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Overview of trimmers, lawn mowers and lawn mowers Union

The Soyuz brand is part of the holding of the German company Sturm. Their products have an excellent combination of price and quality. Lawn mowers and trimmers The Union over the past few years is actively gaining popularity.

Video Al Combat Trimmer Review

The number of customers is growing not only, but also in all CIS countries. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular models of the Soyuz brand.

Top Model Trimmers Union

The main parameter when choosing a trimmer is the weight and power of the engine. If a middle-aged man will use it, then it is worth choosing BTS 9252L, for professional use – BTS 9256L.

If an elderly person, a woman or a teenager is to work with the device, then a lot of power is not needed, the BTS 9226L or 9233L models will suffice.

Petrol trimmers

Soyuz brand lawn mowers are used to maintain clean and tidy lawns near private homes and communal parks. A distinctive feature of the Union trimmers is the presence of rubberized handles and primers for pumping the fuel mixture. The lawnmower is cooled by air.

The length of the belt equipment can be changed for the specific growth of the operator, which will allow both tall and low people to work equally conveniently. When harvesting grassy vegetation, you can use a fishing line.

When cutting bushes and young shoots with a diameter of up to 5 cm, a knife is used. Two blades for two and eight blades are included in the delivery set of the Union trimmers.

Union BTS-9052L

The Soyuz BTS-9052L trimmer is equipped with a 2 hp engine Its working width is 42 cm. At idle, the number of revolutions can reach 3000 revolutions per minute, while in real-time operation this number can reach 9000.

A fuel tank of 1 liter is enough for battery life for 1 hour. The weight of the Soyuz BTS 9052 L lawn mowers is 5.5 kg.

Union BTS-9052MF

This is a professional model that can also be used as a brush cutter. The motor power of the BTS-9052MF is 4 horsepower with a bevel width of 42 cm.

The convenient handle of the trimmer allows you to easily control the mower regardless of the mowed surface.

Union BTS-9233L

This lawn mower has a gasoline two-stroke engine with 2.45 horsepower. The drive shaft of the Soyuz BTS-9233L lawn mowers is of a rigid type, it is able to withstand high loads.

Thanks to the presence of a soft start system, the Soyuz BTS-9233l trimmer motor is easily started without jerks. The presence of a bicycle handle contributes to the natural movement of the operator.

Union BTS-9243

This model of lawn mowers has a motor with 4 horses. The Soyuz BTS 9243 trimmer can work with a fishing line 2.5 mm thick. The width of a single grip is 42 cm.

Soyuz BTS 9243 weighs 6.7 kg. Maximum power reaches 3000 watts.

Union BTS-9252

This lawn mower is equipped with a gasoline two-stroke engine with a displacement of 51.7 cm 3 and a power of 4.76 hp. A reliable protective cover protects the operator from flying grass and stones.

The hard drive shaft allows the trimmer to be used as a brush cutter. Soyuz BTS 9252 can be powered even in the cold season with a primer.

Union BTS-9256L

This lawn mower is equipped with a 5.44 hp two-stroke engine. The thickness of the line used is 2.4 mm. The bar is not installed collapsible type, and the adjustment is only due to the length of the shoulder strap.

The number of revolutions can be controlled in the range from 3 to 7 thousand per minute. The mowing width is 42 cm. The Union BTS-9256L trimmer weighs almost 8 kg.

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Electric trimmers

Many potential buyers choose electrical trimmer options. Their choice is due to a lower price, reduced noise and exhaust emissions.

The only drawback is the dependence on the mains or battery.

GKS-3510DL Union

This trimmer is equipped with an electric motor with a power of 1000 watts. Its width is 35 cm.

For the convenience of transportation and storage, it is possible to conveniently fold the handle of the electric braid. This model weighs only 1.75 kg.

Lawn mowers

Soyuz Company is a young manufacturer of garden tools, which mainly specializes in the production of gas trimmers. Lawnmowers Union today no.

User manual


Lawn mowers and brush cutters of the Soyuz brand were developed for long-term operation. In order to maintain them in working condition, regular maintenance should be performed.

Union trimmers work on a fuel mixture of gasoline and oil. Fuel must be used AI-92 or AI-95. Lubricant should be chosen branded – Union MOTO 2T Universal. The recommended proportion of the fuel mixture is 1:25.

During operation, the line breaks periodically and must be refueled into the coil of the Soyuz brand mower. To do this, select the appropriate diameter, which is indicated in the technical specifications of each model.

Features of using electric trimmers

Soyuz brand electric trimmers can perform a similar range of jobs compared to lawn mowers. However, their owners should carefully monitor the condition of the electric cable. It is not allowed to bend it, violation of insulation, pulling or any mechanical damage.

Also, electric lawn mowers cannot work on wet soil or after rain, as there is a high probability of electric shock. Directly during operation, be sure to monitor the position of the cord. It should always be behind the device.

Electric brush cutters should be cleaned with a dry or wet rag; cleaning with a jet of water is not allowed.

First start

Before starting work with the Soyuz trimmer, new owners and operators must definitely study the operating instructions. This will help to understand the principle of safe handling of the machine, and to prevent breakage and harm to humans.

Initially, you should prepare the fuel mixture in an appropriate container and pour into the tank. Then, let it work on the Soyuz mower at idle for half an hour. This time will be enough so that the engine parts are lubricated and begin to work correctly.

Further, the device is ready for full operation.

Main malfunctions and their elimination

Union trimmers are of German quality, but this does not protect them from possible breakdowns and breakdowns. The task of each owner to know how to fix the most common breakdowns. Indeed, in most cases, for this it is enough to have a basic set of tools and basic knowledge about the structure of the brush cutter.

If there is a power loss or engine stop of the Soyuz brand mower:

  • Make sure you have fuel;
  • The fuel mixture may not be correctly composed. Replace her;
  • Clean fuel and air filters;
  • Moisture in the fuel tank (replace the entire mixture);
  • Carbon deposits have formed on the muffler, cylinder or exhaust pipe and must be cleaned.

If mowing is not good or with gaps:

  • Too much dense vegetation in the territory that the lawn mowers cannot cope with. Try to process a smaller amount of land in one run;
  • Coiled nozzle (stop the trimmer and remove the coiled grass);
  • If you are working with a blade, then perhaps it has become dull and has become unusable. Only cutting tool replacement will help here.

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Overview of work on a gasoline-powered lawnmower Union BTS 9256L

Overview of work on the BTS Union lawnmow

Owner reviews

Here are a few opinions gathered from the thematic forums regarding the experience with Soyuz trimmers and mowers:


“I became the owner of the Union trimmer by the will of work. I work in a security company, and to maintain the territory in order, the authorities gave me this miracle. This is clearly not the best representative of trimmers. We spent more time repairing it than working. Many parts flew right during the bevel! Then they spent 6 thousand on it. And this is clearly money simply wasted. And if you want yourself a bunch of hemorrhoids instead of lawn mowers, then buy! Pros: 6k price tag. Cons: High fuel consumption, low quality parts, permanent failures. "


“I bought my Union a couple of months ago. I have a plot of 10 acres, and I didn’t want to take Stihl, because there is simply no large volume for it. I took a budget option, but asked sellers how to extend its service life. I was told to take only branded oil and AI-92 gasoline, and clearly mix the proportions of the fuel mixture. It greatly affects the condition of the lawn mowers in general. I liked the work of a reinforced coil, it has more grip, and the load on the gearbox is not so big. I deflected it for a week, and then carried it to the service to set up the carburetor, since I myself do not really rummage about it. As a result, fuel consumption decreased. ”