July 8, 2019

We Build A Dog House – We Make Pet Happy

It takes a little time and a minimum set of materials to make a dog house with your own hands.

A pet who lives on the street needs his own house – a booth where he can hide from rain and snow, from the scorching sun, or just sleep.

Purchasing a finished kennel is not a cheap pleasure, it is easier to make it yourself.

Does everyone have the strength to build a home for their dog?

Preparatory work

A dog house with its own hands is not an easy thing, but the result will please both you and the animal. In order for the work to go faster and at the end of the kennel not have to be redone, it is necessary to take into account all the nuances in advance.

Before construction work should draw a drawing, indicating the size of the kennel. The size of the box depends on the size of the dog. To determine the form, location and material from which it will be made.

The ideal material for building a booth is a tree, better coniferous.

Having planned the work beforehand and strictly observing all the points of the plan, the construction of the booth will not be a burden, but on the contrary, it will give you pleasure and take a little time.

You will find the manual on the device of a retaining wall in this article.

Required materials and tools

For the construction of the booth with your own hands you will need:

  • screws and galvanized nails (for fastening);
  • lining and plywood (for plating);
  • bars (for frame);
  • electric jigsaw or saw;
  • level;
  • electric drill;
  • impregnation (for processing);
  • hammer;
  • glassine and foam (for insulation);
  • paint and brushes (for decoration).
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The box should be spacious so that the dog can comfortably unfold in it. It is not necessary to make the booth very large; it is difficult to keep warm in such a kennel. If the dog in the kennel will live in the winter, it must be warmed.

Step by step instructions for making

To manufacture the booth, follow this procedure:

  1. Decide on the parameters of the kennel. The dimensions depend on the dog: for small, the booth should be 60 cm, for medium ones – 80 cm, for large ones – 95 cm. There is a universal rule for calculating the dimensions of a kennel: add 5 cm to the height of the dog and get the height and width of the kennel; 5 cm to the length of the body – the depth of the booth; 5 cm chest width = width of the manhole; 5 cm height of the dog at the withers = height of the manhole. When building a kennel for a puppy, you need to build for growth.
  2. Shoot down 4 rectangular bars – the bottom of the kennel. In the middle, nail another bar to strengthen the base. Better to connect with screws at least two pieces on each board.

We Build A Dog House - We Make Pet Happy

Making the bottom of the kennel

We Build A Dog House - We Make Pet Happy

We attach a sheet of plywood on the bottom

We Build A Dog House - We Make Pet Happy

Making wall stencils

We Build A Dog House - We Make Pet Happy

We make the front and rear walls of the booth

We Build A Dog House - We Make Pet Happy

We make the roof of the booth

We Build A Dog House - We Make Pet Happy

We sheathe the booth with sheets of plywood and insulate with foam

We Build A Dog House - We Make Pet Happy

We warm the roof of the booth

After construction, the booth must be treated with a special impregnation to prevent rotting.

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The booth is ready, it remains to place it. Since the kennel is built of wood, and it is subject to rotting, it is recommended to pour the foundation before installation. To do this, you need cement, gravel, sand and water.

How to pick up, plant and care for aquatic plants for the pond, read here.

Mix in proportion 1 part of cement to 3 parts of rubble to 2 parts of sand to 1 bucket of water.

Remove the top layer of soil and fill with cement mortar.

After 1-2 days the booth can be put on the foundation.

If you are limited in funds, you can fill the area of ​​land equal to the area of ​​the kennel, gravel. Get an inexpensive and reliable foundation.

Observing the basic requirements in the selection of materials and design planning, you will be able to build a house for the dog in a short time. In gratitude for the donated home, the pet will protect you and your summer cottage.

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