July 8, 2019

To Warm A Doghouse To Cold Weather – Mission Is Feasible

Breeders whose dogs live in a private house on the street often have a question regarding insulation. And rightly so, because who wants his pet to freeze in the cold? You can learn how to insulate a dog house for the winter in this article.

Choosing insulation

Most dog breeders still recommend warming the home of their pets. Even if part of the heat all the time will go through the hole in the booth, insulation is very important. Of all the breeds of animals that exist in the world today, only a few, without problems, endure severe cold. In particular, we are talking about Caucasian Shepherd Dogs, Huskies, Huskies and Malamutes. However, if you are the owner, for example, Doberman or Rottweiler, then making the insulation of the booth with your own hands is a primary task.

To Warm A Doghouse To Cold Weather - Mission Is Feasible

What should be considered when choosing a material for insulation is that it is non-toxic and safe. You should always remember that the most sensitive organ of any dog ​​is the nose. Therefore, if the booth after warming does not smell as it should, the animal can simply refuse to enter it.

As for the material for insulation directly, today for this purpose are most often used:

Insulation Guide

As a master, it is important for you not only to choose the optimal material for winterization, but also to take into account many other issues. For example, how can it be possible to cover the way out of a dog booth so that it does not leave heat. Alternatively, you can hang a thick curtain on a manhole, for example, from a tarp or felt. In principle, you can use any thick fabric (even an old rug). This curtain can be installed using self-tapping screws and a conventional bar and, of course, it will not need to cut two or more pieces. This is done so that the pet can go inside without any problems.

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Sometimes the breeders make their own special special platform. This will keep most of the heat inside. If you decide to warm the dwelling yourself, then remember that not only the walls are warmed, but also the floor, as well as the roof. On the floor you can lay the same sawdust or hay, but this litter will have to constantly change. Breeders offer to lay the usual rags or old rugs, but the dog may simply not understand why you did it and tear it.

To Warm A Doghouse To Cold Weather - Mission Is Feasible

This mat can be replaced with burlap or coarse fabric, and fasten it with a wooden frame. In addition, the warming material should be reliably protected from the inside of the home. To this end, it is possible to ordinary plywood, OSB or clapboard.

Warming doghouse felt

If you do not know how to insulate a dog house with your own hands or how to do it correctly, then we have prepared step-by-step instructions. Consider a few options and start with felt.

Tools and materials

  • the material itself is artificial felt, near the roll;
  • scissors or knife;
  • nails with big hats.

Step-by-step instruction

It is not only inexpensive to make your own hands warming from felt, but it is also quite simple, as practice shows. In addition, felt itself is the safest material for a domestic dog, so it is not necessary to hide it from under the walls.

If you decide to do everything yourself, then follow these steps:

  1. First you need to remove all measurements of the walls, floor and roof. After that, the felt should be cut into appropriate parts with a knife or scissors.
  2. Installation of insulation on the walls is carried out using pre-prepared nails. When the walls are ready, warm the floor and roof.
  3. As we said earlier, the felt is absolutely safe for the pet, so the top is not necessarily sheathe it with plywood. In addition, the felt well protects not only from the cold, but also the wind, as well as moisture.
  4. At the end of the floor, lay a litter or mat so that the skin is not soiled. From time to time the mat will need to be washed.
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To Warm A Doghouse To Cold Weather - Mission Is Feasible

Mineral wool insulation

It is also possible to make insulation of a dog house with mineral wool with your own hands. But keep in mind that, compared with the previous version, this is more complex and time consuming. However, mineral wool can provide better thermal insulation, in particular, if you can do everything properly.

Tools and materials

What you need:

  • a roll or several pieces of mineral wool;
  • several wooden boards;
  • plywood;
  • steam insulator;
  • stapler;
  • nails.

Step-by-step instruction

How to do it yourself, read below:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to dismantle the roof from the dog house. First, the vapor barrier is laid on the walls, which is installed using a stapler.
  2. Then on the walls should be installed crate of bars.
  3. The next step is to cut the appropriate pieces of mineral wool, which will be installed in the crate. Cut pieces are inserted between the installed bars.
  4. Then another layer of vapor barrier is placed on top of the mineral wool layer.
  5. Actually, in this process of warming in order to keep the dog warm in winter, it can be considered complete. It remains only to sheathe the inside of the plywood so that the dog does not spoil the material.

As you understand, the use of mineral wool can reduce the free area inside the booth due to thick walls. Therefore, this point should be considered in advance. You can lay a rug or litter on the floor so that your pet is comfortable (what the consequences of foam insulation can be, see the video by the author elena udodova).

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Can heaters be used?

Many breeders who are faced with the need to warm the dwelling of a dog are interested in the issue of heating the booth. Heating is quite possible to equip if desired, moreover, on the floor you can even lay a heated mat. Of course, a heated mat or a heated booth would be the best option, since no insulation can compare with this. Moreover, the heating of the dwelling will help to ensure dryness inside.

To date, the sale can be found several types of heaters:

  1. The panel variant is a metal panel, the width of which is 2 cm. Such a heater is mounted on self-tapping screws to any of the walls, the device allows to provide heating up to 50 degrees. Experts recommend installing a heater under the inner lining, but its full power does not need to be turned on to avoid fire. It is even possible not to use a rug for warming.
  2. Film version operates on the principle of infrared radiation. Such a device allows to provide room heating up to 60 degrees. By design, such a heater is quite thin, so it should be installed under the casing. However, infrared heating is optimal because it is closest to the natural heat produced by the dog’s body. In addition, such a heater is quite possible to lay on the floor, and lay a mat on top.

To Warm A Doghouse To Cold Weather - Mission Is Feasible

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