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convenience and quality, saving time and labor, long service life. Husqvarna garden equipment helps you to solve a wide range of tasks. Among them: improvement of urban areas, parks, squares, lawns along highways. Together with we decided to show the advantages of working with our equipment using the example of Husqvarna mini-tractors.

For the first time in Russia, Husqvarna has launched a unique project for cooperation with the oldest botanical garden in Russia “Aptekarskiy Ogorod”, in which the robotic lawnmower Husqvarna Automower 310 will take care of the lawn near the oldest oak in the garden, the Great Hoffmann Oak, for a month.

Any gardener who cares about his lawn surface sooner or later wonders what is better to buy: a lawn mower or a trimmer. The GARDENA Experts have decided to answer this important question and thus facilitate the maintenance of your site.

Husqvarna, based on internal corporate sales statistics, concludes that Russians are increasingly interested in beautiful and even lawns in their summer cottages and houses.

Husqvarna engineers ask this question every day for every tool in the company. I must say that for the well-coordinated work of technology, every detail is important in it. Therefore, the verified design of equipment elements, the use of high-quality materials and technologies that facilitate the user’s work. the core design principles of Husqvarna tools, helping Husqvarna to remain a world leader in machine building for 328 years.

To make the garden plot pleasing to the eye, throughout the spring-summer-autumn period on the lawns and between the plants, you need to regularly cut the grass. Hand braids have not been used for this for a long time, since in the era of labor mechanization there are many worthy alternatives to them. What grass trimmers are, how and when they should be used, and what are their features, we will consider in our article.

Once the daily gardening season is over, you need to think about where and how your garden equipment will be stored. Husqvarna experts share tips to help you properly prepare your inventory for winter storage so you can start the new season in spring without the hassle.

One of the tasks of every summer resident is to maintain order in his area: mowing the lawn, shrub growth or weeds. For such work, Husqvarna petrol lawn mowers are ideal: a wide range of models allows you to choose the right machine.

An electric lawn mower will help to cope with the violent growth of grass in the country. how to choose a good and high-quality device that is right for you, and what to look for when buying in order to purchase the right equipment for your site, we will tell you in our article.

Increased maneuverability and low noise levels: Husqvarna introduces a cordless range of tools for hobbyists and professionals. an educational online magazine about a summer residence, a garden and a vegetable garden, a gardener’s calendar for every day, tips for caring for a garden and a vegetable garden.

Free consultations on the construction of a townhouse, country house, summer residence. Selection of equipment for summer cottages, landscaping, landscaping, selection of trees and shrubs, caring for flowers and plants. Answers to questions, news, events, announcements of exhibitions and events. Recipes for delicious and healthy dishes and drinks from vegetables, fruits and berries.

How to make a grass chopper with your own hands, drawings

Grass mulching is one of the ways to increase soil fertility. In order for the land to be rich in useful microelements, it is enriched with rotted organic waste. Small mulch decomposes faster, therefore, a do-it-yourself grass chopper is popular among summer residents.

The beveled tops are cut into small pieces and laid out on the ridges with a layer of 20 cm, leaving to re-heat for the winter for spring digging

  • Features of the design and manufacture of a grass chopper
  • Drawings, dimensions and diagrams of grass shredders
  • How to make a grass chopper from a washing machine with your own hands
  • How to make a grass chopper from a drill with your own hands
  • How to make a grass chopper for chickens, poultry from a bucket or barrel with your own hands
  • How to make a grass chopper from an angle grinder with your own hands
  • How to make a chopper from a trimmer for a summer residence with your own hands
  • How to make a grass cutter from a gas cylinder with your own hands
  • How to make a grass chopper from a vacuum cleaner with your own hands
  • How to make a DIY lawn mower chopper
  • Making a simple manual grass chopper with your own hands
  • Conclusion

Features of the design and manufacture of a grass chopper

There are two types of grass cutters: gasoline and electric. The first ones allow you to perform work anywhere on the site. The device copes not only with grass, but also with branches. The latter are tied to the place, although less heavy. Quality depends on engine power.

The principle of the shredder is similar to that of a food processor. The herb is placed in a reservoir in which the knives are located. The electric motor drives the shaft. The knives begin to rotate and chop the grass. The structure consists of:

  • engine;
  • shaft with knives;
  • metal frame. support;
  • protective casing;
  • receiving container.

Experts recommend installing a 3000 W motor at 1500 rpm. The higher the speed, the better the waste will be chopped up and the haulm will not wrap around the shaft. In the home garden, the grass shredder is used for:

  • waste disposal;
  • preparation of feed for animals and poultry;
  • preparation of mulch or raw materials for compost.

Making a simple manual grass chopper with your own hands

Sometimes there is not so much grass on the site, and it is used only for compost. Therefore, there is no need to make a bulky electrical device. Therefore, a hand crusher is made. Stages of work:

  • A handle is cut off from an ordinary hoe.
    The cut points are carefully ground using an angle grinder.
  • A zigzag part is cut off on the holder. Fasteners are welded to the cross-section.
    Safety rules are observed during welding
  • Using self-tapping screws, attach the handle to the holder.
    The grass is laid on a flat surface with a layer of 15 cm and chopped with sharp movements, bringing a manual chopper perpendicularly

How to make a grass chopper from a washing machine with your own hands

The process of making a grass cutter is easy for an experienced craftsman. To make a grass chopper with your own hands, study the drawings, dimensions, photo instructions.

    From the old washing machine, a cylindrical body and a 1.8 kW engine are used. From the inside on the bottom, remove the protective casing. Measure the shaft diameter. Four knives are welded to the nut at an equal distance. The length of the blade should be 3 mm less than ½ of the inner diameter of the cylinder. The nut with knives is screwed onto the sleeve. A corner or plate is welded perpendicularly to the back of the knives. This structure will act as a grass pusher.

If desired, wheels are installed on the support, if it becomes necessary to transfer the shredder from one place of the site to another. Most often, the structure is installed permanently in the shed. Grinding grass is done in the following order:

  • the chopper is plugged into the power grid and the “start” button is pressed;
  • when the engine accelerates, grass is loaded into the hole;
  • if fresh wet grass is wound around the knife, stop the installations and clean the bushing.
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How to make a grass chopper from an angle grinder with your own hands

To make a grass chopper out of an angle grinder yourself, you will need a pipe with a diameter of 15 cm for mulch output, a 25 cm metal profile for the frame and a container with a capacity of 20 liters.

  • Prepare a container. On one side, a hole with a diameter of 15 cm is made from the bottom so that it is possible to install a mulch outlet. At a distance of 5 cm from the hole, a piece from a corner of 22 cm is attached. The length of the part is equal to the radius of the container. This is the grass limiter. He will not allow the ready-made mulch to remain in the bucket and will push it towards the exit. Make knives from a circular saw blade. Round and sharpen on one side.
    The knives are installed on a 2 cm pipe section, everything is screwed with a nut and a bolt
  • Raise the working knives so that they do not fall in front of the stopper. A cover is installed on top with a hole inside with a diameter of 15 cm.This part will allow you to hold the grass, it will not jump out of the container under the influence of the engine.
    A 2 cm corner is welded around the circumference in three places inside the container, a lid is installed on the resulting protrusions
  • The frame is welded from a metal profile of 25 cm. The height is selected according to personal preferences, but not lower than 30 cm. The frame resembles a stool. On one side, a base is attached to the legs for installing an angle grinder. It is made from sheet steel with a thickness of 3 mm. Self-tapping screws fix the angle grinder to the base in a horizontal position, with the sleeve up.
    A pipe with a length of 30 cm is attached to the hole in the container with self-tapping screws, if necessary, the part is flattened at the exit

For convenience, the shredder is placed near the compost heap. The outlet cover is inserted into the hole of the composter and the mulch is made. the angle grinder is connected to electricity. They turn on the maximum operating mode and begin to fill the grass, tops and branches into the receiving container.

To make the herb chopper last longer, the body is sealed with sheet metal over the container and painted with paint.

How to make a grass chopper from a vacuum cleaner with your own hands

The Typhoon vacuum cleaner is suitable for making a grass cutter body. To make a grass chopper at home, you should follow the step-by-step recommendations:

  • A hole is made from the bottom side of the hopper from the vacuum cleaner, covered with a casing.
  • A rectangular frame is made from a steel profile. Place the body in the center.
  • A blade is cut out of a hacksaw. They are crosswise fastened to the bushing with a nut.
  • The electric motor is fixed under the container into the cavity of the frame. Reinforced with bolts and nuts. Tighten the fasteners carefully.

The casing is made of galvanized or thin iron and is attached with self-tapping screws to the container

Drawings, dimensions and diagrams of grass shredders

Before making any design, create a sketch. A do-it-yourself electric garden grass grinder is made according to the drawing. The body is made from a gas cylinder, a 50-liter barrel or a 20-liter bucket. Close the top with a lid. To rotate the shaft with knives, motors from washing machines, vacuum cleaners, pumps and other household electrical appliances are used.

The electric drive rotates cross-shaped knives, which are made from a circular saw

The main element of shredders is knives. The size of the finished mulch depends on their type and location. The cross-shaped attachment of the choppers allows for finer grass or straw fractions.

The knives rotate in a vertical plane, if a hole is made from below, the processing process will be uninterrupted

At the stage of drawing up the drawing, the power of the engine, the size of the sleeve for the shaft are taken into account. To make the right choice, pay attention to the rotation parameters:

  • a 1.5 kW device will cope with straw, small grass and branches up to 2 cm;
  • 3-4 kW will allow you to make mulch from branches with a diameter of 4 cm;
  • motors from 6 kW are used in farms to process large amounts of waste.

If the master decided to build a gasoline grass chopper, the engine is chosen with a power of 5 kW or more.

Most often, disc or milling knives are used in designs. The discs chop up damp grass and thin twigs. Milling knives can process brushwood up to 8 cm thick.

Milling-turbine types of knives chop even very thick fresh branches

Other chainsaw malfunctions

If the diagnostics showed that everything is in order with the engine and its systems, then the cause of the malfunction should be looked for in other units of the chainsaw. The most common problems are:

  • failure of the starter;
  • improper operation of the lubrication system;
  • incorrect operation of the chain brake;
  • saw chain wear, etc.

If the cause of the failure of the tool is not visible to the naked eye, as is the case with the engine, it is necessary to perform a thorough diagnosis of the faults and eliminate them in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and safety regulations.

Malfunction of electrical models

The reasons for the unexpected shutdown of the electric lawnmower are associated with a broken cord or a lack of current. In the first case, it is recommended to check the cable for breakage. To replace the power cord, you will need to unplug the power plug, open and remove the switch cover.

Before unscrewing the cable retainer? it is necessary to remember the diagram of its connection to the switch. To disconnect the cord, a hexagon socket (1 mm diameter) is used. The clamp is released, the conductors are dismantled. A multimeter is used to check the cable for breakage. A new cord is installed if necessary. In this case, the reverse sequence is observed.

In the second case, it is recommended to connect another device to the mains. Electrical devices may not work if the fuse in the plug is damaged. To carry out repair work, you will need to disassemble the plug. For this, a screwdriver and a tester are used.

Motor problems occur when the mower overheats:

  • as a result of long-term work;
  • overload (the cutting element is blocked by an object).

In the first case, it is recommended to wait a few minutes for the motor to cool down. In the second case, you will need to remove the stuck object. The efficiency of the cooling system depends on the condition of the air filter.

A dirty device does not allow air to pass through well, which will turn off the device. Experts advise to clean and change the filter once every 3 months (with constant use of the lawn mower).

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When the electric motor breaks down, there is a corresponding smell and noise. In this case, you will need to replace the drive.

How to prevent sudden breakage during trimmer operation?

In order for the unit to always be in a functional state, it is worth following a few simple rules:

  • Conduct a timely, regular technical inspection of the main mechanical components of the device.
  • Fill the trimmer with only fresh fuel, the quality and origin of which is beyond doubt.
  • After each use of the tool, check whether oxides and carbon deposits have formed on the surface of the ignition system components.
  • Avoid heavy load on the trimmer during work.
  • In order for the unit to remain in working order, it is necessary to properly prepare it for storage in the winter. First of all, you should completely disassemble the instrument, and then flush and clean the constituent elements. It is also important to inspect the functional blocks for damage, if necessary, eliminating the deformation of parts, all kinds of distortions, gusts of materials.

    Outlet duct diagnostics

    Stable trimmer performance can be compromised by build-up of dirt in the exhaust duct or blockage in the muffler mesh. This problem most often occurs during the operation of older generation trimmer models. The issue of dismantling the anti-spark grid and cleaning it is being resolved.

    The main malfunctions of the car clutch and how to fix them

    Good afternoon, today we will find out what is called a car clutch, what are the most common malfunctions.

    Quick start. Place the tool so that the air filter is at the top. This trim position ensures that the fuel mixture hits the bottom of the carburetor.

    If, before starting, you remove the air filter and pour a few drops of the fuel mixture directly into the carburetor, then reinstall the filter and cover, then most likely the engine will start on the first try. If that doesn’t work, the problem may be with the spark plug. Possible malfunctions of lawn mowers and how to fix them and much more you can.

    Then you need to unscrew it, check its performance and dry the combustion chamber. A non-working spark plug can be easily replaced with a new one. But, if the candle is in order, the filters are clean, the fuel is fresh, and the scythe still does not start, then you can try to close the air damper, pull the starter once, then open and pull the starter handle several more times.

    This procedure is repeated three to five times. With careless handling and excessive zeal, the starter can be damaged. If the cable breaks or the handle breaks, then the repair can be done independently, in other cases it is necessary to replace the entire starter.

    Replacing the spark plug. Replacement should be done when the engine has cooled down. To do this, disconnect the wire from the candle and unscrew it. The plug needs to be replaced if it is heavily soiled or has cracks in the body. Please note that the electrode gap should be 0.6 mm. A new spark plug is inserted into the engine and tightened with a wrench, then the high-voltage wire is connected.

    Engine stalls after starting. Most likely, the carburetor is incorrectly adjusted, or it has been misaligned. That the reason for this can be understood by the vibration during operation. You can adjust the carburetor yourself by following the operating instructions.

    The trimmer can also stall if the fuel valve is clogged. Trimmer malfunctions and their elimination | page 27. Then it just clears. If the engine stalls abruptly, it may be difficult to supply fuel to the carburetor. Need to loosen carburetor valves.

    Or there is excess air in the carburetor, here you need to add engine speed so that the excess air leaves the fuel system faster. It is also necessary to check the integrity of the fuel intake hose. In case of detection of mechanical damage (cracks, punctures, etc.

    ), it must be replaced.

    Cleaning and storage. The ribs of the cylinder and the channels in the gas trimmer housing must be clean, otherwise it is fraught with overheating of the engine. Allow engine to cool before cleaning. The outer surface is cleaned with a brush.

    Plastic parts can be cleaned with kerosene and other solvents or special agents. For long-term storage, the entire mixture is drained from the fuel tank, then the engine is started to use up the remaining fuel in the carburetor.

    Store the instrument only in a clean state.

    If it was not possible to make repairs with your own hands, it is worth assessing which is more expedient, contacting a service or purchasing a new trimmer.

    The main malfunctions of trimmers: does not start, vibrates strongly, heats up during operation

    Diagnostics of the candle channel

    What to do if the used fuel mixture is in perfect order, but the petrol trimmer does not start as before? The reasons for the failure of the mechanism may lie in the excessive moistening of the candle channel. To diagnose and fix the problem, you must do the following:

  • Unscrew the candle. Wipe it thoroughly and then dry it.
  • Drain excess fuel in the chamber through the appropriate plug hole.
  • Clean old spark plug if there is carbon deposits on its surface. To cope with the task will allow the use of a regular ladies’ nail file or a file.
  • When installing the element in place, set a gap of 1 mm. To check the parameter, it is enough to place any coin in the gap.
  • Assemble the functional block back.
  • Try to start the trimmer.
  • It is recommended to dry the candle channel for at least half an hour. However, in no case should you resort to calcining its elements. After all, heating the spark plug can lead to its final damage.

    What to do if the function block was serviced in accordance with the above recommendations, but the trimmer does not start, there is still a spark? In this case, it is worth treating the threaded connection with gasoline. The latter does not need to be abundantly impregnated with fuel.

    It should only be slightly damp. Why the trimmer won’t start and fill the candle, why does it fill the candle on the lawn mower and how to fix it. It is necessary to resort to such actions to ensure ignition.

    After all, no matter how strong a spark the candle gives, there will simply be nothing to ignite in an absolutely dry chamber.

    Causes of malfunction

    Reasons for failure of lawn mowers:

    • mechanical;
    • electrical.

    Trimmer Repair broken handle

    In the first case, you will need to replace the body, handles, knives and wheels for the lawn mower. When the blades are blocked, the machine stops mechanically. Such a breakdown is associated with an attempt to mow hard or tall grass. Repair of the mower consists in freeing the cylinder from the stuck grass and rolling it in the other direction.

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    When operating the mower with a blunt or damaged blade, the grass is mowed unevenly. In this case, the device may vibrate or stop abruptly.

    For the device to work properly, it is recommended to file the knives (30 ° angle). Otherwise, an abrasive tape is used. The gap should be between the 2 blades touching the strip. The device is switched on periodically (15 seconds each). If the knives are sharp, then the strip is removed, the gap is adjusted.

    If the blades are in the wrong position, the cylindrical lawnmower makes sudden and uncontrollable movements. Normally, the gap between the cutting elements should be thinner than a sheet of paper. Otherwise, the clearance is adjusted.

    It is preliminarily recommended to study the instructions of the device, remove the plug from the socket. When the connection is loose, a whistle appears. The device vibrates and rattles. Repairing a lawn mower means adjusting the bolt connections.

    If the belt breaks or stretches, then it is necessary to replace it. This requires loosening the screws. Then the pulley moves, the belt is dismantled. The new part is slipped onto the small pulley and then onto the large pulley. The gear returns to its original position. The next step is to check the tension of the new belt. The deflection should not exceed 4 mm.

    What do the error codes for combi steamers mean??

    It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question of what the error E02 or another means in the combi steamer. To get an accurate answer, you should indicate the brand and model of the equipment. Each manufacturer of such equipment prescribes codes individually. You can find them in the operating instructions for the unit.

    So, for example, on Tecnoeka combi steamers, errors look like this:

    • error G06 in an ESA model combi steamer indicates a burned-out light bulb in the chamber;
    • error G07 in an EKA model combi steamer indicates the need to change the gaskets, because when the oven is closed, steam escapes, the tightness is lost.

    Certain models of Abat equipment may exhibit the following malfunctions:

    • the appearance of E02 indicates an increase in temperature in the controller zone;
    • E11 indicates that water is cut off at the inlet, which is necessary for work;
    • error E07 in the combi steamer indicates that the thermocouple of the control board is out of order;
    • error E14 in the combi steamer may indicate a break in the thermocouple, etc.

    A common cl5 error on the Atesy combi steamer indicates overheating of the motor due to convection of steam inside the chamber.

    Breakdowns and errors of combi steamers: codes, models, which means.

    In the catering sector, combi steamers and convection ovens have become indispensable. The combi steamer makes it possible to customize and optimize the work of a professional kitchen. However, despite the clearly defined operating rules, cooks have to deal with errors in combi steamers from time to time. As a rule, their occurrence is caused by violations of the rules for connecting or operating equipment, as well as the failure of individual elements.

    Often, the units refuse to work for the following reasons:

    • the sealing gum on the doors has worn out, which has led to a loss of tightness;
    • heating elements burned out;
    • the pressure reducer is out of order (if the equipment runs on gas);
    • the doorknob broke;
    • having problems with the thermostat and not only.

    In the event of a malfunction, the combi steamer generates an error. By the model of technology and the code, you can understand what happened and what urgently needs to be corrected.

    What can damage the combi steamer?

    • Violations of the rules for installing or connecting equipment.
    • Voltage problems in the network. frequent fluctuations. It is recommended to connect expensive equipment to the network through stabilizers.
    • Lack of water filtration at the entrance to the furnace. The technique works smoothly longer, if the filters are cleaned, replaced in a timely manner.
    • Violation of the rules of operation. Keep the instructions for using the oven functions before your eyes.

    Prevention of possible errors in the combi steamer

    The owner of a convection oven should follow the norms and requirements for the installation and operation of equipment, not overload the equipment during operation. Expensive models need to be serviced regularly. Ignoring the service checks of the oven’s performance can not only lead to premature failure, but also lead to a denial of warranty service.
    During operation, make sure that:

    • the doors of the equipment were tightly closed by the catering staff;
    • there was a place for free air circulation between the furnace body and the walls (at least 3-4 cm);
    • the door was opened as little as possible during the cooking process.

    Accuracy in the use of equipment. a guarantee of uninterrupted operation, reducing the cost of repair and replacement of components.

    Not a trimmer, but a disappointment.

    Back in the spring, my Bosch, who has served me faithfully for more than 10 years, broke a reel with a fishing line. It was decided not to change the coil, but to change the Bosch coil. Husband bought Trimmer / Brush cutter SKIL 0739.

    While collecting, we rejoiced at how wonderful it is. reliable fasteners, all parts are metal, i.e. will not break, and a reel with a line for the grass, and a disc for stronger plants and the belt is comfortable enough to eat.

    Then went my disappointments.

    First, it is impossible to use a line. The grass is instantly wound.

    The manufacturer advises us to make sure that the cut grass does not clog the coil (do not cut a lot at a time).

    And what does “a lot” mean and how is this “time” calculated in the trimmer operation? In general, I mow for 2 minutes, unwind the grass for 15 minutes.

    Patience quickly came to an end. We removed the coil, put the disc. It is, of course, not intended for mowing grass, therefore, in order to see the result, I have to drive one place 5 times back and forth. The result is still deplorable. the grass remains high enough and unevenly cut.

    Secondly, this is the weight of the trimmer.

    Not for women’s hands, oh, not for women’s hands! The instructions say that it weighs 3.7 kg, but it seems to me that it is more. If with the previous trimmer (weight 2.5 kg) I happily and enthusiastically processed all 6 acres with interruptions, then this is only a clearing in front of the house. Then the right hand, which constantly presses the button, falls off and the shoulder hurts. My husband seems to be fine, but for me he turned out to be very difficult.

    In general, I am upset. Previously, she loved to mow so that everything was smooth and neat, but now this is some kind of hellish torment for me!