August 23, 2019

Warming Dog Booths

Pet owners usually decide in favor of their pets whether they need warm housing. They are serious about the problem of how to insulate a dog house for the winter, they know how to create normal conditions for wintering pets.

Warming Dog Booths

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Installation location

Regardless of the breed, the pet needs to find a place on the estate where you will see the house, the gate, and most of the yard. The watchman needs to see the protected area.

Dog house should not be located in the wind, under the open sun, the entrance should not be poured with rain, swept away with snow. Nearby you can not place buildings for animals or birds – dogs are sensitive to odors.

Pet should like the chosen place. If you like to lie, climbing higher – arrange a home with a flat roof and set on a hill.

Warming Dog Booths

Construction, dimensions

With windy cold weather, the dog, hammered into the far corner of the booth, warms its warmth. In summer, when the shelter becomes stuffy, it prefers to survey the surroundings, leaning out or resting on the roof of the booth.

Therefore, it is advisable to arrange a home from two departments. The first is a remote weathered place behind an internal partition, where in winter the dog will sleep. The second is an open entrance to the outside, so that in the summer it can take shelter from the heat, fall apart, stretching out its paws.

Given these considerations, the dimensions of an adult animal, determine the internal dimensions of the dog house. The height is set by the height of the dog at the withers, adding 15 cm, the depth – by its length from the withers to the ends of the paws when lying down, plus 15 cm.

The width of the bedroom is determined by the length from the nose to the root of the tail, adding 15 cm, the entrance vestibule adds another 10. The height of the entrance is arranged according to the height of the animal at the withers, diminishing 5 cm, the width is the chest size plus 5 cm. body, it will be convenient for living.

Warming Dog Booths

Heat loss reduction

Heat losses will be significantly less if the booth is built without gaps, a canvas or felt curtain is installed above the inlet. For convenience, the canopy is cut into strips in height, fastened over the manhole plate. The size should be sufficient to block the entrance at the sides and bottom. Additional comfort creates a piece of felt or indelible bedding on the floor.

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Such top-priority warming of a dog shed significantly reduces its heat loss and is sufficient for thick-haired breeds.

Shorthair dogs can winter in a booth, if the designs do not let the heat. Therefore, to reduce heat transfer, they are supplied with insulating material (insulation).

Warming Dog Booths

Types of thermal insulation

  • high insulating properties – heat transfer through the material should be minimal;
  • environmental safety – the absence of dust formation, emission of harmful substances;
  • fire resistance;
  • biological resistance – inedibility for rodents, moths; resistance to the effects of mold, fungus, microorganisms;
  • durability, ability to keep shape, convenience in work.

Sheet felt – made of sheep wool, is a unique insulation used in many industries, construction.

The material breathes, does not support burning – goes out if it is ignited. It has a low thermal conductivity, low weight, keeps its shape well, does not gain moisture. Microorganisms, fungi, mold in it will not start. Available in roll form, convenient for carrying out the work. These properties make it one of the best to perform a doghouse weatherization. In the application is also quite good inexpensive analogue – technical felt.

Warming Dog Booths

Before the start of work, measurements of the internal surfaces of the house, including the floor and ceiling, are carried out. According to the sizes obtained, the patterns are made with scissors or a knife. Felt sheets are fastened with nails with caps. Under the felt is additionally placed reflective foil for better heat retention. On the side walls, the floor is sometimes done trim the board or plywood to insulation served for a long time.

Mineral wool – artificial fibrous materials with high thermal insulation properties. Thermal characteristics are at the level of the foam. Possess high fire and biological resistance.

The main disadvantage of most of such heaters is the presence of fine glass in the cotton wool composition, which requires good surface insulation on both sides. Characterized by increased fragility, danger at work. Violation of the skin is fraught with danger for the pet.

Polyfoam there are two modifications: molded and extruded polystyrene foam (trade name penoplex). Both can be used in the insulation of the booth. The first – brittle, combustible, absorbs moisture. It is used as a heater insulated in the cavity, covered with waterproofing. To prevent damage, the foam is covered with plywood or boarding.

The second is a durable, moisture-resistant, non-combustible, dense material. Due to the low thermal conductivity, practically does not allow heat.

When insulating the existing large booth from the inside without disassembling it, just removing the roof, it is better to use expanded polystyrene. It is produced in the form of solid, light, having convenient plate sizes, with the use of which the living space will not significantly decrease.

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With new construction, any of the materials will do. Each element of the design of the dog house is made and insulated separately.

Important! When using polyfoam in gaps there can be gaps. They must be zenen to eliminate the possibility of placing the parasites.

Warming Dog Booths

Polyethylene foam (trade name – Penofol) – roll two-layer material for thermal insulation, equipped with one or two layers of foil. Standard thickness is 2-10 mm, reflection coefficient is over 90%. Unlike analogs, it does not accumulate, but reflects thermal radiation. Moisture-resistant material, non-flammable, easy to use, resistant to weather conditions, aggressive environment. They perform warming both inside and outside, followed by lining.

Hay. Warming hay is arranged quite simply. Before the cold, a cover of canvas or burlap is attached to the dog house outside. Under the cover round the fill hay, which serves as a heater. If snow falls from the sides, it doesn’t matter. Laying hay inward is not practical – replacing it with a non-removable roof cover will be a problem. It is more rational to put felt on the floor. Before thawing the snow is thrown, the cover is removed.

Liquid insulation. It is made on the basis of water or varnish. Delivered in cylinders. It has a pasty consistency, due to which it is easily sprayed and applied with a brush. It has good adhesion to any material. The product is not flammable, does not emit hazardous substances, has a low cost, just applied. Several of its layers on structures increase the temperature in rooms by 2-4 ° C.

Warming Dog Booths


When insulating the existing structure from the inside, all its internal dimensions will be reduced, which will create inconvenience to the pet due to crowding. In addition, the work inside is difficult – it is preferable to produce insulation outside.

They start from the bottom, for which the roof is removed, the dog house is turned over. The bottom is cleaned of dirt, treated with an antiseptic, covered with roofing felt. Having determined what to insulate, wooden bars of the required height are packed around the perimeter and middle of the bottom as a log.

According to the size of the resulting nests, heat insulation, a layer of roofing material is cut and stacked. Finish work on the bottom of the device boardwalk with antiseptic treatment.

Warming of all side walls, roofs is made according to the stated sequence. For insulation used felt, foam, polystyrene foam, polyethylene foam and other materials.

The height of the bars, filled for the laying of the selected insulation, set by its thickness. Waterproofing is performed using roofing material, glassine, polyethylene film, other film materials. The outer lining is produced by plywood, profiled sheet, board and other materials.

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Warming Dog Booths

Important! Work on insulation should be accompanied by smoothing of sharp corners, burrs, protrusions, the elimination of cracks on the floor so that the pet does not get a splinter, do not break the claw.

Electric heating

It is used when the possibilities of insulating materials are exhausted. Use instead of warming, when they consider it inappropriate, if you need a quick result in the cooling period.

For the application of heating to the booth down the electric line, set the socket waterproof performance.

Important! Electric cable laying on the territory is carried out secretly in pipes made of low-pressure polyethylene or in metal pipes with a wall thickness of more than 2 mm.

All purchased heaters work in the infrared range, which is favorable for the animal. They do not create excessive heat, consume a small amount of electricity, are silent, do not burn oxygen, and are reliable in service.

It is produced in the form of a heating plate with a thickness of 2 cm. The heating temperature is up to 50 ° C. Fastened with conventional screws, installation site – the wall. It has a temperature controller. For insurance over a protective metal mesh is installed.

Available in the form of a heating roll, heating temperature – up to 60 ° C. Radiation does not harm the dog, because it corresponds to the natural radiation of the body. Mounted inside the dog house wall on a substrate of reflective screen and a layer of mineral wool. Be sure to cover the inner lining.

Warming Dog Booths

Represents the most modern type of heater. It is made as a hinged rug 50 cm wide, can be up to several meters long. It is hung on the wall of the dog’s home, protected from mechanical damage by the grille. Simple structurally, durable in use, harmless to the health of the pet.

It is installed under the floor boards. The heating element is made in the form of a thin plate of plastic. It is completed with a temperature regulator, a temperature sensor. It is protected from moisture by a film. It produces floor boards within 40 ° C without overheating and causing damage to the pet’s health.

May differ in design, principle of action. Should not create the danger of fire, electric shock, overheating of the animal. Must comply with the rules of electrical installations.


How to insulate a doghouse, everyone decides on their own, on the basis of its internal dimensions, available materials, and financial possibilities.

Important! No matter how warmed the dwelling is, in severe cold the dog should be treated like a human being and invited to the house.

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