July 11, 2019

Video How To Make A Dog House

Booth (kennel) with their own hands in a country house. How to make a dog house, instruction

Any decent person deciding to have a dog must take care of the construction of housing for her – an open-air cage and booth. A good owner will think about everything: and that the roof in the booth was solidly made, and that it does not leak during the bad weather outside, and that the dog house was a reliable protection for your beloved pet from the sinking sun, ice wind and heavy rain. This article provides detailed information on how to properly make a doghouse with his own hands, how to make the box easy to use and convenient for the animal.


How to make a kennel – we design a booth with regard to sanitary requirements

Video How To Make A Dog House

kennel size

Before you start making a doghouse, you need to think about the construction project and make a drawing of the doghouse. Most people are of the opinion that the larger the booth in size, the more comfortable and spacious the dog lives in it. This opinion is not at all correct. When the area of ​​dog housing is very large, the air temperature in it decreases much faster and the pet cannot heat up. The most practical dimensions of a booth are those sizes in which an adult pet has the opportunity to turn around itself and lie down, stretching for the entire length of its torso.

In order to build a kennel of the correct and suitable size for your dog, it is necessary to make the right measurements. This stage of work is very important. The height of the dog’s shelter should be 15 cm higher than the height of the pet at the withers. These 15 cm are needed to ensure that when the animal is in a booth in a sitting or standing position, its head does not rest on the ceiling. The floor of the kennel should be above ground level – this elevation will prevent rotting of the wooden floor.


In the warm season, sufficient air will prevent the pet from overheating. With the onset of cold and rainy weather will prevent the formation of mold, because it is on these days dogs warm their homes with their own warm breath. The ideal location for the vent holes would be the roof of the kennel.

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Video How To Make A Dog House

precipitation protection

Above the entire booth, without fail, you need to construct a canopy. It will protect the entrance to the kennel and the ventilation holes from wind and rain, which can disturb or frighten the pet.

raw materials

Breeders advise not to use boards treated with preservatives. Such boards are not afraid of either moisture or precipitation, but they are very toxic and bring a lot of harm not only to animals, but also to people. The best materials for the construction of the kennel will be: soft wood and multilayer raw plywood.

The depth and width of the produced structure should be such that the dog could lie freely, stretched to its full length. These parameters also need to add 15 cm to each. For example, the size of a kennel for a German shepherd should be 135 cm – width, 100 cm – length, 95 cm – height, and the width of the entrance opening should be 40×60 cm.

A kennel for a dog with his own hands

Tools and materials necessary for the construction of the kennel:

  • nails screws 3 "
  • 2×4 boards
  • paint
  • hammer, hacksaw
  • universal knife
  • measuring tape
  • 1/2 "thick plywood
  • flexible light tile or roofing material
  • circular saw for sawing wood and plywood
  • paint or chalk cord for marking.

arrangement of the bottom of the booth

Video How To Make A Dog House

As already mentioned above, firstly, you need to make sure that the material for the desired structure is not treated with preservatives. Secondly, to make accurate measurements and calculate the dimensions of the kennel for the dog, based on the size of an adult dog. When making these calculations, you need to remember that the dog in its housing should be free to unfold and stretch.

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After all the calculations done, knock down the quadrangular frame of a certain size. The edges of the boards are connected with nails. Now measure and cut a piece of plywood of the required size, remembering that the edges of the plywood quadrangle should be overlapped on the frame of the boards. The resulting structure is fastened in the corners with screws.

design and strengthening of the walls of the booth

Now knock down the frame for the rear and side walls. In the center of each of the frames they nail the vertical auxiliary strips. They will support the entire mountable structure. Auxiliary bar on the back of the booth should be shifted by 3-5 cm to the side of the middle. Then, when fastening the roof, this circumstance will create additional convenience.

Video How To Make A Dog House

A similar method is used to build a front wall frame. The auxiliary bar is not nailed to it. There is no need for it here. In this frame will be the entrance. On this frame stuffed plywood. As with the floor version, the edges of the plywood must coincide with the edges of the frame. On the plywood of the front wall draw a passage and cut it with a hacksaw. The entrance must be of such size that an adult dog can freely enter its home.

Now it is time to place the finished walls at the base of the booth. They are nailed along the bottom bar of each frame. To achieve greater structural strength, it is clamped in the corners with screws.

we make a roof

Considering the question of how to build a kennel for a dog should definitely remember about the features of the roof. The roof in the created dog box should be folding or removable. If necessary, it will allow cleaning in the booth or providing pet care.

Video How To Make A Dog House

Types of roofs for a kennel can be used differently: single-slope and double-slope, such in which there is a separate ceiling and roof, or when the roof is at the same time a ceiling. Roof-ceiling can be used if the booth is located in a covered aviary or under a canopy. If the kennel is located in the yard and does not have shelter, it is best to make a two-layer roof – from the ceiling and the roof. If you make the roof shed, with a ceiling-roof, you will need to provide a slope that allows you to freely drain from her water.

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For the manufacture of the roof, you can use the bars and plywood. For insulation between sheets of plywood is laid a layer of mineral wool or foam. To remove the roof it was more convenient to attach a handle to it from above. The roof for the booth, located under the open sky, is required to cover the top with shingles or roofing felt.

insulation and waterproofing booth

Video How To Make A Dog House

To avoid problems with wetting the bottom in rainy weather or during the melting of the snow will need to take care of waterproofing the bottom. The booth is turned over on one of the sides, and the bottom is covered with roofing felt, additional reinforcing bars are stuffed.

Before laying the finishing floor, lay the bottom of the booth with glassine cloth, lay a layer of mineral wool on it, cover it with another layer of glassine. Next floor plank flooring.

Similarly, you can insulate the walls and structures. In no case should the inner surface of the booth walls be covered with paints, impregnations, varnishes – they can cause poisoning.

curtain to enter

Video How To Make A Dog House

In cold windy weather, additional protection against cold may be required, in which case a curtain of tarpaulin or other dense material is attached above the entrance to the booth.

The version of the kennel we considered is the simplest and most economical. Today, owners of dogs often resort to constructing booths for their pets of various models, use various materials during construction, the architecture of structures allows them to become not only a comfortable dwelling for a family pet, but also a real decoration of the site.

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