The screwdriver jammed the cartridge how to fix it. With a threaded mount

The cartridge of the screwdriver does not clamp the bat

Each active user of the tool faced a situation when he jammed the clamping mechanism of the cartridge of the screwdriver intercol, Makita or any other brand. This constructively simple but functionally significant node is subjected to serious dynamic, vibration and shock loads. Dust, metal shavings and other small mechanical fractions also penetrate it. All these factors lead, if not to fatal breakdowns, then to periodic failures in the operation of the mechanism.

Typical cases in which Metabo, DeWALT, etc.:

  • When trying to use a drill of maximum permissible size, the fists are diluted to the maximum, after which it is not possible to reduce them with the application of standard efforts;
  • It is not possible to extract a drill or bat clain in a cartridge. The fists are not divorced. Often they are clamped unevenly, which worsens the fixation of the drill.

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Less often jamming of the sponges occurs during their free stroke during compression or unclenching. Usually particles of garbage, scale, chips, etc.P., falling under the figure of one of the cams.

How to repair?

You do not always need to immediately change the cartridge for a new. Sometimes elementary repair can help, for example, when a screwdriver beats. Consider the main problems and ways to eliminate their. For example, the device jams. This turns out due to the fact that the fists just stop squeezing after time. To solve the problem, you can apply one of the options:

  • Press the cylinder and hit it hard on a wooden object;
  • Squeeze the device in a vice, and hold the cartridge with a gas key, and then rest the screwdriver on some surface and turn on;
  • Lubricate the cartridge.

Another common problem is the scroll of the cartridge. One of the reasons may turn out to be that the teeth were simply erased on the clutch coupling. Then you should dismantle the coupling in the place of the teeth that were erased, make holes, and then screw the screws there and remove the parts that will act with the help of nippers. It remains to return the cartridge to the place.

Methods of repair

Experts recommend, regardless of what reason the screwdriver jammed-what to do in the first place: into the inner cavity of the cartridge, including the surface of the cams, introduce a universal lubricant like WD-40. After 10-15 minutes, a rubber hammer (or ordinary, through the gasket) with moderate effort to fasten the cartridge and fists.

If the bat in the cartridge of the Bosch, Texas, practice, etc. Jammed., then (after lubrication) effectively solves the problem using two divorce keys. One clamp the base of the cartridge, the second neatly rotate its upper part. In order to avoid damage to the surface and the node itself, you should use soft, but dense gaskets of the skin type.

If your efforts have not led to anything, with minimal financial costs and extremely quickly the functionality of the tool will be able to restore the specialists of the workshops of the Successful Technique Service.

How to replace the cartridge at the drill with your own hands?

For attaching the cartridge on the drill drive shaft, a threaded connection or a cone cone is used. Visual inspection of the electrodegro does not always help to suggest the method of fixing the drill cartridge. This can inform the marking inscription on the cartridge: it is knocked out on its surface.

Replacing the conical type of part

The size of the Morse cone (according to GOST 9953–82) consists of 9 values: from B7 to B45. The larger the number after the letter B, the larger the diameter of the cone.

Thus, finding the marking “B” on the surface of the cartridge, we can conclude. This is a device with a conical mounting base. With this method of nozzle, the cartridge is easily removed. It is enough to use a groove and a locksmith hammer.

Replacement of a reverse threaded cartridge

Two types of threads are used to fix the drilling clamping device on an electric household drill using threaded joints:

A marking of this type is applied to the surface of the case of the clamping threaded cartridge: 1.5–13 1/2. 20UNF or 1.5–13 m12x1,25.

A reverse threaded cartridge for fixing has a screw with left thread. You need to know this nuance, removing the broken cartridge. In order to get to the head of the screw, it is necessary to drown the fists in Tsang to failure. As soon as the screw head is visible, you need to unscrew it to the right to the right to the right. Then stick the hexagon key in the fists and hit it abruptly in the direction counterclockwise. After the cartridge is torn off, it will easily unscrew.

On other models there are other options for fastening the cartridge on the thread. In some cases, the cartridge is twisted entirely from the threaded end of the shaft. In other cases, the screw can be fixed with a special thin key using a narrow groove. The main difficulty is to put the cartridge from the place when turning away. Sometimes this is very difficult to do. In any case, the cartridge is needed to remove: a locksmith tool, the necessary skill and patience.

Is it possible to repair

The ability to restore the failed node depends on the specific design. In some models, the repair is provided by the manufacturer. Others are conditionally repaired, that is, they can be carefully disassembled and assembled, but the question is the presence of a spare part of the part. There are also monolithic cartridges that are poorly or not amenable to restoration.

What inside printhead | teardown cartridge

As can be seen from the information given, most often the cartridge of the screwdriver does not clamp the bat due to the wear of fasteners. The most realistic option is to change the broken node in its entirety. The possibility of repair depends on the specific modification of the electrical appliance.

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I jammed the cartridge of the drill: what to do?

Various ways to solve the problem with a jammed cartridge can be used:

  • A proven and effective technique. Shock effects over the entire surface of the cartridge and fists. Blows should be sharp, but not strong in order to avoid damage to the node, so it is best to use a wooden or rubber hammer, or steel. Through a wooden gasket. If the drill is jammed in the drill, it should be additionally fixed in the vice and apply the sleeve on the sleeve on its plane;
  • In all situations when the fast-packed or fist cartridge of the drill, the use of the previous method will be the use of lubricants-kerosene, DT, machine oil or products of the WD-40 type, which are applied a few minutes before exposure to the hull blows;
  • If the fault of the cartridge parts became the fault, you will have to remove it from the rampart for repair or replacement.

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The application of physical efforts and shock loads to the cartridge can lead to damage to other units of the tool. If the drill is jammed. Contact any of the service centers of the company “Successful Service Technique”, where this problem will be solved quickly, guaranteed high quality and inexpensive, and we can also buy a spare part of the Tarpan cultivator.

How to disassemble the cartridge

When the cylinder is removed from the screwdriver, you can start disassembly. The first step is to extract a plug at the base. For a plug made of plastic, there is enough neat prying with a knife, but the metal part must be knocked out by a blow at the base of the cartridge with manually craning.

screwdriver, jammed, cartridge, threaded, mount

This requires a large bolt. It is placed in a sleeve and slightly clamped with fists to fix in the center. At the same time, he should not get stuck, but to go freely back and forth. 2-3 cm bolt head should protrude from the cylinder. Then, a slight, but emphasized blow with a hammer is applied along the bolt, and after the metal plug is removed.

Then the analysis of the screwdriver cartridge begins directly. The design of any cylinder consists of unchanged main details:

How to work with a screwdriver

To extract a drill or bat, you need to switch the screwdriver to the reverse, fix the cartridge and turn on the screwdriver: the fists will be injected and free the drill or bit.

Which has become the standard in screwdrivers, a clip of restriction of the moment. Above the case, opposite the cartridge there is an arrow that indicates the number. The larger the number, the greater the moment withstands the clutch without disconnecting. There are 10 provisions with different sets of moment, plus the drill mode has a total of 10. In the drill mode? Which is marked by the inscription “Drill”, the clutch of the moment of the moment is disconnected. And with the help of a screwdriver you can already drill.

This screwdriver has two speed ranges from 0. 400 revolutions per minute and from 0. 1340 rpm. The speed can be switched by the red engine switch in the upper part of the screwdriver, in the “back” position, the screwdriver works at the first. Low speed. If the engine move forward, then the second speed is turned on. In addition, the speed number can be seen in the window next to the switch.

screwdriver, jammed, cartridge, threaded, mount

Convenient option for a beginner. Indicator of the rotation direction: two triangles in the upper part of the device, will help to determine in what mode the screwdriver works: the arrow forward means that the cartridge rotates clockwise and accordingly wraps the screw, if the arrow comes back, the cartridge rotates counterclockwise And turns the screw.

There is an indicator showing the degree of charge of the battery in the screwdriver.

And next to the PowerLight backlight lamp, which will help great when working in poorly lit places.

We drill a wooden bar in the “Drill” mode, t.E. With a disconnected coupling. For a relatively thin drill, you can turn on the second speed.

To entrust the screws, you need to choose a bit that is suitable for this type of screw. The main types of slots, in the photo on the left to the right:

In addition to the shape, the slots differ in sizes and for each size of the screw or screw, you need to take the bit of the right size.

So, the desired bat is chosen and clamped in the cartridge, but for the screwing of the screw, it is worth turning on the first speed and set the coupling to limit the moment. In our case, for such a diameter of screws, select the position “17”.

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In the photo, the result of entering the screws to different depths. When the screwdriver fully wraps the screw, the entrance force will increase and then the clutch of limiting the moment will begin to work. Thanks to this, the screw will not go deeper than necessary and will not split the bar.

Lithium-ion batteries on which the battery is built are very good and you will not need to replace the batteries in a screwdriver for a long time.

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