The chain nozzle on the angle grinder for wood cutting

attachments for woodworking angle grinder on sale from aliexpress

angle grinder (angle grinder). a useful tool for a wide range of works, and additional attachments further expand its functionality. And today we will talk about the attachments for woodworking.

Beforehand, I want to remind you that, in addition to the many advantages, if you do not respect the safety of the angle grinder carries a great danger.

Do not use this tool without a protective cover, because the speed of rotation is such that it can easily cause serious injury. Be sure to protect your eyes, face and wear protective clothing if possible. Also, use attachments strictly for their intended purpose, check them before use, hold the workpiece securely in place and hold the tool with both hands. Never use fabric gloves, they can become entangled in the tooling. Put the angle grinder only after the disc has stopped completely and always be extremely careful when working.

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Angle grinder stand with safety guard

This product allows you to make the woodworking process comfortable and safe.

The stand is made of tungsten steel about 1.2mm thick, its dimensions are 13.8x9cm.

The product is scratch and corrosion resistant.

Inner diameter of the attachment. 40 mm, outer. 110 mm, weight about 100 gr.

angle grinder can be installed at different angles, the adjustment range. 2-3 cm.

Chain saw adapter

The selection opens with the adapter, which converts the angle grinder into a chain saw. The adapter works by transmitting the rotation of the angle grinder’s spindle to the cutting chain of the accessory. The chain itself is mounted on a 12-inch guide bar. For comfortable work an angle grinder with rated power of 800 W is necessary. This adapter is a good choice for small jobs in the country. Delivery can be made from stock in

Straight-cutting nozzle

Metal nozzle that allows you to fix the tool at an angle of 90 0. It can be used to make straight, even cuts in metal or other materials. Fits into mounting holes of side handle. Dimensions of the tool is 300200 mm, with a weight of about 500 grams.

Angle grinder brush attachment

This device allows you to engage the angle grinder to work on cleaning wood, stone and metal surfaces. It is good for cleaning away rust, old paint, and any other stubborn and persistent dirt. You can also use it to clean off weld seams.

The abrasive brush body is made of metal. It itself is made of polymer material. Which ensures a gentle effect on the surface to be cleaned and allows you to work on materials that react differently to mechanical stress.

The mowing head is designed for use with angle grinders with a maximum speed of 8500 rpm. Recommended speed 4,500 rpm.

Below you can see an example of wood with this sanding pad

Angle grinder brush head for angle grinder

This multifunctional adapter turns your “angle grinder” into a mini grinder. Its presence allows you to treat a variety of wooden, metal, ceramic parts. It is indispensable when it is necessary to sharpen a tool. knife, chisel, scissors.

The gadget is designed to connect to the machine with a standard disk. 100mm, 115mm, 125mm. For its work you need a sanding belt, a special way glued sandpaper, width from 30mm.

Angle grinder will be useful in any private household. It is small and can be installed permanently, connecting to an “angle grinder” if necessary.

Grinding attachment for angle grinder

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Seller’s trustworthiness: excellent!

This attachment will quickly turn your tool into a grinder. Adapter dimensions. 25563 mm. It will help you in working with glass, wood, plastic, stainless steel and metal. Instructions are included. The mechanism of the product is interesting, provides a variety of tensioners and adjustments. Separately note that the head has an additional output pipe to remove the dust from the grinding and there is an opportunity to connect a vacuum cleaner. You can buy belt sanding attachments in two sizes. They are listed on the product page, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with them before buying.

Seems to be ok, I ordered it for my uncle. My dad saw it and wanted some too. Ordered more.

All excellent. Took it in, tested it, it works fine. Let’s see how long it lasts.

Delivery is fast, but without tracking.Packed good quality in a box, complete as described. After checking the feedback will add.

Stretch cutter for angle grinder with dust cover

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Seller’s reliability: excellent!

The plastic is thick and looks very reliable. I liked it overall and it is neatly done. I took it for my home, I think it will be good enough. It fits well on the AEG, I even had to trim it. Can not fit 2 CDs. The hose fit Metabo vacuum cleaner perfectly. Delivery by courier to the house. I am satisfied with the purchase! Thank you to the seller!

The box was packed in a plain mailing bag. Delivery was handled by DPD. Casing made of hard frosted plastic. It is possible to change the angle for connection of the vacuum cleaner. Also it is very convenient to change the disk, no need to remove the casing. The main thing is not to lose the thumbscrew, it is almost always completely unscrewed. To keep the disk in the center, you need to use the metal pads that are included. Angle change in 5 mm.

On Wednesday I ordered on Saturday I received in Kazan. Very fast delivery. The thing is cool!


Epic Tin Man in pristine condition. This is probably the most controversial product that I have had on review. Surprisingly, but the “critter” saws and saws very well, in addition, it was quite convenient to work with it The cutting speed was unexpectedly high (you can see it on the video), the chain is normal and sharpened, the power to the dope is more than enough. I expected that the device, because of the high revolutions of angle grinder, will behave inadequately. to vibrate, to twitch or to push the bar with the chain out of the tree, but nothing like that, and if to compare with a normal chain saw (“Makita”), I have not felt any significant differences in work, and even on the contrary, it is easier to saw (probably because of the narrower bar and chain). On the other hand, disregarding Safety Engineering. The chainsaw is a high-risk tool, and such a design, even with the protective shield included, is not optimistic, especially considering the cast of incomprehensible metal, the base unit, the switch in a completely inadequate place, as well as the lack of a complete lubrication system (although, “bury” oil is not necessary so often, I did it once during the test), still no “foolproof” lock, and the trigger for the finger. Will I use it in the future? I don’t think so, but if I really need it and I have no good instrument on hand. Video (I think, many will wipe away stingy man’s tear, remembering, where does music come from 🙂

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That’s all. PS: I will not be surprised if soon there will be an attachment in the form of BFG9000. May it be with you IDDQD 🙂

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Briefly about the main things

Angle grinder. a versatile tool designed to work with a variety of material, including wood base. Wood sanding and cutting discs perform a variety of functions:

  • Bark removal, trimming and sawing of branches and trees;
  • Coarse, rough, final sanding of wood;
  • surface polishing;
  • Coarse and fine sawing of boards, Fiberboard, Particleboard.

But it should be understood that all this is true only for those whose work associated with woodworking is not an income. angle grinder is suitable simply for minor household chores. repair, fence installation, flooring replacement. The right discs will help trim, clean, sand wood materials and products. But if you have to work frequently with wood, a specialized tool will be much more practical.

Plus, you should always remember that the multi-purpose grinder refers to the means of increased danger. when carrying out work it is necessary to observe safety precautions.

Drill bit or Economy version of the reciprocating saw

Hello there!) A little review of a drill/electric screwdriver attachment that expands the use of the latter. Generally, nozzles for drills were in the post-Soviet period, but they are rather rare specimens than mass ones. And here the Chinese are already on the move. If you want to know what they are and what they are good for, then please follow this link. There will be a disassembly and a work example. So, it will go about such nozzle for a drill-sabel saw Generally, inexpensive nozzles and other attachments, expanding funtsionalnym a cordless drill interesting for occasional use are very helpful, and stand inexpensive and take up little space, much less than a complete separate tool. So, I was interested to compare and evaluate how easy it is to use, compared to a normal tool.

The tool came quickly, packaging. cardboard box with polyethylene foam cell Included three saws (different), a hex key for the chuck, the manual and the nozzle itself Different length and tooth Saw blades: for fast cutting wood, just for cutting wood (I can not dare to call it precise), and for cutting metal (short, with a fine tooth). The saber nozzle is not very big, the body is made of thick plastic The lock for saws is not removable, it is made of special screws, a screw fixes and presses a saw in the lock. We set the saw into the slot of the chuck. Tighten the screw a little. Now we need a drill, preferably a cordless one We clamp the bit into the chuck of a drill or an electric screwdriver. If you use a cordless tool, you get an extra bonus in mobility))))

Before working, I check what is inside the nozzle body. To disassemble the hedgehog, you need to unscrew only 4 screws Inside is the crank mechanism. The shaft is mounted on an LMxxUU linear bearing and on the other side is a track roller. The grease is present, it is periodically possible to fill up if there was a lot of work Assemble back, try to work In principle, if the drill has a lock on (or masking tape on the trigger), you can work with one hand.

Looking for a victim, the easiest application is pruning orchard trees. Let’s cut the dry branch. The saw’s stroke in the picture

You can see in the picture that the cut is clean, in general, it was pretty fast, it took me longer to get used to it, it cuts like a normal saber saw. I would note the important points: the need to press the plier-support to the material, plus the material itself to fix from “back and forth”. Excessive vibration of the material (branches) reduces the effectiveness of the sabre nozzle The principle of operation is approximately the following: we press the bracket, rest the tool. We press smoothly on the trigger of the electric screwdriver, hold the second hand on the nozzle body.

It is not necessary to push strongly. the teeth of the saw blade are big, the sawdust flies away at once, one squeeze and the branch is cut off. It is possible to turn the drill upside down. as convenient as it is. It does not affect the quality of work. And in general, the tool is compact, self-contained. Separately the nozzle does not occupy much space. I find this attachment very interesting. It is really easy to work with. The big plus is that it is compact and can be put in the same case / bag as an electric screwdriver or drill. And throw a couple of saws nearby. Suitable for one-time jobs when you really need to saw or trim something, but do not want to bother with a hacksaw. It is not very comfortable to work for a long time The specificity of cutting with a saber saw is that the material must be fixed, and the saw.Being held firmly in two hands. Otherwise, there is unwanted vibration, which negates all the effort of cutting. Yes, and on the whole greatly reduces the effectiveness of the nozzle. then it’s much easier to cut with a hacksaw (or break).

It is better not to think it up, add a little money and buy a complete tool

From the serious disadvantages, I would note the need to work with two hands. Uncomfortable. you need to find a third hand (or other parts of the body) to hold the material you’re sawing. Well, in general, as a consequence of the overall cheapness of the attachment. the lack of a quick-clamping mechanism for saws. It is annoying if you change accessories often, and you have to store the key somewhere.

A huge plus for the Chinese. they worked out a simple technology to convert the rotation from a drill to a variety of attachments. In the range you can find attachments on the drill / electric screwdriver for cutting sheet metal (scissors), rivet cutters, nail guns, etc.п.

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Carving wood, is it worth it to start?

Young craftsmen are always interested in whether you can angle grinder to saw boards? I’ll tell you right away.No! Although by many people such an operation is acceptable, but it should be carried out very carefully, because any violation of caution, neglecting the rules of safety, can lead to the breakage of the disk, followed by the flight of particles in an unpredictable direction.

Why you should not do this for a beginner? Naturally, following the law of meanness, this direction can be directly to your face, or other parts of the body. The speed of the torsion of the angle grinder’s disc can give the flying splinter great acceleration.

Let’s take a look at the most frequent and most dangerous mistakes made by beginners:

  • Using an angle grinder without a hood, the removal allows you to better control the direction of the cut, but completely removes all insurance from breaking the disc, or flying splinters;
  • Using a non-standard disc for the angle grinder, most often beginners try to use a heavy circular, which is also dangerous and can lead to irreversible consequences;
  • Grasping the tool in the wrong place can cause the angle grinder to slip out of their hands.

Shocking photos on the Internet and equally creepy eyewitness accounts on forums confirm the dangers of using an angle grinder to cut wood. These people, whose lack of safety has resulted in amputations, serious injuries, and even death.

The following information contains comprehensive tips to prevent accidents like those inexperienced guys.

I also recommend reading my books on woodworking to know the ins and outs of the job. Read more about the book in the “Books” section on the top menu of the site.

There is a special wood blade for angle grinders, designed for sawing wood at high speed. You don’t see this wheel on the market very often.

Do not remove the blade guard! It is the only obstacle between your skin and the spinning wheel, which is spinning at great speed.

Large angle grinders will not make good cuts. Because of sawing hard wood, they can get out of your hands, because at the speed of the angle grinder, the tooth of the wheel is unlikely to snag on the tightly pressed fibers of the wood.

Gloves are a must. Better yet, get a device to hold the saw firmly in place. This will turn the angle grinder into a complete machine tool, safeguarding you completely from tearing out, in the case of quality installation of the design.

Do not use cutting discs with large teeth, with them the possibility of the angle grinder clinging, especially to firewood, becomes even lower. The possibility of ripping out increases many times over.

With an adjustable number of revolutions on the machine, set the minimum value. Unfortunately, most grinders are simply not equipped with such a feature.

You should put the tool at a right angle, you can cut the workpiece, relative to the plane to be cut. Any misalignment can be dangerous. Tilting the machine is also highly discouraged.

If there is a button lock, do not use it. In a critical situation, you will not be able to disengage the tool in an attempt to minimize the damage.

Despite all the tips and rules, the process of sawing wood with an angle grinder can be so accidental that compliance with all the above cautions, can not guarantee the safety of the master. This is because the angle grinder is not the right tool for such tasks.

Therefore, if you have any alternative in refusing to use this tool in favor of a stationary machine. immediately decide to use it, even if its transportation will take a lot of effort and time. In any case, health and your own life are more expensive.

The advice of many experts is to categorically refuse this tool for this purpose. If there is a large amount of work to be done, then the choice should fall on an electric jigsaw, which will never be superfluous in the household.

Milling with an angle grinder

Another operation that many experienced craftsmen successfully perform with this tool is milling. In contrast to the milling machine, it will not be possible to perform a really high-quality processing. However, to make a groove, as well as to cut a part of small size. it will turn out quite well.

Again, this operation is dangerous. Recommendations for general action with this tool I have already written, so follow them. The angle grinder needs a thick and high quality cutter. Immediately reject the possibility of using homemade nozzles, give your choice to an old brand, insured against chipping and breaking.

Even with all the tips, a beginner on his own should not take up milling without the supervision of a more experienced craftsman. As mentioned above, accidents constantly happen to the masters of their craft, given the instability of the tool.