Trimmers And Lawn Mower Brand Techprom. Model Range Review

The company "TECHPROM" is a Russian manufacturer of construction equipment, in addition to equipment for the construction of Tehprom produces spare parts for tractors, automotive tractors, equipment for road works and garden equipment. The gardening equipment segment is relatively small, the model range of such equipment is very modest, but despite this fact, Tehprom lawn mowers and trimmers are quite popular not only, but also in neighboring countries, in Ukraine and Belarus.

Tekhprom LLC acts as the dealer partner of Uraltyazhmash, a company manufacturing industrial equipment for construction, asphalt-laying works, and repair of roads and buildings. Large enterprises are located in the city of Chelyabinsk, for example, bulldozers, tractors, asphalt rollers, pipe layers, as well as spare parts for these machines are produced there.

Techprom is also an official dealer of the Italian company TCM-Srl.

This company produces truck cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 200 tons. It is noteworthy that Techprom also produces small electric and gasoline equipment, for example, chainsaws, electric saws, motor saws, trimmers, lawn mowers.

Model range of garden equipment

The range of gardening equipment Techprom includes such products:

  • chainsaws;
  • Lawn Mower (trimmers) gasoline;
  • lawn mowers (gasoline);
  • welding inverters.
  • reliability;
  • simple assembly;
  • high quality of all fasteners;
  • the constant release of new models (old ones are discontinued and the consumer can purchase new items immediately after their release by the factory);
  • an official warranty from the manufacturer for a period of 6-12 months, depending on the specific model of trimmer or lawn mower;
  • a large number of spare parts for equipment;
  • interchangeability of spare parts;
  • high power of work;
  • sharp knives for cutting grass.

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Trimmers and Lawn Mower tehprom

The model range of motokos (trimmers) Techprom is represented by gasoline models. The company does not produce battery and electric scythes.

Techprom petrol trimmers are represented by such models of equipment:

  1. BT 520 (power 2300 W, 3 hp, 2T engine);
  2. BT 430m (power 1800 W, 2.3 hp, 2T motor);
  3. BT 560m (power 2700 W, two-stroke, 3.7 hp);
  4. BT 56 (power 4000 W, two-stroke engine);
  5. BT 52 (power 3000 W, two-stroke engine);
  6. TBT 5950 (power 5950 W, 5 hp, engine displacement 58 cc, two-stroke engine);
  7. TBT 6200 (power 6200 W, 8.4 hp, engine size 62 cc, two-stroke engine);
  8. TBT 6300 (power 6300 W, available for 1 and 5 disks, respectively, for 1 ty 5 babin).

Top models of motokos brand Techprom

The most popular and popular are such models of motokos:

  • gasoline mower BT 430m;
  • BT 560m gasoline trimmer;
  • BT 520 trimmer;
  • BT 56 and BT 52 models (similar in functionality, have a power of 4000 W and 3000 W, respectively).
  • greater power in comparison with other Russian brands;
  • assembly level. high quality of spare parts and assembly directly;
  • reasonable price;
  • easy way to manage;
  • the presence of really sharp cutting parts (Lawn Mower work with discs and blade knives);
  • a large volume of the fuel tank;
  • the availability of consumables (wood, oil, gear lubricants).

The disadvantages of tehprom trimmers include the following qualities:

  • Larger weight than trimmers of other brands;
  • lack of battery and electric models.

Instructions for use, maintenance of tehprom trimmers

At Tekhprom production, motor-scythes are not filled with oil, because the owner must fill in all the fuels and lubricants and fuel themselves in the technical device.

How to choose oil and fuel for Tehprom gas trimmers?

The manufacturer recommends the use of 2T type oil for all gasoline motor-scooters Techprom (for two-stroke engines with an air cooling method). The oil can be of any manufacturer, both domestic and foreign. A universal gear lubricant is also used, for example, Oleo, Sadko, Stihl and others.

AI-95, AI-92 gasoline with obligatory mixing with 2T engine oil is recommended as fuel. This mixing is only for two-stroke engines. The approximate ratio of oil to gasoline is 1:50 or 1:40.