tiles on a surface to prevent slipping.
  3. Draw a section with a glass cutter using a ruler, without pressing too hard. All this must be done without hesitation.
  4. Tap back along the notch.
  5. Move the products to the edge of the table with the cut section.
  6. Press down on the edge of the tile. If you did everything correctly, the edge will break off along the mowing line.
  7. Correct the remaining irregularities with tongs and sandpaper.
  1. First, you should put the tiles on the base of the appliance.
  2. Then you need to evaluate the correctness of the cut line marking the cut with the position of the cutter, since they must match.
  3. Then it is required to firmly press the blade against the ceramic product, and at this moment pull the tool handle.
  4. Pay special attention to correctly guide the blade to the tile in time.
  5. The movement carried out should be carried out smoothly, not very strong, but not weak either.
  6. All this should be tried to be done in one approach, otherwise the final result is likely to be unsatisfactory.
  7. Then the resulting cut is broken by hand. If done correctly, the tile will break off along the mowing line of the furrow.

Tool types

Currently, modern technology offers many devices designed for pruning. They are subdivided into specialized and amateur ones, however, this division is rather arbitrary. Each of the selected tools has a high functionality, suitable for better cutting porcelain stoneware at home. Some are small, while others are very cumbersome. Most often, the choice falls on:

  • Glass cutter and pliers;
  • Jigsaw;
  • Bulgarian;
  • Tile cutter;
  • Diamond wire;
  • Sharp forceps.

These options are suitable for tiles with a soft surface. It is worth knowing that a large amount of work performed with such tools will still become too exhausting. Adjusting with them will be a great finishing touch though.

Electrical units

Why are electrical appliances so good? With the help of these tools, you can do all the necessary work in a short time without spending significant efforts. Such devices are mainly used in industrial conditions, since there should be a fairly large amount of work or professionals for whom finishing is the main way to make a living. What it is:

  • Electric tile cutters;
  • Bulgarian;
  • Jigsaw;
  • Electric glass cutter;
  • Circular saw with a disc attachment;

Electrical units can effortlessly tackle the most difficult surfaces, and in any quantity. The strength of the processed material does not play a special role for them, so they are suitable for almost all types of processing. With these tools, it is very convenient to make cutouts to the shape, which helps when laying tiles in a bathroom with different curves. The main disadvantages of devices include their size, as well as cost.


How to cut ceramic tiles

Cutting ceramic tiles with a glass cutter

If the amount of work with tiles is small, it is quite possible to do without a special machine for cutting tiles, using a conventional roller glass cutter (diamond). Cutting ceramic tiles with a glass cutter is done in the same way. First, the tiles are soaked in water for 30-40 minutes. After marking with a marker or pencil on the front side, the tiles are laid on a flat board or plywood. The incision is made with strong pressure only once. Pressing evenly on the tool, roll it in the direction from the far edge of the tile towards you so that a groove appears on the surface of the enamel. To make a break along the formed mowing line, place a nail, match or thin wire under it, and press on the tiles from both sides at once.

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Cutting tiles with a glass cutter

It is quite difficult to perform a large amount of work with a glass cutter, since the process takes a lot of time and requires concentration. After all, you need to constantly monitor that the incision is in the right place. And of course, you can’t cut through thick floor tiles with a glass cutter.

How to cut ceramic tiles

Wall tiles or glass tiles can be cut with a conventional roller glass cutter. Mark with a marker or pencil before cutting. Floor tiles are thicker and stronger, so a glass cutter won’t be enough.

In such cases, a tile cutter (tile cutter) is used. It differs from a roller glass cutter with a wheel, which is much larger in the tile cutter, so the cutter can puncture the tile to a greater depth. The tile cutter resembles tongs in appearance, with its help you can not only cut, but also break the tile after the cut. The tile breaking mechanism consists of a metal tooth corner on the bottom of the pliers and a special corner on the top.

Electric tile cutting machine

If floor tiles are to be cut, the corner on the top of the pliers should only be made of metal. Therefore, if you decide to purchase a tile cutter, choose a tool not with a plastic, but with a metal corner. The plastic corner tile cutter is only suitable for wall tiles. Most cutters are equipped with a metal ruler with a stop, which is designed for serial cutting if you want to cut tiles to the same size (for example, for a curb).

Ceramic tiles can be cut with a grinder with a diamond wheel, it is best suited for working with tiles. But this method is the noisiest and most dusty, so you can use the grinder only when it is impossible to cut with a tile cutter or other tool.

The subtleties of working with a grinder

If cutting ceramic tiles is done with this tool, it is very important to observe safety precautions. Wear eye protection when working with the grinder. In addition, the instrument must have a protective sheath that absorbs most of the ceramic tile splinters. A protective cover is also needed in order to ensure your safety if the disc suddenly breaks at high speeds.

The tile is cut with a grinder using a diamond wheel. Before starting work, make sure that the circle is securely fastened, then turn on the tool and cut along the previously marked mowing line. Remember that this way of cutting tiles is the most dusty and noisy, so use the grinder only in emergency cases, for example, when you need to cut porcelain tiles. The grinder is also needed to level the edges of the tiles when an angle cut is needed (for joining tiles on the ledges).

Tile cutting with a grinder with a diamond wheel

Aligning the edges after cutting the tiles

If you have sharp jagged edges, use wire cutters or pliers to level them. The uneven edge is bite off, and the chips are leveled with a round file. The edges of the tiles are processed with coarse-grained sandpaper.

What and how is the easiest way to cut tiles: expert advice

Ceramic tiles are durable and convenient material in many ways. But the installation process requires some preparation, accuracy and patience. In order to beautifully and efficiently tiling a working wall or a floor in a kitchen, it is necessary not only to be able to lay, but to know how to cut a tile. When decorating a kitchen apron with tiles, whole tiles are not always stacked. To veneer ledges, window frames, electrical outlets, and edge switches, tile cutting or drilling is often necessary.

Choosing the right tile cutting equipment

Any finishing work is carried out only after the base has been prepared, the material has been purchased, and it is prepared and cut into the necessary parts. In addition, preparation of the necessary tool is required, with which it will be convenient and simple to work.

The choice of the tool depends not only on the budget and personal preferences, but also on a number of other criteria:

  1. If the tile is porous and soft, especially glazed, then you can use a hand tool in the form of a tile cutter and glass cutter. It will be enough ordinary human strength to carry out both cutting and breaking off a part of the canvas.
  2. If you intend to work not only with ceramic tiles, but also, for example, with a porcelain stoneware canvas, then you need to use a special electrical apparatus. The higher the strength, the more powerful the equipment must be.
  3. A cut of any tile, but with a relief surface, is carried out only on the front side. Here, the choice of tool should be done according to the same principle, or, to be more precise, by the thickness of the coating.

In addition to the tool itself, you need to use additional nozzles, each of which is selected according to the type of canvas that will be cut off and according to the tool used. You can cut ceramic tiles with diamond discs that are installed on a grinder or drill.

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As for working with a grinder, to cut ceramic tiles, you need to use a dry cutting attachment. There are much more nozzles for electric tile cutters, since the choice will depend on the type of device, the principle of operation of the equipment, and the type of blade. A dry disc is sufficient, just as with the grinder, but some tile cutter models come with a built-in water tank. If you plan to use it, then the use of a dry disk is strictly prohibited. The advantage of the equipment is that you can cut without dust and dirt.

What is the best way to cut ceramic tiles at home

Cutting ceramic tiles is quite possible on your own at home. Basically, they prefer to cut the canvas using a special electric tool, as this allows you to carry out all actions quickly, efficiently and, most importantly, without oversights. Modern equipment allows you to cope, even if you need to cut a very thick and dense blade.

You can make a cut:

  • Electric tile cutter;
  • Grinder;
  • Jigsaw;
  • If you use an electric glass cutter;
  • Circular saw and more.

To cut the tile, you need to check how securely the canvas is fixed, first draw the cutting line, strengthen the base of the device or the working surface, bring the part that will be cut to the drawn mowing line and make a cut.

The likelihood that the edge of the tile will crumble or even break off is reduced. The most important thing is to pre-prepare protection for hands and eyes in order to observe the safety of such work.

What tool can be used to cut ceramic tiles

You can cut relief tiles using a special cutter, but there are many tools for this process. Among the many tools that are actively used in the preparation of finishing work, it is those with which tiles are cut that are the most unusual. They can differ in many ways.

In particular, by:

  • Technical characteristics;
  • Constructions;
  • Size;
  • The way of operation and not only.

The smallest of these can be as large as a ballpoint pen, and if the tool is used in industry, it requires a lot of space. The main devices for working with cutting tiles are a tile cutter, a grinder and a jigsaw.

For easier cutting of tiles at home and in the absence of the need to process large volumes of canvas, you can use a glass cutter, pliers, sharp tongs, diamond wire. It is important to note that such materials are only suitable for soft and flexible tiles, especially those with a small thickness. Also, such devices are used to adjust the cut if it was made poorly and unevenly.

Hand-cutting ceramic tiles at home

Often, even craftsmen cut ceramic tiles with a hand tool, as it has a number of special advantages. Initially, it is worth noting its low price, availability and wide range. However, there is also a minus. If you need to cut a large number of tiles, then in this case a hand tool will be far from appropriate. Basically, the processing and cutting of tiles is carried out by means of a glass cutter, which cuts both glass and ceramics.

To do this, you need to conduct:

  • Marking so that the cut is of the highest quality;
  • Laying tiles on the table to prevent slipping;
  • Lay a straight edge along the mowing line;
  • Cut along the mowing line;
  • Tapping the reverse side of the canvas along the cut made;
  • Moving the tile with one edge located on the other side of the cut to the edge of the table;
  • Pressing on the edge of the tile.

This is how the canvas will break off. The edge must be flat and free of teeth. The handheld device does not take up too much space, and it can be used even in places where there is no electrical network.

In order to use a manual tile cutter, you need to put the blade on the tool, after having made a marking line, press the tool blade against the mowing line with the handle, gently press the handle to make a cut, remove the tile from the base of the tool, break the blade along the cut mowing line.

Fixtures: how to cut ceramic tiles

In general, it is quite possible to cut a piece of ceramic tile with your own hands, just like choosing a tool. It is worth noting that when buying and using an electric tool, one should not forget about personal safety and about checking the device for serviceability and the absence of defects in functioning, which can cause not only illiterate work, but also harm to the master.