Viking Te 600 Replacement Fishing Line

Viking Te 600 Replacement Fishing Line

The well-known company Viking began its activities in 1981 and was engaged in the production of shredders for the garden. Today it has merged with the STIHL association and creates a wide variety of lawn and garden care products.

As for the quality of products, in this regard no compromises are allowed. All parts are tested, as well as finished products. Representatives of the company are allowed to start selling products only when they are convinced of the reliability of the product.

Viking trimmers: consider the most beloved by users models

Viking TE 600 trimmer

The electric mower has quite impressive power with a small weight. Perfect for processing small areas.

Many users note the particular practical value of the device in the process of forming edges and edging lawns. Even if the vegetation is too close to the wall of the building, the unit will be able to cut it off qualitatively.

Due to the presence of a special limiter, the cable length is constantly adjustable, so the system prevents accidental disconnection of the cord. The user can adjust the position of the handle as desired.

It is worth noting that, if necessary, the owner of the trimmer can easily "turn" the device into garden shears by installing mounted blocks instead of handles. The engine protection switch allows you not to worry about high loads, because it contributes to safe operation in difficult conditions.

  • Power, kW: 0,54;
  • Coverage: 350mm;
  • Noise level, Dts: 96;
  • Trimmer head Tap`n`Go;
  • Weight (kg): 4.

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The unit has its own peculiarity: the regulation of the double threads of the head occurs automatically, thanks to the pressure on the coil. Winding allows you to conveniently fill the braid head with spare threads.

Trimmer Viking TE 700

The model is used for processing large areas with wild vegetation. A powerful electric motor is protected from overheating, moreover, it withstands heavy loads.

The handle has a soft-fitting and height-adjustable, so it will be easy for the user to adapt the device to individual requirements and to care for the lawn with comfortable sensations.

A special protection flap creates all conditions for a stable position after an abrupt stop. A special tool for replacing the rod is placed on the engine housing.

  • Power: 0.54 kW;
  • Cutting circle diameter: 350 mm;
  • Weight: 4.0 kg;
  • Scythe head: double thread;
  • Working body: head with Tapngo threads.

All parts of the unit are thought out in detail, so during operation there will be no problems. High-quality spare parts are widely represented on the market, so finding the right ones will be easy.

Viking TE 1000 trimmer

A powerful electric grass mowing grass qualitatively on small undergrowths and lawns, under bushes, near fences and buildings. The purchase of this unit is recommended if the processing area does not exceed 400-500 square meters. m

The mechanism includes a special system that feeds the fishing line after a cliff. over, it is supplemented with thermal protection, eliminating the unit from the negative effects of overloads. The trimmer produces a very low noise level and practically does not vibrate.

  • Supply voltage: 220V / 50Hz;
  • Power: 1000 W;
  • Frequency of rotation idling: 7400 rpm;
  • Mowing Width: 350 mm;
  • Cutting tool: fishing line with a diameter of 2 mm.

The stabilization of speed occurs in electronic mode. The mower itself weighs about 5 kg and has a length of 1.5 m.

The mowers discussed above are most often of interest to gardeners, because they are not only very compact and powerful, but also fulfill their task by 5.