There is a spark that is not a reason for. Stihl 180 chainsaw starts and stalls.

What to do if a chainsaw is not started: tips, causes of malfunction and recommendations to eliminate the problem

The design of this tool is based on a two.factor carburetor engine. Its power can vary greatly-it all depends on what the saw is for: if for home work, then it will be approximately 4 kW, but if for the roll of a large forest, then about 8-9 kW. Of course, in addition to the engine, many mechanical and electronic elements are installed in the product, like a quick brake, filter, oil supply systems, etc.P., But the engine is primarily important to us, since the problem of stopping the chain is most often lies in it.

  • fuel and air filters;
  • reduced compression;
  • carburetor adjustment;
  • spark plug;
  • ignition coil;
  • gap between the ignition coil and the flywheel;

Consider each reason in more detail.

Fuel and air filter

Pollution of the main filter elements of the chainsaw, adversely affect its work.

For example, a dirty air filter will provide air supply to the carburetor in full, which will affect the quality of the fuel mixture and normal engine start. Fuel filter pollution will make it difficult, or even reduce the supply of gasoline to the carburetor and make the engine to work impossible.

Reduced compression

One of the frequent cases of the difficulty starting of the chainsaw is the wear of the CPG (cylinder.piston group).

As you know, for the normal launch of the chainsaw in its engine, compression should be present. It is necessary for the normal compression of the fuel mixture in the engine cylinder, it also affects the operation of the gasoline pump.

During the operation of the tool, the value of the compression indicator falls, and the chainsaw begins to start poorly.

The reasons for the lack of compression, or its decrease, can be natural, The engine wear out during operation. Problems can also be caused by serious breakdown, for example, Zadir CPG, or breakdown of a piston ring.

A sign of reduced compression is the weak resistance of the starter during the start. With reduced compression, a decrease in the power of the chainsaw is observed, which negatively affects its performance. The problem of replacing piston rings, or completely CPH, is eliminated.

Checking the spark on the spark plug and the gap between the coil and the magneto

The sparkling candle is the most important detail that is responsible for ignition of the fuel mixture fed into the cylinder chamber. If the candle has served its own, then it will give out a weak spark or not to give it out at all. This can be checked in the following way:

If the spark arises constantly, then this indicates the serviceability of the candle. over, not only the candle is working, but also the ignition system. the coil and the high.voltage wire. If a spark on a candle occurs, but with interruptions (intermittently), then such a detail must be replaced. You must first check the gap between the contacts. The size of the gap should be from 0.5 to 1 mm.

For each chainsaw model, manufacturers indicate the recommended gap, so you need to use the directory. You can measure the gap with a special probe or a sheet of paper folded several times.

The absence of a spark on the candle indicates a malfunction of the ignition system, so before replacing the part, you should make sure that the ignition coil and a high.voltage wire should be serviceable. Not to start a chainsaw may be due to clogging of the electrodes of the candle. The presence of a black carrier on a candle or wet electrodes. all this can indicate the following faults:

  • Black Nagar. the carburetor of the chainsaw is adjusted incorrectly. The incoming mixture in the cylinder has a lot of fuel and little air. You can eliminate the malfunction by cleaning the soil on the electrodes of the candle with the subsequent adjustment of the carburetor
  • If the candle is wet (poured), then this may indicate the following. either the ignition system (including the candle itself) is faulty, or an excessive amount of fuel enters the cylinder, thereby the candle is poured. First you need to make sure that the candle gives a good spark, and only after that adjust the carburetor. It is not recommended to dry the wet candle by calcining, so it should be wiped dry dry, and then let it dry in the sun
  • If the candle has a red or pink carrier on electrodes, then this suggests that the gasoline used contains a large number of additives. Typically, this effect gives gasoline of the AI-95 brand and above, an increase in the octane number in which is achieved by adding additives

When the candle has a brown color (brick), this indicates not only a properly adjusted carburetor of the chainsaw, but also about the serviceability of the ignition system. If a new spark plug is used, which gives a weak spark when checking (or there is no spark at all), then this is a sign of a malfunction of the ignition coil. The coil must be replaced with a high.voltage wire.

It is interesting!Check the size of the gap between the ignition coil and the magnet. Different manufacturers of chainsaws indicate the recommended gap (usually the value is 0.25 mm), if this value is higher than the norm, then it should be adjusted using the probe.

Is there a fuel in the tank and what is its quality

Checking the presence of fuel in the tank is the first where to start diagnostics. Even if there is still a visually in the tank, make sure that the fuel line is lowered in it. If the fuel in the tank on the bottom, then this is the main reason that it is impossible to start the engine. After adding fuel to the tank, it is necessary to pump the system, and only after that to trial launch of the motor.

If there is enough fuel in the tank, then make sure that the supply hose inside the tank did not disconnect. On some models of chainsaws, such a malfunction is a “disease”. If the tank is full, then this does not mean that the breakdown is not related to the fuel system. Check the quality of fuel (oil and gasoline). Gasoline for chainsaws is used mainly by AI-92 brands. As an oil, only a special two.stroke should be used, but not a motor or at all.

The prepared fuel mixture cannot be stored for more than 2 weeks, since the mixture begins to lose its properties, which affects negatively not only at the operation of the engine, but also on its launch. How does a poor.quality mixture affect the launch of the motor, you ask? Everything is very simple, with prolonged storage of the mixture, the oil is precipitated, which leads to the occurrence of clogging of the channels and nozzles of the carburetor.

The instructions for each brand of the chainsaws indicate the recommendations on what ratio should be diluted with oil with oil. It is such a recommendation that should be followed when preparing a mixture for a two.stroke chainsaw engine, otherwise this will significantly reduce the life of your tool.

The chainsaws are not started: the reasons and methods of elimination

There are times that a chainsaw is not started during construction work. what to do? Definitely not answer this question, since four factors are needed for the reliable operation of the two.stroke gasopil engine: fuel, spark, lubricant and air. They are provided by:

  • a carburetor preparing a fuel mixture for engine functioning;
  • candle and ignition unit;
  • a filter that cleanses the air of dust, and the fuel filter;
  • Fuel lubrication oils.

Let’s start with the simplest and evaluate the quality of fuel. It is best for each brand of the chainsaw to prepare its fuel mixture in a correctly calculated proportion of high.quality gasoline and the oil brand indicated in the instructions. The mixture is prepared for no more than two weeks, because over time, gasoline loses its properties.

As for the spark, its absence can be due to as a poor contact between the high.voltage wire and the tip of the candle (they should be cleaned from soot and fuel), and the refusal of the candle itself. If the contact is good, but there is no spark, then the culprit is the ignition unit that should be replaced with a new one. it is not repaired.

Often a malfunction occurs if gasoline fills the candle in an instant of launch. Having spare candles in his set of tools, the owner of the saw, so as not to waste time, eliminates the problem, changing the wet candle to a new. The old part can be sent to drying, draining excess fuel through the candle hole.

If the tool does not start in a cold state, as experts say. to the cold, and the candle is wet, then in addition to actions with the candle indicated above, it is necessary to observe the priority of manipulations when starting the chainsaw in accordance with the instructions.

If the device does not start hot, then the cause of problems may be the same breakdowns in the ignition system. But if it is found that the spark arises, and the candle is dry, then the problem lies in the fuel system.

Methods of elimination are reduced to cleaning and checking the fuel filter and hose, the place of its connection to the carburetor (there is a leak and whether gasoline appeared in an air filter). When the repair or replacement of the fuel hose, cleaning the air filter did not help, you will have to remove the carburetor and repair it with specialists.

Another sign of a malfunction at a hot start: fuel enters the engine cylinder. A sign indicating this is a wet sparking candle and the presence of a spark. Such “flooding” fuel can also be a result of a malfunction of the carburetor or its improper adjustment.

Why the chainsaw stalls immediately after starting?

The situation when the chainsaw stalls when you press gas, which is quite common, which is a reliable signal that there are quite serious problems.

Can serve this:

  • mismatch of the combustible mixture by the necessary requirements;
  • clogging of filtration components of the chainsaw;
  • reduced compression;
  • The carburetor is incorrectly adjusted;
  • incorrect operation of the ignition system.

The most banal of all listed is the first situation when it is not possible to start a gasoline unit, since its fuel tank is empty or fuel is not enough to start starting. Another moment is the wrong proportions of the combustible mixture, low.quality gasoline with a low octane number, or an inappropriate oil chainsaw model. If everything is clear and verified here, it is worth starting to work out other causal relationships.

If the gasoline filter is contaminated, the supply of fuel can not only be complicated, but completely stopped, which violates the normal launch of the saw or even does not allow it at all.

In this connection, the gasoline does not start or stalls at idle?

The situation when the benzo tool starts and stalls can be observed in the following cases:

The bolt L, which can try to turn a little, which in most cases works instantly is responsible for idle speeds in the carburetor. It can also often lead to such consequences during the manufacture of a combustible mixture, which usually entails many related problems.

The chainsaw is not started? Reasons and solutions

Basils have long been a kind of innovation and even more so are not considered exclusively a professional tool, because today literally every owner has such a universal device in his tools. And although there is a huge variety of types and models of chainsaws, in general, their designs do not represent something particularly complicated. With proper use and maintenance of this tool, any problems with its work arise quite rarely. But what to do if a chainsaw does not suddenly start? The main thing is not to panic and in order to figure out what is the reason for the problem.

My Stihl chainsaw won’t start!!! Step by step diagnoses and how to repair

First you need to check the fuel level. If it is not enough, it is necessary to correctly prepare the fuel mixture, which should include the proportion of gasoline/oil indicated in the operation instructions (the oil brand is also indicated in the instructions). To prepare the mixture, use AI-92 gasoline correctly-this will get rid of many unnecessary problems. The amount of the mixture should be designed for 1-2 weeks of the chainsaw, gasoline has a feature of losing its octane properties.

The tool may not start because during its launch flows a candle of ignition. If this is true, then to solve this problem, it is necessary to turn the flooded candle and be sure to dry it (without pumping), drain the fuel from the candle hole and make a half.hour break. Then install either dried or spare candle in place. It is also important to pay attention to the contact between the tip of the candle and the high.voltage wire.

The completely dry light of the ignition suggests that the fuel mixture does not occur, which means that there is a certain problem with the carburetor. First you should clean the fuel filter. If after eliminating all available pollution, nothing has changed, it is necessary to do a carburetor. However, it is better to entrust its disassembly and cleaning to specialists in this matter.

If there is a spark, but the chainsaws still do not start, you will need to additionally check the air filter and the saeph. Air filter is easily cleaned of dust. In order to check whether the sapphone has clogged for leveling the pressure in the gas tank, it is necessary to disconnect the fuel hose and see how the fuel flows from it. If the stream is normal. the saopant is in order if there is no fuel or it flows very slowly. you need to clean it.

New chainsaw will not start

Often a completely new chainsaw cannot be launched the first time. With a cold launch of its engine, the switch is installed so that the damper is closed. Now you need to pump up the fuel into the carburetor, and then twist the launch hand well. It is considered normal, even if after 2-5 launches the tool starts up, but stalls. After that, you can transfer the switch to the position of half.gas, and then to the working position, and continue to start a chainsaw.

The reason that after the winter period the chainsaw refuses to work, it may be elementary. the fuel mixture has decomposed and lost its properties. To eliminate this problem, it is necessary to pour the old fuel, unscrew and dry the spark plug, season the chainsaw with a new fuel mixture and abundant the engine several times. After installing the candle in place and in the absence of other problems, the chainsaw will necessarily start.


The situation when the malfunction makes itself felt, and the saw stops working, often puts the owner in a difficult position. In a good way, the unit needs to be repaired in order to find out exactly why it will not start, and then entrust the repair to professionals. However, not all breakdowns are fatal, and even the person who is far from technology can cope with them.

The first thing to do is to diagnose the device. It consists in a careful examination of the main parts of the saw, namely:

Causes of malfunctions and repair

Lack of sparks

Problems with a spark in practice are most common. The following factors can cause them:

All of the above problems in one way or another lead to the appearance of Nagar candles on the electrodes, as a result of which the process of corrosion occurs.

You can determine the absence of a spark with the help of the following sequence of actions:

  • First of all, the tip of the high.voltage wire is removed.
  • The next step is the candle is twisted.
  • The tip is worn back.
  • The candle lean flesh against the cylinder.
  • Launching using the starter.

If everything is in order, a spark will run between the electrodes. Otherwise, you need to clean everything, and if necessary, using the probe, change the distance between the electrodes. The required distance can be read in the instructions. Depending on the manufacturer, the distance may be from a half.centimeter to one fifth.

The solution described above is not exhaustive, since there are other reasons for the refusal of the chainsaw. Some of them can be solved temporarily, for one launch of the tool, if it is necessary to urgently perform the work. This is performed by performing the following actions:

  • With the help of the key, the candle is unscrewed.
  • The candle is wiped with a clean rag.
  • Next, the candle must be dried. It takes about half an hour.
  • Nar is removed with the help of a file, and the gap between the electrodes is regulated.
  • Fuel spills from the candle channel.
  • Drying of the channel is produced.
  • All details are returned back, and an attempt is made to launch the saw.

As mentioned above, these measures are temporary. After completing the work with the saw, it stupid again, and the best solution in this situation will be to repairs it to professionals.

Fuel supply problems

The first thing to do when checking the serviceability of fuel supply is to verify its presence in the tank. If the tank is full, you can check the pumping. For this, the tube is disconnected from the carburetor. Now you can start checking. If there are no problems, the fuel will be supplied with jerks in the volumes provided for by the manufacturer. The reason for the absence or very weak supply of fuel can be either clogging of the channel through which fuel transmission occurs, and problems with the fuel filter.

In some cases, problems with the launch may be associated with an overly filled tank.

Stihl Chainsaw Bog Down and Fix

Another reason can be hidden as a fuel mixture. If you pour it too much, and then do not use a saw for a long time, may begin chemical processes, which will then lead to problems with the tool.

Filter breakdown

The reason why the chainsaw is poorly started is a malfunction of one of the filters. The fuel filter can be checked after performing the pumping, which was described above. After it turned out that the fuel does not go or is too bad, you need to free the tank from the mixture. Then the filter itself should be pulled out. If he clogged, it can be cleaned, but it would be better to replace it with a new. If the saw is often operated in places with high dust, the filter cleaning should become ordinary action.

The blocking of the air filter leads to the fact that the saw will begin to stall often or completely stop starting. To clean, the filter needs to be pulled out, but extremely carefully. With careless treatment, dust can fall into the vital saw segments. This is fraught with the fact that professionals will have to do repairs.

The most common problems that the chainsaws may occur above are described above. If the breakdown is insignificant, it can be corrected by yourself, but first of all, you should study the instructions. Different saws have their own characteristics. Accordingly, the subtleties of the repair may differ.

The chainsaw is not started. Why? Reasons and how to avoid.

You don’t have a chainsaw? Often this can happen at the most inopportune moment when you need to urgently work. Agree that this is unpleasant. I must admit that the chainsaws from eminent manufacturers (STIHL, Husqvarna, Echo, Solo and others) do not start much less often than from Chinese manufacturers. Today we will analyze the reasons for this unpleasant event and measures how to avoid this. If you do not find your reason among the listed, you can ask a question in the discussions.

To begin with, you need to decide on the new chainsaw you will not start or it is already in operation for a long time. This is necessary to choose measures to correct the malfunction.

If you do not start a new chainsaw, then:

  • If you have not passed 14 days from the moment of purchase, you can pass or exchange the purchased chainsaw. This is the most reasonable way out of all. (When buying a chainsaw, be sure to ask sellers to start it. This does not apply to online stores, since serious ones always check the goods before sending the buyer.)
  • If the chainsaw is not possible for objective reasons or more than the spirit of weeks has passed since the purchase, then the reasons are most likely serious enough. To be sure that the chainsaw is not started for technical reasons, and not by oversight. carefully study the instructions.
  • Next, we will consider the reasons why the chainsaws may not start which are suitable for both new chainsaws and the former.

We will analyze the reasons why the chainsaws may not start in the order of the sequence of verification.

  • Check the presence of fuel in the tank and its quality. It is logical that the chainsaws will not start without fuel. Therefore, if there is no fuel, then pour. If the fuel remains in the tank for a long time (more than 3 weeks), then drain it and pour a new. Unstimately stored fuel with oxygen access quickly loses the octane number and becomes unsuitable for the work of a chainsaw on it. Read more about fuel here: how to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw? Oil selection, proportions
  • Check the spark plug of the chainsaw. First, whether it is flooded or not. If wet. wipe, blow out and screw in place. Secondly for the presence of a spark. This can be checked by twisting it and putting it on the tip, put on the cylinder block and pull the starter cord. If there is a spark, then we go further for reasons. Thirdly, look at the condition of the candle. Read more about how to diagnose the operation of the chainsaw by the state of the candle here: Diagnosis of the chainsaw engine as a candle state.
  • Check air and fuel filters. Heavy filters can interfere with the launch of the chainsaw. The air filter is located immediately under the cover of the chainsaw. Fuel is in the tank. Also check the bacon that is also located in the gas tank. For diagnosis, it is best to remove them and try to launch it without them.
  • It is necessary to inspect the silencer for the presence of a carbon in it. Read more about cleaning the muffler here: Cleaning the muffler of the chainsaw.
  • Inspect all hoses and connections. Often a loose connection or crack in the hose becomes the reason that the chainsaw does not start. It is also necessary to inspect the crankshaft oil seals.
  • Clean the carburetor. It is best to disassemble the chainsaw carburetor on a free table, laying out pure matter. Lay out all spare parts separately in order to facilitate the assembly. You need to clean the carburetor with special liquids for cleaning nozzles and injectors, for example.
  • Check the ignition system. Could go off the angle, the flywheel.
  • If the previous measures did not help and the chainsaws are still not working, then the carburetor adjustment may be required. Adjusting the carburetor of any chainsaw is similar to the material above the link above. The only exception is the stihl chainsaw, which have only one idle speed adjustment screw.
  • The most unpleasant situation is when not one of the measures above did not help. Here you may need to replace the CPG (cylinder-piston group). This can be checked in three ways: 1.If the piston does not move in the cylinder, then the CPG is definitely better to change. You can certainly put a new piston, waste the cylinder, but this will not give the same result as in the case of the installation of a new CPG. 2.Disassemble a chainsaw and conduct a visual inspection. 3.Remove the muffler and inspect the visible part.

You can help in compiling the chainsaw rating by voting in the survey: “We make a rating of chainsaws”

  • Check the serviceability of the carburetor and set it up
  • Measure the value of the engine compression, and then draw the appropriate conclusion about its serviceability
  • Carter compression is checked

Checking the compression in the cylinder allows you to assess the state and serviceability of the CPH. To measure the compression, a compressometer will be required. It is screwed into the candle hole, after which the starter handle is twisted. The compressometer shows the corresponding pressure value in the cylinder. This value should be at the level of 8-12 atmospheres.

If the pressure value is significantly lower, then this is a direct sign of the device malfunction. The cylinder piston group is replaced with a malfunction with a new. When installing a new CPH, it is necessary to carefully treat all the parts with oil so that chips and bullying are not formed at the time of starting the engine.

If there is no compression in the crankcase, then the chainsaws will also not start. The reason for the reduction in the pressure in the crankcase is the gasket, or rather its damage. This gasket is placed between the cylinder and the crankcase and, to make sure of its serviceability, such manipulations should be performed:

there, spark, reason, stihl, chainsaw, starts
  • Disconnect the fuel line from the tank
  • Lower the tube into a container with the prepared mixture of gasoline and oil
  • Start the chainsaw engine
  • If the engine starts and at the same time fuel is sucked, then this indicates the serviceability of the gasket

If the fuel is not absorbed, then you need to replace the gasket of the crankcase.

The carburetor is an important and most complex element of the chainsaw. If all the above actions did not help to get a positive result, then this suggests that the carburetor is faulty. The main malfunction of the carburetor is to clog its channels and nozzles. Less commonly, membranes and other elements come out. In any case, you will need to disassemble the carburetor of the chainsaw. Clean it and replace the failed details.

As you can see, the reasons for the fact that the chainsaw is not started is enough. To find out what exactly happened in your case, you need to remember the symptoms the day before. Perhaps, before the chainsaws stopped starting, the engine failures were observed, power and performance decreased, and other breakdowns were also appropriate. Based on these technical symptoms, it is necessary to start the search. If you do not know where to start, then diagnostics should be carried out in order, as described in the material.

Why the chainsaw of Stihl 180 is not started to hot. STIHL 180 chainsaws are not started: the main reasons

Now a huge number of manufacturers are engaged in the release of units for agricultural and work system, in the middle of which the equipment manufactured by STIHL is the most necessary. The level of property is not the only reason, thanks to the products of this manufacturer are popular in trade. This was also contributed to the democratic value and the best capacity, which requires the models of this brand.

It seems that many had to use the chainsaw of a similar brand. At the same time, not only to use, but often to do a variety of work and be convinced of the large operational properties of this tool. It is no coincidence that such a distribution of these products, taking into account that in addition to power, this common hearing tool is highlighted by a graceful design. But do not forget what is really, that nevertheless this is a technique, the life resource is limited to. Therefore, who is the owner of such an unit at a certain moment is faced with the need to repair. Then we will talk about the features of the repair of the chainsaw of Stihl 180.

The consequences of operation on a rich and poor mixture

Confirmation of normal, in a proportion of 16: 1, the quality of the air fuel mixture is the brown color of the insulator and the absence of traces of soot.

Condition of the air intake and muffler

The cause of the problem launch may be the filter of the air cleaner clogged with sawdust. If the engine starts with the air intake removed, special attention should be paid to cleaning the filter. A large amount of soil in the muffler is reflected in the power and thrust of the power unit, but the engine should be launched without much effort.

When the threaded fasteners are weakened, an air leak is formed, which leads to the depletion of the gas-air mixture and, accordingly, the deterioration of its working characteristics.

To replace the damaged gasket, it is recommended to use the repair kit, in its absence, the gasket can be made from the elegant benzo-grease material in the thickness of the thickness.

Stihl 180 stalls idle. Read the same

The chainsaw may drown out if the fuel filter is clogged.

You will also like an air filter more clogged with a dirty dust as it is also called dust, which leads to malfunctions at idle. It should be kept in mind that clogging of this filter sometimes occurs, under the influence of which the flow of air into the system is difficult. A fraction of gasoline increases in the fuel-air consistency, and it comes out unnecessary. The usual work of the motor under such circumstances does not have to wait.

For cleaning, the air filter is removed with special accuracy so as not to shake off dust into the carburetor. Then it is cleaned and painfully washed. The detergent is added to the water for washing. After drying, the air filter is fraught with its own skill place in the chainsaw.

For the usual operation of cutting tools, fuel and air filters are recommended to be changed once every couple of months.

Typically, this common hearing is the main component of the accounting ignition system not to be changed more often once a year. But often the owners of the saw are at the same time to resolve the rule. In this regard, it makes no sense to be surprised that the apparatus, the maintenance of which is fragmented, ultimately poorly “holds” idle turnover.

The spark plug of the chainsaws must be changed 1 time during the year.

Therefore, it is necessary to find out for subsequent malfunctions related to the service of this complex of accounting programs:

there, spark, reason, stihl, chainsaw, starts
  • Pouring a candle with gasoline at the time of launch. To eliminate the task, they unscrew the candle and not even pumped, dry it. Through the hole, into which the candle is screwed, excess gasoline is connected from the motor. After a break in half an hour, the candle is installed to the area, the mechanism starts.
  • Lack of spark due to disgusting contact of the tip of the candle with a wire of the highest voltage. The connection is checked, in case of violation, the deficiency is eliminated.
  • There is no spark due to a malfunction of the ignition electric unit. If you can be confident in the reliability of the tip of the tip with a high.voltage wire, alas, sparks with the starter turned on as before, then a prerequisite for a breakdown and a malfunction of the ignition unit is possible. The component’s myth is not restored, it is only changed to a new.
  • Inappropriate gap between candle electrodes. In various types of candles, this indicator ranges from 0.2 to 0.5 mm. The correct gap is installed by means of the probe of the corresponding thickness. The largest gap for this type of candle is not allowed.

STIHL 180 shimmers the carburetor. Communities make the Blog of the chainsaw Stihl 180. Independent repair

Eight years ago, a saw was bought and worked out faithfully. And once again, I got it, chifir chiffir, and it doesn’t start the first thought, to make it up to repair, and then I thought, I cope with the UAZ, you can try with a saw. Checked the spark, there is a spark. Supply of gasoline, too. I twisted the candle, turned out to be filled with gasoline. In short, it turns out, the carburetor shifts. It rummaged on the network, it turns out that the gasket in Crab, tanks, constantly presses on the needle, hence the overflow.In principle, the most difficult thing was to find spare parts in the city. A set of gaskets of the carburetor, two studs of the muffler fastening, the nuts acidified, decided to change it for one, an enhanced air filter, a new sample and toothered emphasis, plastic teeth on the saw were bought.Further, simple. We remove the air filter by unscrewing the two nuts by 8, they also attract the carburetor, disconnect the fuel hose, remove the thrust from the carburetor and clench the switch control shaft and remove the carburetor.Remove the lid, look at the gasket, oak, change it and everything is in the reverse sequence.With the hairpins of the muffler mounting even easier, stood on the emery of the nut and replaced 🙂 And he also put a metallic emphasis.Drank started after repair and has already been tested in work.After a year of use, a little again, I was freezing.It was necessary not to save and take the original reptity.

The Stihl MS 180 chainsaws are designed in such a way as to make their operation as allegedly asleep as inexperienced users as much as possible. To do this, some settings available on more powerful StiHL models were abolished in the carburetor of the saw. But there is still an opportunity to set up, and repair, as well as adjusting the Carburetor of the Stihl 180 chainsaw with your own hands, is possible.

When you need to adjust the STIHL 180 carburetor

First you should decide why it may generally need to regulate and repair the STIHL MS 180 carburetor. So, this must be done in the following cases:

  • if the chainsaw does not hold idle turn;
  • Repair may be required if the saw does not start;
  • power loss is observed;
  • increased fuel consumption;
  • chainsaw does not develop maximum speed.
  • stalls when recruiting.

This list can be continued for a long time, but we have determined the main reasons. Before starting adjustment, you need to know what main parts a carburetor on the Stihl 180 chainsaw consists of, and who produces it.

Stihl carburetor device

So, the STIHL MS 180 carburetor is developed and produced by the subsidiary of STIHL, called Zama. Original carburetors, on their building have a company logo guaranteeing product quality.

Fuel pump

Directly in the carburetor case, a fuel pump is installed, which works under the influence of an air pulse from the chainsaw crankcase, transmitted through special channels. The pump has a diaphragm, it is she who is responsible for pumping fuel under the influence of a pulse. Between the diaphragm and the case, a laying is installed, which is responsible for the tightness of the fuel pump.

Distribution camera

In the distribution chamber, as in the fuel pump, there is also a membrane that opens and regulates the fuel supply by pressing a special rocker, while lifting its needle valve.

The camera cover is the compensator case, which is mounted on the carburetor using four screws, a gasket is installed between the case and the lid, increasing the height of the camera and responsible for sealing.


The nozzle for supplying fuel is mounted in the carburetor case in such a way that it is a connecting link between the distribution chamber and the cavity in which the throttle is installed. Simultaneously with the fuel, air is supplied to the nozzle and the air mixture is formed. The nozzle has a check valve that blocks the flow of air in the reverse sequence, that is, from the throttle chamber into the distribution chamber.

The shuttle of the throttle

The throttle is installed in the carburetor case and is responsible for increasing the supply of fuel mixture directly to the engine cylinder. At the time of pressing the gas, the throttle is opened, thereby increasing the throughput of the channel and fuel from the carburetor cavity, rushes into the cylinder in a larger volume.

Combustion of a larger fuel volume increases the amount of energy formed, which affects the power and speed of processes. The damper is installed on the shaft of the carburetor passing through the entire body. At the output of the shaft from the housing, a mount for the gas cable is installed, a cone.shaped, adjusting screw responsible for configuring the idle walk is located nearby. By twisting the screw, you can slightly adjust the position of the shaft and the shutters installed on it, thereby increase or decrease the idle stroke, opening or vice versa covering the damper.

Air damper

The carburetor air damper is installed on the opposite side of the throttle and is responsible for the launch of the cold engine, its control is carried out by the engine control lever. For cold launch, the air damper is completely blocked, for normal operation, open.

STIHL carburetor adjustment

STIHL 180 chainsaw carburetor, indiscriminately, can only be adjusted for the number of revolutions at idle. Increase or reduce fuel supply in various modes using special screws cannot. The manufacturer limits access to adjustments and does not set these screws. How to adjust the carburetor to the correct idle speed is described in great detail in the manufacturer’s instructions.