The proportion of oil and gasoline for a chainsaw

Chapter 7: Fueling Your STIHL Chainsaw

Gasoline for chainsaws

Some Russian saws, mainly of old models, can operate normally on A-76 gasoline, while foreign models are functional only when A-92 fuel is used. Since it is not always possible to be sure of the quality of gasoline at gas stations in the country, it is recommended to use the 95th grade.

It is also not necessary to use fuel that has been in any container for a long time. Gasoline should always be fresh, as over time it can lose its basic characteristics. These directly include the octane number, which is very important for gasoline. With a decrease in its amount, the power of the mechanism itself is significantly lost.

It is also worth noting that the failure of the saw due to low-quality gasoline is not a warranty case. That is why, if this happens, you will have to spend a lot of money to fix the problem. Sometimes it is much easier to purchase a new device than to repair a broken one.

Quality components needed

Practice proves the influence of the quality of the prepared mixture, taking into account the required proportions, on the service life of the tool, power, productivity:

  • It is not recommended to use components that have reached the end of their shelf life.
  • It is especially important for the constituent parts of gasoline and oil. do not use components obtained on the basis of gas condensates, since the molecular structure contains harmful ones, for the internal combustion engine, add water.
  • Partial non-compliance of AI-92 with international standards. AI-95 grade is saturated with additives that damp the detonation moments of the internal combustion engine.

The noted disadvantages limit in time the service life of hand-held chainsaws, the internal combustion engines of which operate on complex consistencies of a combustible mixture.

Gasoline with chainsaw oil. how to dilute and why it is done

Chainsaws from different companies are based on a two-stroke internal combustion engine that drives the cutting headset of the tool. To drive the internal combustion engine, the proportions of gasoline with chainsaw oil are used. Combining gasoline with oil is a mandatory procedure, so if you just bought a tool, then you need to understand the peculiarities of refueling it.

Why you need to mix oil and gasoline

When using the saw, gasoline should always be mixed with oil. The reason for this is the design features of a two-stroke internal combustion engine. It does not have a dedicated lubrication system for parts (as in other internal combustion engines) and, accordingly, its cylinders with O-rings, crankshaft, bearings and connecting rods must be lubricated directly in the process of obtaining fuel.

Step-by-step instructions for refueling

If you want to refuel your chainsaw, you need to follow a simple algorithm:

The ratio of the amount of oil and gasoline for the fuel mixture

The proportion of oil and gasoline for a chainsaw is usually made up according to two recipes:

  • 50 servings of gasoline per serving of engine oil
  • 40 servings of gasoline per serving of engine oil

If the chainsaw was recently purchased and has not yet been operated, then the proportion of lubricant is increased by a quarter. The same amount is poured into fuel when cutting at temperatures below 2 degrees.

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It is not difficult to get such a mixture. Almost every modern saw is equipped with a special two-section container. Oil is poured into a smaller part of it, and gasoline is poured into a larger part. The lids of both parts are tightly twisted and the container is turned over, shaken thoroughly. This achieves a complete and homogeneous mixing of both components.

If there is no such special container, then you can use any gasoline-resistant plastic container with a one-liter lid and a disposable syringe for 5-10 cubes. The tank for gasoline must first be cleaned of various pollutants and water. After that, one liter of 92-95 gasoline is poured into it.

In parallel, 20 ml of oil is drawn into the syringe. If refueling is done in cold weather, then you need to take 24-30 ml. We carefully pour it into a container with gasoline. It is tightly closed with a lid and shaken thoroughly until the components are completely mixed.

Recommended brands of fuels and lubricants for powering chainsaws

The specific brand of gasoline for the saw is always given in the manufacturer’s instructions. It is recommended to strictly follow it.

How to mix your own fuel for STIHL chainsaws & equipment

  • for engine,
  • for chain and bar lubrication.

Do not confuse or misuse them. This is guaranteed to cause damage to the tool. Repairing it can cost almost as much as a new saw.

The most popular chainsaw lubricating oils are:

Each container with branded oil always indicates the proportion of oil and gasoline for the chainsaw (STIHL, Husqvarna, Partner, Ural), which must be adhered to when making the mixture.

What is the proportion of gasoline and chainsaw oil?

Leskhozes, timber industry enterprises, private households buy chainsaws for specific production and household chores. Consider the correct proportions of oil and gasoline for your chainsaw. Today, the country’s liquid market offers a range of domestic and imported mechanisms.

In the good old days, when gasoline was cheaper than soda (6 kopecks per 1 liter; at a soda price of 3 kopecks per 200 grams), vehicles with two-stroke engines were fueled with a “motorcycle mixture” which naturally consisted of gasoline and oil called “autol” in ratio from 1 to 25 to 1 to 100, depending on the recommendations of the engine manufacturer.

What is the fundamental difference between a two-stroke internal combustion engine and a four-stroke one, and are there three and five-stroke engines described in detail in the “Primer on Physics” for elementary school. In addition, it says why no engine is able to work without lubrication of friction pairs with oil of a certain quality.

Any engine oil (oil for lubricating rubbing pairs of internal combustion engines) consists of a base oil and various additives that determine the quality of a particular type of internal combustion engine. The fundamental difference between oils for two-stroke and four-stroke internal combustion engines is that in the first, the oil must completely burn out together with gasoline, and in the second, it must retain its lubricating properties for as long as possible at sufficiently high temperatures. If the “motorcycle mixture” is prepared in oil for a four-stroke internal combustion engine, then the ash formed during the combustion of such oil will erase the cylinder mirror and the piston like ordinary sandpaper rather quickly. If you want to kill the “ant” as soon as possible, use the advice of your “old people”.

proportion, gasoline, chainsaw

A feature of Soviet-made two-stroke engines is the lubrication of rubbing steam with oil, which was mixed with gasoline “manually”. Modern two-stroke engines prepare the fuel mixture immediately before feeding it into the crankcase, consuming it from a special tank, in the amount required for a specific operating mode of the engine.

When choosing a modern oil for the “ant”, I think it is advisable to use any (which one you like best) from the oil classification systems. I was taught in my driving school to use the API (American Petroleum Institute) classification.

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From domestic oils, it is necessary to use only oils for two-stroke internal combustion engines with a 2T index. Such oils are produced by all enterprises of our oil industry. By the way, the price of this oil is quite divine. about 130 rubles / liter. Even if you dilute it in a ratio of 1 to 50, the price of fuel will not increase significantly in comparison with modern gasoline prices.

That’s how it is. Good luck on the road to you and the “ant”.

Correct Way To Mix Gas and Oil For a ChainSaw, WeedEater etc.

The main type of fuel for two-stroke engines is a mixture of oil and gasoline. One of the causes of damage to the mechanism may be the incorrect manufacture of the presented mixture. It is also fraught with trouble when there is no oil at all in gasoline. For the manufacture of a mixture of this kind, a special oil is used, which has a special marking. It denotes what exactly you need to use it for. Experienced drivers and mechanics know that creating an effective mixture is not easy. It is necessary to correctly calculate the ratio of gasoline to oil for a two-stroke engine.

proportion, gasoline, chainsaw

Some car owners resort to personal recipes, supplementing the mixture with certain “secret” ingredients, among which there is also soda. For the correct preparation of the fuel mixture, certain requirements and recommendations of the manufacturer must be observed.

Fuel mixture preparation rules

If you wish, you can create the mixture in question with your own hands. It is recommended to do this before using the chainsaw directly. Storing a ready-made substance for more than 10 days leads to the formation of a chemical bond between the additives, which reduces the engine’s service life. Experts recommend that before putting the chainsaw for long-term storage, drain the fuel and work out the residues at idle.

The proportions should be selected in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer of the device itself. Depending on the model and its technical characteristics, the indicator can vary from 1:20 to 1: 100 or more.

When mixing active elements, it is strictly forbidden to use waste or oil that is not intended for the operation of a two-stroke motor.

Gasoline for chainsaw

For domestic chainsaws (Ural, Druzhba, etc.), AI-80 gasoline is used. Oils can be used domestically, such as M8-B (or early marking AS-8.10), M-12 TP, M-12TPU, MGD-14M. It is also possible to use oils from foreign manufacturers. In any case, the proportions when mixing oil and gasoline should be 1/25, that is, one hundred grams per two and a half liters of gasoline. For modern chainsaws from foreign manufacturers, the proportions are usually equal to 1/40 (100 grams per 4 liters of AI-92), 1/50 (100 grams per 5 liters of AI-92). Use AI-92 gasoline. You can often see that the AI-95 brand will be indicated in the instructions. but with our quality of this gasoline, the octane number of which is catching up with additives, I would not recommend using the 95th if you are not sure of its quality.

about mixing proportions:

To measure the required amount of oil, you can use a syringe, a measuring bottle, a special dispenser or, for example, a dispenser bottle from STIHL. Oils from different manufacturers in different colors. As you can see in the picture above, HP calm oil (mineral water) is red, more expensive synthetic ones are green. Husqvarna oil can be green or blue.


How is mixing done

You also need to pay quite a lot of attention to the direct mixing process of the components used. As a rule, the fuel mixture is prepared in a volume that will be sufficient for 3-4 refueling of the used device. The mixing procedure can only be carried out when using volumetric dishes.

Among the features of the issue under consideration, the following points should be noted:

  • Some chainsaw manufacturers include measuring utensils with fuel and oil markings in their delivery.
  • In the absence of a special container, you can use a canister or dry bottle. Dosing is convenient when using a conventional syringe without a needle.
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After adding all the ingredients to one container, you can proceed to direct mixing of the components. For this, the container is closed with a lid, after which it is shaken to obtain a homogeneous substance.

What gasoline to pour into a popular brand chainsaw

A chainsaw is a convenient unit that can solve a lot of everyday problems. Powered by fuel that you need to prepare yourself just before filling it into the tank. Those who purchased a functional device for the first time are interested in the question of which gasoline to pour into the chainsaw. It is possible to avoid breakdowns and extend the life of the device only if the manufacturer’s recommendations specified in the instructions are followed.

Modern brands of chainsaws (Husqvarna, Partner) from foreign manufacturers will run smoothly on AI-92 gasoline. it will ideally match the engine

The user manual may also show grade 95, but this must be filled with care. The quality of this gasoline is currently being questioned, its octane number is increased with the help of various additives.

This is detrimental to the chainsaw engine, which can lead to a major overhaul of the unit. And its cost will be at least half the cost of a new model, excluding spare parts to be replaced.

For devices from domestic manufacturers (Ural, STIHL, Druzhba), AI-80 gasoline is recommended

It is important for the user that his consumption is minimal.

Storage advice

The mixture must be prepared in the amount necessary to carry out a small amount of work, since with long-term storage of the solution, its quality characteristics deteriorate. The prepared mixture must be spent within several days.

A fuel mixture that has been stored for about a month will reduce engine performance. Resinous substances are formed in the nodes, and carbon deposits appear, the piston rings lose their mobility. The longest shelf life of the mixture is no more than 2 weeks. During this period, the solution will not lose its quality. If the air temperature is more than 25ÂșC, then the shelf life of the product is reduced to 10 days.

Some experts allow the use of an expired mixture to save money. To do this, it can be spent gradually, gradually mixing it into a fresh solution in a volume of no more than 10% of the total amount of the mixture. The finished gasoline-oil mixture must be filtered.

If you follow all of the above recommendations, then you can ensure the reliable operation of the chainsaw. Also, when performing work, safety precautions must be observed, since the chainsaw works using a chain rotating at high speeds and, if the rules of operation are violated, it can pose a danger to the worker himself and the people around him.

Gasoline and oil proportions

In view of the two-stroke type of engine, fuel is purchased separately in a pure form, after which it is mixed with oil intended specifically for this engine version. Most experienced users mix the substances in proportions 1:50. In the photo you can see the popular high quality products used for the preparation of the fuel mixture.

proportion, gasoline, chainsaw

Important points to observe:

  • domestic chainsaws (Ural, STIHL, Druzhba) work with an oil component of the M8-B, M-12TPU, M8-B, TP, MGD-14M brands, sometimes foreign options can be used; the recommended proportion is 100 g of oil per 2.5 liters of gasoline grades AI-80
  • foreign models (Husqvarna, Partner) run on foreign-made oils (1:50 or 1: 40), differ in minimum consumption.