August 20, 2019

Ways To Teach A Dog To Live And Sleep In A Booth

Sometimes the dog does not want to settle in its separate dwelling – booth, but prefers to live in the same territory with the owners. But if the dog was wound up specifically to protect the local area, such a manifestation of character can be a real problem. How to teach a dog to the booth – the topic of the article. We will find out for what reasons a dog may refuse to live in a booth, how to eliminate these reasons, how to re-educate a capricious pet.

Ways To Teach A Dog To Live And Sleep In A Booth

Why the dog may not like the booth

Let us examine the main reasons why the dog may not like the new place of residence.


This is one of the main reasons. A dog’s sense of smell is developed much thinner than that of a person, and any strongly smelling trifle can bring discomfort into a calm existence.

Someone else’s booth

If the dog’s booth has been inherited, the dog may try not to enter it at all. A strange smell is unpleasant to the dog, annoying her, so it is not surprising that the animal of the booth will be shunned.


Also likely cause of failure. Especially if before that the dog lived in a spacious house for some time. The booth may seem at first to her dull, cramped and uncomfortable. But this reason goes away as soon as the animal gets used to the new place.

As you can see, there are enough possible reasons, and the listed ones are only the main ones: in each specific case, the dog may find some more own reasons for not going to live in a booth. Therefore, every owner of the animal will have to find out the reason for this.

How to equip the booth

To the dog willingly agreed to live in a booth, the latter must be equipped in the most comfortable way possible. The dwelling should be dry, spacious enough, clean and comfortable. Then a few recommendations on the proper arrangement of the doghouse.

First, ensure the tightness of the design. It is important that the booth does not leak, that its walls are not blown by the wind. Take care that the roof is covered with slate or other roofing insulation, and the planks of the walls fit snugly together. In such a house a dog will feel comfortable in bad weather.

The dog hardly carries drafts, therefore it is necessary to get rid of all the cracks in the booth. Sealed should be the floor, walls and roof of a dog’s home. It is desirable to make the walls of the booth double, and between the layers of wood to lay felt or foam for insulation and insulation.

Ways To Teach A Dog To Live And Sleep In A Booth

Make a convenient entrance to the booth: the dog should easily pass through it, but too large a hole should not be made either. Grind all sticking splinters so that the animal does not hurt. In addition, it is desirable to provide an entrance hole with a small visor: then in the heat the dog will be able to hide in the shade from the sun, with his head out.

The inlet should be made taking into account the parameters of an adult dog of a given breed, even if it is still a puppy. The manhole should be lower than the withers in height (slightly), and also slightly larger than the spread of the shoulders of an adult dog.

The size of the booth should be such that when lying on the floor the animal can stretch out on the floor to its full height. The height of the structure is taken from the following calculation: when seated, the head of the dog should lightly touch the ceiling of the booth with the crown or ears.

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Materials and painting dog box

It is not necessary to cover a dog house with strongly smelling coloring solutions: linseed oil, varnishes, etc. In animals, the sense of smell is developed many times stronger than in humans, and the dog may flatly refuse to live in such a “fragrant” dwelling.

Pine is considered to be the best material for a booth – use this particular tree species to make the dog house warm, comfortable and environmentally friendly. If you build a dwelling according to all the requirements of convenience and comfort, the question – why the dog does not sleep in the booth – will not stand on the agenda for sure.

It is recommended to cover the roof with roofing felt: this insulating material will reliably protect the dog’s home from the weather and precipitation. It is not necessary to build a roof too steep: its slope should not exceed 10 cm. This recommendation is connected with the fact that many dogs like to sit on the roof, therefore it is not necessary to deprive them of the possibility of such entertainment. It is recommended to make the roof removable: this greatly facilitates sanitary cleaning of the room.

Position the booth preferably inlet to the house. This way the dog will be able to meet you every time you leave the house. Such an arrangement will allow the animal not to be greatly bored in the absence of a host and communication.

Inside the structure it is better to lay straw on the floor: it is practical, hygienic and eco-friendly. It is recommended to throw a piece of thick tarpaulin on the straw for additional hydro and thermal insulation, and a soft litter on the tarpaulin, if you have already weaned off the dog. The inlet can also be covered with a tarpaulin to better protect the dog from the weather. If it is cold outside, it is better to throw an old sheepskin skin and a sheepskin coat on the floor so that the animal is warmer.

Ways To Teach A Dog To Live And Sleep In A Booth

Subsequently, the litter will need to be periodically washed and changed so that the room inside is clean. Compliance with sanitary standards will save the dog from parasites, infections, even dangerous diseases.

The procedure, how to teach the dog to the booth

Consider the most important points that give the answer to the question – how to teach a dog to sleep in a booth and live in it.

Firstly, one should not show aggression in this difficult task, try to force a resisting dog into the booth, to punish the animal for disobedience. It is better to think about the reasons why the dog refuses to settle in the new "house".

The main reason for failure is the dog’s long-term stay in the comfort and warmth of the house. Having become accustomed to constant staying among people, near the hearth, food, a soft dry litter, the dog may absolutely not want to live alone in a close, not so much comfortable booth. In order to solve the problem, in this case teach the dog to a new home gradually, smoothly.

At first, the dog should be placed in a separate house for a short time, gradually increasing this period. Thus, the dog will gradually get used to the dwelling, and will be able to easily adapt to the relocation.

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Important points

A few recommendations regarding the schooling process.

It is strongly recommended not to close an animal that has not yet adapted in the dark. Perhaps the emergence of intractable phobias, fear of darkness and loneliness, which can significantly complicate the whole future life of both the dog and its owner. On the chain of the dog, too, immediately planted undesirable. Let the animal first get used to the booth, and habituation to the chain – the next stage.

Be sure to give the dog time to develop a new territory. Let the dog more often run in the yard, sniff everything, examine it. Spend a dog training in warm and dry weather. In a bad weather instinctively the dog will avoid being on the face, and it is unlikely that anybody will come out of the undertaking with training.

But, even in bad weather, to teach the dog to the booth and is not recommended, however, light rain can sometimes do a good service. If you let the dog out into the yard in such weather, she can hide in her future home in search of shelter.

Ways To Teach A Dog To Live And Sleep In A Booth

It is recommended to place some familiar and beloved toys in a new home. The litter is also better to use the one on which the dog was lying in the house: the smell of native familiar things will help him adapt more quickly to the new house. Feeding trough and drinker should be in the zone of accessibility from the building. It is advisable to arrange the "dining room" under a canopy, so that the dog can safely eat in the rain and in the snow.

The first days of life in the booth

Dog for being in the booth the first time should be encouraged. Let the animal understand that such behavior is desirable, and receives a reward for the time spent in the new dwelling. Thus the dog with much more willing to go into it.

It should not be in the first days of "conclusion" for a long time to leave the dog alone. If the animal had been constantly spending time with the owners in the house, it would be traumatic for him to be alone for a long time. Do not allow long-term whining – communicate with the animal, the dog should not feel unnecessary and abandoned. You should not bind a dog, hoping that in this way it will get used faster. He will not get used to it, may come to terms with hopelessness, but, most likely, he will be bitten.

It is necessary to accustom a dog gradually. The first time is recommended to put the dog in the booth no more than an hour. Carefully watch all this time for the behavior and well-being of your pet. If the dog responded quite adequately, the next day you can leave for a couple of hours. Thus gradually increase the residence time until the dog adapts completely. In the first days of schooling, a dog should sleep only in the house.

Stock up on favorite pet treats: delicious bones, fresh meat and nourishing cereals, treat your dog when it has safely transferred another “portion” of schooling to a new home. And in general, a dog in a difficult period of adaptation to a booth should not starve: a well-fed, contented dog will be more willing to go through the process of adaptation than a hungry, weakened creature with weak immunity.

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reference: cynologists have noticed that those dogs whose parents also lived in the booths much faster and more willingly get used to the booth. If the animal’s parents lived in the house, the process of training may be delayed.

So that the dog would like to go to the booth by its own will, some owners go to the following trick: they wet the soil near the booth so that the animal would quickly want to return to dryness and heat. But the main reference point showing a new house will be a bowl with food in a prominent place near the building.

Dog breeders also recommend putting a loudly ticking clock behind the booth so that the animal will get used to the new place better under the usual sounds. One of the recommended tricks is to place a plastic bottle with warm water in the booth – it is not clear why, but this object has a calming effect on the dog, helping to reconcile the animal with the surrounding reality.

Ways To Teach A Dog To Live And Sleep In A Booth

Attention: it is much more preferable to live in a dog house for guard and hunting breeds than in a house. Life in the fresh air in your own corner hardens the dog, strengthens its immunity. It is noticed that the stay of the animal in the booth has a positive effect on its digestive processes, improves the quality of wool, and improves overall health.

How to teach a puppy

If you need to teach a little puppy to the booth, almost all of the above recommendations are suitable for this purpose. A doghouse for a puppy should already be sized for its adult state – when the pet grows up, it is absolutely not recommended to change the old housing to a new one. Take care also about the absence of cracks in the booth, leaks: it is important that the little guard pet was comfortable in his house.

When training for a puppy’s booth, the recommendation to carry out this process gradually comes to the fore. It is not necessary to cause negative emotions in an animal, locking it for a long time alone, forcibly chaining, scolding. All these moments can for a long time discourage the pet and come close to the “house”.

You should not be all the time about a puppy, while he gets used to a new place. It is not necessary to leave the pet alone for a short time so that it gets used to independent living: let the puppy run freely around the yard, go around, sniff, look around. Place a bowl with your favorite food near the building – in this way, the puppy is much more likely to be tempted by the unattractive “house” at the beginning.

Positively reinforce the presence of the puppy in the booth, demonstrating to him that this behavior is desirable, is expected from him.

So, we learned how to accustom the dog to the booth. As you can see, the process is not the easiest, and sometimes also quite lengthy. It is necessary to show patience, endurance and perseverance, without falling into aggression: then the dog will sooner or later get used to the booth, adapt perfectly, and live safely in it, the caretaker’s house.

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