The chain flies on the electric saw how to fix it. If the circuit is stretched, it starts…

Why is the chain flies on the electric saw

To check the tension of the saw brake, the saw must be turned off. Then handle the chain on the tire, if it goes smoothly and does not sag, then everything is in order. If the chain walks very tight, then it needs to be a little weaken, since there is a risk of gap during operation.

It is not enough to know how the chain on the chainsaw is pulled. You need to care for a saw, then you will extend the life of not only chains, but the whole mechanism. Here are some tips on use:

  • Clean and lubricate the air filter with oil regularly. If necessary, replace the filter with a new.
  • Before starting work, always check that all the nuts and bolts are tightly tightened, so that during operation the mechanism does not fail.
  • Lubricate the bearings regularly, and also do not forget about cleaning the spark plug from garbage.
  • Lubricate the driven star. And after using the chainsaw, do not forget to clean it.
  • Always lubricate in time, pull and pull the chain, then there will be no problems with the tire and chain.

If you follow all the above tips, your car will last much longer than the warranty period.

Installing the chain on the chainsaw, how to pull and check the tension correctly

chain, flies, electric, circuit, stretched

If you have a chainsaw at home, then know that it requires special care. It is necessary to clean and tighten the circuits from time to time, clean the air filter, supply oil and tire. And, of course, you need to monitor the tension of the chain, because with poor tension there is a risk not only to harm the saw, but also to your own health if the chains fly at high speeds.

Why the chain flies, we find out the reasons

If you wondered why you have a chain on a chainsaw, then there is some malfunction in the mechanism. This problem has three main reasons: tire malfunction, chain stretching and weakened stars. Let’s take a closer look at each of the possible reasons for the breakdown.

If you have a chainsaw at home, then know that it requires special care. It is necessary to periodically clean and tighten the circuits, clean the air filter, oil supply and tires. And, of course, you need to monitor the tension of the chain, since with poor tension there is a risk not only to harm the saw, but also to your health if the chain falls off at high speeds.

Expert advice

New chains in the first hours of work stretch more old. Therefore, the stretch should be checked after the first 12-20 minutes. work.

Pulling is fraught with excess loading on the engine with power loss and accelerated wear of the cutting headset and parts of the chainsaw, primarily the sprockets of the drive and adhesion.

After wear, 3-4 chains should be replaced by the tire with a new.

After wear of 6-8 chains and 2 tires, you need to evaluate the condition of the leading star. On different models they wear out after different service life. Wipe the teeth of the stars have a non.standard size. Even if the chain does not slip over them, its service life is reduced.

chain, flies, electric, circuit, stretched

After each adjustment of the stretch, it is recommended to lubricate the driven star at the end of the tire. There are special holes near it for this. The oil from the pump gets there according to the residual principle, and sometimes does not get at all. Therefore, together with the key and screwdriver for stretching, you need to have an oil maste at hand. 3-4 drops are enough for lubrication.

Insufficient lubrication accelerates the wear of the cutting headset and stretching the chain. Planned oil consumption in different chainsaws is different. In some models, 1 oil tank is consumed almost simultaneously with 1 tank of gasoline. Others have 1 oil tank for 2 gasoline gas stations. A sign of good lubrication is the oil gloss of the chain and its soft move along the groove.

You can not use low.quality chains. They quickly stretch, disable their nodes contacting them and require a more frequent lifting.

Necessary devices and tools for pulling the chain on a chainsaw

In order to correctly perform stretching, you need to know some simple mechanisms and simple tools. In chain saws of the STIHL type, the stretch is performed simply. using the chain tensioner. This method is as simple as possible and such a stretch is performed very quickly. To pull or adjust the degree of sagging a chain, the manufacturer recommends that this:

  • With the help of a lamb nut, the sprocket lid is unscrewed;
  • The rotation of the adjusting wheel determines the necessary length of the circuit, pulling it to the desired degree;
  • The sprocket cover is closed again and the chain is securely fixed on the tire.

If it is not possible to pull the chain of the chainsaw in the mechanism, I use such tools (for the example of the Sparky electric saw):

  • corner grinder with a metal disk;
  • Steam key, diameter 5 mm;
  • a piece of wire;
  • wooden stick or strong sliver;
  • Flat screwdriver.

After de-energizing the electric saw, the screws are untwisted with a hexagon, remove the hull cover, unscrew the tension screw and remove the stitch-gas. The side of the screw adjacent to the saw housing is polished with a disk. Then the saw is collected in the reverse order. The sliver is required to clean the body from sawdust.

How to pull the chain on the chainsaw correctly:

How to sharpen a chain yourself

The work of a correctly sharpened tool makes it possible to significantly extend its resource. Regardless of the type of sharpening circuit, is the main operation to maintain the chain in good condition.

It is optimal to use a machine sharpening of the circuit. But if there is no way to use an electric machine, then you can use the manual sharpening method using a special file and guide conductor.

The chain is put on the tire and fixed in the saw. After that, the chain stretch is made. After it is stretched, sharpening is done:

  • At an angle of 90 degrees to the tire in the horizontal plane, a conductor with a file in the cutout of the cutting tooth is installed.
  • After that, a slope is made in a vertical plane so that the file repeats the direction of the previous sharpening.
  • 2-3 movements with effort is made to remove metal.
  • The conductor is removed and rearranged to the next tooth from this side of sharpening.
  • Having finished the tip of the edge on one side, the file and the conductor are rearranged to the other side, and the process is repeated.

As you can see, the process of repairing a chain electric saw is not a big problem, and even those who have never been repairing power tools are quite able to. Another thing is that before starting disassembly, you need to carefully study the device of the tool and imagine all the operations that will need to be performed during repair.

Preparation for work with chain electric saw

The features of electric saw are the location of the engine. longitudinal and transverse. It does not affect work in any way, but there is little to use the appearance and ease of use. Also, for the longitudinal location, the presence of a gearbox is desirable.

Saws are disk and chain. The most popular models with a chain, as they are much smaller in size and can be used in small farms.

Another feature of chain electric saws is considered the independence of the price from the power of the tool. However, despite the fact that it drank small and low.power, it can cost just like a powerful unit. It depends on the fact that the wiring does not withstand heavy loads and may burn out. It is for summer cottages and small garden plots, where weakest wiring and small saws are created.

Electric chain makita UC 3541 A: Complete

How to use an Electric Saw. Electric Chain Saw

Pilament assembly

In the configuration, the basis with the engine, the tire and the chain are. The preparation process is to collect the saw, t.e. tire. It is very important to pull the chain correctly here, since with weak tension, sagging will be sagging that, accordingly, will affect work. The same problems in the work will arise with too strong tension.


Not an electric motor needs to run, but a saw set. The preparatory actions that need to be carried out before work are mandatory.

  • The launch is made only after adjusting the saw headset: tires, chains and stars.
  • Regular sharpening of a saw chain.
  • Periodically check the level of lubrication in the tank.
  • Do not use electric saws for voltage drops, or install a stabilizer.
  • Compliance with all safety rules when working with a cutting garden tool.

Tools that are needed to pull the saw

First of all, it is necessary for elementary baggage of knowledge of working with mechanisms. In general, it all depends on the type of saw that you use. For example, in a rod, the tension is very simple. There is a tensioner. The next list of actions will help to do everything correctly:

  • The star lid is removed with a lamb nut;
  • Rotating the adjusting wheel, sufficient tension is determined independently;
  • The cover is closed, and the chain is fixed on the tire.

The chain of the chain of the chain if in the chainsaw, such as Sparky, is not provided for the tension mechanism, then the following actions must be performed:

  • To twist the screws with a hexagon and remove the case;
  • Unscrew the screw and get a nut;
  • Polish the disk that part of the screw that adjacent to the saw case;
  • Collect the saw in the reverse order;
  • Peel.

Advantages of the production of a chain kit

The chain and tire are included in the list of replaced equipment, so the sawdrift, depending on the features of the work, can use several sets of different lengths and performance. The average service life of wear.resistant branded tires allows you to develop a resource of three saw chains.

The cutting edges of the sawing links of the chain need periodic sharpening. In the undeniable advantages of operation of a set of several chains. uniform wear of the drive star and good compatibility with the chains included in the additional set.

How to extend the life of a chain?

To sharpen or replace the chains as little as possible, use the tool for its purpose. Make sure that there are no extraneous objects on the tree, such as metal brackets, bolts or nails. In addition, it is very important that the saw chain does not contact with the soil, special cutting supports are useful. Compliance with the interval mode in order to avoid overheating and timely lubrication of the circuit on electric saws will significantly increase the service life of electrical equipment.

One of the important systems of the chainsaw, without which it is impossible to work, is the system of forced lubrication of the chains of the chainsaw. It is no secret that during the operation of the saw a chain on a chain saw is erased, which leads to its premature heating and wear. The chain mechanism must constantly be lubricated to reduce friction.

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Brands overview of various manufacturers

Today, there are many tempting offers on the market from a variety of manufacturers of special oils that can work at high temperatures and provide excellent indicators for the lubrication of the gearbox. The most popular of them are presented in the next list.

    Forest Plus has high adhesive characteristics and can be operated at ambient temperatures up to. 15 ° C. Subject to a number of conditions, the shelf life of the oil is 3 years. Sold in 1-liter and five-liter packaging 5 l 1140.

The use of special oil for lubricating the chain mechanism of the electric saw will ensure its uninterrupted operation for a long time. This will carry out work quickly, efficiently and with a high level of safety, which will ultimately lead to significant savings in the repair and maintenance of the entire tool.

How to install a circuit on a power plant correctly

The procedure for installing a new chain has some features, depending on the type of tension on a particular tool.

On the tools with lateral tension, you need to act in this way:

  • Let go of the brake. This is achieved by pulling the protective bar to the click on itself.
  • Weaken the stretch. To do this, the screwdriver needs to turn the tension screw, after which the clamping nut begins to rotate freely.
  • Raise the lid under which the saw elements are located. To remove the chain, it needs to be removed from the guide stars (at the same time the guide tire is dismantled). If this fails, you need to relax the tension screw even more.
  • It is more convenient to start installing a new component from the top of the tire. It is worn over the asterisk, after which the tire can be inserted back, focusing on the guides.
  • A tension screw is used to tighten the chain: it should sag slightly.
  • The final clamping of the nuts is carried out after installation in place of the protective cover.

Important!This type of adjustment is equipped with inexpensive models as the Elitech chain 2000 C40 or Stihl MSE 220 C. Despite some complexity of the replacement, these systems are famous for more reliability, compared to fast.packed cartridges.

The sequence of installation of a new circuit on tools with “quick tension”:

  • First of all, you need to remove the saw from the brake.
  • Open the handle of the nut until it is stalled.
  • The purpose of the lamb nut in such structures is not only fixation of the shield, but also the clamping of the guide tire. You need to rotate the nut counterclockwise.
  • Having removed the protective case from the asterisk, you need to shift the tire in the opposite direction. This will allow dismantling the old chain. The driven star is released from her first.
  • When refueling a new product, they also start with a star. At this stage, it is important to deal with the direction of installation: in the lower part of the tire of its cutting edge should “look” into the tool body.
  • The tension is set by adjusting the guide.
  • After installing the sprocket cover, the mounting nut must be twisted, but do not pinch.
  • The lamb nuts are screwed manually at the very end of the procedure, following the stretch wheel.

How to chop firewood?

In order for firewood to be conveniently chopped, you need to prepare a little for work.

  • First of all, you need the right ax (Clun). Its blade should be a strong wedge for a split in comparison with a conventional ax, which is mainly used for a warm.

Colong-used for cracking and exposure of wood, so the shape of the blade is short, wedge-shaped, heavy, with thick cheeks, with an angle of pointing about 35 °.

chain, flies, electric, circuit, stretched

    The length of the ax (handle) is the optimal size 70 cm.

As a rule, for this they use a fragment of the trunk of strong wood (hornhold, oak, ash)

In size, I can say for sure that the most convenient deck height is 600-650 mm. The diameter should be at least 300 mm.

The process of cutting firewood.

In this way, churbaks are chopped a little faster. And in order to stab wood, it was easier and even faster, you can use a special machine with a spiral claw-drill Ø60 mm.

Storage of chopped firewood.

As you know, firewood is stored in a barn or in the yard. The best storage method is the device of the logs.

Polenitsy can be two types.

This article is all. There will be questions, contact the “Contacts” page, through feedback (blue button on the left) or through Комментарии и мнения владельцев. I will answer all questions with pleasure.

That’s exactly all. See you in new articles. Sincerely Filippov Yuri.

Advantages of the production of a chain kit

The chain and tire are included in the list of replaced equipment, so the sawdrift, depending on the features of the work, can use several sets of different lengths and performance. The average service life of wear.resistant branded tires allows you to develop a resource of three saw chains.

The cutting edges of the sawing links of the chain need periodic sharpening. In the undeniable advantages of operation of a set of several chains. uniform wear of the drive star and good compatibility with the chains included in the additional set.

Features of manual and mechanized sharpening

The blower of the cutting edges of the saw chain manifests itself:

To restore the cutting properties of circuits, several types of sharpening devices are used.

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In the simplest version, this is the holder mounted on the tire complete with a set of special files, in another. a hiding machine with a power drive. Both technologies have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The manual sharpening of the chain in an inexperienced and expenditure time to preserve its resource. The mechanized method provides good performance, but the lack of an individual approach to each cutting link of the chain negatively affects its durability.

Tips for further operation of the saw after the chain is pulled

So that the chain does not serve and sag longer, follow these recommendations of experienced owners:

  • Follow the constant supply of lubrication on the tire;
  • Correctly mix fuel and oil for refueling the chainsaw;
  • If possible, keep the chainsaw when cutting evenly, without too strong inclination to the right or to the left;
  • Use chains with the right step, well.known manufacturers;
  • Timely change worn components.

Vladislav, Bucha:

“I want to advise all novice owners: whatever you have, you need to pull the chain on time! If it sag strongly or vice versa, it will be strongly stretched, both options are bad. In general, after about 3-5 cubic meters, I advise you to pull up already. And take the saws that have an option of the tensioner. Such, for example, almost all are khuskvarvarvarvvar, patriots also have such a function.

It is also more accurate with the chain so that it does not fly away. it is very dangerous if it flies exactly when you saw! You can get hurt strongly. All great work!””

The constant pull.up of the chain serves your safety and, not counting it, reduces the phenomena of wear and damage to the chain.

Most of the stihl chainsaws are comfortable in servicing a side of the chain tensioning device. With it, you pull the chain with one movement of the hand. This is done in the subsequent way:

Release the star lid manually using a lamb nut. When the adjusted adjustment wheel is rotated on the left, the saw chain tension is miniaturized, when the adjusting wheel rotates to the right, the saw chain is pulled. When tightening the cover cover of the chain, the guide tire is fixed with automatic.

When you want to change the chain, you need to painlessly clean the groove of the guide tire from pollution in advance. In the case of strong deposits, the mud in the groove of the chain in an unpleasant case can simply jump off the tire. In addition, there is a danger that chain adhesive oil will be absorbed into the mud and do not fall on the particularly loaded lower side of the tire. Check the circuit on let the electric saw eat on the market. How. Strong heating and wear of the chain and tires can be the consequences of this. You can clean with the help of, for example, a narrow screwdriver or other sharp object. The latest chain must be developed within a few seconds before supplying to the wood rock.

When the motor is turned off, you must first release the fasteners of the chain lids using a universal key. To tension the saw chain, just just release the fasteners a bit. Then twist the stretch screw using a universal key screwdriver.

How to put a chain and a tire on a chainsaw: Assembly

The procedure under consideration is quite simple. It is characterized by the following features:

  • First, the chain brake is released.
  • The tension screw is in close proximity to the bus.
  • The next step is to pull the cutting element clockwise.
  • If the circuit is difficult to move, then we have to weaken the fixing screw.

Modern chainsaw designs greatly simplify such work. Therefore, you can perform it yourself even in the absence of special tools.

When you need to pull the chain

Working with a strongly sagging chain is strictly unacceptable.

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During the saw, the chain can break the groove of the tire, disable the teeth of the driven star.

The jumped chain can damage the details of the mechanism. But the most dangerous is the operator’s injuries. Despite the brake and the capture, the flying chain can whip along the unpredictable trajectory, and this is extremely dangerous.

The stretch is necessarily checked before starting work. During operation, a critical weakening can be determined by two signs: