Trimmer Forester 304 Will Not Start

Trimmer forester 304 will not start

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If you have a Lesnik-304 trimmer, do-it-yourself repairs when the main components of the equipment fail. For repair work, you will need special tools.


Technical indicators and parameters of the Lesnik-305 trimmer:

Engine starting system Electric starter
Weight 7.5 kg
Motor power 1.3 HP.
Power consumption of electrical equipment 960 Wt
Container volume 0.6 l
Line diameter 2.4 mm
Maximum Noise Emitted 112 dBA
Engine displacement 0.25 l
Number of measures 2
Maximum working surface area 900 m²
Maximum cutting width 300 mm
Cutting speed 8000 rpm
Chopping the collected grass Not
Powertrain location Upper
Fuel type used Petrol
Brake system there is
Wheel mechanism Not
Anti-vibration handle system there is
Lever type Folding
Control handle adjustment there is
Shoulder strap there is
Rod type Foldable
Line reel there is
Shaft Detachable type
Average gas mileage 0.2 l per hour
Grass collector Yes, soft with a hard top
The material from which the case is made Plastic
Number of operating modes 3
Equipment transmission system Belt
Transportation type Non-self-propelled
Lever Bicycle

The equipment is used for cutting both young grass and dead wood, burdocks, small bushes, nettles and marsh grass.

The model 305 gas trimmer has the following advantages:

  • Light weight and ease of assembly;
  • High quality components for a low price;
  • Economical fuel consumption;
  • Foldable ergonomic handle.

User’s manual

Before starting work with a new tool, the operator should familiarize himself with the operating instructions supplied with the particular gasoline or electric model. It will definitely include the following sections:

  • Description of each part and initial trimmer assembly;
  • Safety engineering;
  • First launch and features of the product;
  • Lawn mowers running in, which is carried out so that the parts run in to each other;
  • Terms and rules for tool maintenance;
  • Possible malfunctions and solutions.

Before starting work, check all components of the trimmer for integrity, put on safety glasses, protective clothing and noise canceling headphones.

When mowing, ensure that the engine does not overheat. The trimmer gear must be regularly lubricated with a special universal grease, this helps to reduce friction of the contacting surfaces and prevents rapid wear of parts.

For the gasoline trimmer, use a quality semi-synthetic 2-stroke oil that must be added to gasoline. The proportions of the fuel mixture can be found in the operating instructions.

Malfunctions and repairs

The main malfunctions of the trimmer and how to fix them:

  • If the air cleaning mechanism is clogged, it is necessary to close the damper, disconnect the locking device and remove the equipment cover. After that, you need to remove the filtering mechanism and remove the accumulated dirt from its surface, blow out the system with air, and install all the elements in place. If the air filter is damaged, it should be replaced with a new one.
  • If the engine stalls, it is recommended to adjust the carburetor. To do this, start the engine, turn the screw adjuster clockwise, remove excess fuel fluid, go from idle to full speed for 2-3 seconds, and then adjust the internal cable to the required tension.
  • If there is a leakage of working fluid, then it is necessary to inspect the fuel tank for damage and defects. If you find this malfunction, immediately stop using the equipment.
  • If the spark plug is wet in the ignition system, set the correct gap between the electrodes of the spark plugs, and also check the integrity of the spark plug insulation from oil. If damaged, the insulating cover must be replaced.
  • In case of a poor-quality cut of grass, you need to inspect the knives and check their sharpening. Replace worn parts if necessary.
  • If the power unit does not start, it is necessary to check for the presence of fuel fluid in the system, repair the short circuit in the circuit, check the switch for defects.
  • If the cutting element rotates at engine idle speed, it is recommended to check the correct carburetor adjustment and the clutch spring for damage.
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Technical characteristics and indicators of the lawn mower:

Trimmer Forester 304 Will Not Start
Grass cutting width 300 mm
Cutting speed 9000 rpm
Mulching Not
Engine displacement 0.25 l
Number of measures 2
Motor type Petrol
Powertrain brake there is
Motor location Upper
Anti-vibration mechanism there is
Rod type Straight
Control handle Foldable, adjustable
Shoulder strap there is
Full weight of equipment 5.5KG
Line reel there is
Cutting tool type Knife
Wheels Not
Trimmer type Lesnik-304 Foldable
Overload protection mechanism Not
Adjusting the cutting height of the grass there is
Grass collector Not
Grass tank full indicator Not
Number of handle positions 3
Maximum cutting height 0.65 m
Power consumption 960 in
Line diameter 2.4 mm
Maximum processing area 900 m²
Transmission system type Belt
The material from which the body is made Reinforced plastic
Power unit power 0.96 HP.
Fuel tank volume 0.6 l
Transportation type Non-self-propelled

This trimmer model is suitable for lawn maintenance in summer cottages, allowing the user to treat the territory even in hard-to-reach places: near fences, near the trunks of garden trees, around flower beds and paths.

Advantages of lawn mowers Lesnik 304: easy to refuel, and fuel is consumed economically (only 0.8 l / h).

In order to extend the life of the equipment, it is recommended to use fuels with octane rating AI-92 and AI-95.


Technical characteristics and parameters of the Lesnik-P108 lawn mower:

Grass cutting width 400 mm
Cutting speed 11,000 rpm
Mulching Not
Number of engine strokes 2
Motor type Electric
Powertrain brake there is
Motor location Upper
Anti-vibration mechanism there is
Rod type Straight
Control handle Foldable, adjustable
Shoulder strap there is
Full weight of equipment 4 kg
Line reel there is
Cutting tool type Knife
Wheels Not
Construction type Foldable
Overload protection mechanism Not
Adjusting the cutting height of the grass there is
Grass collector Not
Grass tank full indicator Not
Number of handle positions 2
Maximum cutting height 500 mm
Power consumption 1000 watts
Line diameter 2 mm
Maximum processing area 900 m²
Transmission system type Belt
The material from which the body is made Reinforced plastic
Power unit power 1100 Wt
Noise level 96 dBA
Battery operation Not
Transportation type Non-self-propelled

Lightweight electric scythe R-108 is suitable for mowing soft lawn grass and weeds using a nozzle with a fishing line 2 mm thick. With a brush cutter, you can trim tough grass and small shrubs.

Lawn mower cutting head

Regardless of the manufacturer, almost every model comes with a line and steel knives.

Trimmer cutting part

Cross-section of PVC trimmer line can vary from 1.5 to 3.0 mm.

Made of durable polymer, it is subject to intense wear and tear during mowing and, as a result, breakage. Therefore, from time to time it is necessary to check the presence of a fishing line in the head and, if necessary, replace it. It is recommended to purchase an additional spool for quick replacement with a spool with no line.

TOP-3 trimmers Forester, their characteristics and troubleshooting: we consider all the nuances

The trimmer, both electric and with an internal combustion engine (ICE), is an indispensable tool in summer and autumn for owners of summer cottages and private houses. With its help weeds, small shrubs are easily removed and the lawn is trimmed. But, like any technique, trimmers fail at the most inopportune moment. To fix faults with his own hands, the user of this technique first needs to determine the reason for their appearance.

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Troubleshooting strategy

Where to start troubleshooting if the trimmer won’t start? In situations where the tool stalls immediately after starting, it is worth inspecting the following components of the unit:

  • Fuel tank;
  • Spark plug;
  • Fuel and air filter;
  • Exhaust channel;
  • Breather.

It is the breakdown of the above locations that most often leads to the fact that the trimmer does not start well. Let’s look at how to eliminate such troubles.

Air filter

If your lawn mower does not start well or immediately stalls after starting, you should pay attention to the air filter, as it can be clogged, as a result of which air does not enter the combustion chamber, and the fuel does not ignite. To check if the filter has a case, remove it and try starting the engine. If it works, then the reason has been found. The filter needs to be replaced or well rinsed and dried before installation. In the event that you find oil in the air filter, it must be rinsed with gasoline, squeezed well and dried for at least 2 hours before reinstalling.

If the unit still does not start with the air filter removed, it is recommended to check the fuel filter.

How to adjust the carburetor on a lawn mower

Before adjustment, you need to painstakingly clean the filters according to the maintenance in the annotation.

The upcoming do-it-yourself lawn mowers carburetor setting is done with adjusting screws. There are three of them:

Right (L). Fuel Consistency Adjustment for Low RPM.

It is necessary to find the highest idle speed. To do this, slowly unscrew the screw (L) to the right and to the left.

To adjust, turn the screw a quarter of a turn certainly counterclockwise.

Lower (T). responsible for adjusting the engine at idle.

  • Clockwise. increase;
  • Counterclockwise. decrease.

To properly adjust the idle speed, it is typical:

  • Stable operation of a cool motor;
  • Not overestimated revolutions of a hot engine;
  • There is a large supply of turns for the trimmer head;
  • Stable operation of the motor when changing position (sharp lifting or lowering of the knife).

Left (H). consistency adjustment at high speeds. (The screw is adjusted last).

The general adjustment of the highest speed, engine power, temperature and gasoline consumption depends on the left screw (H).

The carburetor setting for lawn mowers with the last screw is done as follows:

  • Open the throttle to full, with all this, give full throttle. Turn the screw clockwise until the revolutions collapse (in this case, orientate by ear).
  • Turn the screw counterclockwise as slowly as possible until the motor runs unevenly.
  • Then turn back just a little, barely hearing measured, even work.
  • For a more pleasant introduction of abilities, it is more convenient to see the work of an experienced user:

It is curious that, based on the beliefs of the creator, the setting (its correctness) is determined by the color of the candle, and not just by the speed and stability of the motor.

Correct adjustment of the carburetor with your own hands in this case. combustion of the fuel consistency without residue, the color of the candle should be light brown.

Insufficient compression

If the compression is insufficient, then in most cases it will not work to start the engine. You can use a car compression gauge to check compression.

  • Unscrew the spark plug from the engine cylinder.
  • Screw the compression gauge in its place.
  • Begin to pull on the starting cord as you would when starting lawn mowers. Do this until the arrow on the measuring device stops moving upward. This value will show the compression force of this engine.

What compression should be? Normally, the compression should be at least 8 kg / cm2. Although even at 8 kg / cm2, some engines do not idle and stall, since the fuel is not pumped up sufficiently. If your lawn mower does not pump above 8 kg / cm2, then you will have to check the cylinder, piston and rings.

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Also, poor compression can be due to a loosely screwed carburetor. Check if it staggers. If so, tighten the hardware that holds it securely. Also, if the carburetor is poorly screwed on, you may notice that gasoline drips during operation.

Trimmers Forester

Gasoline trimmers of the Lesnik brand stand out for a number of advantages such as endurance, increased traction parameters, ease of use, and self-repair. The lawn mowers of this brand stand out from their market counterparts for their modest fuel consumption, as well as low vibration and noise levels. This makes it possible to comfortably use garden equipment on fairly large areas.

Petrol trimmer Forester 305. tool parameters

This amateur trimmer Forester is designed for small, medium-sized house areas, where he successfully copes with mowing ornamental lawns, removing small weeds and freshly grown shrubs.

The basic equipment of the mower includes a durable motor with a forged piston and a chrome-plated cylinder with a volume of 25 cm3. The internal combustion engine is started using a recoil starter with a built-in decompression system. In order to start the engine in winter, the manufacturer equipped the model with a pump for preliminary pumping of fuel.

This mower stands out for its ease of maintenance and repair. The manufacturer has provided for the possibility of keyless access to the air filter, spark plug, which makes it easy to replace them with your own hands.

Mower specifications include:

  • Factory engine power. 1 HP. C. At 8000 rpm;
  • Coverage when mowing with a cord / knife. 38/23 cm;
  • Allowable cord diameter. 2.4 mm;
  • Weight. 6 kg.

The mower is equipped with a 2-hand bicycle handle that can be adjusted in height or removed for easy storage.

Lesnik company. foundation and brand formation

The well-known Russian enterprise appeared on the market relatively recently. Nevertheless, the company in a short time was able to successfully win the trust of domestic buyers and arrange the export of its products to almost all countries of the post-Soviet space.

Today, the Russian brand is actively producing agricultural equipment for domestic, semi-professional use. The assortment of the enterprise includes electric and gasoline chain saws, well pumps, borehole pumps.

Electric and gasoline trimmers of the Russian brand deserve special attention among buyers. Each lawn mower and electric forester stands out from the equipment of other domestic manufacturers by its small dimensions, ergonomics, and a pleasant modern design. The rich equipment of each model of this brand makes it possible to start its operation immediately after purchase, without the need to search for the components necessary for everyday work.

Petrol trimmer Forester 304. model advantages

The proprietary equipment of this amateur lawn mower gives it the ability to successfully cope with mowing tall young grass, cutting off a few shrubs, weeds, as well as young tree shoots.

The tool is equipped with a reliable 1-cylinder engine, all parts of which are made of hardened steel to withstand overheating and high loads. The garden tool motor is complemented by an efficient air cooling system, a manual starter with a fuel pre-priming pump and dampers to dampen vibration from the crankshaft.

The main factory parameters of the mower include:

  • Factory engine power. 1.3 liters. C. At 8000 rpm;
  • Coverage when mowing with a cord / knife. 38/23 cm;
  • Allowable cord diameter. 2.4 mm;
  • Weight. 5.5 kg.

The manufacturer has provided a comfortable J-shaped handle and a durable shoulder strap in the proprietary configuration of the model, which simplify long-term operation of the tool on large areas.