Ural Saw Carburetor Adjustment

Safety engineering

Most importantly, do not forget that you need to work with a chainsaw only in overalls. That is, you must have special gloves, specialized shoes and, of course, clothing and durable material that would fully cover your body. The second important nuance is your position during operation.

The indisputable quality and practicality of the Ural Electron chainsaw

This kind of chainsaw was made by the manufacturer in order to greatly facilitate our life with you in agricultural matters. Undoubtedly, the one who has his own plot or lives, for example, in the countryside knows firsthand about the whole gravity of rural life.

Naturally, our ancestors used to do with ordinary saws, with the help of which they prepared firewood for the winter or sawed off unnecessary and infertile branches on trees.

In fact, it is possible to list for a long time, but the fact remains that it is not only difficult, but also takes quite a long amount of time. Therefore, today powerful and convenient chainsaws have replaced the "old-fashioned" saws, one of the most popular models, which is the Ural 2 electron chainsaw.

No wonder an entire article is devoted to this model, since it is in reality a "giant" of power tools. Allow yourself the luxury and buy this model of a chainsaw and you will undoubtedly be happy with your purchase and will never regret the money you have invested. Since with its help you can easily cut wood on a felling (see How to cut a tree with a chainsaw), household and construction work, as well as crosscutting.

How to tune the carburetor

In fact, the basic and initial setting must be performed directly at the factory where the saw was produced. The starting characteristic data is saved for a period of a certain amount of time after work has begun with this product.

The carburetor of the Ural chainsaw must be adjusted in order to be able to select the most suitable parameters of the mixture (fuel) for operating the saw in various modes. To do this, you need wrenches of different sizes, the data sheet of the saw and a screwdriver.

Undoubtedly, since this tool is quite powerful and practical, the adjustment process has its own specific features that should not be forgotten, namely:

  • Read the manual (technical) immediately before use to find all the answers you may have about using this power tool. And the important thing is that you must remember the settings that were set by the manufacturer;
  • The second thing to remember is that the adjustment should be done exclusively in idle mode. Start the engine and let it run for a bit, but do not rev. After that, you must, by means of a screw (adjusting), bring the engine to such an extent that it itself begins to gradually and smoothly gain speed, but the chain should not mix along the tire itself;
  • It is necessary to continue adjusting the chainsaw of the Ural chainsaw carburetor at low speeds, it is best if it is medium.

But remember that it should work without any jerks;

  • After the performed procedure, you need to check the throttle response of the engine itself. To do this, you need to set the lowest speed and at the same time gradually unscrew the screw. Then sharply press the lever to the very bottom and wake up in this position for about three seconds. But if you notice that the motor picks up speed too slowly, or even stalls, then you need to unscrew the screw a little more;
  • When the saw is working normally, you should practically fix the screw (adjusting) with a lock nut.
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    Specifications, setup and adjustment

    This model has a number of significant advantages, namely: it is very comfortable during operation, equipped with the highest level of power, reliable, and its most important advantage is that it is environmentally friendly both for you and for the surrounding nature.

    Thanks to the high handles that the model is equipped with, you will be less tired, as this feature can significantly reduce fatigue during operation of the tool. over, they also contribute to the fact that it is easier to work in areas where snow cover prevails.

    Description of the complete model:

    • Total weight. 11.7 kg (excluding the starter);
    • The movement is made from the right side to the left;
    • Total sawing capacity. 100 cm2 / s;
    • Overall dimensions. 880x455x460.


    • Cylinder (diameter). 55 mm;
    • The total engine power after daily operation is not more than 3.68 kW per 5 liters. FROM;
    • Systematic rotation of the crankshaft at the highest power. min. 1 6200;
    • Fuel consumption at maximum operating power. no more than 632 (465).
    Ural Saw Carburetor Adjustment

    But, despite such a positive characteristic of this model, there are also negative aspects of this kind of chainsaw that spoil, to be honest, all previous positive emotions.

    We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the Partner 350 chainsaw.

    The second drawback can be considered with full responsibility the air filter, namely the mesh built into it, which has rather large cells. It is this unpleasant feature that becomes the reason that the effective characteristic is significantly reduced, which leads to a proportional increase in gasoline. oil 20: 1, and, therefore, in imported models. 50: 1.

    But, nevertheless, engine parts are not selected carefully enough, unlike imported models, so if insignificant debris gets in, it will not cause significant problems, as it will simply burn out.

    Also an important drawback is that it is quite difficult and troublesome to maintain this kind of chainsaw. Since it will be very difficult for an ordinary person, that is, not a professional, to understand the instructions, since its dimensions are striking, well, the truth is a real work of art.

    It contains everything about how and what to do in case of a breakdown, from stretching the bolts and general fasteners, to systematic disassembly and cleaning of the engine. In fact, nothing complicated, just read and follow what was written, but not everything is so simple, since even careful fulfillment of all the prescribed points for repair and maintenance on the tool simply does not guarantee that the engine will not start to wedge over time, the cord will not break , the editor will not refuse and there will not be an excess of fuel output.

    But, of course, this model is not only "filled" with shortcomings, since in its arsenal there is also a significant advantage over its counterparts, namely the ability to perform sawing work along the fibers. Of course, the Ural 2 electron chainsaw will last a long enough time, as they say, faithfully, but only if it falls into "sensible" and household hands.

    How to adjust the device. saw operating instructions

    Before you start working with a new chainsaw, you need to carry out a number of activities, namely:

    De-preservation should be done as follows:

    • Wipe the grease dry with a cloth dipped in a solution of gasoline from the outer working surfaces of the engine, gearbox and the saw itself;
    • Take out the candle and rinse it thoroughly in gasoline, dry it and install it in its place;
    • Take a clean cloth and wipe the surface of the ignition wire.
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    Chainsaw assembly

    If you have already begun to disassemble your purchase, then you definitely noticed that the gearbox is separate from the engine. So, let’s start assembling our tool:

    • First of all, detach the frame parts by turning the screw;
    • Install the engine, which must be placed in an upright position on the crankcase cover (flange). Install the gearbox using a flange, then connect the motor and gearbox with a clamp located on the frame.

    How to start. we’ll talk about it now.

    • To begin with, it is necessary to activate the switch that starts the ignition by turning it to the operating position;
    • Before starting the chainsaw, you need to pump some gasoline into the carburetor unit;
    • Next, pull out the suction;
    • With a sharp movement, pull the starter (pull-back type);
    • Remember, if you pull the starter slowly, the engine will spin up slowly, and this will increase the likelihood that the candles will be flooded and the engine will not start;
    • And with all this, you need to warm up the candle, as this will make it possible to evaporate the excess fuel mixture.

    This is clearly seen in:

    How to adjust the carburetor on the Ural-2 Electron chainsaw. do it yourself tuning and repair

    We can say that the Ural 2 electron chainsaw is a kind of relative of the well-known and popular Druzhba chainsaw, which had a right to exist in the period from 1955 to 2008. Its production is carried out by a plant located in the city of Perm and was named in honor of F.E.Dzerzhinsky. To date, this manufacturer has produced more than 14,000,000 models of Ural chainsaws, it is this feature that today makes it possible to produce significant industrial volumes in most of the logging industry of our country. And this is not surprising, since the Ural 2 electron chainsaw is not only the most powerful, but also a practical assistant. In the article we will talk about adjusting the carburetor of the Ural chainsaw.

    Ignition adjustment:

    The process of checking the correct ignition on Ural chainsaws is quite simple. Especially if you strictly follow this algorithm:

    • The Ural saw engine starts up and warms up for some time.
    • The owner of the tool is determined with the most persistent tire turns, and then reduces the engine speed.
    • The next step is jerking the starter. And this should be done as sharply as possible.

    If the engine sharply picks up speed, therefore, the ignition system is set correctly. If this did not happen, on this one you can see the entire setup process.

    The carburetor is an important element of any chainsaw, including the Ural 2 Electron. In many ways, due to the correct setting, the duration of engine operation and the efficiency of the chain saw as a whole depend.

    Carburetor repair:

    Despite its high reliability, the carburetor of the Ural 2 Electron chainsaw (KMP-100U) may fail. As a rule, such problems are caused by untimely maintenance and neglect of the instrument. For information on how to correctly identify the cause of the malfunction and eliminate it yourself, see.

    What other carburetors were put on the Ural 2t Electron chainsaw

    On the Ural 2t Electron chainsaw, carburetors from other two-stroke engines with the following engine parameters were often installed, and are being installed today:

    • Power 5.5 HP.
    • Combustion chamber volume 90.4 cc,
    • Piston diameter 55 mm.

    Sometimes carburetors were installed from much more powerful engines. For example, from motorcycles "Minsk", "Voskhod". True, there is a drawback, the supply of the fuel-air mixture significantly increases. It was lowered by adjusting the screws. The engine was running, but the fuel consumption was significant.

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    Saw break-in Ural 2

    To achieve minimal friction between knots in a new saw, it needs to go through a certain running process. At this stage, the saw should be set to different operating modes. We are talking about the alternation of idle mode with loads of different sizes. Wherein:

    It is imperative to start the first hours of saw operation at idle speed, gradually moving to low and medium loads;

    A high concentration of lubricant is made in the running-in mixture. about 15 to 1;

    It is recommended to carry out the running-in process, during which about 4 full tanks of the device are used up.

    Setting the maximum power

    Power adjustment on the Ural 2 Electron chainsaw is carried out only after the running-in period has expired (it is 25 hours of operation) and after setting the idle speed.

    Incomplete screwing in the screw means more air and less fuel. When the screw is unscrewed, everything happens the other way around, that is, the combustible mixture is enriched. The most preferred position of the screws can be determined exclusively by experiment.

    In the process of tuning the Ural carburetor, you must remember the following principles of the correct operation of the chainsaw:

    • The engine should always have good cutting performance and the smoke should be moderate.
    • The engine should always have excellent throttle response. over, in the process of cutting wood, the chain should not stop, the saw should overheat, and the engine should automatically slow down.

    If there was a complete misalignment of the carburetor and the engine stopped starting, it is recommended to perform the following actions:

    • Screw No. 1 is fully turned up to the stop, and then turned out one turn, no more.
    • Screw # 2 is turned to the limit, and then turned out half a turn.

    This will allow you to return the adjusting screws to their original position, and then correctly adjust the carburetor of the Ural chainsaw according to the standards described above.

    Repair: basic faults and their elimination

    Most often, problems with the fuel supply arise when the tiny openings of the nozzles are clogged and when the membrane-rocker pair fails. The brass cross of the rocker arm can bend or jump out of the landing site and cut off the fuel supply when not needed. The soft membrane can dry out over time, lose elasticity, warp and also incorrectly shut off the fuel supply.

    This is what the new membrane looks like (right)

    There are two ways to clean the jet hole:

    • The carburetor is purged with compressed air from a compressor or pump. The gasoline supply hose is removed from the tank, an air hose is put on the fitting and the carburetor is pumped.
    • If the problem is not resolved, they remove it, disassemble it, gain access to the jets, clean and flush the entire chainsaw carburetor. The jet is cleaned in place or unscrewed (it is threaded).

    The soft membrane on old carburetors most often fails after long interruptions in operation. It just dries up without gasoline. Therefore, before starting after a long downtime (a year or six months in summer in the heat), you need to open the gas tank tap, fill the carburetor of the Ural chainsaw with gasoline, and do a test run after half an hour.

    An unusable membrane cannot be repaired, it is simply replaced.