July 22, 2019

Ways How To Insulate The Dog’S Booth For The Winter 5 Rules

Ways How To Insulate The Dog'S Booth For The Winter 5 Rules

If a dog freezes in the street in the winter, then it is necessary to warm its booth correctly. If the dog freezes, this problem should be solved. Then you should warm the booth for the winter. There are different options for heating a dog’s home. Simple enough to find the best way for a particular situation.

Is a dog cold in winter and does it need to warm a booth

Many wonder if the dog in the booth freezes in the winter. This question may be answered on the basis of the breed of the pet and the climate of the region. Dogs with thick fur may well survive the cold to -40 degrees. However, some breeds like to sleep on the street and sleep in the snow.

Much depends on the conditions of growing a pet. Apartment dogs will not be able to spend the winter outside.

In warm conditions, dogs begin to fade and lose their thick fur. But over time, you can adapt your pet to street life. If there are enough cold winters in the region, then it is better to save the pet and warm the booth.

Rules for the insulation of the booth:

  1. The entrance to the booth should not be in a place where there are many drafts;
  2. The construction should be made of wood, as the material retains heat better;
  3. You can not put the booth on the ground, it is better to build a lining of wood or brick;
  4. It will be necessary to completely eliminate drafts, so for this, the booth is curtained with a thick cloth;
  5. The size of the booth should not be too large, but not constrain the animal in motion.
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It should take care of a reliable roof. The roof should not leak. It is important to take care of this before waterproofing.

Features of panel heater for dog booth

Panel heater is considered the most affordable and easy way to warm the booth. Infrared radiation helps to heat a small area without the cost of electricity. This will help save on weatherization.

Ways How To Insulate The Dog'S Booth For The Winter 5 Rules

It is fast and easy to heat a dog house using an infrared heater

Features of panel heaters:

  1. Work devices without fanfare;
  2. The panel is small in size – approximately 2 cm thick;
  3. Does not overdry the air, since the heating temperature is 50 degrees;
  4. Convenient installation using screws;
  5. Waterproof panel;
  6. Can work around the clock without additional control.

The job of an infrared heater is to heat objects. They in turn give their heat to the room. New developments have a thermostat that allows you to control the heating of the room. This system helps to secure the operation of the panel heater.

Installation of film heaters for booths: installation steps

Film heater is a thin infrared film that emits infrared waves. The heating element gradually distributes heat to the booth. The dog in this case does not overheat.

Scheme of film heater:

  1. The heating element is responsible for the conversion of electrical energy into heat;
  2. Foil – is responsible for the distribution of heat;
  3. Film – a kind of protection system.

Such heating has several advantages. To begin to allocate economical consumption of electricity. At the same time the device is absolutely safe and does not harm the health of the animal.

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Infrared radiation even strengthens the dog’s immunity.

The efficiency of using such equipment is quite high. Heat is evenly distributed throughout the booth, heating it. At the same time air does not overdry. Among the minuses emit high cost and complexity of installation. Film heater must be closed with a protective layer.

Installation sequence of the film heater:

  1. Preparatory work. The wall will need to align. Insulation is also required to reduce heat loss.
  2. Preparation of the film. The material will need to cut, following the planned lines.
  3. Then install the film coating. With the lead wires remove 1 cm of insulation and put on the terminal. The film is attached to the wall with tape. Contacts fastened with pliers. Joints should be insulated.

After the thermostat and temperature sensor are installed, the walls should be sheathed with drywall. The material can be replaced with OSB-plates. With the help of such manipulations a warm dwelling for a beloved pet is ready.

Option how to insulate a dog house with your own hands felt

You can also carry out the insulation of the booth with your own hands from scrap materials. Felt is often used for this purpose. Scissors and nails with large caps will be required for tools. With materials for work only felt is useful.

Felt is a good insulation for dog booth

Instructions for weathing dog sleeves felt:

  1. First, measure the area of ​​heat insulation. Further material is cut according to the obtained data.
  2. Installation of felt takes place with the help of nails. After the walls go to the floor and roof.
  3. A litter can be laid on the floor to eliminate material contamination.
  4. It is unnecessary to hide the ceiling behind the plywood, as the material is absolutely safe.
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The main advantage of using this method is the low cost of the material. In this case, the installation is quite simple. Felt does not need insulation, as it is a safe material.

The way how to insulate the dog house with mineral wool

Often the dog house is insulated with mineral wool. But this option has certain difficulties. Mineral wool retains heat better. Among the materials for the work will need mineral wool, plywood, steam insulator and wooden bars. With tools, stock up with a stapler and nails.

Stages of mineral wool insulation:

  1. At first the roof of the box understands. Then they put the steam insulator on the walls using a stapler.
  2. Then the crate is made on the walls.
  3. Mineral wool is mounted on the crate. It is necessary to pre-measure and cut the necessary pieces. Mineral wool gently fits between the bars.
  4. On mineral wool stack paroizolyator.
  5. The final stage will be the covering of the internal surfaces with plywood.

Insulation for booths thickens the walls in the booth. Because of this, the area of ​​the house is reduced. For greater comfort, dogs can create a warm floor, bedding or mat.

What and how to insulate the dog house for the winter (video)

The need for insulation booth depends on many factors. Sometimes this precaution will not be superfluous. Insulated booth can be with the help of scrap materials or purchased heaters. On the market are effective film or panel options. The hands can warm the booth with felt or mineral wool.

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