Variable Speed ​​Angle Grinder

1400W, 2800-12000 rpm, 125mm, M14, 2.4 kg, box, SJS coupling, soft start, anti-restart

Technical data may vary depending on the export version. Structural and technological modifications of the tool and accessories are possible.

Manual for Angle Grinder Makita 9565CVR. To download the instruction click on the instruction link at the top of the page.

Description uhm Makita 9565CVR


  1. Heavy-duty angle grinder for intensive use
  2. Adjustment of the number of revolutions for work taking into account the properties of the processed material
  3. Electronic speed control and inrush current limitation
  4. Patented SJS with slip clutch
  5. Optimum dust protection
  6. Spindle lock

Angle grinder with electronic speed control and stabilization, soft start and automatic engine shutdown during overload. The diameter of the disk is 125 mm, the power is 1400 watts.

In its family of angle grinders (angle grinders) this unit stands out for several basic properties. Firstly, the Japanese "angle grinder" Makita 9565CVR is designed to install an oversized disc, its diameter is 125 mm. Secondly, having the same significant power as other machines of this series (1.4 kW), it allows you to change the speed of rotation of the disk. This is done with the help of a regulator in the form of a wheel with five positions, which provide a change in speed in the range from 2800 to 11000 rpm.

These characteristics do not exhaust the advantages of the Makita 9565CVR angle grinder, which can be fully classified as professional. And this applies not only to its reliability and ability to work for a long time. The ability to change the rotation speed allows you to choose its optimal value for processing a particular material, that is, use the tool not only for its main purpose indicated in the name.

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The Makita 9565CVR tool supplies also includes diamond cutting discs, so it can be used to cut tiles and form channels in concrete and stone walls. This possibility is caused not only by the sufficient power of the grinder, but also by the characteristics of its electric drive, equipped with means of frequency stabilization and soft start. Maintaining a constant speed allows you to get high quality processing, regardless of the hardness of the material.

The soft start system in the angle grinder Makita 9565CVR not only increases the engine resource by protecting it from overload at startup, but also makes working with the grinder more comfortable for the user. And the overload protection also works in the operating mode, and here it is based on the design features of the drive mechanism of the Makita 9565CVR grinder. It is equipped with the proprietary Super Joint System clutch system. The principle of operation is based on the use of a slip clutch, which disconnects the spindle from the motor shaft when an unacceptable load occurs. To start work again, it is enough to remove this load.

Other ergonomic indicators of the Makita 9565CVR grinder are fully consistent with the Makitov engineering tradition. The unit weighs only 2400 g, its length does not exceed 30 cm, and the body-handle and side handle provide a comfortable hold in hands. The main switch is also conveniently located, which can be fixed if necessary for long-term operation.

Installing or replacing a disk in a Makita 9565CVR angle grinder will not cause any difficulties, since the necessary tools and accessories for this are included in the package. In this case, the disk will not be scrolled. for this there is a special shaft lock button. The side handle can be mounted on it from two sides. There is also a grinding disk in the delivery set, so that the purchased tool is completely ready for operation.

Options Makita 9565 CVR

  • grinder
  • grinding disc
  • protective cover
  • additional handle
  • washer
  • clamping nut
  • socket wrench

Attention! The manufacturer company reserves the right to change the configuration of the tool. In order to avoid misunderstandings, check the complete set by telephone with our managers.

Consumables Makita 9565 CVR

wire brushes: cup brushes, cone brushes, disk brushes

Variable Speed ​​Angle Grinder

abrasive cutting discs for metal, stainless steel, stone

grinding discs for metal, stone, flap grinding discs