June 29, 2019

Warming Dog House With Their Own Hands

If the issue of warming a dog house is urgent and you need to take some measures quickly, then you can warm the walls and floor with cardboard. But this is just a temporary measure, so that the kennel was really warm, you need to use one of the known heaters of natural or artificial origin, and also to exclude heat losses through the manhole.

How to insulate laz booths

The entrance to the vestibule and the booth are from different sides.

Even the best quality insulation for dogs will be useless if the hole through which the animal enters its apartment will be open. All stored heat in this case will quickly evaporate. Therefore, the first thing to do is to reduce the heat loss through the manhole and exclude the ingress of precipitation into the doghouse. Weatherization of the dog house can be done in two ways:

  • hang a curtain;
  • build a vestibule

Hanging the curtain is easiest. To do this, take a dense weave or thick polyethylene and fasten it over the inlet to the doghouse.

The shutter consists of two or more segments, which must be overlapped to each other and exceed the size of the manhole.

However, this method has some drawbacks. It sometimes happens that the curtain does not close tightly after the dog has entered or left the kennel. There are breeds of dogs, for example, German shepherds, which do not like blinds at all. It is possible to warm the dog box by building a vestibule – this is a much more efficient method. It is important that the inlets in the kennel and vestibule are from different sides. This will prevent the wind from blowing into the booth, prevent the ingress of snow or rain.

Naturally, the dog needs litter. Many use old blankets or jackets, but often the dog pulls them out or tears them apart. In addition, the litter needs to be constantly changed, so it has been verified by practice that the best option is hay or straw. If there is a vestibule and a thick layer of scrapping, then in a warm winter you can do without additional insulation of the dog box.

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If there is a vestibule, there is a problem how to change the litter. To make the process as convenient as possible, you can make the opening of the roof of the booth or leave the vestibule attached without rigid fixation. It should also be borne in mind that the temperature in the kennel is affected by its size. The smaller the booth, the warmer the dog is in it.

Materials for the insulation of the booth

Minvatoy can be warmed dog kennel. The main thing is to close access to the insulation of the interior.

Fencing kennels (walls and floor) can be single-layer and two-layer, by analogy of a frame house. If during the insulation of single-layer walls you do not plan any finishing, then it is better to fix the insulation outside. In this case, it is better to use foam. Two-layer structures can be insulated with anything.

How to insulate a dog house with your own hands:

  • minwat;
  • Styrofoam;
  • Polinor;
  • natural insulation.

Many say that it is impossible to warm a dog house with mineral wool, arguing that mineral wool damage. We have dedicated a separate article to this topic, warm houses and houses are being warmed and everything is in order, and here is a doghouse.

Warming of the mineral water box

Even taking into account the fact that you will choose the cheapest, dusty and prickly mineral wool, there are still methods on how to warm the dog box for the winter so that the health of the animal is not threatened. The main thing is to lay a vapor barrier and waterproofing. Films will not allow small pieces of insulation to leave the insulating cake. Layers from the inside:

  • inner wall;
  • vapor barrier plastic film;
  • minwat;
  • diffusion membrane advertising outward, and the wool side inward;
  • outer wall.
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When warming the floor layers are arranged in the same way.

The process of designing infrared heating is a key stage in which you need to be extremely attentive.

Polyfoam for warming a dog kennel

Peoplast is an excellent heater for the booth.

Polyfoam unlike mineral wool is not dusty and does not shrink. It can be laid on single-layer walls and floors, even without finishing. In this case, it is better if it is from the outside, as the dog from the inside can damage the thermal insulation. The foam is attached with glue-foam, which has excellent adhesion to any surface. It should be borne in mind that the foam is afraid of the sun, from them it collapses. Therefore, you need to at least paint it.

The two-layer walls are insulated with foam plastic in the same way as with mineral wool. Thermal insulation just fits into the interstitial space, no additional films are needed. Insulated dog house with their hands will create a comfortable environment at any time of the year. It will be warm in winter and cool in summer. In addition to the different density, there are three modifications of the foam:

  • in sheets;
  • baby
  • extruded polystyrene foam.
Warming Dog House With Their Own Hands

To heat the greenhouse with electricity you need to install IR heaters. Read more here.

Liquid heater Polinor

Heater Polinor – This is a one-component polyurethane foam, which is sold in cylinders. In appearance, it looks like a mounting foam, and the same gun is used when applied. For installation it is enough to wind the cylinder on the gun, direct its nozzle to the working surface and pull the trigger. The layer should be about 5 cm, but note that during the polymerization the composition increases in volume.

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Polinor is insulated only for finishing, therefore it can be used only for warming two-layer walling. Polinor has high characteristics due to which the dog booth will be warm:

  • lambda thermal conductivity of 0.025 W / m K;
  • does not pass steam and moisture;
  • refers to normal combustible materials;
  • does not shrink;
  • service life more than 30 years.

Polinor is an analogue of PPU, only for its use no special equipment is needed, which is very convenient for insulating small areas.

Natural insulation

Opening the roof will facilitate the cleaning process.

The use of natural materials for warming a doghouse has two benefits:

The fact that there are no harmful substances in the insulation of natural origin is good, but the price is more pleasing. Sometimes insulation can be obtained absolutely free. Possible options:

  • expanded clay;
  • a mixture of clay and straw;
  • pure straw;
  • sawdust.

There is an opinion that it is better not to warm the kennel with hay or straw, as fleas can settle in this material, which later do not give the dog a rest. Optimal use of expanded clay or sawdust. How to make a warmed dog house using bulk insulation:

  • build two-layer walls and floors;
  • close the outer wall of the waterproofing, so that it is in contact with the insulation. The membrane will also perform a windshield function;
  • to fall asleep a heater.

Consider that it is better not to ram too tightly with sawdust and expanded clay, this will negatively affect the thermal resistance of the enclosing structure.

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