The difference between a trimmer for grass from electric cos for grass. Advantages

tips for choosing an electric trimmer for grass or electric coser

The selection of a lawn mower or a trimmer for grass is a rather serious question, especially if you are going to care for your local area, garden or garden. And electric models will help you not only save a small amount of purchase, but also on the content of the device.

Summer is nearing, and with it long warm days foreshadowing the opening of the summer season or just the collections of friends for barbecue, which is quite convenient if someone lives in a private house. But not only these pleasant moments are significant in the summer, but also by the fact that the grass begins to grow on the site literally from everywhere, which means that it will be necessary to get rid of it.

Naturally, it is best to do this efficiently, quickly and with minimal physical costs. It is for this that there are devices such as lawmakers and trimmers for grass in the markets of household and all kinds of equipment. Thanks to them, you can effectively fight unwanted vegetation in the territory. However, those models that work from fuel can deliver small chores, not to mention additional expenses, so if you have light and quick access to the mains (for example, thanks to an extension cord, carrying or network filter), then it is worth considering for more savings It is electrical models.

And if you are interested in this category of technology, since for you it represents obvious practical benefits, but you don’t know what exactly is best for you, then read a few useful tips on the choice below.

Key Features

Since we live in the era of rapidly developing technologies, which are basically designed to facilitate the life of a modern person, it is not difficult to understand that such outdated “tools” as, say, sickle or sickle or a sickle or a sickle are not used to care for the garden, garden or house territory. A braid for grass. It is one thing to cut the bushes with a secateur, and to wave another scythe. It even sounds tiring. That is why for a country or simply residential private house the presence of a lawn mower or a trimmer for grass will be very, very useful.

Electric models, first of all, favorably differ from the battery or fuel due to a more affordable cost, while the quality of this type of device will be no worse than others. The second distinguishing feature of such a choice, as we have already noted earlier, will be a decrease in expenses for “” and direct work. Yes, from the fact that the device will work for a certain time from the network, to a general account for electricity to add a couple, but this is much more profitable than periodically buy gasoline. This is especially not profitable if you don’t have a car.

But there is a small drawback in such a solution, which, of course, will not allow the mower or trimmer to work, provided that there is no electricity. However, the disadvantage is quite abstract, since if it is turned off for several hours, and even if for a couple of days, it’s not scary, you will cut the grass a couple of days later.

What it is?

The popular Internet encyclopedia says that a trimmer for grass is a type of lawn mower, which is driven exclusively by an electric motor. However, acquaintance with catalogs of online stores and manufacturers shows that the phrase “gasoline trimmer for grass” is still quite real. We are talking about devices that have another name. the lawn mower. Like many other inventions, this thing, according to the same Wikipedia, appeared in many ways by chance. Created her resident of the American city Houston J. Bollas, which impressed the spinning brushes.

By analogy, the idea appeared to use this principle already for mowing grass. The first version of the gasoline braid for grass, which appeared in 1971, was still very primitive. Its components were an old tin can, fishing fishing line for a trimmer and an electric drill. Of course, such a product was suitable only for the very first experience and later significantly improved it. The first commercially effective version called “Excellers of weeds” could already mow the grass without harming trees and shrubs.

Gasoline braids for grass are designed not so much to replace large lawnmands, but to help where large equipment can not cope, where it is not maneuverable enough. Thanks to a gas station, it is more comfortable to clean the grass:

along fences and other artificial, natural barriers;

Pros and cons

The gasoline trimmer for grass is very popular. This device, in comparison with battery and electric network analogues, is much easier to serve and use. The fact is that they are arranged very simple, any person who graduated from secondary school can understand the scheme. The gasoline engine is capable of operating up to 24 hours in a row. It is very reliable and practically does not heat up, allows you to excellently perform the tasks in any acceptable conditions.

The gasoline trimmer for the grass is more powerful and productive than an electric cobber. These characteristics allow to mow lawns even in the most inaccessible places, and very high quality. It is easy to move the device from one place to another. It is not attached to the outlet, which is very convenient. But we must remember about certain shortcomings of such trimmers.

They make a loud noise and vibrate intensively. It is unlikely that a large number of people will like it. In addition, the gasoline engine invariably pollutes the environment, is source of toxic and foul.smelling smoke. Trammers for ICE grass are more expensive than electric counterparts, because manufacturers want to justify their investments in powerful, effective equipment. The difference between specific models is due to a set of knives, nozzles, other components that are included.

But the lawn mower can be safely bought, even if the power supply on the site is extremely unstable or completely absent. To put in order a relatively large area, they are suitable better than electric counterparts. The car with ICE will simplify work in wet weather and in very raw areas. A gasoline braid for grass is an increased fire hazard.

But there is no threat to be shocked by current.

The main parameters of the electrocos

The main parameters are directly related to the device of this tool, which we talked about here (how the electric trimmer for grass works).

These include:

  • electric motor power;
  • engine location;
  • type and shape of the bar;
  • configuration;
  • mass;
  • the shape of the handles;
  • brand and reputation of its owner;
  • The cost of the electrimmer.

It is they who determine how much the electric coser corresponds to the situation on the site and your capabilities, so when choosing the model you have to focus on these parameters.

The power of the electric motor

This parameter is important in two cases, that is, when required:

If you have to work at a big distance from the outlet (over fifty meters), then do not choose an apparatus with a capacity of more than 500 watts, otherwise it will inefficiently mow grass due to the voltage drop in the voltage. This is especially true where the network voltage is not stable, so it often drops significantly below the face value.

When you have to cut thick or high vegetation, but the voltage drop in the cable due to the small length is small, then choose the most powerful model.

difference, trimmer, grass, electric, advantages

After all, the higher this parameter, the easier it is to cope with the thick rigid stems of plants, which means it does not have to work in the overload mode and it will last noticeably longer.

Therefore, what power to choose a trimmer for grass depends on the balance between the ability to cut off a thick high vegetation and work at a large distance from the outlet.

The location of the electric motor

The engine is placed on the electric ships from above or below, and each option has advantages and disadvantages. If the motor is installed at the bottom, then thanks to more convenient hanging with an electrimmer it is easier to work, but the power of such an engine rarely exceeds 500 watts, so the device is not suitable for cutting thick or high vegetation.

The power of the power unit installed on top often reaches 2.5 kW, due to which the electrocos is approaching the gasoline trimmer in its capabilities.

Therefore, choose the location of the electric motor based on the tasks standing in front of the trimmer. to trim the neat lawn, the device with the lower engine is best suited, but only the model that is on top of the top can be universal.

Type and shape of the bar

Two types of rods are installed on the electric ships:

The advantage of collapsible is that for storage and transportation they require less space, but a little more expensive and before using them you need to collect together.

Inexperienced are ready for work without any preparation, and also do a little cheaper, but you need more space for storage and transportation.

Claxes of various shapes are installed on electrimmers, that is:

Directors are well conveyed by a large torque, so they are better suited for powerful devices designed to work with knives or saw disks. Curled shafts provide more comfortable mowing of grass as close as possible to the legs, therefore effective where the necessary high accuracy, even to the detriment of the ability to cut thick tall grass or thin shoots of shrubs.

To choose the right type and shape of the bar, evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages, then determine what is more important in your situation, and what can be sacrificed.

If you need an electric kos only for haircuts of well.groomed areas, then choose models with a curved shaft, because they are more convenient to work, and also allow you to more clearly regulate the position of the fishing line relative to the ground, which means that the surface of the grass will turn out to be more even.

However, for cutting high thick vegetation, even if this happens infrequently, models with a straight raven are better suited.

When choosing between collapsible and non.vegetable devices, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each type, then determine what is more important for you. low cost and instant readiness or less space when storing or transported.


The equipment is most important for devices whose power exceeds 1 kW, which allows them not only to trim well.groomed vegetation, but also to cope with high or thick wild grass. Therefore, low.power devices are equipped only with trimmer heads of various types, which we talked about here.

There are two or three.lobed knives, as well as saw discs, with the help of which an electric clock can cut even a thick high vegetation in the kit of more powerful models.

To decide which device is better to choose for mowing grass at the house, in the country, in the garden, evaluate the spectrum of work for which you need a trimmer ethletric for grass, and select a model with an appropriate cutting tool. Remember, it is sometimes more profitable to take a trimmer for grass and a knife or disk separately, the main thing is that the electric costs support the installation of such a tool.


This parameter is important in two cases when:

  • You have to cut a large territory, spending a lot of time on it;
  • The physical capabilities of the operator limit the possibility of the efficient use of devices, the mass of which exceeds a certain value.

The weight of electric trimmers with the rear engine and increased power often exceeds 5 kg.

However, if you use them together with a good suspension system, then a physically prepared person will not get tired soon. If the operator has low endurance or weak physical training, then even using the suspension it will be difficult for him to work with heavy devices. Therefore, choosing a specific model, focus on the physical capabilities of the one who will mow grass with this trimmer.

The shape of the handles

Electrics are equipped with two types of handles:

How to choose an trimmer for grass for mowing grass?

If you plan to purchase an electric cost for trimming the Luja near the house, but do not plan the fight against thickets of weeds, then give preference to low.power models with the lower location of the motor.

To perform such work, you do not need powerful models equipped with a disk or knife, so take the device in minimal configuration.

If finances allow, give preference to well.known brands, their products will cost more, but below the risk that it will quickly fail.

Comparison of the properties of battery devices

Working from batteries (batteries, batteries) trimmers for grass combine the advantages and disadvantages of other types of these devices.

  • Do not depend on the outlet. While the batteries are charged, the electric hood will work regardless of whether there is a 220V alternating current network nearby or not. If one battery is not enough for the mowing of the site, then you can purchase several more battery and charge them at home.
  • They work quietly, so closed windows are jamming the sound they created.
  • Do not emit toxic substances.
  • One power source can be used in conjunction with the trimmer and other devices of the same line.
  • The cost of even powerful devices from well.known brands is low, but powerful batteries cost many times more than buying a trimmer for grass.
  • The weight of the battery of a large container is comparable to the mass of the internal combustion engine, so the powerful devices together with the trimmer are noticeably more heavier than electric counterparts.
  • Charge of one battery, especially with a mowing of weeds, is enough for a short time, and the purchase of several other batteries is not always available due to the high price.
difference, trimmer, grass, electric, advantages

When is it better to choose batteries for grass?

Given all the pros and cons of these devices, they are preferable in only one case. when it is necessary to mow grass under the windows of a non.electrified, but residential building or cottage.

Indeed, in such conditions, an apparatus is important, which can work not only without connecting to a socket, but also with a minimum noise level.

If the noise level is not important, then it is better to use a gasoline apparatus, and where you can connect to a socket, preferable to an electric cobber.

In addition, trimmers for grass with batteries are preferable where it is impossible to connect to the outlet and it is undesirable to pollute clean air toxic exhaust.

Thus, in order to decide for yourself which trimmer for grass for grass is better to choose, gasoline, electric or battery, decide what and in what conditions you will mow.

Review of reviews

According to owners of gasoline and electric trimmers, low.power devices in general, in any performance, are not too useful when working on a large site. 500 watts devices are enough to care for small lawns with thin stems. The practical experience of the owners of trimmers suggests that inexpensive models sooner or later have to be changed to more professional and effective. It makes no sense to save here. both electric and gasoline braids for grass from market leaders are capable of full.fledged care for the summer cottage or household territory.

The fishing line consumption is also an unpleasant surprise for many. it is really high, and it is better to stock up in advance with special discs for cutting closer stems. When choosing powerful models, it is better to give preference to options with a biceps belt or a mounting mount. Otherwise, it is highly likely that after working with the tool, the back and shoulders will experience painful sensations.

Differences of motorcycles and trimmer for grass

Buying Motokos will not be difficult, a large assortment of models of different design, quality and price of devices today simply filled all the store shelves.

The fashion for neatly trimmed lawns came to us from the West and continues to spread at high speed. But maintaining the lawn in this state with the help of manual labor is quite difficult. For this purpose, mechanized methods are used: lawn mower, lawn mower, trimmer for grass.

Due to the great demands on the terrain and the purity of planting from the lawn mower, they have not taken root in our volume as motokos and trimmers for grass. Using these devices, the bulk of the population supports its site in an exemplary manner throughout the warm period of the year.

Buying Motokos will not be difficult, a large assortment of models of different design, quality and price of devices today simply filled all the store shelves. The most popular option today is a braid for gasoline grass, which allows an autonomous mode to produce a full range of work. It is not demanding in operation and to the quality of fuel, in addition, it is characterized by increased wear resistance.Reviews among all users are extremely positive. The only inconvenience possessed by all large.sized motorcycles is the inability to clean grass under branches of low trees, near the fences and under the bushes.

It is for cases where the processing of vegetation by a motorcycle is impossible or uncomfortable, created trimmers for grass. These are devices that can cope with the haircut of grass around the perimeter of the flower bed or the edge of the lawn, while all the boundaries will be clearly observed, and the grass is neatly and evenly trimmed. Trires differ in many parameters, but the main type of drive is: electric or gasoline. trimmer for grass gasoline. This is an autonomous unit, since it does not require a stationary electric network, and the fuel consumption during its operation is a minimum.

The trimmer for grass for grass and the lawn mower differ, first of all, by their purpose, and then by the design and device. Trimmer for grass is the simplest lawn mower that can cope with plants that have a soft stem. Unlike motorcycles, trimmers for grass have a less powerful engine, which determines their short period of work.

The main purpose of the trimmer for grass is the mowing of grass in difficult places for motorcycles or in small areas. The meaning of buying a trimmer for the grass will be if the need for a haircut in a small suburban area or the territory adjacent to the house. We can recommend Zirkashop store to purchase such resistance, address: http: // you can choose both an expensive professional tool from Europe and a simple Chinese analogue.

For mowing grass on a large area, motorcycles should be used, as it is specially designed for large.scale work for a long time. Motokos excellently cope with the mowing of shrubs, herbs or vines. Not even large trees can be removed using motorcycles, the only condition is a regular check of the severity of the cutting tool. Motokos have a powerful gasoline internal combustion engine, which can work for a very long time.

Buying trimmers for grass in Kyiv will not be difficult, in almost every specialized store there are several of the most popular trimmers models that are in demand due to their technical characteristics, positive operating experience and low affordable price. Professional motorcycles of the of which are not available to every ordinary user, in addition to the high quality of execution, also low noise, low consumption of fuel and lubricants, reliable and simple design, stable and durable work.

Popular models of electrocosyles

In order to facilitate the choice of an electric lawn mower, we have made a rating of the five best devices presented today on the market.

Gardena PowerMax

This device takes the last fifth place in our top. It is allotted to him because it belongs to the type of mowing unimportant in the conditions of domestic cottage. by moving on wheels. Therefore, it can only be used on even surfaces. lawns, adjacent lawns.

Here are the main characteristics of the device:

The unit is powerful enough, so it will cope with any low grass. True, the width of the device is not great. only 32 cm. This means that if your site is large enough, “flights” with a mower will have to make a lot. The device has a mowed grass tank, which is very convenient, since crushed stems and leaves do not fly around the site, but are assembled in a special container.

There is a regulator on the lateral part of the mower with which you can set the necessary speed of rotation of the blade. The power supply to the electric motor is carried out from the device handle, which is quite convenient.

Costs Gardena PowerMax from 5,000 to 10,000.

Interskol MKE-30/500

This is no longer a mower on wheels, but a trimmer for grass. What is allocated against the background of similar products is the rest of the outstanding in this electric lawnical mower. The assembly quality is generally satisfactory (although sometimes there are flaws, which, however, are easily eliminated independently).

But the power leaves much to be desired. only 500 watts. But for this price it is quite acceptable. Another minus of the Interskolovskaya mowing is a small mowing diameter: only 30 cm.

Of the pluses of the device, you can call resetting, small weight and small dimensions.

Here are the main parameters of the unit:

Type of power Electric network with a voltage of 220 V
Speasing width Up to 30 cm
Power 500 watts
Rotation speed of cutting parts Up to 10,000 revolutions per minute
The weight 2 kg
Length 1.7 m

Monferme 21327M

Trimmer for grass from the French company Monferme is already stronger. its capacity is 1,200 watts. It costs from 3,000 to 4,500. Sometimes the device has the defects of the assembly (for example, not fully tightened bolts on the electric motor body). But for a trimmer for grass with a capacity of 1,200 watts, which costs less than 5,000, this is excusable.

Type of power Electric network with a voltage of 220 V
Speasing width Up to 42 cm
Power 1,200 watts
Rotation speed of cutting parts Up to 8,000 revolutions per minute
The weight 5.5 kg
Length 1.7 m

Stavr TE-1700R

This electrical manufacturer could have been given first place from the domestic manufacturer, but still for domestic use, its power is somewhat redundant-1,700 watts do not need.

However, for such a powerful trimmer for grass, such a cost can be considered acceptable. The power was also affected by weight. it is slightly less than 8 kilograms, and this is heavy, especially if it is planned to work with a mower for a long time.

The strength of the mower also affected the price. it is 6,500. 8,000.

Here are the main characteristics of the Stavre:

Type of power Electric network with a voltage of 220 V
Speasing width Up to 42 cm
Power 1 700 watts
Rotation speed of cutting parts Up to 10,000 revolutions per minute
The weight 7.8 kg
Length 1.85 m

The stavr is perfect for clearing of strongly overgrown sites. a reserved engine with a capacity of 1,700 watts will cope even with durable, stem stems, which will not be able to the weaker electric law enforcement agent.

Huter Get-1200SL 1000

Honorary first place in our ranking is allocated to the electritrimer Huter Get-1200SL 1000.

Compared to analogues, it has the following advantages:

Here are the main characteristics of the device:

Type of power Electric network with a voltage of 220 V
Speasing width Up to 42 cm
Power 1,200 watts
Rotation speed of cutting parts Up to 8,000 revolutions per minute
The weight 5.5 kg
Length 1.9 m

As for the configuration, all five lawn mowers have been standard. It includes:

Let’s summarize

Electric lawn mower. an indispensable instrument in the country or in a personal plot. Unlike a gasoline mowing, the electric is less noisy, and also almost does not require maintenance. True, she also has a minus. low mobility (there should be source of electricity nearby).

The selection of an electric shin should be approached responsibly, given several factors, including the weight of the device, its power, convenience. The efficiency of the device, its service life, as well as whether you enjoy your work with it depends on the well.thought choice.

main parameters

Here are the main parameters of such devices:

engine’s type

There are 3 types of engines:

Gasoline is characterized by maximum power and complete autonomy, so trimmers for grass with them can be used to work in any areas, including not connected to the mains.

The disadvantages of motors of this type are:

  • loud sound, and in two.stroke engines this effect is more pronounced;
  • more complex maintenance, including preparation for launch;
  • toxic exhaust with an unpleasant odor, and in two.stroke power units this effect is noticeably stronger;
  • high fire hazard, because the work requires a flammable liquid;
  • Large weight.

Electric network engines are much quieter than gasoline, and are also the cheapest, however, their power is limited by the throughput of the house network and the state of the cable, so the higher the power, the lower the permissible cable length.

In addition, the cable is often confused underfoot, interfering with working normally, and in particularly unsuccessful cases it can be wound on a knife or a trimmer head.

The batteries in power are comparable with electric network, however, such a trimmer for the grass will weigh much more due to the source of electricity in it. In addition, the operating time from one battery is limited by the power source capacity, after which the connection to the power grid is required to charge the battery. Trammers for grass of this type are more expensive than network, but cheaper than gasoline.


This parameter is important if, in addition to mowing grass near the house, you plan to use a trimmer for grass and to perform other work, that is:

  • cutting of weeds and other large or thick weeds;
  • Cutting young bushes and trees overgrown;
  • Vesti trimming;
  • cutting trees.

For pumping weeds, a minimum power of 1.1 kW is required, which corresponds to 1.5 liters. With., However, to perform other works, the lower power limit is 1.5–2 kW, which corresponds to 2–2.7 liters. With.

How to assemble the Flymo Contour 500E and 650E grass trimmer


This parameter is most important if the main user of the trimmer for the grass is a teenager or woman, because the harder it is, the more difficult it will be for them to work with him.

over, the use of a gasoline trimmer for the grass implies that before connecting it to the suspension system, the device must first be laid on the ground, then tired and only then raise and attach it to the suspension.

If the lawn mower is equipped not by a suspended system, but a simple shoulder belt, then it will have to be raised from the ground so high that it is more difficult to throw over the shoulder belt, and the harder the device, the more difficult it is to do.

The location of the engine

All gasoline trimmers are installed on top, that is, at the opposite end (in relation to the cutting tool) of the drive shaft, this is due to engine weight.

In such devices, the motor is immediately behind the operator, due to which the drive shaft plays the role of a lever, and a heavy power unit on a short shoulder is balanced by a light cutting tool on a long shoulder.

Electric trimmers for grass are both with the upper and lower engine location, and the rule of the lever also applies here, but due to the small weight of the motor, even a small shoulder near the handle is enough for normal operation.

However, the lower location of the engine has a significant drawback. such a device is poorly suitable for working with a saw disk and the fight against thickets of weeds.

After all, the disk greatly increases the load on the hands of the operator due to the large shoulder of the lever, and the mass of the apparatus is not enough to extinguish the blows and vibrations that occur during such works.

over, trimmers for grass with the lower engine are often devoid of the shoulder belt or suspension system, so the lever is formed by a mobile handle, which means that the entire load is not on the shoulders, but on the hands of the operator. The acquisition of a suspension system eliminates this problem.

Full.time equipment

Often the same trimmer for the grass is sold in different configurations and a little change the name, so it is necessary to immediately evaluate the compliance of the set of delivery by the work for which this device is bought.

Nevertheless, electrical devices with a lower engine are never supplied with a saw disk, because they are not designed to work with it. If some cutting tool is not enough, but the tool is suitable for working with them, then this tool will have to be bought for a fee for a fee.

Features of service and operation

Electric trimmers for grass are much easier to maintain, because they just have to check the condition of the contacts and lay the lubricant in the gearbox (only for apparatus with the upper engine).

The same situation with battery trimmers.

However, gasoline devices are much more difficult to maintain, because it is necessary to clean the air filter and carburetor from time to time, as well as adjust the valves and gap of the candle.

For two.stroke motorcycles, it is necessary to prepare a mixture of gasoline and oil before each use, and four.stroke engines require oil replacement once a year.

However, before starting work with an electric trimmer, it is necessary to prepare and unwind the extension cord, stretching it around the site so that it does not interfere with movement, and after the end of the work you need to wash off and remove the extension cord.

To launch a gasoline trimmer for grass, it is necessary:

  • season with fuel or fuel mixture;
  • pump up fuel;
  • switch the air damper to the start mode;
  • Using a manual starter, start a motor;
  • translate the air damper to the working position.

Lawn mowed (lawn mower)

lawn mower. The name speaks for itself, gasoline. So the engine.

Benzotrimmers consist of the engine itself, the bar, and the lower cutting part, which includes the gearbox, a fishing line and a protective casing.


All lawn mowers are supplied with a two.stroke high.speed internal combustion engine, power from 0.65 kW to 3 kW, the engine volume can vary from 28 cm.cube up to 54 cm.cube.

The engine cylinder can be chrome.based, which positively affects the engine resource. Clutch and starter, carburetor and tank for the fuel mixture are attached to the engine body.


Motokosa rod can be straight or curved (in high.performance models the shaft is straight, a metal rod to the gearbox passes inside the shaft, and a metal cable is located in the curved shaft, which transfers the torque with a fishing line), the bar may also differ, long and shape of the handles.

Too short rod is usually in low.power trimmers, it is not convenient, as it creates a large load on the back of a person of medium height (it is necessary to work on a bond).

The bar can be both detachable and shaking, fastening the handles and belt, plays a large role when working with a trimmer, long handles and a convenient belt will be a big plus when choosing motorcycles.

Lower part (working)

The lower part consists of a gearbox (if the bar is straight), head, and casing.

Benzotrimmer’s head can have different nozzles and capture width.

For example, a trimmer for grass, with a not very powerful engine 0.650 kW, will have a permitted fishing thickness of the fishing line up to 2 mm. with a width of a mowing surface 38 cm, but not to be able to install metal knives.

And the lawn mower with a larger power, from 1 kW at the maximum thickness of cord 2.5 mm. and capture width 45 cm., has the ability to install metal knives.

A lawn mower with a capacity of more than 2 kW can have in its set to metal knives, also a saw disk that can be sawed by shrubs.

First & Last Time using a String Trimmer

    Mobility (you can take and work anywhere)


Electrics are divided into two types, their main difference, the location of the electric engine.

One type, where the electric motor is located in the lower part of the trimmer for the grass and is connected directly to the head on which the cutting fishing line for the trimmer is installed, and the other type of electric coses looks like a benzotrimer, but only with the difference that an electric motor is located instead of the internal combustion engine.

The option of the electric cos where the engine is located in the lower part, is an unexplored.

Such trimmers for the grass are quite low and used for small and short.term work on grass cutting, for example: to bump around the flowerbed, or paths.

The lower location of the engine is not the best constructive solution, the trimmer cannot be used with strong dew, since from the water, the electric motor located in the lower part may suffer.

Also, you need to be careful, since with inaccurate handling, it is possible to get particles of dust and grass into the ventilation holes of the engine.

Devices with a motor in the lower part are battery and work on the battery charged from the power supply, and ordinary, operating directly from the network. The power of the battery trimmers has a fork from 1.35 to 1.6 amperes (which allows you to work on average without a break for 30 minutes). Electrics with a lower drive operating from the network have a capacity from 0.245 kW to 0.6 kW.

The width of the mowing of such a braid for grass varies from 26 to 30 cm., The thickness of the used fishing line does not exceed 1.6 mm.

Electrics with the upper location of the electric motor are most popular.

difference, trimmer, grass, electric, advantages

They differ between the engine power, long and the shape of the bar, hand holder, and execution options: a fishing line for a trimmer knife or only a fishing line for a trimmer.


The power of the electric engine is in the range from 0.650 kW to 1.3 kW., Some models are equipped with engines with a system of smooth starting of the motor, this function will prevent sharp shocks and make the operation more smooth, and the automatic power adjustment system will adjust the engine speed of your electric ships, depending on what you mow, heavy and high grass or simply equalize recently cut lawn.Also, some models are equipped with a system of protecting the engine from overheating.


When buying electric ships, you need to know that the bar can have several types, detachable and unwilling, as well as curved or straight.

A detachable bar can be convenient with frequent transportation of a trimmer for grass, and a curved bar may seem more convenient for someone than a straight line. A straight rod has a gearbox in the lower part and is usually installed on high.performance electric cos.It is also worth paying attention to the pens, they can be completely short or have a sufficient length for convenient holding the trimmer for grass.

Bottom part

The lower part of the electric ships, no different from the device of braids for grass with a gasoline engine.The width of the capture and the thickness of the fishing line is proportional to the power of the electric motor, the width of the fishing line from 26 cm to 45 cm, the thickness of the fishing line is from 1.6 mm to 2.5 mm, the knife is installed on some models.

    Not the high cost of the simplest models

    Not mobile (connected by long electric cable)