Things Go Well When In The Hands Of A Chainsaw

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Things go well when in the hands of a chainsaw

Another "chainsaw massacre" from the Voronezh master Alexander Ivchenko: a tree that knows how to be surprised and amaze

Things Go Well When In The Hands Of A Chainsaw

Future bear. I must say that the tree. this is not the main job. The main one is connected with papers, traveling and other gloomy affairs. Very often I hear and read in the comments: "Lucky! I’d have so much time, I would not have done that!" So over time, a real ambush. Work, family, child, workout. sometimes I can select a tree for only a few minutes a day on weekdays, and if I’m lucky. a little more on the weekend. Conclusion. time can be found if the hands are very itchy.

Good day to all! I hasten to share the joy. yesterday at half past two in the night I finished making my bear.

The tree is also a disaster. It’s Russia. Buying for money is unrealistic. asking for 16 thousand per cube of oak thin logs, of which nothing can be done. But at the same time they pay budget money to communal workers, who cut huge linden and oak trees around the city from the root, saw them into chocks and take them out to the trash. He managed to select the future bear at the school, from where a dozen KamAZ sawdust trees had already been taken from.

Now he is already crawling out of the log, thanks to my chainsaw

I think he is satisfied and surprised

Видео: Things Go Well When In The Hands Of A Chainsaw

The first day is coming to an end. I managed to drag a log with a manipulator through the whole city, and removed the bulk of the unnecessary. There will be details tomorrow.

I took pictures about once an hour. precisely, once a gas tank. An average saw lasts about an hour at one gas station. Consequently, the bear by this time took about 4-5 hours

And these are the details. Keg with honey

Well, yes, she must be held in her paw. And a little tanning blowtorch. This is not for decoration. the fire burns out burrs and other unnecessary crap that remains after the saw.

Bear moved under the roof and met with a chisel.

It’s good that in the pictures everything is like in a fairy tale. Fast and easy. In life, these pictures with the previous ones are shared by three weeks and thousands of blows with a mallet.

Bee. Shod. And in the spoon. honey. Well, not really honey. hardened epoxy. But the wife (a prominent expert on honey, between asking) was even deceived at first

Some more honey and bees in a barrel

The dry tree behind and the forged vine appeared not by chance. A rotten kosyachok jumped out behind, which had to be cut with a saw, and then covered with a tree. Well, a tree. cover with forging

Everything, I won’t pull anymore. get acquainted!

He came out about my height, that is, about 180. The character is calm, friendly. It’s unpretentious in food. It is impregnated with antiseptics and fire-fighting. Coated with yacht varnish. Now it remains to figure out where to determine it for permanent residence 🙂