The difference between gas mowers of gasoline and electric. Wheels

trimmer for grass or lawn mower. what to choose?

To care for a land plot, which is planted with high grass and different vegetation, you need to have a special device. It can be a trimmer for grass or a lawn mower. The difference between devices for some can be insignificant, but each of them is intended for specific purposes. Below we will talk about the features of the devices, which of them is better to choose and present the rating of proven models.

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Features of the lawn mower, pros and cons of

The lawn mower is a cart with handles. It moves on wheels and has an electric/gasoline engine. As a cutting element, a system of blades or a rotating knife acts. In order to make it convenient to cut the grass, the owner’s height can be adjusted in height.

Fast processing of large areas.

Small load on the body, thanks to a special drive.

A flat haircut.

Independent tuning of the height of the cut.

Special functions that expand the list of actions of the device.

Inability to use in uneven areas.

Impressive dimensions that require the allocation of a special place.

The lawn mower can be processed in a short time

What are the lawn mowers?

There are several types of lawnmands (by the way, they include trimmers for grass, but we still do not consider them within the framework of this article). In this section, we will give a brief description to each type where the main ones are:

  • Electric. They work from the battery or from the network. Network have a limited radius of use (the length of the extension cord), in addition, the wires will interfere, you will have to waste time to remove them to the side. Bathers are deprived of this drawback, but they have a limited working hours. Well, over time, the battery itself will lose its container (you can read about the degradation of batteries here), which will require additional expenses for its replacement.
  • Gasoline. They are deprived of all the shortcomings of electric ones, but have their cons of. First of all, they are more complex in care, and the complexity depends on the type of engine and a specific model. They also cost more, if you compare models with approximately the same performance and other characteristics, then gasoline will cost at least 1.5 times more.
  • Mechanical. They do not have an engine, respectively, have complete autonomy and do not require complex maintenance and compliance with strict operation rules, as in the case of gasoline. The principle of operation of a mechanical lawn mower is simple: when moving on it, pressure is, the drum with blades rotates and they cut the grass. The main minus is that you need to make efforts, which may be a problem for people who do not have good health and endurance. And working with very large areas will be difficult for anyone.
  • Raiders. These are mini-tractors, you probably saw such in films. We mentioned them, but they should not seriously consider them. Such a technique is very expensive (from 100 thousand) and there is no sense in them in small areas. Although it is worth noting that for this money you buy not just a lawn mower, but a multifunctional small tractor that is suitable for other purposes (snow cleaning, cultivation, etc.D.).
  • Robots. The last word of technology. The robot gazonocosel is able to independently mow grass in any areas (there are restrictions on the battery capacity), recognize obstacles. Option for lazy people who want to press one button and no longer think about cutting the lawn. The main minus is price.

As you can see, all five types of lawn mowers have their own characteristics, there are advantages and disadvantages. Within the framework of this article, we will not talk about robots, raiders and mechanical lawnmands, but we will dwell only on electric and gasoline. The reason is simple: it is they who are the most common and when you ask “which lawmaker is better to buy for a suburban site/cottage?”, Almost always it is about gasoline or electrical.

By the way, we can immediately say that if you have 10-20 square meters of the lawn on your site, there may be no sense in buying a lawn mower and there. In this case, you can do with a trimmer, because the volume of work is not too large. However, only you decide.

Gasoline lawn mowers

So, you decided to look towards gasoline lawn mowers. Of course, they are a very good option, but if there is no access to electricity, then there are no other options. But let’s start with their advantages and disadvantages. Short.

  • Autonomous;
  • Mobile;
  • In general, more powerful and productive (than electric);
  • Better suitable for working with large areas;
  • Work time without a break is higher;
  • Many models (especially expensive) can have additional useful functions.
  • Weigh more;
  • It is more difficult to care for;
  • Noisy;
  • Are more expensive;
  • They cannot be called environmentally friendly and we are talking not only about exhausts, but also about possible leaks of combustible materials.

Before you choose a gasoline lawnaper, we recommend that you think about the shortcomings again, if there is something critical for you, then you should buy them only when there is also a critically important among the advantages. Now let’s talk about the characteristics that you should pay attention to when choosing.


Luggage mushrooms with a two.stroke or four.stroke engine are currently being produced. If you do not go into the principles of their work and design, then everything can be reduced to a simple one: two-stroke models are easier to maintain, since their design is simpler, but four-stroke more economical (fuel saving can reach 30-35%). It is also worth noting that four.stroke gasoline engines are much quieter. The engine itself can be both in the front and in the rear. It is believed that the anterior location means somewhat better maneuverability, but this is not always relevant.

In principle, today it is better to buy models with a four.stroke engine. It is not worth being afraid of more complicated service, in fact there is nothing difficult, you only need to follow the instructions for operation and all the recommendations of the manufacturer so that there are no problems.


In gasoline braids, power is measured in horsepower. The following depends on it:

  • The higher the power, the less often capital maintenance is required, simply because more powerful models are designed for professional use. But, with domestic use, it will not be too relevant.
  • The quality of the haircut of the grass also depends on power, if this is not relevant for a conventional lawn, then for dense thickets the grass will not squint, but to break, which will not make your lawn more attractive.
  • Weak power can lead to the need to make frequent breaks in work. This will happen because the engine will operate at the limit of power and heat up hard. And his wear will be more.

In practice, the choice of gasoline lawn mowing of suitable capacity will not be difficult, simply because manufacturers themselves are already making them in four categories depending on the area of ​​the site:

  • Up to 150 square meters. category S or up to 3 l/s;
  • Up to 400 sq.m. class m or up to 3 l/s;
  • From 400 to 1000 kV.m. class l or from 3 to 5 l/s;
  • Above 1000 square meters. XL and engine power above 5 l/s.


There is also a conditional separation: household gasoline lawn mowers have a motoresurs on average about 600 hours, professional models from 1000. Of course, the more, the better, but here it is necessary to take into account the fact that much depends on the operating conditions and compliance with the recommendations from the manufacturer.

By the way, if it seems to you that 500 hours are very few, then you are mistaken. Suppose you have 10 acres of lawn. The speed of mowing is from 5 acres per hour (there are up to 10), but, let’s say, you have a lower value and you are going to mow grass every 10 days. During the summer you will develop only 18 hours of motor resources, that is, for 500 hours you will be enough for 25 years (if you round). So, this indicator should not be given much importance, and if work with large areas is required, there in any case they will buy a professional lawn mower.

Also, gasoline law mmores can be both self.propelled and non.self.propelled. The difference is that the former move on their own, and for the movement of the second you need a person’s effort. However, it is worth noting that there is no need to make great efforts, on a flat surface such a lawn mower will still move quite easily.

How to: Turn your lawn mower engine into a Go Kart Motor & How to fix your engine without any tools

difference, mowers, gasoline, electric, wheels

Key selection criteria

When choosing a lawn mower, you need to compare the available options for several groups of criteria: firstly, technical and operational properties, and secondly, in accordance with the features and operating conditions. Send the link where we will tell you in detail in detail how to choose a lawn mower, based on your wishes and preferences. For greater convenience of perception, information on this subject is designed in the form of tables.

Table. Technical and operational characteristics

Assessment criterion Description
Power and noise Basic units, ceteris paribus, will be much more powerful than their electrical “counterparts”. Electric cosers feed on the network, therefore, the ability to install high.power engines on them is simply absent. the created voltage will exceed the permissible boundaries and the network will simply fail. Along with this, complete with many models is a battery that allows you to work up to 2-3 hours at the distance from the power source. The noise level created by the tool during operation depends on the power of the installed motor. In view of this, the inclusion of headphones in the package of many gasoline lawnmands is not an attempt by the manufacturer to earn additionally, but by an urgent need to protect the user hearing.It is important to understand that high power is far from always an advantage. For example, a productive engine is better not to use in complex areas.To understand the essence of the approval, we give a simple example: the site is processed by a medium.power tool. A bone dragged by a dog, a small stone or any other hard object falls under the cutting element. What will happen to the engine? He will die out. To resume the work, it will be enough to remove the interference and re.start the mower.

When using high.power lawn mowers, such circumstances can lead to a breakdown, The engine with a high degree of probability will not turn off and will continue to rotate jammed cutting tools. As a result, the knives are twisted, the shaft will be deformed and the destruction of bushings, and this already requires expensive overhaul.

In general, for servicing the average in size of the site, there will be enough model capabilities with 6-7 “horses”. Buying a more powerful unit in most cases is pointless and impractical.

The following table provides recommendations for the choice of a lawn mower, taking into account the features of the serviced site and the convenience of operation.

Watch the criteria for choosing a device on video.

difference, mowers, gasoline, electric, wheels

Which Lawn Mower Is Best? Gas VS Electric!

Table. Features of use

Assessment criterion Description
The size of the site Electric lawn mowers are effective when processing areas, the dimensions of which do not exceed 100-300 m 2 (depending on the individual characteristics of a particular case). With a more impressive size of the territory, preference should be objectively given in favor of a gasoline model. One of these models is a gasoline gas mowing MTD, which is capable of restoring order on your territory in a short time. Users who do not want to pollute the environment with exhaust gases and experience other inconvenience characteristic of gasoline braids, will have to additionally solve the problems of arranging reliable power sources at the place of use of the tool.
Remoteness from the source of electricity It is optimal when several suitable sources of electricity are mounted in the garden. in such a situation, using an electric shovel, no difficulties will occur. With unwillingness to burden yourself with attachment to the network, buy a gasoline unit. In addition to these devices, you can purchase a rotary mower for a mini.tractor, which, as it is understood by the name, works with the help of vehicles.
The duration of the mowing process The larger the width of the working area of ​​the tool, the faster it will mow grass. So, mowers, the indicator of the working area of ​​which is held within the boundaries of 250-300 mm, allow you to process about 400 m 2 lawns in a period of up to 30-40 minutes.The average mower with a working area of ​​300-400 mm will do it 2 times faster. Buying a device with more than half a meter working area is advisable if it is necessary to process the site with dimensions over 1000 m 2.
The shape of the lawn It is more convenient to process a platform with even edges with a powerful mowing with a large mowing area. For wrong lawns, a tool with a small working width is suitable.

Additionally, you are invited to familiarize yourself with the comparative characteristic of gasoline and electric lawn mowers according to the main parameters “in numbers”.

Table. Comparative parameters

Assessment criterion Gasoline lawn mowers Electric lawn mowers
Power Up to 16 horsepower On average from 1 to 1100 kW
The height of the bevel On average up to 7-9 different levels, up to 9-10 cm. It is not recommended to use lawn mowers for processing areas with grass, more than 10-15 cm high. Similarly
The width of the bevel Up to 100-110 cm On average up to 50 cm
The weight On average 25-45 kg On average 10-25 kg
Land area On average up to 6000 m 2 Up to 900 m 2 in high.level models
Duration of work without a break In practice, it is limited only by the volume of the fuel tank and the recommendations of the manufacturer. On average up to 15 minutes. After. a break of at least the same duration.
4-70 thousand and above

Instead of conclusion

Summing up the recommendations, we can draw conclusions regarding the advisability of buying a gasoline or electric unit in accordance with the features of a particular case. So, a gas station is preferable, first of all, if the site has a large area: the tool is not dependent on the outlet and is able to work for a long time without interruptions.

In addition, the ability to install a powerful engine with all the ensuing allows you to perform a similar amount of work using a gasoline mower much faster compared to an electric counterpart.

The price of a sharpening machine for chains of chainsaws can be different, so you can find a device that will not hit your much.

Manite loaders are a model of high.quality assembly, read details here // MachinSpec.COM/SKLADSKAYA/POGRUZCHIK/Manitou.HTML.

Tractor Challenger as if challenging the society perfectly completed work. Interested? detailed information in this article.

Lawn mowers operating from electricity are silent, environmentally friendly and economical (first of all, in terms of the cost of the device. Operation will be economical only for regions with inexpensive electricity).

difference, mowers, gasoline, electric, wheels

However, this option also has its disadvantages. Firstly, this is the need to use the extension cord (sometimes even more than one), and secondly, the low-power of the engine, which does not affect the speed of mowing in the best way.

Popular gasoline lawn mowers

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Chain chain tips

What to do if a gasoline lawn mower is faulty?

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What power will be enough?

The more powerful the lawn mower, the greater its width of the mowing and the faster it will cope with work.

  • Machines with an engine of about 5-8 liters.With. can reserve a beveled strip with a width of more than 50 cm. That is, the processing of an even area with an area of ​​100 m2 will take only 5-6 minutes.
  • At an engine power of 3-5 liters.With. The width of the mowing differs slightly. up to 46 cm, but the total working hours will be almost twice as much as.

However, such examples do not mean at all that in absolutely all situations it is worth choosing the most powerful and wide device. For example, in a small garden or on a small lawn with an abundance of decorative elements, it will be inconvenient to work with such a lawn mower due to less maneuverability.

What else you need to know about the engine?

In addition to power, which, in fact, is the main factor affecting performance, it is worth paying attention to the motor class. He can be:

  • Household. power is limited to 4.5 liters.With., And the total motorcycle resource. 500 hours. Such motors are usually installed in compact machines designed for lawns with an area of ​​5-10 acres.
  • Semi.professional. power up to 6 liters.With., Motoresurs over 700 hours. Well suited for processing quite large areas. 5-18 acres.
  • Professional. capacity of more than 6 liters.C, motor resource exceeds 1000 hours. Suitable for large areas. more than 20 acres.

During operation, it is worth considering that these indicators are fair for lawns in good condition, which are processed about 3-4 times a month. If it is assumed that the haircut will be made less often or fast.growing weeds are present on the site, then it is better to take a slightly more powerful unit. This is especially true for self.propelled models, the engine in which is responsible for two functions at once.

Features, pros and cons of gasoline lawn mower

Gasoline devices are suitable for mowing in advanced areas, and places where there is no electricity. They can work for a long time, stopping only in order to free the collection from the grass and pour fuel in the fuel tank. They are equipped with powerful engines, thanks to this, they are well mowing thick and high grass. But due to increased power, the weight becomes greater.

The features also include:

Which lawnical mower is better to choose: important technical features of the tools

Before you choose which lawnical mower to buy a gasoline or electric one, you need to study the main characteristics.


Finding out that a gasoline or electric lawn mower is better, pay attention to power. The productivity is higher in the lawn mower, which has more power. To work in a small area is not advised to purchase a device with a very powerful engine. Although due to a large width of mowing, he will cope with mowing faster.

Electric models cope with hard grass

Speasing area

When buying a device, take into account the area of ​​the site:

  • up to 400 m 2. gasoline with a capacity of up to 3 liters. With., electric. up to 1000 watts;
  • up to 1200 m 2. gasoline. up to 5 liters. With., Electric up to 2000 watts;
  • over 2000 m 2. gasoline more than 5 liters. With.

It is important if people with different physical abilities use the lawn mower. When buying, it must be taken into account that the device becomes harder from the filled grass collector.


When they buy a lawn mower, it is worth paying attention to the presence of additional functions. Useful is considered. mulching. The model in which it is available is crushed by mowed grass and scatter it again into the site. But this function cannot be used on a wet lawn, also if it is very overgrown with grass.

The presence of adjustment of the height of the mowing will allow you to configure the lawn mower for a specific site, and the number of provisions is not very important.

How often will have to unload it on the volume of the grass collector. The possibility of ejecting grass to the side is useful for places on the sidelines.

The capacities of 25-30 liters are enough for a plot of 5 acres, 35-50 liters-about 10 acres, more than 50 liters-over 15 acres.

How to choose and what to pay attention to?

The main parameter in the electrogazonocylet is considered its performance. She, in turn, directly depends on several criteria. the power of the motor and the width of the bevel of grass. The power of the engine of an electric lawn mower can be from 1.0 to 2.0 kW. The bevel width varies from 15 to 60 cm, depending on the modification.

Power mowers working from electricity are divided into 2 categories: drum and rotary. Based on this, there are appropriate characteristics that affect the choice.

Lawners are drum and rotational

The area of ​​mowing grass and power

Drums of lawn mowers cope with the site up to 500 m 2. The power is small (400 W), but for constant mowing, the indicator is good. Roting units are designed for a site from 400 to 1200 m 2. Here the power is expressed in the range from 900 to 1800 watts.

Bevel height and weight

The level of mowing for drum options can be set within 12-42 mm. The rotational unit spent grass from 18 to 75 mm high. Weight, in the first case, can be 13 kg, in the second it reaches 40 kg.

You can distinguish drum and rotational equipment by the presence of wheels. The first option has 2 wheels, the second. 4.

Basic information

The main difference between a gasoline unit and an electric lawn of a mower is a type of energy used: here, as it becomes clear from the name of the device, gasoline. Against the background of independence from electric energy, the second important plus of gasolineocols is manifested. mobility.

The need to use gasoline lawn mowers occurs mainly in areas with an area of ​​over 250-300 m 2-with more modest dimensions of the site with the upcoming front of work, an electric unit will quite effectively cope.

Also, benzocosyles can be used on small lawns in the absence of a normal power grid capable of withstanding the voltage created by an electric shock.

As a fuel for gasoline mowers, automobile gasoline is traditionally used. Recommended brand. from A92 (in more detail this moment is consecrated in the instructions for the mower, For different models, the requirements may differ, be sure to specify individually after the purchase). There should be no pollution in gasoline.

Important! The maximum permissible shelf life of gasoline after its purchase at a gas station is 1 month.

The tank refueling should be carried out in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, excluding the likelihood of getting into the container of water, oils and various kinds of pollution.

Recommendations for choosing a device see the video.

Criterias of choice

For greater convenience of perception, recommendations for choosing a gasoline lawn mower in accordance with the main technical and operational characteristics are presented in the form of a table.

  • household engines. Characterized by a capacity of up to 5 “horses”. They are installed on small manual gas mowers with a bevel width up to 40-46 cm. The capabilities of the device with such characteristics will be enough to maintain a section of 300-800 m 2 2. The average regulated resource of such engines is 500 hours, after which with a high degree of probability there will be the need to carry out repairs;
  • Punctive level engines. Power rarely exceeds 7 liters. With., The maximum bevel width is up to 53-55 cm, the area of ​​the lawn is up to 1800 m 2;
  • professional level engines. Typical characteristics are as follows: power of more than 7 “horses”, resource. over 1000 mothers.
  • Units with a mowing width of up to 48 cm are used for processing plots with an area of ​​up to 800 m 2;
  • Units with a larger width of mowing. for more spacious areas.The speed of processing the lawn directly depends on the width of the mowing, so this indicator must be taken into account.
  • fabric. spacious, but laborious in care;
  • plastic. easy to care, but poorly filled;
  • combined. plastic bottom and top, fabric walls. Relatively non.working in care, well filled.
  • mulching. Deco in this case will be made with an increased wall height, in the presence of a grass collector there is a plug, the shape of the knives corresponding. The meaning of the mulching is as follows: the cut grass is delayed in the case, additionally crushed, after which it is evenly distributed along the lawn. The result is a free natural fertilizer for the site;
  • Side leaflet. The grass is thrown out from the side. The function is convenient when processing the lawn along the fence;
  • grass collector. Units that do not have such a constructive element are available on sale. In particular, these are models with the functions of mulching and/or lateral emission of grass (possibly combination). If possible, it is worth giving preference to a model with a grass collector. it facilitates the cleaning of cut grass.
  • screw. At different levels of the case, axial holes and wheels are equipped. To regulate the height, the axis is rearranged to the required level. It is found in the most budgetary models of gasoline lawn mowers;
  • lever. Each wheel has an individual lever. Therefore, the height of the mowing can be installed for each wheel individually;
  • Central. To regulate the height of mowing as part of the design, one central lever is provided. The option is especially convenient in situations where the mowing height changes several times during the season.
  • front.wheel drive braids. They are characterized by the best maneuverability. Along with this, as the grass collector is filled, there is a shift in the center of gravity, which leads to slipping the front wheels along the surface of the grass;
  • rear.wheel drive braids. The rear axle is subjected to the highest load during the use of a gasoline lawn mower. In view of this, rear.wheel drive models are deservedly considered one of the most convenient to use.

Important remark! The purchase of a gasoline lawn mower should be refrained if the slopes are more than 30 degrees on the site. under such conditions, the use of the unit in question is impossible.

What to pay attention to when choosing a lawn mower?


Choosing the most powerful and productive model is not necessary at all. High capacity is relevant only for large areas and a complex relief, and if you have a small, powerful lawn mower you have nothing to do on it, you will only disturb your neighbors with excessive noise. To care for a small lawn, buying an expensive powerful equipment does not make sense, you can do quite a mechanical or small electric mower. But if the territory is large. a gasoline braid is the best choice, but also the most expensive. The type of grass on the site is also important. Low.power electric cosers cope only with soft low grass, for mowing tough, high and thick it is better to use gasoline devices.

The diameter of the wheels

The larger the diameter of the wheels has the diameter, the easier it moves around the territory. The wider the wheels, the less the grass crushes.

Conclusion: Of course, the choice of lawn mowers can be made independently, but since the purchase requires certain financial investments, it is always better to consult with specialists before making the decision. There are many nuances that only experts can talk about.

Types of lawn mower

Mechanical lawn mowers

The easiest and most affordable option option. Works on the principle of scissors, capturing and cutting the grass as you move. There is no engine in such a lawn mower, you just push it forward. Suitable for small summer cottages with soft, young, low grass. Absolutely environmentally friendly, is not noisy and can be used in any weather. It won’t cope with high and thick grass, well, it will take much more time for mowing than that of the lawn mower with the engine.

Gasoline lawn mowers

The main advantages are reliability, power and mobility. With a gasoline engine on a lawn mower, you will not have to worry about the presence of a socket and the length of the wire. And if you monitor and properly serve the gasoline engine, such a lawn mower will serve you for a very long time. The gasoline mowers are the most hardy and powerful, but, as a rule, heavy due to the fact that their engine has a large number of parts. They are also considered non.ecological. If your lawn is impressive, you have to wear a respirator and headphones to protect yourself from exhaust gases and noise. Also, gas mowers with a gasoline engine are more expensive than electric.

Electric lawn mowers

The design of an electric lawn mower is easier than that of gasoline, so it is more compact and easier. Lawn mowers that work from electricity spend a little electricity, but you need to make sure that the power is in access. The device is completely dependent on the wires and sockets, which is not very convenient, you need to constantly monitor the wire and remove it from the road in time, otherwise you can accidentally cut it with a knife with the grass. Also, such a mower cannot be used during or after rain.