the Stihl lawn mower does not develop momentum

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If gasoline is fixed on the chainsaw candle, and the cutting device itself does not work normally, then this indicates an excess of air-fuel mixture. The reason for this condition, perhaps, is a malfunction in the carburetor adjustments, clogging of its nozzles, as well as improper start of the mechanism. In the case of fixing a characteristic carbon deposit on the candle, one can speak with sufficient confidence about the improper functioning of the carburetor or about the use of low quality gasoline.

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With all the above signs reflected on the spark plug, it is necessary to remove the carburetor and check its technical condition. If a blockage is found, the carburetor should be thoroughly cleaned, then the device should be adjusted according to the technological requirements and the gasoline used in the tank should be replaced. At the same time, you must always remember that the carburetor is a rather complex assembly, consisting of many small components, parts and channels. Therefore, its repair must be carried out with extreme care and accuracy.

In addition to restoring the carburetor, it is necessary to check the performance of the spark plug itself at the stand and, if necessary, set the correct gap in it. If you don’t like the candle and its work at all, it is recommended to replace it with a new candle.

Why the chainsaw isn’t picking up steam?

Launching is a complex multi-level process involving almost all of the saw’s life support systems. That is why the fact that the saw loses speed, turns on intermittently and feels confident exclusively at idle speed should be considered from different angles.

Such factors could lead to this:

  • a faulty motor. its motor resource could be exhausted, and the piston rings and cylinder could wear out, deform or even corrode;
  • a failed spark plug or the coil itself. as a result, the spark required to ignite the air-fuel mixture is not generated;
  • unbalance of the carburetor screws, as well as a number of reasons that could disable it.

Stihl 180 Chainsaw Does Not Develop RPM

With all the variety of modern building materials, the tree species remains very vital. Therefore, lumberjacks, improvement workers, summer residents are interested in woodworking tools, including chainsaws.

Stihl chainsaw is easy to operate, inexpensive in cost, reliable, has a long service life.

Different people prefer different brands. Anyone is interested in a Partner chainsaw, someone is interested in a Stihl brand device, someone else is interested in something else. However, they all break down periodically, while their breakdowns are both similar and different. Next, let’s look at the repair of the Stihl chainsaw on our own.

This brand is well known both among experts and among personalities involved in arranging their own living space. Great popularity chainsaws Stihl determines the frequent practical application of this tool and forces to find methods of effective battle with snowballs with its usual breakdowns.

Chainsaw Stihl 180 does not develop momentum reasons.

The main ways to troubleshoot the STIHL MS 180 chainsaw are to disassemble, rinse and blow out the carburetor, change the fuel filter in the tank, check the fuel hoses for cracking (they can suck in air).
There is only one adjusting screw on the carburetor. idle (it happens, I turned it, and the chainsaw started working again).
The connection of the carburetor to the cylinder, in terms of air leakage, is reliable. there is a plastic ring there (no gaskets are needed).

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Stihl 180. Classics of the genre. Doesn’t develop momentum

The Stihl MS 180 chainsaw has some nuances that make owners nervous and is wasted on expensive.

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One of the frequent breakdowns of the sawing device is also an open circuit in the working chain. Alas, it is not one of the dilemmas that arise when a motor accounting system is running. Usually, repairing a broken chain is reduced to replacing it with the newest.

The search for the malfunction that caused the chainsaw to fail is done in the following order. First of all, the level of gasoline in the tank is checked. If our client remains in order with the level, proceed to inspect the starting device. If the trigger does not show any signs of breakage, the spark plug should be noted.

The chainsaw does not develop speed: we test the device for malfunctions

The ignition module can be diagnosed for problems visually. For this you need:

  • turn out the candle;
  • evaluate its appearance (it should not be drenched in gasoline or contain a black coating);
  • check the distance between the coil and the magnets (up to 0.2 mm);
  • if necessary, examine the spark plug unit for spark supply using a working mains wire.

If, after checking, no defects were found, it is worth moving on to checking the carburetor block.

This work unit is one of the most vulnerable in modern chainsaws. New tools, which are shipped from the factory, have basic settings. for low and high speeds, which must be reset after running-in and running-in of all parts. Similar actions are performed if the saw does not develop traction corresponding to the maximum torque according to the instructions.

In this case, you need to reconfigure one of them. the “H” jack, which is responsible for the operation of the saw under load. To do this, it is enough to adjust the fuel supply with the engine running at the highest speed of rotation of the chain using a tachometer and operating instructions.

Because of what the Stihl chainsaw does not develop speed and stalls

If the chainsaw does not develop speed, then first of all it is recommended to check the fuel system. This is the first place to start, as the chainsaw engine simply does not have enough fuel mixture in order to operate at full power.

The slightest blockage in the fuel filter can lead to a lack of fuel entering the carburetor. It is very easy to get to the fuel filter, it is located in the saw’s gas tank.

When checking, you need to disconnect the hose from the filter, then blow into the filter tube. If the filter does not allow air to pass through, or it does not pass well, then it is recommended to replace it. A new fuel filter is not so expensive, about 100-150 rubles.

The second reason why a Stihl chainsaw may not develop speed is a large carbon deposit in the muffler. An abundant amount of combustion products is formed as a result of incorrect proportions of oil and gasoline. As a result, the hole in the muffler is heavily coked, which leads to a drop in the power of the chainsaw.

Stihl chainsaw does not develop momentum

Stihl chainsaw does not develop momentum

Most experts immediately begin to sin on the carburetor. The chainsaw is disassembled and cleaned. However, this does not always help, since sufficiently reliable and durable carburetors are installed in Stihl chainsaws. Therefore, cleaning them should be resorted to as a last resort.

What to do if the Stihl chainsaw does not develop speed? Where to start looking for a problem? Read in this article the construction magazine

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How to clean a chainsaw muffler

Removing a muffler from a Stihl chainsaw is easy enough. To do this, unscrew the two nuts fixing it, and then dismantle it. Perhaps, after removing the muffler, it will be necessary to change the gaskets that are located between it and the cylinder.

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It is best to use compressed air to clean the muffler. If carbon deposits are strongly adhered to the surface, then you cannot do without a mechanical method, using something suitable for these purposes. Perhaps it is after cleaning the muffler that the chainsaw will work as before.

If this did not help, then there is another “problem spot” in Stihl chainsaws. this is the carburetor mesh filter. Therefore, if replacing the fuel filter, cleaning the hose and muffler did not give results, then you must definitely check if there is a blockage in the mesh filter of the chainsaw carburetor.

To get to the mesh filter, you have to remove the carburetor, it is behind it that the fuel pump chamber is located. Often this work requires caution and care, so if you are unsure of your actions, it is better to entrust the repair of the Stihl chainsaw to an experienced specialist.

FS 38

The model is distinguished, first of all, by its simplicity and compactness, which is quite enough for proper maintenance of the local area. The main control keys are located on the handle of the device, which greatly facilitates and speeds up the work.

stihl, lawn, mower, does

The price of the Stihl FS 38 mower is around 130.

  • engine power. 0.9 hp;
  • engine displacement. 27.2 cm3;
  • tank volume. 0.33 l;
  • engine type. two-stroke;
  • barbell. straight;
  • handle. D-shaped;
  • complete set. 2-toothed grass trimmer blade, goggles for protection, belt;
  • weight. 4.1 kg.

Stihl FS 38

This model is one of the most popular on the market! You will find out about all the units that are included in the rating of the best lawn mowers here.

Features and best models

The mower of the Stihl company deserves a special mention, which is distinguished by its own versatility, reliability and ease of use. The company’s specialists have created many varieties of braids, with different features and applications.

For example, the range of lawn mowers is designed for mowing grass in large areas. For this, a self-propelled wheel system was developed, with the help of which it became possible to take care of a large area without spending a lot of time and effort. A lawn mower is perfect for decorating shrubs, giving them a certain artistic image and texture. Lawn Mower Does Not Develop RPM Reason And if you need a lawn mower for tall grass and uneven areas, then follow this link and get full information on the selection of this type of equipment.

If you need a more subtle approach to trimming grass, for example, near flower beds or between trees, then the gasoline trimmer, designed for accuracy and precision, will do just fine. The company’s specialists have foreseen all the nuances and possible difficulties when working with braids, so they equipped them with nylon strings that prevent mechanical damage to trees.

A special AutoCut trimmer head is also used to ensure the normal functionality of the petrol trimmer string knives. This article will tell you about the of petrol hand-held lawn mowers and trimmers, it will also help you make the right purchase, which you will not regret.

There are two types of these mowers: amateur and professional models, designed to solve problems of a certain complexity. The first category includes models FS 38, FS 45, FS 55, etc. The features and differences of these tools are in the motor power (from 0.9 to 1.2 HP depending on the configuration) and the volume of the tank (approximately 0, 34 l).

The professional trimmers include Stihl FS 130 and FS 250. Let’s consider the characteristics and properties using the example of several mowers, in particular FS 38, FS 70 and FS 130.

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See the features of the device on video.

Build your home!

Why is the Chinese lawn mower not picking up speed??

The trimmer does not gain momentum, a very frequent discrepancy and of course does not always have the usual solution.

Recommendations for use

It is necessary to take temporary breaks from work. lawn mower does not develop speed Diagnostics and Lawn mower trimmer Stalls at. This is necessary so that the engine of the device does not overheat and fail prematurely. lawn mower does not develop Dismantling the Stihl 180 chainsaw Stihl FS 55 is not gaining momentum? Yes. For amateur models, there is a break every 20 minutes for the same time. For professional mowers, work should be interrupted every 50 minutes, in which case the downtime should be at least 10 minutes.

It is necessary to monitor the condition of the fuel tank. If you do not plan to use the mower for a certain period of time, it is better to drain the remaining fuel from the tank compartment. This will help avoid damage to engine parts.

Terms of use


If everything is in order with the electrical equipment, then we check the carburetor.

The trim tabs are fitted with vacuum carburetors. When disassembling, cleaning or washing it, you need to be extremely careful. in no case do you disassemble the lower part of the carburetor, where the primer is located. The air filter (visible when you remove the protective cover from the carburetor) must be washed with detergents. Best for washing dishes. After drying, put it back. We wash the carburetor with clean gasoline and blow through all the holes with a pump. We also wash the fuel line filter, then dry and collect everything. Usually, after all the manipulations, the trimmer starts to work.

A thin cable instead of a fishing line, is it worth it to be put on the lawn mower?

This idea occurs to almost everyone who had to mow 10 acres of tall grass. At first glance, the idea seems like a good one. The cable is stronger than the line and does not wear out so much. However, not all so simple.

FS 130

It is equipped with the latest high-power engine that does not emit a large amount of harmful emissions.

The price for the Stihl FS 130 mower is about 400.

stihl, lawn, mower, does
  • engine power. 1.9 hp;
  • engine volume. 36.3 cm3;
  • tank volume. 0.53 l;
  • barbell. straight;
  • handle. T-shaped;
  • complete set. shoulder strap, two-bladed knife;
  • line diameter. 2.4 mm;
  • weight. 5.9 kg.

The range of for these models does not mean any difference in quality, first of all, each Stihl mower is designed for a certain type of work.

It is quite clear that there is no point in purchasing a more expensive and powerful model if you have a small plot or lawn in front of the house. Simpler models will do just fine with this task, but the word “simplicity” is not used here in a derogatory manner. powerful mowers are designed to handle large areas with overgrown and dense surfaces, hence the price difference. If you are confused in such a variety of tools, then do not be upset, but feel free to click here and we will tell you how to choose a lawn mower for a summer residence.

Characteristics of the model in the video.

However, whichever model you choose, you need to follow certain operating rules recommended by the manufacturer in order to avoid possible breakdowns.