August 6, 2019

Understanding How To Build A Dog House With Your Own Hands – Stages And Features Of Work

Having decided to start a dog in a private house, you should think about where it will live. Naturally, if this is a watchdog, and not a small Pekingese room, then the place of his “registration” will be the yard. However, despite this, you can not leave your faithful friend without a roof over your head and force him to sleep under the porch. It is for those who are not indifferent to the fate of their pet, we will light this article. It will talk about how to make a dog house with your own hands from simple and affordable materials.

What materials are suitable for the booth?

The most worthy material for building dog housing is wood. The most convenient way to use ordinary edging boards. DSPs (cement-bonded particle boards), a safe and very convenient material to use, can also be a good alternative. But chipboard as an option should not be considered. Not only do the plates of pressed chips deteriorate when exposed to moisture, so they also emit toxic substances. Fiberboard and plywood in this regard are less dangerous, but they are also not waterproof, so kennels are not suitable for construction.

The roof of the booth is covered with any roofing material. Most often used slate, roofing material or roofing sheets of iron.

Construction booth

In the classic version, the doghouse is a small rectangular structure, most often with a gable roof. A doghouse with its own hands can be made with a lean-to roof, however, in any case, the slopes of the slopes should not be too gentle. This will allow your pet to lie free and bask in the sun right on the roof of your home.

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The size of the booth

The inner area of ​​the booth should allow the dog to freely get inside, lie down, turning on its side and stretch out to its full length. Therefore, in order to build a booth, you first need to measure the size of its future occupant.

Understanding How To Build A Dog House With Your Own Hands - Stages And Features Of Work

Determine the size of the booth

The height of the kennel should be 10 cm greater than the height of your pet at the withers. The width of the entrance is slightly larger than the width of the dog’s chest. The length of the booth is equal to the length of the dog lying on its side with legs extended. For example, a box for a shepherd dog with its own hands can be built with the following dimensions: 1 x 1.35 x 0.95 m (length / width / height). Such sizes will be optimal for most large dogs, for smaller animals and the dimensions of the booth, respectively, will decrease.

Features of the work stages

The construction will require wooden bars with a section of 50×50 mm (40×40 mm), edged boards with a thickness of 20-25 mm and nails.

We begin work with knocking down wooden frame-trim from bars. It should be noted that the floor of the structure should be raised about 10 cm above the ground level. Such a decision will not allow the wood of the kennel to get wet and rot, and also to get inside the rain and melt water. In order to raise the floor using low legs, for example, from bricks.

Understanding How To Build A Dog House With Your Own Hands - Stages And Features Of Work

Making a frame trim for a dog kennel

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After installing the frame, the floor will be laid from tight-fitting boards. There should be no gaps between them, otherwise the dog’s claw can get stuck in them, and this is fraught with injuries.

We lay wooden floor and build the frame

Next, a wooden frame is constructed of bars.

Wooden frame booth

After that, the booth is sheathed with boards. To make it convenient to maintain cleanliness in the canine home, it is advisable to make one of the walls removable. To do this, the wooden folds of the corner profile are fastened to the frame posts from above and below. Between them, the wall can move easily. You can also make a booth with your hands with a removable roof, which hinges on hinges or simply removed.

The roof of the kennel will be more reliable if you make it a two-layer. First, the first layer of boards is spaced onto a frame or a removable frame at intervals of 50 mm. Then these slots overlap the second layer. After that, the roof can be covered with linseed oil and paint with oil paint.

In the event that a roofing layer, slate or other roofing material is laid on the roof, the boards are laid tightly together in one layer.

At the end of the work, the dog box will be painted with paint of any tone with its own hands, as long as the smell from it quickly disappears. It should be noted that only the exterior of the building should be painted. In principle, you can do without painting at all, but in this case, the kennel will quickly take on an ugly earthy tint.

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Understanding How To Build A Dog House With Your Own Hands - Stages And Features Of Work

Doghouse after finishing

How to make a dog booth warm?

If the winters in your area are cold, then you can make a dog house with your own hands with insulated walls. The foam material, mineral wool, sawdust, husks from seeds, etc. can act as a warming material.

At the same time, the frame of the building is sheathed both outside and inside. Between the plating there is a void where the insulation is laid. Any harmless material, even plywood, can be used as the inner lining, and as the outer surface – boards, plastic or wooden lining. In no case do not use metal for the booth walls. The roof of the building is also insulated in the same way.

Warming of the box with mineral wool

To warm the floor at the bottom of the booth, you can put a thick and warm bedding, for example, a straw mattress or an armful of hay.

Now the question of how to build a dog house, will not cause you difficulties. It’s time to get down to business! In addition, based on the simple construction of the kennel, which was described above, and by adding to it a few decorative elements, you can make a chic dog apartment. Well, for example, these are:

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