The grinder turns in the opposite direction

The grinder turns in the opposite direction what to do

Usually the disc rotates counterclockwise (when viewed from the side of the disc), sparks fly forward, but recently, in a pipe warehouse, I saw that the cutter’s disc rotates in the opposite direction, sparks fly under the feet. He has to cut a lot and every day. Therefore, the question arose. how is it right?

Correctly for safety, when sparks fly to the worker working with the grinder, to his feet. Why? When you clamp the grinder, it flies forward. Without causing harm. (Sparks fly, pants burn. it doesn’t count). When rolled over, sparks fly forward. Usually when cutting, the right elbow rests on the right shin. And when clamped, the grinder flies over the lower leg. It’s better not to describe the consequences, I think it’s clear. Minimum hospital month. The bulk of professionals cut their pants.

That’s right and right (as you saw). when the sparks fly to the cutter, and the centrifugal pulling force “pulls” the grinder away from the cutter, and not on him. What you saw, the sparks flying at the cutter, is the correct choice of setting the position of the grinder, and precisely the installation of the body, handle and cover, because the direction of rotation of the shaft does not change. You can swap the handle in places (depending on the angle grinder model, it can be set in three or two positions 180 degrees and 180 degrees in increments of 90) You can turn the casing within the range of its adjustment. But not all grinders allow you to “twist” the casing as you like. For some, the position of the gearbox can also be changed.

Angle grinder (in common parlance “grinder”) is a rather dangerous tool, although very effective in many locksmith operations.

Having experience robots with all running grinders, from 115 to 230 (this is the diameter of the circle, and, accordingly, the power of the unit), I can say that devices up to the 150th disc can still be confidently held, as in the case of unpredictable “recoil” then above this diameter, it is very difficult, and is fraught with serious injuries (!) That is why you should not tempt fate, and regardless of the power of the unit, and the diameter of the disc, always direct its rotation away from you (if you look at its upper part) and sparks let them fly at your feet, but this is a 100% guarantee that you will keep the grinder in case of a snack and throw it away.

Again, from personal experience, I can conclude that the arm muscles are much more difficult to reflexively react to extension than to flexion (IMHO!) “Pulling” the cutter is less dangerous than rolling on it. In extreme cases, the grinder will simply jump out of your hands, rushing away from you and not at you. Of course, you release the latch and it will just fall without hurting you.

Well, let the sparks fly, just always saw at yourself. That’s why you need a good suit (pants and a suit made of dense fabric). From the sparks flying you can burn your pants (all that is not scary) but from the grinder flying at you. maybe anything!

I came to this conviction solely on my own experience, and this experience was not without some “losses”. However, it is also confirmed by others.

I have a small grinder DWT, in the standard version the disc is on the right, rotates counterclockwise, sparks fly forward. But it is absolutely inconvenient for me to work this way, since I do not see either the product or the circle.

I turned the gearbox over so that the disc was visible, but the sparks fly at me. it’s not pleasant. The question is, is it possible to somehow make the disc rotate clockwise? Change the wires from the brushes? And another question is how safe it is. In principle, the discs are light, they will not cause serious injuries, except that they will knock out the eyes, if without glasses.

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Who knows. tell me:
I took a grinder from a friend (Interskol). I insert a circle, put a gasket under the nut. I tighten the nut as expected. I turn on. And. The nut immediately begins to unscrew. Especially quickly. after turning off the grinder. What is the reason?

Probably rotates in the wrong direction.

luchnik78 wrote:
The nut immediately begins to loosen. Especially quickly. after turning off the grinder. What is the reason?

Well, what can you advise here. tighten or remove the gasket.

Probably rotates in the wrong direction.

How it could have happened and how to fix it?

luchnik78 wrote:
Grinder. when rotating, the clamping nut is unscrewed Why.

I didn’t unscrew nirazu! a lot of grinders passed through my hands, I work 125 myself, when rotating the nut should unscrew, judging by the thread (I work this way, it’s so convenient for me), but it didn’t unscrew at once, tighten better, or put a new nut!

when the grinder slows down, the disc, by inertia, unscrews the nut. Place the gasket not under the nut, but under the disk, or remove it altogether.

maybe she was repaired and accidentally switched the brushes, now it rotates in the other direction

But they didn’t try to ask the owner?

eatherly wrote:
maybe she was repaired and accidentally switched the brushes, now it rotates in the other direction

then the nut would, on the contrary, self-tighten when stopped.

Reversing a bench grinder Plus Bonus video covering Why!

when the grinder slows down, the disc, by inertia, unscrews the nut. Place the gasket not under the nut, but under the disk, or remove it altogether.

Regrinding a Hardened Dividing Head Worm Screw

And put a new nut, and experimented with gaskets. the same effect. I think. maybe the disc really rotates in the other direction. The owner said he had a wedge disk and he had to remove the head with the shaft on which the bevel gear. He clamped it in a vice and unscrewed the nut with a gas wrench. We can get it wrong. He advised me how to insert a new disc, give it a load immediately and then it does not unscrew the nut, but I don’t like something. you can forget and cause injury

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I completely agree. Once in my life I took a grinder (2.5kW) “wrong”. circumstances forced, the result. six stitches on the leg, one might say got off easily.

kaa39518 15 Mar 2012

It is not possible to work with protection.

The whole body was cut out without removing the protection

Merc 15 Mar 2012

But yesterday I was holding in my hands a wonderful Bulgarian, which makes this discussion meaningless. This thing has TWO discs and they rotate in DIFFERENT directions.

There is no miracle. But this is not quite a grinder, but a saw for non-ferrous metals. Although now I looked there are disks for steel. Has anyone used this?
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Sparks and a cut-off fragment must fly from the worker-the requirement of TB. These migrant workers only work in the opposite direction. and ours, looking at them, took over. Asians even tuck a hacksaw blade into a hacksaw.

Why do you even need to be in the plane of the circle? Sit to your side and drink as much as you want.
The main thing is to find a comfortable and stable position for work. Nothing should get in the way under your feet. Put on your glasses gloves and cut out at least lace.
Well, and most importantly, I almost don’t get a big 2-square-meter grinder. It is excellent to work with an average grinder, and if it also has speed control, then it’s generally a song.
Well, when biting a circle, the grinder, of course, should not move towards you, but from you. they are from haste and uncomfortable position. Well, and I never put protection on small grinders, they never lie in boxes like that. It is not possible to work with protection.

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Who drew this to you??!


House manager 73

Newspaper about housing and communal services in the city of Ulyanovsk

Community miracle or housing anomaly? Even the housing inspectors of Glavregionnadzor find it difficult to explain why in the apartment of pensioner Anatoly BELOV from house 3 on Moscow highway the cold water metering device turns in the opposite direction, that is. “Minus”.

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In the official response from the Main State Inspectorate for Regional Supervision it says: “It is not possible to determine the reason for this operation of the cold water supply meter.”.

According to the assumption of our interlocutor, the admixture occurs due to a significant pressure drop with which hot and cold water is supplied to the house.

The same reason Anatoly Filippovich explains another amazing phenomenon, which he demonstrated in his apartment to the correspondent of “Administrator”.

Before our eyes, the “wheel” of the cold water metering device first freezes, and then begins to rotate madly in the opposite direction.

It is curious that the cold water meter spins in the opposite direction not only on Moscow highway, 63. According to BELOV, the same is observed with his friend, who lives on the Pushkarevsky ring. That is, this is not an isolated case, there are many of them, they just prefer not to spread about them. well, it turns and turns in the opposite direction, well, that’s good, but someone, maybe, just doesn’t notice it.

According to Anatoly Filippovich, the meter turns in the opposite direction precisely because of the gigantic difference in pressure. By the way, he has a mixer tap in his bathroom, the warranty of which says: “It is technically recommended to set the pressure difference between hot and cold water /.10 percent.” As we already wrote, in reality this difference is “1000 percent”, since the DHW pressure is 10 times higher than that of cold water.

What to do?

Step-by-step instruction:

  • After citizens are faced with such a problem, it is necessary to immediately notify the water utility or housing and communal services so that they record the challenge and indicators.
  • The control organization sends its plumbers to the scene of the accident, who, having examined the device, third-party transitions and partitions, already draw up their conclusion about the cause of the problem.
  • Based on the results of the check, the specialist can:
  • Install a check valve, which is provided by the mechanism.
  • Sign the act of replacing this meter with a serviceable one. This option appears if the device is physically worn out and cannot be repaired. The replacement is carried out by the specialist himself in agreement with the water utility or other controlling company.
grinder, turns, direction

Useful video

Details of the article in

Financial question

In the event that the meter turns in the opposite direction, then the water utility has the right to establish a violation for the consumer “unauthorized interference with the operation of the meter.” This will be followed by the drawing up of a special act of violation.

This means that the water utility will calculate the amount of payment based on the indicators of how many cubic meters a cold water pipe could pass with an open tap and continuous flow.

This calculation will begin from the day the act of violation is drawn up, when the water utility learned that the measuring device is not working correctly, until the day the consumer eliminates this violation, installs a check valve or replaces the device.

The “Rules for the provision of utilities to owners and users of premises in apartment buildings and residential buildings” states that if the water utility or other controlling organization cannot determine the day when illegal interference with the metering device began, then the payment amount will be calculated from the last check of the measuring device. the date of which should be in the service book of the device.

Reasons to scroll back

Among the reasons, the following are most often distinguished:

What to do if the water meter turns in the opposite direction?

In addition to other problems that arise with a water meter after its installation, consumers are often faced with the fact that the water meter starts spinning in the opposite direction, that is, “in the minus”. Why this happens, what to do when such a problem occurs and what causes this situation, is described below.

Problem prevention

All meters that have been in residential premises for a long time must be checked at regular intervals for physical wear and tear. The regularity of such checks is based on the current state of the mechanism, as well as on the terms prescribed in the passport.

In order to check the device, the consumer needs to call a specialist in the water utility and inform about the upcoming inspection. A specialist working with such devices will install it on a temporary stand, and then fix the indicators. A temporary mechanism will be installed in its place, the readings of which will also be recorded.

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Testing takes 7-10 days. At the end of the test, the consumer will receive a conclusion about the passing of the test and, if it was successful, the measuring device will be returned. And its owner will need to call a specialist again to put his own mechanism in place. He will write out a certificate that will need to be taken to the water utility.

Can it wind in the opposite direction?

The design of the internal structure of water meters does not have a stopper device that prevents movement in the opposite direction.

Otherwise, the counter may wind in the opposite direction in some situations.

If the consumer saw that the water meter began to spin in the opposite direction, one should not wait for the twisting of the indicators, but immediately call a specialist.

Firstly, delaying a call to the housing and communal services or other controlling organization can threaten the owner of the meter with fines, and secondly, this can lead to a more serious accident if we are talking about pressure surges, for example.

All that is required from the consumer is to call the water utility and explain the situation that has arisen, then it will be necessary to follow the instructions of the specialist.

grinder, turns, direction

Cause Water pressure

The readings of the device may not correspond to reality due to the excessively intense pressure of water (with a strong pressure from the tap, up to 20 liters flows out in 1 minute).

grinder, turns, direction

Cause Incorrect installation of the water meter

Here you need to make sure that it corresponds to the abbreviations “SVH” and “SVG” printed on the device (determine which water passes through the water meter, hot or cold). Installation of “cold” on hot water can lead to incorrect readings or failure of the entire device.

What are the reasons for the failure of the water meter

Replacing and installing a new water meter

Only a specialized organization can install a water meter. After installation, you should contact the management company to carry out its sealing.

If the owner of the apartment noticed a breakdown

If you yourself have found a breakdown of the water meter and cannot fix it, you should write a statement to the appropriate service to identify the breakdown. In this application, you must indicate that you are asking to take readings from the water meter. You transfer one copy to the organization, and keep the second for yourself (with the signature of the person who accepted the application and the date of submission).

According to the legislation, the subscriber is given 30 days to eliminate the malfunction of the water meter or replace the device. During this period, the water supplying organization will calculate and issue an invoice for water according to the average monthly consumption (for the last month).

The subscriber is not obliged to know the reasons for the meter failure. A statement can be written with a request to replace the meter by inviting an authorized employee to take the last readings. This process is confirmed by a separate act.

Tank problem

This is the second common reason for the rotation of the metering unit impeller. Of course, if the leakage from the tank to the toilet is strong, then by the noise of the water, you will guess the problem, but sometimes the water flows down into the toilet in a thin, barely noticeable stream, and you cannot immediately identify the problem.

Attention: often the cause of the counter rotation when the taps are closed is a faulty toilet cistern valve.

To check if it is working properly, simply shut off the water supply to the tank using a tap installed on the pipe that supplies water to the toilet bowl. If the rotation of the impeller stops, then the problem lies in the faulty valve. An important condition is that the shut-off valves at the entrance to the toilet must be completely serviceable, otherwise you will not be able to completely shut off the water and identify the problem.

Reasons why the water meter can spin in the opposite direction

Like any mechanism, a water meter can fail. One of these breakdowns is reverse rotation. Let’s figure out why the water meter spins in the opposite direction and how to solve this problem.