Trimmer Dde Eb1000rd

Trimmer Dde Eb1000rd

Advantages: Powerful device, optimally suited for small bushes, convenient to use. Moderate weight

Minuses: Short cord

Comment: Mows the plot for two times.

Pluses: Lightweight, collapsible

Minuses: Not comfortable belt

Comment: In general, it copes with its functions perfectly. Mowing grass to the waist with a disk is very easy, it also copes with small bushes. Well, fine grass up to 30 cm cuts well.

Convenient to carry, you can disassemble the bar. The belt clip is very flimsy.

I mow 9 hectares of grass at a time. It does not heat up, like many (if you do not mow tall grass). I work for 30-40 minutes, a break of 10-15 and then I rest myself, but I do not give rest to the trimmer. All in all a great thing.

Pluses: no. One clarification, I bought the DDE-1200. He is simply more powerful and that’s it.

Disadvantages: Mowed only three times in the country. During operation, the rod fixing screws were unscrewed, I managed to tighten it twice, but in the end they still unscrewed and got lost in the grass. Were replaced by others. Then the gearbox, which is located near the motor, broke down. Separately does not change.

Comment: Warranty denied, as not original rod screws. As a result, 4,200 were thrown to the wind. Do not buy in any case! P.S. Yes, actually, there’s nothing to choose from, just Chinese junk.

Advantages: Light weight, it is very convenient to adjust to the growth and shape characteristics, good power and high revolutions of the reel, you can use a thick fishing line (2.4 mm), it works with a knife (included), an easy power button, it is VERY soundly made of high quality materials costs less than similar models from other manufacturers.

Disadvantages: The not very reliable clamp of the electric wire in my copy: for some day, for some reason, the wire dropped out of the clamp socket twice. Very bad shoulder strap. The casing of the fishing line is made of not very hard plastic, so when it touches the casing over uneven ground and hummocks, it somehow bends unpleasantly and starts. However, this is a trifle. Carefully monitor the bolts for attaching the rod in the engine housing and tighten them regularly! For 2 seasons of operation from vibration, I have gradually unscrewed these screws. As a result, one screw was lost, and the second broke out the mounting socket in a plastic case. I had to handicraft repair the bursting case myself: (((

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Comment: The car is just a BEAST, I highly recommend it. All the pros listed in the section "Advantages", more than cover the minor flaws I noticed.

Particularly pleasing is the REAL, and not the rated power of the engine and the trouble-free operation of the coil with a thick (2.4 mm) fishing line. It’s not just cutting grass, but literally crumbling it into a ready-made silo 🙂 Even it blows everything clean under a fishing line, including horseradish, weeds, nettles and burdocks. An important point: long grass hardly wraps around the reel and does not stop work, although, of course, you should not abuse this property 🙂

For the day, I completely mowed a plot of 8 acres with fishing line, that is, productivity is about 1 acre per hour. He worked all day, almost non-stop, with an hour-long lunch break. Nothing in the device rattles, does not scrape or vibrate, the gearbox does not get very hot at all. Before starting work, I checked the presence of grease in the gearbox and on the rod joint. everything was in order, everything was lubricated at the factory as it should. All screws were also tightened tightly.

Incredible, but true: for mowing the entire plot, I had enough fishing line tucked into a reel in the factory! For this reason, I can’t say how easy and convenient it is to wind a new fishing line onto a reel.

Even the neighbors on the site noticed that the car is very, very good, and expressed this opinion to me.

I have not tried to install the knife (included) yet. there was no need. But I think that with a knife he works just as well as with a fishing line.

Prior to this, the three seasons used trimmers Caliber and Patriot, also kilowatt, there is nothing to compare. Caliber. a really powerful, but incredibly condo, heavy and uncomfortable monster in operation and maintenance. The Patriot is very similar to DDE in all respects, but the kilowatt does not really deliver power. Apparently, there is some kind of load sensor in it, which, when mowing thick grass, sharply reduces the speed, although the machine howls at idle, like a combat helicopter in attack 🙂

So again: I recommend the DDE EB1000RD for purchase. You will not be disappointed.

Advantages: Good power, fishing line with a relatively light weight, output of the supply wire from the bottom, and not from the end of the case (the mower can be placed on the end of the case and the wire does not bend), good quality plastic. The cable retainer on the housing is convenient. Ergonomic start button. on all fingers. The quality of processing is quite acceptable, both with a knife and fishing line.

Minuses: Reducer. It warms up in 15 minutes, it is strong (it is difficult to hold a hand even in a cotton glove), it is added 3 or 4 times to the lubricant, it is still heated. By the end of the day there was a noticeable vibration, although mowed in 15 minutes. work / 10 min. recreation. Ergonomics average in "inconvenience" it doesn’t turn around. The native head broke at the end of the first day of work. after winding the grass onto the spindle, it fell apart due to a cut of the petals fixing the cover on the base (everything came in three seconds. I wrapped the grass and shot the parts in different directions). Native belt. full of junk, did not even dress. The screen really needs to be first assembled completely and then put on the gearbox, because the rod prevents the middle screw from twisting. Plastic got into one of the nuts on the screen when casting, I had to torment during assembly. The holes for attaching the screen to the gearbox are not aligned with the gearbox; "catch" upon installation. Print quality instructions. horror horror, the third photocopy on bad paper. to the head of the same company is 1000 times better.