The Electric Lawn Mower Broke

5 best electric lawn mowers

Electric lawn mowers outperform other counterparts with their quiet operation and no exhaust emissions, making them the best in environmental protection for lawn and parkland care. The absence of a tank with fuel and a suction pipe allows the use of equipment on slopes and hills where gasoline models are limited. From the ranking of the best electric lawn mowers, you will find out the optimal parameters of popular models for lawn care near your home, servicing spacious areas in the territory of an enterprise or park, as well as devices to facilitate user efforts.

The Electric Lawn Mower Broke

Makita ELM4613. with eight-step height adjustment

The model is notable for self-propelled movement at a maximum speed of 3.6 km / h, which will allow operators of any age to keep up with it.

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The mowing height is adjusted by the distance from the body to the wheels, which is set to the side using a handle and slots with 8 positions. The rotary knife system not only mows the grass, but also creates an air flow to pull the cuttings inside, into a special bag.


  • 1.8 W power helps to cut even thick stems of dead wood;
  • Maximum cutting height 75 mm for soft lawns and minimum 20 mm for short lawns;
  • Hard top collector for keeping the shape and smooth feeding of grass;
  • Steel body withstands collisions with curbs or fences better;
  • Large mowing width in one pass 46 cm;
  • Grass-box capacity 60 l;
  • The lawn mower is designed for an area of ​​1000 m2;
  • Picks up even caked grass;
  • The brace of the start of revolutions is fixed in a constant position so that the operator does not constantly press it;
  • There is a plug on the body (no slack on the wire) protruding from the handle and protected by a casing where the carrier is connected.
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  • The rear axle is wider than the front, so when mowing, a narrow strip of untouched area will remain near the fence;
  • Price 20,000 rubles;
  • The weight of 27 kg is heavy for rolling to the place of work;
  • Although the body is metal, the motor is supported by an internal plastic support, which can crack from a strong knife strike on a stone, after which the motor will dangle and vibrate.

Best Electric Robotic Lawn Mowers

Such equipment is the best for busy people, since it only requires installation once and setting the marks to determine the contour of the site, after which the device turns on and automatically sequentially passes the entire lawn without gaps. The most common way to turn on is remote.

Best Electric Battery Lawn Mowers

This technique is used on lawns and gardens away from buildings, such as a lawn at the end of a long yard or a public recreation area. The electric motor is battery operated so no wiring is required and the mower can be quickly transported from one site to another.

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Best Electric Networked Lawn Mowers

This is equipment for a summer cottage or a private house, where it is possible to stretch out a carrier and mow a beautifully lawn. For work, the operator needs to push the mower in front of him, which requires some physical effort.

Best Electric Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

Such models are powered by an electric motor, which transmits torque not only to the mowing knives, but also to the wheels for independent movement. This requires the operator only to set the direction of the technique, and not to push it forward, which is convenient for elderly people.

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